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Super long food post from our Japan trip in Sep/Oct!

It was probably the worst trip for me when it comes to enjoying food, because my nausea was getting really serious T___T. I gagged myself through cooking breakfast, and i usually didn’t even eat dinner because evening sickness was the worst.

Ok actually the worst is changing Junya’s diaper after he poo pooed. Until today i still have phobia lol. Arghhhhhh this morning sickness thing sucksssss.

Anyway here’s a compilation of foooood that i managed to have or food other people had for your enjoyment lol.


Homecooked Breakfast

Junya refused to eat most instant baby food so i had no choice but cook him every morning T___T.


Tomato risotto with fish cake. I didn’t even care if the ingredients matches anymore lol as long as Junya got something he’d eat. Served with Pione grapes. Sooo gooood!


Anyhow omelette with eggplant and pork slice risotto. And leftover pumpkin salad.


Instant oden from Lawson downstairs and just cooked it with Udon. May i say that combini stores saved our lives.


Papa made breakfast of the day!

For Junjun: Komatsuna fried rice with Pione grapes.


Neapolitan pasta with Baby Danone.


Also stocked up homemade chicken nuggets!!! Mixed it with tofu for a healthier version.


Our guest Carolyn loves bitter gourd so i made Goya Champuru (Bitter gourd fried with egg, tofu and spam!). Also custard cream puff and tofu chicken nuggets.


Dinner for JunJun: mixed everything risotto!


Tofu, chicken nugget tomato stew with yogurt pudding!


Papa made ramen overloaded with negi and menma (Bamboo shoots. i looooove menma!). And udon for Junjun.

Close up!


On a lazy day we just bought gyudon from combini downstairs.

And add raw egg.

Ahhhh i love life in Japan.



Dining with Junya

Eating out with Junya in Japan. Most of the time he was either all over the place or sleeping lol. I much prefered it when he naps. So you are gonna see lots of different JunJun sleeping patterns when dining out XD. Sometimes we went out late at night and he just slept throughout the whole dinner lolol.


At Yakiniku restaurant! He was in the bag basket all the time.


Walking to the nearest Gindako Takoyaki cuz Carolyn was craving for it.


We’re here!

Mentaiko takoyaki!!!!

This Carolyn first time had a High Ball at happy hour and it cost like 200 yen (SGD2.3) and she was all like OMG I LOVE JAPAN!!! Hahahha.


Another date at L’occitane cafe!

Haven’t been here for a while!

JunJun’s first time overlooking Shibuya crossing.


lolol sleeping in an Izakaya throughout our meal.

With danna and Dejima san

Assorted Yakitori


More oden!!!


Another napping throughout lunch XD

Wagyu don omg sooooo goooooood T_T

Close up!

And King Crab Tempora Don @.@ Luxurious until cannot.



Another lunch nap XD I probably can do a compilation of “Lunch napping at mama’s lunch date” lol.

We went to Daikanyama for lunch because it’s known to be one of the most stylish baby friend place in Tokyo. Indeed the whole restaurant was full of babies and mommies! Service very good too, when the waitstaff saw that Junya is sleeping he immediately offered blanket for us!glo

Restaurant name is Maison De Reefur, opened by Rinka the super famous ex Vi

With Omatsu San.

Very healthy selection of food too!

My roast beef bowl <3



One day i was craving for KFC’s mash potato so the danna hailed a cab just to bring us to the nearest KFC.

And guess what!!!

This is probably the first ever time i was so disappointed at a restaurant in Japan. And it’s KFC.



*kicks table angrily*

How can that be T____T.



Brought JunJun to 76CAFE the other day (awake this time XD)!

Another baby-friendly favorite in Tokyo!! Ordered udon in dashi soup for Junya. 300 yen, comes with orange juice, dessert and snacks!

Junjun eating his potato nugget.

Lunch time!

My super favorite chicken over rice. Every time!

Amy’s Shogayaki rice.



Other random foods we had!

Sorry i don’t have details for most of the food below because my pregnancy brain couldn’t keep up -_-

For some reason this pregnancy i was totally put off by Japanese food (i couldn’t take the sigh of sushi omg). The only things my nausea allowed me to ingest was pasta (and it has to be tomato based), and bread/pastries. How come this second baby is so angmoh wan!!!


Lotus root and clam pasta


The simplest tomato basil style.


At an Italian fine dining. Was soooo good but my nausea didn’t allow me to finish it T_T.


Cream pasta with prawn, corn and spinach.


Eggplant tomato.


Foie Gras risottooooooooooooooooo


The spiciest ramen in Japan lol. It’s called Nakamoto. Guarantee spicy until you laosai until backside also spicy lolol. I didn’t have this. Amy did.


Ma-bo version.


On Amy’s last day in Japan, we went to Tsukiji and had seafood rice bowl. This was hers.


And this was mine. I had like maybe 20% of it and i couldn’t do it anymore. I hated myself so much T____T. The chef must be very sad. I’m sorry, chef. It’s not you. It’s my baby.


The danna’s.


Yakitori at Izakaya.


Giant prawn siu mai!


I was craving for Tsukada Nojo’s collagen soup so we came here one night!!

Layers and layers of collagen.

Charcoal grilled jidori chicken.

Nira Reba (Chives and liver)

Chicken tataki (yes it’s raw inside!!!)

(yes i ate it.)

A lot of people asked me if it is okay to eat raw this raw that. My answer is as long as it is from a high quality source, and as long as you don’t Instagram it or tell your gyane, you’ll be fine. XD

You don’t belittle this foil-grilled eggplant in butter shoyu pls omg it’s probably the best i’ve ever had T_T

Lastly, fried gizzard ad garlic!



When all else fails you always have Mos Burger.


Before we flew back to KL, we popped by Tsukiji again on our last day. This is a famous shop for “motsu” called Kistune Ya, and it’s full of touristsssssss! (warning: meet the grumpiest Japanese obasan you’ll ever know in Japan.)

But so so so good.


Kyushu Food Fair at Yoyogi Park

On our last day, the danna asked me what i wanted to do, and i said let’s go to the park for picnic!!

And we were so so so lucky that there was a Kyushu Food fair happening!!! Usually it is Hokkaido fair so i was really excited! I love Kyushu’s food probably the most!!!!

Forever crowded omg. Honestly, i don’t think i can ever handle crowds like this other than in Japan.

There were 6 bins for different kinds of food garbage. Not sure? No worries the staff will help you with it.

But ordering food is a pain because usually the popular stalls will have a loooooooooong line.

Horumon Ramen!!!

I love how their portions are quite small so you get to sample a lot of different food!

Mini Motsunabe for JunJun. he didn’t seem impressed.

This one had a long queue. The danna and i both were eager to try!

Steamed oyster from Kyujyukyu Island, from Nagasaki!!! Of course support!!!!

Soooooooo juicy and yummy T_T

After dinner, we took a leisure stroll in the park then over to Harajuku and had soft cream.

It was the tallest soft cream i’ve ever had lol.

As we walked back to Yoyogi Park (maybe just about an hour after we left) and this was what i saw:

Spotless. Not a single piece of dropped food or wrapper or plastic or inconsiderateness on the floor. I was so, so touched.

Thank you Japan for the inspiration. Forever.







Taste of Tohoku

I’d like to do a food related post for Tohoku too but this one is not to be missed!!

Every winter Japan will have massive spectacular Christmas illumination events, and in Tokyo usually, Shidome, Omotesando and Roppongi/Mid Town is the most popular. And then you have Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki.

This year, try visiting Sendai (Miyagi Prefecture) for it’s mesmerizing Pageant of Starlight, one of Japan’s biggest winter illumination displays.

Look at how wondrously dazzling it is T___T.

One of the reasons you should: usually Tokyo does not snow in Christmas. In Sendai, some nights in December it will be snowing, adding a sprinkle of magic to that romantic night!

For more tips on Tohoku, don’t forget to visit Taste of Tohoku’s Facebook Page!