This post is written for adventurous, exciting and happening people. Because you all need to learn how to be more boring like me.

My life is blissfully uneventful now and revolves around what to or not to throw from the fridge and recycling plastic bags. An excited conversation to me will be something like this:

me: Oh My God did you know that Aeon now sells Topvalu mineral water???? And cheaper too!!!
danna: Oh.
danna: technically it is made in Malaysia.


Also, for some reason the rice he cooks just tastes so much better. I was like “how did you do it?”  and he’s all “i talk to the rice.”


So while i am still trying to communicate with rice, here are some of the dinners in our house.

My absolute favorite is oden, can i can eat it like 2-3 times a week. I was super excited to find out that Jusco/ISETAN sells everything i ever needed!




It may look like there are lots but it’s actually super easy. It’s almost like the oden is helping to cooking each other faithfully waiting to be devoured by you.

You need (clockwise):

Atsuage (fried tofu), konbu (seaweed), egg(s), chikuwa (a cone shape fishcake), Oden no moto (soup base for Oden), konnyaku jelly, radish, and Hello Kitty nonsense (optional).

That’s all! And i bought everything above from Jusco!

Preparation is rather simple. Just cut the radish into about 3cm thick, and pierce the ingredients using satay stick.

If you want to pretend romantic you can also use cookie cutter to make heart shape Konnyaku. Or heart shape radish, or heart shape everything.


Boiled egg first! I also boiled edamame beans for some green.


And then boil water with Oden soup base and throw everything in. I also added rolled cabbage with bacon at the end.


Add Hello Kitty fish paste.


Boil as long as you want at low heat and eat any time.


Overnight oden is extra nice of course.

Also the heart shape gross looking thing next to edamame beans is called Yuzukosho (Yuzu green pepper paste), it is my favoritestestest seasoning everrrrrr. It’s a little hard to find but maybe try Daiso.


That’s all!!

Ask me any question regarding Oden only! 😀





On a more exciting note, i received this awesome Dolce Gusto from Nestle!

An awesome mini coffee machine with Dolce Gusto capsules!

The danna loves coffee so it’s a nice gift for him.

They are now running a contest where you can design the skin for your Dolce Gusto, and win a trip for two to Tokyo!!!!!

I would so like to join but i have the design skill of a bean sprout plus i already AM going to Tokyo in two days time. So i think i will give the chance to you all la lolol.

You can find out more about the contest on Dolce Gusto Malaysia FB page.

Good luck!

My next challenge is do lots of research and observation in Tokyo to perfect the art of folding toilet paper in triangles.