You know how the every month’s matter of a woman is always such a taboo and an embarrassing subject even in such a free world today?

I was so curious how the conservative people decades back dealt with this whole period thing, so i try to dig out some of the world’s first sanitary pad ads.

In fact in the past it’s not even called sanitary “pad”.

“Try these sanitary items once and you will never be without them again”.

“Royal Sanitary Towel”, a Japanese ad.

Imagine that!!!! In old time there was actually such a job as “sanitary towel laundry girl”!!! Take this job, anyone?

Incredible right?

And the truth is that every woman has to deal with this, and i just feel so so lucky that despite the inevitable PMS and other unpleasant things, technology actually made it soooooo much easier for us (no more bloody towel laundry!).

Nowadays so much research is done to creating a tiny pad that will make a woman comfortable during the monthly difficult time.

Libresse sanitary pads and panty liners.!

There are many sanitary pads in the market that emphasize on absorption, creating slimmer and slimmer pads with super absorption. But there are some i use that gets “distorted” so easily especially when you move around a lot, and ended up having leakage and a “red day” T_____T

What i like about Libresse is how they know the ultimate secure fit is important, so the pads are designed to fit the body closely all around. They have a detailed demonstration in a video which you can find here.

This is a pad that is designed anatomically to fit female body where it comes with a wider front (keep the pad securely in place), narrower middle (fit comfortably between your tight keeping it in place) and folds neatly at the back for a close fit to your buttocks.

And why is the perfect fit important?

When the pad is fit to your body, there is no gap in between. The pad is the only things that’s in contact with your body and the “fluid/menses” will straight away be absorbed by the pad therefore leakage will not happen.

In short, the pad is designed to fit female body by having a unique contour from front and back.


For the panty liners, they are so paper weight thin that you really won’t even feel it after wearing it, especially when you are out the whole day. Libresse pantyliners are also comfortable to wear pre and post-period.

And what i fear about thin panty liners is that they don’t stick well. But luckily Libresse’s panty liners stick just like natural cotton in the panties that you can just peel off afterwards.

I also love the Libresse Purefresh Green Tea Odor control which obviously helps to control menstrual odor for a fresher feeling.

Yay to comfy and secure sanitary pads and panty liners!

Do watch the videos and find out more about Libresse on their website!!