Haven’t done this in a while! Previous posts here: #lunchforjunya 1, #lunchforjunya in Japan.

Junya was eating what we adults were eating mostly during our entire travel in Japan, so now that we are back i started cooking for him again! Most of the recipes were inspired by Japanese Rinyushoku (baby food) cook books, cook pad, and other awesome Japanese mommies on the internet!  Here’s a compilations of #lunchforjunya ❤︎



Actually it’s not just #lunchforjunya la haha there are breakfasts and dinners too. But usually breakfast is kind of the same everyday and usually dinner is a recycle of lunch so… i guess lunch is more interesting! XD


He still doesn’t really like oatmeals/bread still but those are the simplest for breakfast so i’m still trying a variety of stuff like cheese bread/flavored oatmeal etc. But he is still super Asian baby and loves his rice and udon XD



Pancake with Kinako and Yogurt Parfait!



This was today’s breakfast! Koro Koro white bread with cheese and egg, fruit bowl (Japanese pear and golden kiwi), and yogurt with cereal, crushed nuts and kinako for extra booster!



Mabo tofu and eggplant rice bowl with Miso soup & fruit jelly bowl.



Steamboat rice (taufu pok, tofu, assorted vegetables and meat) from the adult table! I dilute the soup stock with more water and basically cut them into smaller bite size.



Mushroom and piman (Japanese green pepper) omelette, Shine Muscat and black sesame cereal and milk. And half a bottle of Yakult!



This one a bit elaborated hahahah. Bento style lunch with a little of everything!

✴︎Salmon & Spinach Rice
✴︎Hijiki tamagoyaki
✴︎Golden kiwi
✴︎Mini oden soup (daikon, carrot, Shimeji mushroom)
✴︎Steamed vegetables in sesame sauce
✴︎Bunny grape


Went straight for the grape first XD



✴︎ Spinach rice ball
✴︎ Grilled cod fish in soy sauce
✴︎ Baby Chawanmushi
✴︎Raspberry yogurt with Bisuco!

Junya loved the Chawanmushi!



Mama & BB pot-au-feu. It sounds very pretentious but actually it’s just like our ABC soup hahaha. In Japanese it is called “Potuffu”, i didn’t even know it was originally french XD.

It’s potato, carrot, shimeji mushroom and cabbage in consomme soup. The Japanese version always has a sausage in it! I replaced Junya’s with fish sausage (you can get it from ISETAN), whole meal soft bread instead of baguette and also milder consomme.



Kumatan curry rice with homemade Otter fish finger. It’s all so confusing lol. So the otter is made of fish. I mean, you are what you eat, right? XD

Also mini hamburg and mini omelette, and yogurt parfait!

Ok la i admit all the character meals i made when he was younger was all shiok sendiri lolol since he didn’t even know what he was eating right! But recently Junya recognizes animals and characters so it’s getting real fun!!



Mushroom cream risotto, Fish Ankake and fruit yogurt.



Spinach rice ball, vegetable omelette, tofu miso soup and Shine Muscat.



Tuna & Eggplant fresh pasta with olive oil and shiso!



And Junya’s absolute favorite udon. Udon really saved my life T____T. There was a period Junya was so fussy all i made was all kinds of udon. This one is seaweed and mentaiko! 😀 I guess we have very similar taste in food!



Grilled salmon in edamame sauce, mash potato and yogurt parfait.


That’s all for this time! I hope you pick up an idea or two too from the meals 🙂 And if you have more simple and healthy toddler recipe, please share with me and other readers! 😀