Read Casio Exilim MR1 Part 1 here.

You can refer back to that post for all the basic features. In this second review, i will focus on some of its modes and filters!


Just to recap, Casio Exilim MR1 is a new style selfie camera that captures the image you see reflected in its mirror surface.


Let me just elaborate on a rather often overlooked problem of other selfie cameras.

So this picture is taken with my TR50. What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing.

Except that we are both looking at ourselves, which is the screen. Which is away from the lens. While of course i could just make an effort to look at the lens instead, but to be honest it is quite hard to do that because people who takes selfies are people who are obssessed with looking at themselves LOLOLOL. Ok la and also if you take a groufie, chances are some people will look at the lens and some will look at the screen.

So what’s different about MR1?

When you are looking at yourself, you are also looking at the lens.

A simple explanation here:

Spot the cleverly concealed lens?

The lens is hidden so strategically behind the mirror. So while you are checking yourself out, you can press the shutter button at the same time, without shifting your eye focus anywhere else.

I mean, even Junya can do it.

Perfect for Wefie or Groufie too!




So i think you have read all about the smooth skin/brightening beauty mode in the previous post. Now i wanna show you some of the pictures i took using Art Shot mode.

The Art Shot features are actually very similar to the ZR series, which i have reviewed last year in this post.


Toy camera

The darkening around the edge gives it a very hipster feel. This is one of my most used effect!


Light Tone

Create a dreamy, fantasy-like effect.


Crystal Ball

This one is very interesting! It’s like you have gone into a magic world of a floating sphere!



A happy, vivid effect for colorful objects to produce photo in a  pop art style!


Fish Eye

Make things that are already cute even cuter.



In the menu, there’s also another feature called Best Shot. There are too many of them and you will just have to explore them one by one. Here are some that i have used.

The nightscape of Tokyo city.

The ever beautiful Mt Fuji.

You could feel the crisp air and warm sunlight of Hakone.


The serenity of the spiritual shrine.


That’s all for now!

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that the selfie camera doesn’t only take good selfie, it takes your usual pictures of other object (which is not yourself lolol) and scenery just as perfectly too. Without the beauty mode, picture actually comes out clear, sharp and of high quality!

I’m so impressed!!!

What’s more impressive??? The price.


Is the retail price.

Do check out Casio’s website for more info!