I can’t even remember the last time I went for an aesthetic procedure or even a facial at a beauty salon. It must have been 5 years ago. Because after that I was either pregnant or breastfeeding and these things were pretty much out of my life.

August this year I have finally decided that after so all these years, it is time I take good care of myself again, and that includes feeling good about how I look.

Over the years many many aesthetic clinics approached me and I turned down all of them. I was actually not so bothered by aging because I no longer 靠脸来吃饭 (and actually never really did haha), while it sounds ideal to be forever young, I do believe that if you overdo it you will just end up very freaky (think if you are 60 and still looks 25!). I tried to embrace the whole “aging gracefully” concept, and I was okay with it.

What made me change my mind was after many things that happened earlier this year, I lost 4KG (and I was already below 40KG), and many people were concerned about my health and wellbeing – that’s when I seriously started to think about taking proper care of myself that I might have carelessly neglected all these while. Although many also commented that it’s a good problem to have (“too skinny is still better than too fat!”). It was totally not (please don’t ever say that to overly skinny people!). I was shocked when I looked into the mirror, I was so skinny it was almost grotesque, I only had veins and bones wrapped with skin on my hands, and I looked sick and tired all the time. I was looking like a 2D cardboard.

I am better now, I gained back some weight through better eating habits and some weight training (omg it’s so hard to maintain!), I look a bit normal again but no matter what I try I couldn’t put the fats back onto my face. My cheeks and eye sockets were sunken like zombie haha.

It’s timely G clinic approached me at that point of time. After reading up their profile, I decided to give it a go.

One of the main reasons is of course, it comes from Japan and is widely recognized. I have always believed that Japanese aesthetic services are the most reliable, of highest quality, the safest, and most importantly, focus on looking natural so you will never end up looking like a cyborg. But it’s also exactly because of that, it’s quite a pity that they usually only limit themselves to within the country. Due of language barrier, guarantee and also after-care services, it’s usually not so easy for foreigners especially tourists to receive such services because they are so so strict with their standards and responsibilities. Which is why I was excited and happy that I can finally get Japanese-quality aesthetics in Singapore now!!

G Clinic (short for G Aesthetic Wellness Medical Clinic) in Japan is located in Ginza, Tokyo, and it also has its own research facilities and R&D laboratories in Japan, and is also a member of WAARM, (World Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine), medical organization dedicated to the research and advancement of medicine to detect, diagnose, restore, and prevent aging related disease and physiological dysfunctions.

The clinic has its Singapore branch now located at Millenia Walk, 2nd floor. It’s very spacious and the receptionists were warmly welcoming, giving a luxuriously comfy feel to first time visitors.

I feel that most aesthetic products, be it lasers, fillers or botox are roughly the same across most clinics, it is the practitioner that matters. It has to be someone skilful, experienced and most importantly, someone you can trust.

Dr Xie Zi Wei is the house doctor of G Clinic, an accredited medical practitioner in Singapore who is very knowledgeable and who spent a long time giving me consultation advices and explained to me in great details each procedure like no other doctors I have met before. For example do you know the difference between a needle and a cannula for filler injections, and that you have separate use of them on different parts of your face?

With Dr Xie and team.


So here were my concerns:

1.I wanted to look less sunken

2.I wanted to make my nasolabial folds less obvious

3.I wanted to get rid of the dent above my right brow that gave me a permanent frowny look.


Here were the procedures that Dr Xie recommended for me:

1.Tear Trough Correction

2.Laugh Line Correction

3. Cheek Augmentation

4.Nasolabial Fold Correction

5.Lateral Orbital Correction


Sounds technical and complicated but all these were performed with only two types of fillers,  1.2ml Restylane Lidocaine and  0.8ml Teosyal Redensity Ultradeep. So it’s completely non-surgical with no down time and you can do it over lunch time.

Here are the steps explained to me:

  1. Local anaesthesia was injected at the upper cheek
  2. Cannula was inserted into the lateral SOOF (suborbicularis oculia fat) and moved into the medial SOOF. Restylane Lidocaine filler was injected into the medial SOOF and tear trough.
  3. Through the same access port, the cannula penetrated the zygomatic cutaneous ligament (cheek) and entered the DMCF (Deep medial cheek fat). Teosyal Redensity ultradeep was injected into the DMCF.
  4. Cannula was used to access the nasolabial fold and injected in.
  5. Through the same access, the cannula penetrated the orbicularis retaining ligament and lateral orbital thickening. Restylane lidocaine was used to fill up the lateral orbital defect.

Even though fillers are such common aesthetic procedures, it could actually be scary if you don’t know what’s going on, and could result in complications too if not performed properly. But Dr Xie knows exactly what he was doing, and was able to answer every of my question with detailed explanations so I felt at ease that I was in good hands.

After procedure. There are tiny red spots from the injections, they were gone after a day.

And I was very happy with the result.

Left: before, Right: after.

Honestly the before and after difference is so mild that nobody was able to tell that anything was done, but what matters most is that I really like how I looked with even just tiny improvements.

That’s all it matters. Feeling happy about yourself. 🙂

Here’s G Clinic, they offer a tons of other aesthetic services, do find out more from their website:

G Clinic