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Thanks for all your questions!

First of all i’m filtering all the very general questions like “can you recommend what to eat in Japan????” or “Where is the best place to visit in Tokyo?????”. If you ask me so generally, i can only give you very general answers like, “Why limit yourself? EAT EVERYTHING!!! Just maybe avoid expired Pockys”.

Also! I have over 100 blog posts about Japan under the category JAPAN, and i’m sure you can find something generally useful!

I have summarized some of the most asked questions and here goes!


1. Where to get cheap accommodation? 

In Tokyo, i’d say Shinjuku is the best place to stay because it’s super convenient and you can find a lot of cheap hotels. But the downside is that it’s probably also dodgier compared to other areas. You watched Shinjuku Incident? lolol. For me i love to stay in Shibuya, Aoyama and Harajuku, although a little more expensive.

2. Also, when is the Sakura season? I know it varies but when will be a safe time to head there?

Biggest air ticket bet. Generally it blooms end of March to early April. You won’t know for sure until maybe actually into March. If you stay for two weeks chances are you get to catch full bloom. A one-week stay is a big gamble, but if i were you i’d choose a later date you at least still get to pick up petals on the ground. Going home before it blooms is way too tragic D:

Too early.

Hit jackpot.


Too late.



3. Hi Cheesie. I’ll be going to tokyo mid nov. Mind sharing how to get to Mt Fuji area by the easiest and cheapest way? Isit necessary to follow those day tours?

There are a lot of tour packages to Mt Fuji as it is the mostest popularest tourist spot now after its recognition as a World Heritage site. I’d recommend picking up a brochure at train station (they always have tourist information center in big stations) and go by bus! You can’t climb the mountain in November anymore, but you can go up to the 5th station for an intimate up close view of Mt Fuji.

And buy me a can of Mt Fuji air to counter the haze thank you 😀


4. What’s the weather like during X (month) and what kind of fashion is suitable?

Tokyo climate here. Fashion reference: Japanese magazine! (Although highly unreliable, wear short skirt in February at your own risks wtf.)


5.  Would love to know what are the must buy beauty products in Japan? Going over in Dec! Also do uknow any place in Japan that sells beauty products at a cheaper price?

Don Quixote (pronounced Donki Hoh-teh, don’t tell a Japanese i wanna go Don Quick Sort) is kind of like a discount store for everything, it’s everywhere AND IT OPENS UNTIL 4AM WTF.

As for must-buy beauty products, i go to Don Quixote or Ranking Queen (normally spotted inside train stations) and look for any products that says “NO.1 BEST SELLER!!!” “4 BOTTLES SOLD IN 1 SECOND!!!” “BUY THIS FOR CHEESIE OR ELSE YOU WILL NEVER FIND GOOD RAMEN SHOP!!! “, and buy all of them. Especially the last one. Good luck and shop die you!


6. Where can I take neoprints (purika?) in Shibuya/ Shinjuku area? Do you have any recommendations on where I can get nail art done?

You can take purikura at any game centers. Mostly in Shibuya and Shinjuku area. You can find them in big shopping malls too. There are waaaaaaay too many nails shop in Tokyo! The most famous i think is Es Nail (chain shop), lots of models and celebrities go there. Maybe you’ll bump into Masuwaka Tsubasa there wtf.


7. Hey Cheesie, I wonder is it possible to have a blog post about food in Japan that is halal/pork free? I think alot of us would appreciate it ^________^

I never thought about that! Thanks for the question! I did some quick research and here are some:

Halal Deli: a bento delivery company. It even has Malaysian food menu.

Islamic center of Japan: provides a list of Halal restaurants, although they are mostly South Asian and Turkish cuisine.

As for pork free, it is easier as Japanese diet are largely seafood based, sushi shops might be a good choice. There are also good vegetarian restaurants and salad bars around.


8.Hello Cheesie! I really am a big fan of yours and I have been wondering where are all murua or emoda exhibition? I always feel so happy when I saw all your pictures in the exhibition! >_< Thank you in advance for reply my question, Cheesie.

The exhibitions are at their pressrooms, but it’s not meant for daily visit. They have exhibition every season and it’s invitation-based only for media and retail buyers. But if you want to shop, you can check out Shibuya 109, Shibuya O1O1 and Shinjuku LUMINE EST!


9.  I will start studying Japanese language in Tokyo next month. Therefore, I’ll have to find a hair salon to go to when I’m living in Tokyo. So, can you recommend nice hair salons in Tokyo? and I’m also still not sure about the steps and manners we should follow in Japanese hair salons. Do we need to tip the hair stylist and other things like that?

You can visit Number76 in Omotesando Tokyo. It’s about 2 minutes walk from Omotesando train station, A2 exit. After that you can walk out and shop at Harajuku lol.

2nd floor, 4-9-2, Jingu-mae, Shibuya, Tokyo
TEL: +81 3 5786 1642

I think the only step/manner is to make your booking as they don’t have walk-in system. And go on time! Nope they don’t have tipping culture either.


10. Hi Cheese. Can you please give some advice on where to find breakfast in Japan? What and where do people usually eat when they want to have breakfast when they are out? We found yummy bakeries but no place to sit down to eat. From what I understand, eating in public isn’t common but then where do I eat? 

Normally this is my typical breakfast:

An onigiri, yogurt (tastes very very very yummy and government recognized super health food), and a bottle of whatever beauty drink. Under RM15, super healthy and diet-friendly. Available at any convenient stores.

Or you can try McGriddles!!! (Malaysia don’t have)

I normally buy at the nearest combini and bring back to my hotel to eat. But if you are around a park, you can eat at the park. Another favorite is Gyudon shops like Yoshinoya, Matsuya, etc!


11. Can you do some kind of guide on riding the trains in Japan? I dont know if this is a silly question or what. But it really confuses me with all the lines and things they have there. Oh and also with the tickets and things as well maybe?

Hello. This is the map of  Japan Railway (JR) in Tokyo.


(click to enlarge)

I know right. I don’t blame you.

That’s not all. There’s another major train system called Tokyo Metro.

(click to enlarge)

Nope. I don’t blame you either.

To be honest i’m afraid there isn’t much i can help you remotely here, but i guess most of the important stations are at Yamanote Line (JR), the green circle one.

Shibuya, Yoyogi, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Ueno are all on the same line.

The rest, good luck and bring a train map with you always!! Also, just get a SUICA card (a train pass), top up 1000 yen and forget about any other kinds of combination ticket.


12. What’s your favorite fashion brand/restaurant/food/place/singers/artist?

Trick question. Next!


13. Hi Cheesie, it would be great if you can share with us some basic etiquette or manners we tourists can follow when in Japan. Like what we can or cannot do… when in restaurants, trains, while shopping etc. 

I think even having made a faux paux, tourists are easily forgiven since we are tourists! But basic manners are: follow the queue, don’t talk super loud especially in train, don’t bring wet umbrellas into a building (they always have this free plastic you can shove your umbrellas in), don’t ask for discount (no such thing as bargaining, everything is fixed-price.), clean up after your own food tray in food court/fast food chain, and never, never litter, and always say Arigatou!!!! Oh ya, and the taxi door will open and close automatically for you so don’t slam it after you get off!


14. I would like to go to Japan to take traditional Japanese wedding photos, and I was hoping if you could introduce some of the type of photo studios in Japan for these kind of services. Thank you!

The one i went to is Claire Bridal Studio. It has a few branches in Tokyo, and when i did mine they had a crazy half price promo 🙂


15. Where is X cafe and where can i buy X and where can i find X where Cheesie whereeeeeee

Can’t possible list down every single item/restaurant but if you find something you like on my Instagram, i normally tag the location so you can check it out!


16. Where to find the best budget restaurant best food best sushi best udon best ramen best this best that best everything!!!!!!!!

Here’s some home work for you!!! 😀



Ok that’s all!!

Hope it kinda, sorta, generally helps!



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    Hi cheesie! This post was super helpful as I’m currently visiting Japan. I have a quick question I hope you can answer. What are some affordable mens clothing stores or shopping centers? So far it seems Uniqlo is the only one I’ve seen and Shibuya 109mens is a bit pricy.. Hope you can help. Thank you!

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    Thank you for answerig my Q about pork-free/halal food cheesie!!! 😀 <3 <3 <3

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    I actually enjoy reading this post. lol. it’s funny but at the same time, it summarizes alot of things that we need to know before going to Japan. I’m going to Japan in Oct and am finalizing my itinery ^^nnOne question, which one should i go to? sky tree? tokyo tower? roponggo hill or the govt building? It would be nice to have a nice view of tokyo and mt. fuji :)nnthanks Cheesie!nnhttp://im-bittersweet.blogspot.com/

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    OMG I never went to men’s shops lol. The danna likes to go to BEAMS and United Arrows. (Japanese select shop)

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    Both Tokyo Tower and Sky tree has Mt Fuji view!!! Maybe v small! Go to Hakone!!

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    Hanami or hanabi!!!!!!

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    cheesie! hope u read this! can you please translate the claire bridal studio price list please? i’m super interested in it!nnthanks soooo much <3

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    Hi Cheesie, I’m planning to get a hair cut+ dye in tokyo this year and was wondering if they had any english speaking staff?n

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    thanks, this help a lot! especially the halal food part, glad they do have a bunch of halal shops ^^ . Hopefully I’ll get to see sakura when I go to japan (still planning though, hopefully it will be a dream come true!). the taxi part lol i would have slam the door

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    They don’t speak super good English, but I’m sure they can figure it out!!

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    They change the packages all the time, maybe you can google translate it to have a tough idea? 🙂

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    I’m not going to Japan anytime soon but found this really useful. You’re really one of the nicest, most patient and polite bloggers around! 🙂

  47. Bren says:

    Hi cheesie! Thanks so much for the post, I was wondering if there are any places in Tokyo we can buy anime/manga products? Or all these can be found in bookstores?? Oh and all those like Pokemon soft toys? I googled and there’s only Akihabara, but it’s too far out from where we are given free time (I’m going for Japan guided tour). Thank you in advance 🙂

  48. Cheesie says:

    I think Akiba is the best bet though 🙁

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    No sometimes i can be quite horrible one lol

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    Hi Cheesie, I’m thinking of visiting Nalu to do my hair but I’m concerned about the language barrier. Does anyone in their salon speak English?

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