Can’t remember the last time i did a 私服 coordinate post T___T.

Here are some of the accumulated coordinate pictures from early this year! And a lazy blog post >.<



Coordinate 1


Coordinate 2


Coordinate 3


Coordinate 4


Coordinate 5



Coordinate 6 



Coordinate 7


Coordinate 8



Coordinate 9



Coordinate 10


Coordinate 11



Coordinate 12


Coordinate 13



Coordinate 14


With bb Junya <3



Coordinate 15


That’s all!




[Tokyoninki Shoutout]

Love Nail

I have blogged about Love Nail earlier, and here’s my latest Love Nail applique designs!

On my left hand is My Melody and on the right hand is gold sparkle Hello Kitty.

Although i’d agree that it will look so much better on longer nails (i have to cut off some cute designs since my nails are not long enough), but hey for a busy houswife/mom like me who has zero time to go for a manicure, i’m not complaining! 😀

It’s been a week now and it still looks good, so it lasts pretty well! 😀

Go get it from your nearest SASA outlets!