So there’s no escape. I have officially turned into one of those people whose Instagram is full of their own baby’s pictures. Booooo.

As i was posting away (baby pictures, occasionally my own selfies in case nobody knows how i look like anymore), i keep getting comments asking (especially in Chinese): “不用坐月子吗?” (Don’t you need to do confinement?).

By no mean were they rude or anything, i’m sure they were just asking out of curiosity. But i am equally curious! Commenter Yvonnetham was absolutely right: What do they mean by “坐月子” (do confinement)?? How do they know i am not doing it? I mean how do they judge from a few Instagram selfies that i am not under confinement?

Okay if confinement means you totally cannot cross your house door even one step for one whole month, then yes i am a disqualified confinee because when Qiu came to visit me we went out to eat Japanese food lol. Oh yea? Did i mention Japanese food? Ok another rule broken.


Or isit because during confinement you are not allowed to look good?????



I guess this is what i should look to convince everyone that i am under confinement hor:

Say! Isit i have to look liddis 你们才甘愿. (Removed eyebrows for dramatic effect. And the ginormous fly because scared you all cannot see properly.)

I admit i put on make up when there are guests, or when i need to go out, or when i just feel plain vain because i didn’t want the first few pictures of me with my precious newborn looking like crap. I mean, he is so cute! How come the mother looks so like a homeless? XD


So yea! Back to the very definition of “confinement”. Curious, i went google image to see what Google and the world think confinement look like:

Right. I don’t blame you guys. No wonder all of you feel like shit.


See, i think the problem isn’t about whether somebody does “confinement” or not, but what the person sees “confinement” as. I personally think that “confinement” is a really good practice, because the whole meaning behind it, i believe, is to give the new mother abundant rest and peace to recover herself, when she has just gone through so much. Not to mention she is also not allowed to lift a finger to do housework, and all meals are cooked for her, and she even gets daily massages?!?!? Sounds like heaven to me leh!

But the problem is i don’t like the word “confinement” (who came up with it anyway?!?! Cannot just say “Sit Moon?” That sounds like some awesome galactic fun!). If your image of confinement happens to be like what Google thinks, then you are doomed liao. No matter what you do you are not gonna enjoy it.

A friend of mine who recently just gave birth texted me:

Not don’t do, just do it a different way.

To me i prefer to think of it as my “Baby Holiday”.

To my surprise i really quite enjoy it, since the first day i got home from the hospital! My mom is here to help me with my Baby Holiday, she is of tremendous help to clean up the house and cook some food and occasionally help change some diapers.

So for one whole month (or however long i want to take this Baby Holiday for), all i will do is to spend time with my baby, stare at him when he is awake or half awake, do some of my own things (like errr… write this blog post?) while he sleeps, take selfies with him for future precious memories, opening presents from friends, and… just enjoy the moments. Of course the not so fun part is that i spend most of the time being a cow… and a milk maid at the same time wtf and now i’m udderly a lactating mess and not to mention when… wait the baby is crying,  brb.





Ok back.

Anyway as i was saying, basically just do whatever you like and don’t let other people stress you out! Being happy is the best path to recovery (i say wan. Feel free to quote me for free). Yes i washed my hair the moment i got back from the hospital and i drank room temperature plain water, unboiled (Cleansui water, to be exact), touched tap water with my hands (no need to wash milk bottles ah you all?!) and guess what?


In fact i was wondering why confinement must be 1 month because two weeks have passed and i feel that i am ready to 重出江湖 lolol. (To those who say i won’t feel it now but will suffer when i’m old cuz i never follow confinement rules, fine. 30 years later only you come talk to me, okay?)


Ok that’s all.


Wait not finished yet. By the way, off topic but do you know when new moms actually need a proper confinement? WHEN THERE IS HAZE. Confine yourself. Yes, shut all windows tight, do not even step out of your house. It would actually be good for you. AND your newborn. I am just SO pissed off that this haze thing has become like an official weather category in Malaysia. What a beautiful hazy day!)

Whatever. *drinks cool water and calms self down*


Some pictures!

Papa, baby and Champon sunbathing. When it wasn’t a hazy day.


Friends who came visit!

S size Junya and M size Fighter!

Huiwen QiuQiu Shuyin and Xiaxue came all the way from SG!!

Ordered Papa John’s and the girls were like “harh you can eat pizza de meh!!!” lolol. Why cannot???? I’m not a frog, or dying lol.

Mom and baby selfie ♡

So new moms out there, enjoy your Baby Holiday!