Hello! Today Junya turns 4 years and 5 months old, and Sakura turns 2 years and a half (!!!)

I have been out of home for almost who whole weeks now traveling for work so I haven’t been really spending time with the kids T_T. I am only getting updates and photos from my mom who is helping me to take care of them now.


For Junya

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School Life

The biggest happening this month is that Junya has started his new school! And a new life for me because now I have to make bento for him to bring to school everyday. #JapaneseStyle. This marks the start of #BentoForJunya. XD

I think Junya really enjoys his new school (although he sobbed on the first two days pulling me down to whisper in my ears “mama later  you come very very fast to pick me up ok”). So many things to play with, and really good teachers 😀


But Because.

We all know the words our little ones learn and use like lethal weapons. And they all have this one word that’s almighty, at different ages.

2 year old: NO. NO NO NO NO NO.
3 year old: Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
4 year old: But… because… that’s why!

Erm… lai liao lai liao. Now Junya has an excuse for everything. But but but but but, because this because that 🙄🙄🙄.

5 year old: …?

So what does a 5-year-old say the most? Senpai mama, please prep me!!!


Mama look at me!

I have also not seen anyone else sooooooooooo attention seeking omg T_T. He’d be literally pulling at my shirt while telling me something (while I’m busy with a million other things) and I cannot acknowledge him by just listening to him while multitasking BUT I MUST STOP EVERYTHING I DO AND LOOK AT HIM IN THE EYE. So I must put down half-washed dishes, half-typed emails, half-eaten leftover lunch just to look at him show me how he built a boat with clothes hanger and used luggage tags.

“Mama you look at me!! I am talking to you so you look at me. Mama you don’t just say “hmmm” you look at me until I finish. And you don’t look at your phone. Just look at me.”

Ideally I’d like to spend those precious time sitting down next to him listening to every single thing he says real life doesn’t work that way… If I do that I think we will all starve to death because he will never stop having a million things to say. XD


JunJun Says

1.Playing at home until super sweaty.

Junya: Mama my hair is like ramen
Mama: Why?
Junya: Because ramen is wet right.


2. On bed, half asleep. Suddenly…

Junya: Mama?
Mama: Hmm?
Junya: I have a nightmare.
Mama: Oh?
Junya: I have a pizza nightmare. I thought somebody is washing the car and I was eating the pizza. I thought my dog died and I thought the caterpillar bite me and I thought the reindeer eat the frog and I thought the dinosaur eat the avocado. Wow!!!! that’s all my nightmare.

And then he fell asleep again. What a nightmare.



For Sakura

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The danna was away for work for a whole week and when he came back he asked me if Junya had been a good boy. I replied, the usual. A bit of moodiness here and there… etc.

And then he asked if Sakura had been a good girl. My eyes lit up and they probably reflected sparkly stars and halo.

“She is like angel,” I replied.

She is my angel. She turns two and a half today, an age where temper tantrum is probably at its very very peak. but I don’t remember her having any at all. Even if she sulks, I can soooooo easily coax her into being in good mood again. Maybe because 还可以骗。Haha.

And I also totally don’t remember Junya behaving like this at 2.5 at all. Maybe with the arrival of his new sister at 2.5, Junya was quite the typical Terrible Two. So I am really quite pleasantly surprised.

Junya is very very active and needs to constantly be moving about to have his energy spent, but Sakura can sit on the floor and play for hourssssss all by herself without bothering me. Completely opposite of her brother, she never really asks for attention (unless she is tired/hungry/moody, one of those then she’ll keep asking for hugs).

Omg to be honest with you I really enjoy this quiet time with just her and myself without someone shouting into my ear “look at me look at me look at me”. Peace!!!! Junya goes to school at 8am so I have many hours of peace on my own because sometimes I forget that Sakura is around because she is SO QUIET. She also still takes nap in the afternoon so I get more peace :D.

One day I went to my good friend, Eve’s house for her to try on Lash Lift service for me and it took about 45 minutes. Eve poured a box of lego on the floor for her to play with and proceeded her newly acquired skill on my straight lashes. The entire time Sakura didn’t make a single sound, and when we finished, this was what we saw

Angel ok. T_T

Many other days I went for meetings and brought her along with me (while Junya was in school). She was as quite as my handbag lolol.


Little Big Sister

In Japan many traditional families prefer to have a girl first before boys. Why? because they believe that girls are more capable of taking care of the household and younger siblings compared to boys. Boys are as clueless as a piece of wood.  And by the time your eldest daughter turns 7 you can just count on her to operate the whole home lolol.

I’m starting to see that Sakura is getting more independent than her brother (who is on the opposite – becoming needy and whiny omg). She is the first who puts on her diaper and pajamas after shower, first to finish her food, and does every single thing I ask her to. Not only that ok! She also offers to help her niinii fetch things, even help him wear clothes and stuff.

It makes me feel like I have a 2 year old big sister and a 4 year old baby what the.

Junya is also smart enough to sometimes manipulate his sister’s obedience to his favor. Asking her to do this and that for him and making her his ally when he fights with me lol.


Sakura says

1.Sleepy time on the bed.

Sakura: Mama you sleep with Sachuwa?
Mama: Ok.
Sakura: Don’t say ok!!
Mama: What you I say?
Sakura: You say “ohs toss”.
Mama: Oh. Ok. “Of course”.


For Mama

It was a crazy month. I had 10 flights to catch within a month. 3 trips to different parts of Japan and two weeks of back-to-back work. I was so busy until I didn’t even have time to miss the kids. And the strange thing is, I totally did not feel guilty about it. Who knows? Maybe even THEY need a break from ME. The grumpy, short-tempered and not very pleasant person to be with even.

But I really really really love working. I love preparing for talk shows about things I enjoy, I love to write about things I believe in and sharing with people who care, and I love going to Japan, of course. I’d do it back to back over and over again.

I realized how very very very important it is to get back in touch with the things you love other than your love for your children. Only with feeling accomplished and fulfilled you can grow and have a bigger capacity to give your love back to your family. You can’t pour from an empty cup. It’s really true. At least that’s what I think works for me.