The last time i was in Nagasaki was when i got married the first time last Christmas eve.

(Just in case: second time is in Santorini. To the same person.)


And so Nagasaki will always hold a special place in my heart. And forgive me if i blog about the same-ish stuff this year again or sound repetitive, because we always go back to the same restaurant/same favorite spots. Of course and also to visit family.

Nagasaki is at the west end of Japan, so there are lots of sea and most of the houses in Nagasaki has a breathtaking view either of the mountain or the sea.

It was also significantly warmer than Tokyo when i was there!

It was practically still summer, people wore T shirts and the cicadas were still singing!!!!


The danna decided to take the boat this time instead (normally it was bus) so i could enjoy the seascape.


This is the boat.


We arrived at the city, and took a long cab ride to the hotel, only to find out that i have forgotten my phone IN THE BOAT.

If happened anywhere else i would have expected my phone to be turned off by now. But the danna made a phone call to the boat company, and they found it within 5 minutes and sent it to the nearest hotel from the dock so we could pick it up.



So then we checked in to our hotel which has an indoor hotspring. And this hotel has a water system that “softens” the water. Water in Japan is generally soft (contains less of certain minerals), and it has a smoother texture and it’s very pleasant to drink. I just turned on the tab, filled the mug and drank and drank and drank like i saw an oasis while stranded in a desert. It was delicious.

I think both hard and soft water have their own benefits, but i loooooove soft water and it was also probably the reason why everything tastes extra good and my hair feels soft and silky after a bath here lol.

First thing we did was to go to his favorite Okonomiyaki restaurant he used to go as a child.

Pancake thing with lots of veggies and also soba inside. Yummy!



Make of the day.


Nagasaki cityscape.


Went up to Mt Inasa (Inasayama) at sunset.

Sunset from the observation deck.

Did you know? Nagasaki night view is voted the top 3 best night views in Japan, but last year it upped the game and was chosen as one of the top 3 in the world, along with Hong Kong and Monaco!!

It’s not hard to see why!

From the top.

That’s all for today. More to come 😀