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June 19, 2014 in Cheesellaneous

Super belated Tokyo photo post continues!

Was at YSL party at Roppongi, Tokyo on….(date?!) i don’t even know when anymore lol.

Almost 8-month pregnant it was soooo hard to find something suitable to wear and also could not wear heels T___T

New YSL gloss!

RinRin ♡

Mademoiselle Yulia spinning


Me in all pink!

Usually i don’t like party finger food but these were heavenly @_@

And theeeese

RinRin and her gigantic pink lips lol

Posted this picture on Instagram and kena scolded for harming my baby wtf. Yea of course whenever a pregnant lady holds a fancy glass filled with colored soda water she is obviously an alcoholic. XD


Belly touch/poke by all the girls XD


Kei looking so cute today!

Ena was there too! Too cute in this picture!!!!

All cherry -red and all sakura-pink ♡


Sunwei! ♡

Yuria and Misha ♡



After the party RinRin walked me back home cuz Roppongi was kinda dodgy on a Saturday night. She is the sweetest!!!


And also Tokyo Tower at the background.


I hope you don’t get bored with my expired Tokyo posts because there are SO MUCH MORE i haven’t blogged about! XD






What’s in your bag?

As i blogged earlier about the klia2 shopping spree contest, it is still on going until this Sunday!

What’s more fun is that you can actually renew your shopping cart

I felt a bit bad that previously the items i “bought” was ALL for myself lolol. Except maybe those 10 boxes of Famous Amos. Then again judging my post-pregnancy appetite now, they will probably all end up in my tummy anyway XD

So today i re-shopped especially since i heard that new products have been added!

“Bought” a few items and they are all for the danna and baby only! *feeling superior* *glares at shoes again*


Little cowboy! Although won’t be using it for another 3 years or so lol. Oh well, you can never have too many pair of pants!

Just love denim so much! Like daddy! ^^

Photo frame for all the excessive pictures i take of baby every day.


For the football fever. Shame it doesn’t come in Samurai Blue else it would be perfect!!!


Cute laptop sleeve for the danna for work.

Also the danna’s birthday is coming soon, so i picked the MOST expensive watches in the entire shopping mall for him 😛


And total:


(Ok fine. I added Famous Amos again for myself. And SKII. But hey, i’d share! :X)


I really really hope i’ll win it!! (So don’t need to spend money buying danna’s bday present lolol #mosthorriblewifeever )

Remember! The winners are picked from 9 June to 23 June 2014 so you only have a few days left!!

Happy shopping now at


Also check out their social media for more info:

FB: www.facebook.com/IndulgeMalaysiaAirports

Instagram: @indulgemyairports

Twitter: @indulge_my

5 responses to “YSL Party Tokyo”

  1. allison says:

    Hey Cheesie!! anyways just wanted to say congratulations and thank you for all your posts about japan, i find you very admirable because you’re so multi-lingual!! apparently you can speak like 5 languages or more? i don’t know if i’m remembering right but anyways just want to tell you that you always re-ignite my love to travel and learn more about the world and its people and yea, just thank you!

  2. airmeli says:

    Sunwei!! Envy~

  3. TySh says:

    Yuri and Yuria are also very pretty! =D

  4. starmist says:

    Will never get sick of your Japan posts! Or any posts from you for that matter. Heh heh. Hope all is fine with you and your family.

  5. Fny says:

    Your friendship with Rinrin is really beautiful, she’s super thoughtful to you! So blessed to have such great bunch of friends. :O

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