So we are finally settling down to our new life in Singapore after one week!

So thankful for the danna who came here early and put together all the furniture in our new apartment.

Everything is falling into place except for a few minor things like a microwave (come to think of it that’s super important), TV (that can come later, or we can even do without it), more toys for Junya to keep him engaged, etc. We also haven’t installed any phone line/internet in our apartment so that’s probably the biggest problem!


Eventually I want to get a local mobile line in Singapore, but to be honest I’d probably not move to SG full time yet. The danna will be based here but i think Junya and i will have to travel back and forth KL and SG because of my own work commitments and also my prenatal check ups.

This time around we would stay here for two weeks, and then back to KL for a few weeks. I thought it was not the best time to get a local phone line yet, but roaming for two weeks is gonna break my bank.

And i decided that a pocket wifi is the best bet. I got it from Travel Recommends!!

We have been doing a little touristy things, visiting Gardens by the Bay!

Love how i could just connect with my friends and also do instant updates on social media.

The best thing is that it has unlimited data so i could chat whole day and night, even like now i’m editing all these data heavy pictures and upload it onto my blog without any problem at all!

Inside the Flower Dome admiring the pretty illumination!

Battery is pretty long lasting too! It’s night time and i still had two bars left.


I’m sure everyone of you know what a pocket wifi is, it’s a pocket-sized battery-powered router that can connect to multiple smart mobile devices. So if you travel with a group of friends, you can just share the pocket wifi together and divide the cost!

Here’s the Step-by-Step on how you can get your pocket wifi from Travel Recommends.

I usually will opt for courier service (RM10 for one way) so that i can have the device already with me before i even travel!

But if you prefer to pick it up at KLIA, here’s where you can pick it up:


And here’s the rental rates for different countries:

If you are traveling to Taiwan anytime soon, don’t miss out their Taiwan Promo!!

Rent pocket Wi-Fi from Travel Recommends as low as RM15/day starting from 1/12/15 to 31/1/16 while you travel to Taiwan!

There’s also a collaboration with Superstrap – you get a FREE baggage wrapping or strapping @KLIA Superstrap booth when you rent a Travel Wi-Fi Router from Travel Recommends! I have never tried the service because i thought it was abit costly, but here’s a perfect chance for you to get it for free!

Make your pocket wifi rental booking now at or follow them on or Instagram @Travelrecommends!

And… happy holidays!