You never expect that there are so much to do in a hotel!

I have previous blogged about the Keio Plaza Hotel’s Hello Kitty Room, this time around, it is all about foooood.

There are more than 20 restaurants and bars (!!!) in Keio Plaza Hotel, so you can expect an array of gourmet surprises during your stay in the hotel.

To be honest, during my 2-night-stay in Keio Plaza, i almost never went outside of the hotel (only to Isetan and Don Quijote nearby for shopping), and i had all my 3 meals in Keio Plaza daily.  It was almost like a relaxing resort holiday. So here are my dining experience throughout the 2 days!


Hinamatsuri, also known as the “Girl’s Day”, is a traditional annual event in Japan at which families pray for the health growth of their girls. (It’s such a grand and beautiful festival it’s almost unfair cuz why don’t they have Boy’s Day too?!?!?) (Anyway, i guess 还是女孩的钱比较好赚。)

This year, Keio Plaza hotel has a grand exhibition of Traitional Imperial Palace Style Dolls and Hanging Decorations in celebration of Hinamatsuri.

All the hanging dolls are handmade, and the hotel is more than 5000 of them!!! They are just so so cute! I never thought i could appreciate traditional fine arts such as these, but this time i really feel touched.

All of the dolls carry a special meaning for the festival. Each and every one is a symbol to different aspects like good health, happiness and beauty. I’m jealous of the girls now. I want to be one again. T____T.

This one is a little baby wrapped in a Takenoko (i think?)


Anyway, not only does Keio celebrate Hinamatsuri by having decorations all around the hotel, they actually have Hinamatsuri-themed menu for some of the restaurants too!! There are probably no other hotel that does this so gloriously!!


Jurin’s Sweets Buffet

Jurin is an all-day-dining restaurant in the hotel, and this February they are having Sweets Buffet with the theme of Strawberry & Chocolate.

Isn’t that a girl’s ultimate dream? All-you-can-eat dessert and infinity Japanese strawberries. 😀

Just look at these!!!

With RinRin <3

Let’s look at some of the main line-ups! Ichigo chiffon cake…

Strawbie cheesecake…

Assorted ichigo jelly and mousse and shortcakes and ice creams and eclairs and puffs and macarons and more more more!!!

Our selection (first round hahaha)

They just looked sooooo good!!! And of course tasted good too! If you can’t live without your mains (i can’t!), there are some light food too like sandwiches, tarts, pastries, Karaage, etc.

Happiness on a plate.

Anybody can come visit Jurin!! I heard that in March they are gonna have Sakura and Strawberry theme. Now THAT is indeed a dream come true T____T. Please send me back again T___T.



Polestar Sky Bar

After the hearty sweet afternoon tea, we had a light dinner at night. It was Valentine’s dinner. For me and RinRin. A little romantic hideout on the 45th floor.

We were told that the cocktails are amazing. Excited!! I was soooooo looking forward to a drink! Haven’t had one in so long!!! #Pump&Dump


Exclusively only for guests who stay at the Hello Kitty Room, you can come to the bar and order your Hello Kitty Cocktail (non-alcoholic).

So yea it’s really super special because not everyone can have it!!

It’s called “Pretty” (left) and “Lovely”. The one with kitty face art on is strawberry and caramel cream,  whereas the other one is a sweet strawbie concoction with a cute cherry on it!

I mean, cocktails really can’t possibly get any cuter than this T__T.

At the same time we also enjoyed our light Valentine’s Day dinner before proceeding to the real deal hehehhe.


The bartender at Polestar is actually an award-winning expert. He’s known to create the impossible lol. Forget the menu, and just give him an image of what you like, and let him surprise you.

RinRin said she would love something girly that represents her, and here’s what he made her:

Dancing Ribbon. Sweet, frilly and dainty.

For me, i wanted something refreshing. So he created a citrus passion fruit cocktail with an orchid, probably having the image of me coming from this summery, tropical island. And it was SO SO good!!!

Our second course.

For my third drink, i said i wanted something sour maximum (i really love that sour kick!), so this is what he made me…

Just. so. beautiful. Vacation by the ocean, crystal clear blue sea… fluttering butterflies… And indeed the intense lime nectar made my face all squished up lolol. But i loved it so much.

Lastly there was another special surprise.

It was a perfect, romantic night. I heard that the bar is very very popular with surprise wedding proposals /anniversaries. So… if you are thinking about it….. 🙂



Kagari Hinamatsuri Lunch

Kagari is one of Keio Plaza Hotel’s popular Japanese restaurant. And on the second day, i had lunch there.

Hinamatsuri decoration at the entrance. It really amazes me how much effort the put into celebrating a special day.

My lunch!!!

This is probably the most symbolic Hinamatsuri lunch. Each of the dishes are designed based on the essence of Girl’s Day, such as the usage of color (lots of pink!), the 7-tiered Hina Doll setting,  the decorative sheets used, the spring harvest… it makes you want to savor every single bite with appreciation.



Soujuan Kaiseki Dinner

On the same day, i had my first ever Kaiseki ryori.

Kaiseki Ryori is a traditional multi-course dinner. I guess i could relate it to French haute cuisine or Chinese banquets; courses one after another, small portion, state-of-art presentation….

It’s too high level for an unrefined person like me to fully understand. Rather than appreciating the taste of food, Kaiseki seems to be more about an art form in the state of zen, embracing the harmony of textures, colors, appearances, in order to express the beauty of the season.

It’s all deep. Too deep.

Just this course alone is has a whole story to tell.

Hina-Matsuri elements are extensively used in the courses, like the food on a stick is inspired from the Hanging Dolls, the clam shell to represent faithfulness and unity in a couple (there’s only one shell in the world that fits the other perfectly), the pastel pink flower… even the fine Japanese ceramic depicts a spring mood.

Some other courses that sings about the wonder of spring, using the freshest ingredients in season.

The dessert, also the last course.

Can you spot a Tsuru? (Japanese crane)

It is said that the whole purpose of Kaiseki meal is for one last finale at the end of a meal, meaning whatever you have devoured before is just to warm up for this bowl of tea, which is the highlight of the whole dinner.

And that, was the first Kaiseki dinner in my life. Lots i have learnt. Lots.



Kagari: Breakfast

You know one super incentive of staying in Keio Plaza Hotel? You get to choose where you want to eat for breakfast.

The first morning we had western-style buffet at Jurin, and the second day we decided to go back to Kagari for Japanese-style breakfast.

I just sighed in sheer amazement. What a hearty, glorious breakfast. There are even other dishes that are not in this photo. It was the best. Don’t miss this out and don’t oversleep!!!!!



Duo Fourchettes: Italian Lunch

Can you believe it? They have even incorporated Hinamatsuri essences into Italian food!!!

Fresh salad dotted with rose petals.

Homemade pasta of Hinamatsuri colors (green, yellow and pink).


Sakura-jelly cake with pink gelato, decorated with flower petals that’s made of colored white chocolate (i think!!)


Fruit sherbets with jelly.

It’s all too beautiful.



And that’s all for my Keio Plaza Hotel dining experiences. I really wish to go back every season!!

If you are planning your Tokyo trip any time soon, do make your booking with Keio Plaza Hotel.

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