Yeap. The moment you become a mother, 50% of your shopping belongs to your babies. another 40% is groceries. The rest are new bras to replace your torn nursing bra since 3 years ago, and anti-stress drugs. Just kidding.

I love baby fairs!!! We all know that babies grow up sooooo fast but you need to buy a million things for them! So it’s always wise to wait for a massive event where you can get everything at a great deal.

And the chance has come. Announcing the Must-Go Baby Fair of 2017!

From 17-19 February 2017 – SuperMom is organizing the Biggest Post Chinese New Year Blowout Sales at the First Ever Baby Fair happening at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. There will be over 1,000 international brands with more than 100,000 products up for grabs at the event!

SuperMom is the largest parenting movement in Singapore for expectant parents and mothers, and often organises events that promote happy and healthy pregnancy and parenting life. And this time, they are holding the Biggest and Grandest Baby Fair, and here are what’s happening!!

Crazy Deals

You will be able to get your hands on crazy deals starting from as low as $1 as well as exclusive and new product launches. – from baby diapers to strollers to skincare and other baby essentials!

As a #kiasufakesingaporean I quickly browsed through the Starbuy Deals and many things are going at a huge discount!! Ok la share a few with you here ok. There’s this Fisher Price Jumperoo that I wanted to get for Sakura is going for $50!!

The original price is $299 ok!! That’s a crazy big discount!

And and and… a cute Baby Bean Bag that both Junya and Sakura can use:

$20 only???! I WAAAAAANT. Hopefully I can be there early enough to grab this!

5% Cash Rebates

To help you save even more, SuperMom will also be offering 5% cash rebates for every $100 spent at SuperMom Baby Fair.

Ang Pao Bag

In addition, to celebrate this Post CNY Blowout event, parents can redeem a $188 Ang Pao Bag for every $50 spent for the first 500 customers.

Free Parking

You are gonna go crazy shopping loads so you are gonna need a car!! SuperMom is offering transportation perks such as free parking and discounted taxi rides. For full detail please see this page.

Value Added Services

SuperMom also sees to ease and enhance your shopping experience with first-class facilities and other value-added services this year such as a beautifully designed Diaper Changing and Nursing Rooms, stroller rental, bag drop-offs & home delivery services for parents’ convenience. These amenities and services are never seen before in other baby fairs are added in an effort to make the entire experience a comfortable one!

And and and… that’s not all. Just when I lost track of all the awesome deals, Supermom is also having something new this year: Supermom Luxe, Asia’s first Premium Boutique Baby Fair and Junior Fashion Show!

Don’t miss it out!!!

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Expo & Convention Centre Hall A & B

Time: Fri & Sat (11am-9pm) & Sun (11am-8pm)

Dates: 17-19 February 2017

Lastly, For all Cheeserland’s readers, you are entitled to $5 SuperMom Voucher (limited to the 1st 100)! Enter Promo Code: CHEESIE

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