9 months

March 11, 2015 in Baby

Junya turns 9 months today!

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Honestly i don’t really remember anything life-changing happening in the past few weeks, so i’d say it’s a month of steady strengthening instead of breakthroughs. For example the beginning of his 8th month he started pulling to stand with much struggle, and by the end of it he did it like a piece of avocado. Into the first week he dropped 4 out of 5 Egg Boro i gave him, and the past few days he’s been picking up food off his plate like a juggler!

So let’s see what else sort of happened in the past month:


For Baby

1. <3 day naps

By <3 i mean less than three, literally. He has transitioned from 3 afternoon naps to 2. He used to snack nap at like 10am, 2pm, 4pm,  and then 8pm goes to bed. Now he naps at 10am then once at 2 or 3pm, then tahan until 7pm bath time! Usually by 5 or 6 he gets crankily sleepy, but if he naps then i won’t be able to do anything until late night T___T


2. Super glue

Last month he was all smiles. Now the thunderstorms are all around.

Have you seen unhappy Junya before? Here you go.

The danna sent me this picture when i was away from Junya for an event. His stranger anxiety has extended to his own father T_____T. (Sometimes when the danna leaves for work, i’ll pick up Junya and send him out the door, and he’d tell his son sadly, “Junya, do you remember? I am your father! …… Maybe.” LOLOLOL)

Anyway… Now i can’t even step away to pick up a piece of dropped breadcrumb. T_____T. Forget about shower. T______T.

Can you wise mommies tell me, when will this go away??? When can i actually disappear for a second without him wailing like a kidnapped child???? T__T

Ok i take it back. One day soon (very soon!) he’s gonna tweet that he can’t wait for this naggy mom to leave his sight. And then block me on his Instagram. NoooooooOoOOoOooooo. And i’m gonna regret taking this for granted. Forever. T__T.

*super-glues self to son*


3. Safe zone

Junya’s cot is no longer usable. He could pull himself to stand and could anytime topple over. Uh oh.

So now the cot is officially lowered to be his jail.




4. First CNY

Hmmm. Chinese adults……

We went back to home town, and it was the first time Junya receives ang pows!



5. New MileSTONE

You know, i really didn’t think that i would turn into one of those parents who take pictures of their baby’s everything. Including poop. (Don’t give me that face! As if you didn’t!!!!!)

So yea his solids are now solid enough to make him pass solid. I was so amazed by it that i took a picture of it to eternalise this significant first..

Wanna see?????

(I actually forced the danna to see it much to his dismay lolol. I MEAN, THE DAD HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW! And i mean, which dad doesn’t like to see his own son’s pot of gold?!??!?)

Here it is. Junya’s first solid poop:




Steaming hot.

Either you are very relieved now, or you’ll never want to eat ramen ever again. Either way, you are welcome.



6. Fooooood

I’m quite happy that he’s eating pretty well! So far he hasn’t spat out anything yet so i guess i won’t have to doubt my cooking skill yet. But then he’s also not gaining much weight for about a few months already T____T. How could this be?


7. Sit/Stand

He can now fully sit on his own, and stand quite steadily with support. Kind of sort of not really cruising too. He almost doesn’t crawl anymore. The only time he crawls is to get to something he could use to pull to stand T___T.





For Mama

1. Super glue

I mean, you can’t glue something to nothing. 一个巴掌拍不响。May as well just enjoy the warmth of gum.


On the plus side of his slow weight gain is that i could still easily carry him with me in a carrier. The stroller is sitting at home waiting to rot.

And luckily he quite easily falls asleep whenever he’s with me, so it makes things much easier then i have to go out with him alone. The other day i went to number76 for hair maintenance, he was sleeping from the taxi and throughout the whole coloring and treatment. When i had to wash my hair he just lied down on my chest without ever waking up lolol. Did i say superglue??



Junya, can you please like papa too?





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35 responses to “9 months”

  1. Michelle says:

    I wish i could have a baby just like Junya right after i get married! Can’t wait to be a mother and work hardly just like you Cheesie.. Proud of you! You are not just a hot mama! your are a beautiful+intelligent+patience+lovely mother!!

  2. Lynn says:

    Your post made me LOL and remind me very much of every milestone my little boys went through and how I reacted. The only advice I can give for stranger anxiety, is to take Junya out and have play dates. Even leaving him for a few hours with someone else (like the Danna) every day until he is used to it… Only way to get rid of the anxiety and give mama a break is to let others step in and be around him.

  3. mamaheong says:

    Sayangs mama cheesie!! You ROCK!!

    Don’t worry about weight gain, will gain when time comes! Don’t stress okies!! *Huggggs*

  4. Scarlett says:

    When my girl was still an infant, i blamed myself: why put yourself into a such a situation!!! Nom my girl is turning 4 years old and I already expect for the second child, maybe I already get used to it and, kinda like it! LOL!

  5. Alisha says:

    Hi Chessie, don’t worry about the weight gaining part. My son didn’t gain much weight for 4 months. That was when he was 7-11 months. Only recently a week after his first birthday we had to for the 1y jab and he only gained 200. The nurse at the government clinic said it’s ok as long as they’re not under weight. It could be due to them being very active and ‘lasak’. So don’t worry to much about it. About being clingy I guess all kids go through that phase, even my son till today is the same. The only time I can do house chores is when he sleeps. I guess baby boys are very clingy to their mommies compared to baby girls. My daughter whose 5 now, wasn’t that clingy. You take care and enjoy the clinginess before it wares off.. Hehehe.

    • cheesie says:

      Oh i guess it’s the same then!! Thanks for reassuring!! Yea i’ve heard about baby boy being super clingy to mama too!

  6. Alexis says:

    Hi cheesie! Lovely photos you have there! The stickers you used are so cute! May I know which application you used for the stickers? Thanks!

  7. icha says:

    lol i’m with youuuu! but I’ve trained my baby to like his papa. when he’s with papa, LEAVE THEM. whether he cries or screams, leave them. once (or twice) the papa can handle the worst situation, the baby will like papa too. *and now i can eat, and sleep, and poop* XD

  8. J says:

    Hi cheesie, was wondering – Junya goes to sleep at 8pm does he sleep through or he still wakes up for feed? Just wondering cause mine is 11 months and still takes 3 naps (he is trying to transistion to 2 though), but he sleeps at 1030pm and doesnt really wake up for feed till about 7am or 8. I always wonder with baby who sleeps early.

  9. C says:

    Hey Cheesie, do you and Junya’s papa speak to Junya in English? Chinese? Or Japanese?

  10. Tera says:

    I’ve always love reading Junya’s development. He always looks super chilled.

    :_( I totally feel you about the clinginess!! Sophie is two weeks ahead of Junya and she is the same! I am at my wits end, hair pulling days. Read an article online about it and it made me feel less of a #failmom


    And yea, although she is eating solids, 4 meals a day, she is also hardly gaining weight. Sitting at 8.5kg. She has a little belly though and double chin? That got to mean something rite?

    I hope this thunderstorms roll away soon. Good luck and all the best dedicated mommy!

  11. Joy says:

    Not sure if this helps! 🙂 thought of this as I read your superglue woes. Heh.

  12. Jessica says:

    Nah, my colleague’s 4 year old daughter is SO CLINGY to her,while her 1 year old son isn’t that clingy and isn’t that scare of ANY one,kind of must see his mood.

    She, however,prefers a clingy kid.

    the feedback she gets is like is better for a kid to be more sociable, but to her she wants a clingy kid…she says she feels it can’t be taught because she don’t know why her son isn’t as clingy but her son is now more aware of strangers.

  13. Cherrie says:

    Junya is so so so cute I cannot!

  14. Tenshichn says:

    Hehe… He’d so cute… Yea… Sometimes u might wish he can stay away from u without wailing.. But wht u really want is to b with him.. ^^


  15. Carol says:

    Where did you bought that kodomo no hon in japan? I also wanna teach my baby to know a bit if japanese as i can speak japanese…

  16. Maddie says:

    the first thing to type – hahahaha! my boy has just hit 8 months today and he is hyper as a T-REX and I’m tired too.. He is not consider super glue to me but he spends most of his time with me compare to his papi. Whenever we pick him up for carry, he won’t stay still and will want to crawl out from your arms like a hyper worm in this case. Aiyo, i also headache. My arms and back feel hurts at the end of the day..but ain’t complaining as long as he grows up well and healthy 😀 xox

  17. Amelia says:

    Mama so pretty, i also glue lah ~~~ 😀 😀 enjoy this moment ah !!! hehe

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