If you have a baby, i’m sure you know how important it is to capture every single precious moment. You can just miss a couple of days and suddenly your little crawler has a tooth.

I have more than 10,000 photos and videos in my iPhone now XD. It would be really nice to print some of the best ones and compile them into an album. Photo albums are so nostalgic but also a bit outdated.

Nowadays most people go for photobooks!!! I have quite a lot of photobooks (for honeymoon, wedding etc), but they took me weeeeeks to design, and honestly i don’t really have the time for such luxury nowadays, yet i still very much like to have a few keepsake to document Junya’s life as a baby…

Which is why i use FotoZzoom for designing my photobook!!

Sweet and simple!


When i talk about “designing”, it actually involves just a couple of steps. You don’t have to sit there day and night cropping/adjusting sizes, moving layers… etc.

Here’s what you do!

1. Hop over to Foto-Zzoom

And pick a theme that you like. There are so many options for you to choose from!!

From holiday, festivals, special occasions, to your loved ones…


2. Choose your book type and size

Mine is called “Colorful Year”. I love its simple layout, and the family theme!


3. Fill in some simple info

Like the story of your photobook, a brief description, and if you like you can set the photos for front and back cover.


4. Upload Photos (about 60-80).


And… done!


Huh?! What about layout?? Arranging the photos?? Adjust sizes?!

Well. Foto-Zzoom does it all for you. Of course, they cannot peek inside your head to find out which photo you would like larger than the other and which frame to use on what.

But think of it as a surprise!

I imagine it to be a present someone sent to me. When i opened it up and flip it page by page, i was really pleasantly surprised!

When i uploaded the pictures, some were upside down lolol. They rotated the pictures nicely and helped me decide which picture to put where. It was a memento for our first family trip to Japan together. The first picture shows me on the plane with Junya <3


The album that i picked was XL size!! The Junya-in-photo is bigger than the Junya-in-real-life lolol. I love it!!!


Champon and Junya entertaining themselves flipping through the book. (Junya flips, Champon watches. Champon can’t flip pages lolol. Or else it’d be all dog-eared HAHAHHA.)

Of course, if you don’t mind spending some time to crop/edit/resize/add captions, you can always opt for StoryPad, a photo editing software on the website to add a more personal touch to your photobook.


If you want to know more about FotoZZoom’s photo book design services, you can visit this link.

Other than photobooks, Foto-Zzoom also has the usual photo prints, and also canvas prints, photo gifts, they even sell cameras and lenses!

Go over to Foto-Zzoom to order yours now! And remember to quote KEVKKFQXZ2MIGYD to enjoy a special discount of 65% Off All Photo Books. Wow that’s really a HUGE discount!