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This post is a little late, since it is April already! But here are some of the EMODA updates recently!

Spring is here and EMODA has also included a lot of pop and pastel colors! One of the main color this season is PINK and MINT. Both also my favvvvvvorite <3

Here are some of the items i got for my new EMODA coordinate!


I am actually wearing this i am writing this right now lol

This is one of my FAV coordinate from EMODA ! It’s a limited set from the Art Lady range, and in Japan it is completely sold out for a long long time. I am so so happy that i could still get it from Global Store as they carry separate stock.

It is still available now! You can get still get the cropped top and the skirt! Comes in other colors too but i think red/pink is definitely the cutest.

Also it matches my new pink hair <3

Clear necklace also from EMODA


My next favorite item is the Portable Shoes


It’s a pair of foldable ballerina flats that you can keep in a protective pouch.

It is super ingenious i have been looking for something like this forever! Ok i must admit that i lie to you guys sometimes wtf. I will wear a pair of super high heels, take pictures then change to a more comfy pair T___T

Cuz my feet are too small for skyscraper stilettoes! Sometimes those heels hurt so much i have to buy a new pair of flats half way T__T. But with this i can wear anything i want and change it if it hurts too bad 😀 😀 😀

Next i also got the pop-color toy earrings and scatter stone necklace in orange!

Goes well with most of the simple monotone outfits.

And then a pink iPhone 5 case to match with the whole sakura theme this spring <3

Sneakers are a super hit this spring/summer, but i normally like to wear something higher *insecure* so this pair of In-Sole Leather Sneaker from EMODA is perfect. I am wearing it now almost everyday in Japan (and walk something like 10 hours a day) and it’s really really comfortable!



Other updates!

This is the first time i got featured full page in a Japanese magazine! It’s a street snap magazine called RUBY, and i am featured in April issue!



My whole coordinate is from EMODA!



Dinner with EMODA team

Despite her crazy schedule ENA made time for dinner with me this time too! Also Yoshi and Takuma as always <3

Went to a super awesome Italian restaurant called Legato in Shibuya

Crab pasta


Truffle pizza







It turned out to be a surprise birthday dinner for me T_____T

I really dunno how i became so lucky. When i think about it it’s a little like winning the first prize to have a dinner with your idol, what’s more on your birthday. T___T

Bday desserts!

Thank you EMODA. Love love love everyone!

ENA <3

Every time i see her there are good news!  (Last time it was the launch of EMODA Cosmetics) I can’t wait to blog about it next :DDDD


My birthday present from EMODA

Handpicked by Takuma and Nori chan, the shop manager of Shibuya 109!

They know me welllllllll <3


Also, i will be having another magazine shoot wearing summer EMODA outfits, gotta rush to it now!

More update on the summer trends in my next blog post! Stay tuned!


Meanwhile, please shop your heart out at






Check them out for new updates on spring/summer items, which is perfect for Malaysian and Singaporean weather!

And don’t forget to check out their FB for new updates! In English!!! :D





Bai! :3




28 responses to “EMODA MARCH”

  1. Ying Bin says:

    The portable shoes no size S? 🙁

  2. Aynysidharta says:

    The sneaker make me diee… Love it so much..

  3. kingsley90 says:

    The crab looks like it is vomiting spaghetti.n

  4. Tam Tam says:

    thank you for being detailed Cheesie! ^^ “Check them out for new updates on spring/summer items, which is perfect for Malaysian and Singaporean weather” (Y)

  5. Marie Maklo says:

    Loved the first outfit, AND those portable shoes ^_^

  6. Jinny says:

    Cheesie! The first outfit = LOVE 🙂 It looks like sakura petals are falling

  7. Manon says:

    Love the first outfit… and the desserts are just… (drools) *-*nnManon nhttp://fromtokyotoparis.wordpress.com/

  8. Cass says:

    the last second pic you guys just look alike! (if you add a mole on your right eyebrow) 😛

  9. Rima Sui says:

    So bloody jealous of you wtf

  10. ahlost says:

    You look beautiful as always. nnHappy belated birthday Cheesie 🙂

  11. Heaventears says:

    Dear cheesie~ EMODA global shop’s shoes size.. No measurement stated~ only s,m,l.. may i know how to know which size fits? Arigatou~!!

  12. Cheesie says:

    Yea :((( I’m having M it is a little big for me but still can fit in with socks

  13. Cheesie says:

    Which one??

  14. Cheesie says:

    Lol ya hor

  15. Cheesie says:

    You are welcome and thank you!!!

  16. Cheesie says:


  17. Cheesie says:

    Didn’t think of it that way!! 😀

  18. Cheesie says:

    It was yumsss

  19. Cheesie says:

    No way!!

  20. Cheesie says:

    Thanks a lot rose :)))

  21. Cheesie says:

    I am a size 4 so I can only wear S! What size are you?

  22. Heaventears says:

    Wa~~ ur feet so small~ my length is 24.1cm.. Normally 7~

  23. L says:

    Cheesie – any idea you can buy the bulky insole shoes in your first pic anywhere else online? :c or do you know if/how often sold-out items are restocked on the EMODA webstore? They seem like my perfect shoes but I’ve been checking them for months and they’re still sold out T__T nnThe foldable flats are such a good idea too~ Love EMODA items

  24. Aynysidharta says:

    In-Sole Leather Sneaker in white one.. so cute..

  25. Cassie says:

    I love ur reddish pink hair~!! Looks good on u. and ur colourful nails!! =)

  26. Alyssa says:

    Wow I super love your hair and its color. I noticed some of my friends dyed red also this year. Is red the hot color this year/season?nnAnd btw happy belated birthday Cheesie.

  27. Hannah says:

    You are seriously living THE life! Career, love, JAPAN… So happy for you!

  28. Anonymous says:

    You are gorgeous~nHow tall are you Cheesie? You mentioned you weren’t very tall but you look tall in photos.n

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