I have blogged about Tokyo DisneySea so many times yet there are still lots of things to talk about! Of course! It’s only my favorite theme park of all time ^^

So I flew back from Japan to attend a sharing session at Japan Rail cafe, Tanjong Pagar earlier this month to talk about my experience in Tokyo DisneySea for 3 days in a row. Thank you so much, for those of you who have come!

That’s me talking about how you can rent a stroller in Tokyo DisneySea upon arrival!

I was a bit nervous on the first day! Haha. Second and third day was much better! Thank you so much for bearing with my speaking! XD

Emcee Misa and I turned into Minnie Mouse for 3 days!



And for those who could not make it, today I’ll be sharing a little about what I have shared! Haha it feels like I’m plagiarizing myself over and over again, since my presentation was also mostly based on what I have written in the past.

But during the 3-days event, I also learnt a lot from the Tokyo DisneySea cast member who came all the way from Japan for sharing too, so here’s a compilation of info that may be useful for your next visit!


Tips from Tokyo DisneySea Cast Member:

1.Fast Pass

Everyone wants to know the best way to enjoy Tokyo DisneySea, especially when it comes to cutting the queue! Many of you may have already heard of the fast pass, but just let me remind you that Fast Pass is your best way to enjoy all the most popular rides with shorter waiting time, so all you have to do is to find the Fast Pass machine near the attraction you wanna go, insert your park ticket and receive a Fast Pass Ticket. There will be a designated time stated on the ticket, so just come back within the time frame!

For me I’ll go to the my favorite ride the moment I enter the park, get my Fast Pass, walk around nearby and come back during the stated time!


2.Vacation Packages

What’s even better than Fast Pass?? Fast Pass without set return times!! Tokyo Disney Resorts is offering various Vacation Package, and it is a special plan that includes hotel stay, park ticket, Fast Pass and even free drinks!

And only for Vacation Packages, you will also get to pick from one of these original goods that’s of limited-period 35th Anniversary design!

Ahhhh I totally want the Carry Cushion! It’s perfect for a day in Tokyo DisneySea!


3.Discounted Passports

Many of us want to maximize our time to explore the entire park and go on alllll the rides! Yes maybe when I was still 22 but as I grow *ahem*, sometimes I just don’t have that much energy to spend the entire day. So it may be wise to make use of afternoon & evening tickets such as Starlight Passport, which lets you enter the park after 3pm on weekends and holidays on a discount, and After 6 Passport, which gives you great discount when you enter after 6pm on weekdays.

For example if your flight arrives late afternoon or in the evening at Narita, you can pop by Tokyo DisneySea using these passports to catch a nice evening and night shows! The park opens until 10pm so there’s plenty of time to still shop around.


4.The Disney Christmas Event 2018

This is for those of you who are visiting before Christmas! The event is happening from 8 Nov until 25 December. Along with lots of Christmas decorations, music and costumes, there will also be a brand new Christmas show in the afternoon and during night time, so don’t forget to check out the timing!

*sneak preview*

Also, check out the 15 meter tall Christmas tree in the park!!


So next, here are some of my little tips, based on what I have experienced over my 5 times visit to Tokyo DisneySea!


1.Check the calendar!

So we all want to avoid going during super peak seasons!! Before booking your trip to Tokyo DisneySea, check that it is not a public holiday in Japan (do you know? They even have public holidays for Day of the Sea and Day of the Mountain! How they celebrate the nature! :D). Also, you will want to Japanese school holidays since it’s different from Malaysian and Singaporean school terms.

2. Exclusive Characters

You probably already know this but if you like characters like Duffy, Shelliemay, Gelatoni and Stella Lou, please get them while you’re in the park, otherwise confirm regret because it’s not sold in Tokyo Disneyland!!

I made a hugggge mistake during my first visit in 2010 for not buying my Duffy. And then a very very kind reader offered to buy it for me during her visit there. So sweet ok. (Are you still reading this? I hope you are T_T.)

Junya’s best friend. Sick also must hug his “Toni”.

Sakura’s best friend is Stella Lou!



3. For Family with little kids

Other than stroller rental, Tokyo DisneySea also sees to your needs if you travel with very young babies!

Junya just turned 1 and he was still on baby food. You can buy instant baby meals for different ages at the nursery in the park and they are Disney themed!!! 😀 No more bringing hot flasks of porridge ok, haha.


4. For Couples

Other than the many thrill rides you can go scream your heart out with your loved ones, I’d also like to recommend the Venetian Gondola ride along the canal at the Mediterranean Harbor area! It’s very romantic, and the ambiance really make it feel like you are right in the amorous city of Italy!

Also, if you are planning to celebrate a special day like birthday or anniversary, I’d strongly recommend the S.S. Columbia Dining!

You will board that gigantic ship as if you are sailing away on a cruise, and enjoy a 3-course meal over glass of wine (yes, Tokyo DisneySea serves alcohol so it’s great for some adult fun!). Love the food!!



5. Snack along the way!

If you are the kiasu type and don’t wanna waste 1-2 hours eating in a restaurant, you can buy snacks from food trucks from all over the park and eat while queuing up for the next attraction! It’s an effective way to maximize your time and get the best out of the rides! My favorite are all the different flavored popcorns! I love collecting the buckets too! On the left is the 35th anniversary version and on the right is Stella Lou’s bucket, the flavor is blueberry!


Finally, if you are a Tokyo Banana fan, here’s a special edition in collaboration with Tokyo Disney Resort! 😀

Make your souvenir back home for your loved ones extra special ^^

Hope you will make it onto your list the next time you visit Tokyo! Enjoy Tokyo DisneySea!