My previous post on Okayama: Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter

Ok. Until today, people are still telling me that they cannot find any affordable fashion items in Japan. I just want to ask, have you guys been going to the wrong places? Did you only visit Ginza? Haha.

Ok la, unless your definition of affordable is $3/RM10 for a dress – Taobao quality, I think shopping in Japan can be very, very affordable if you look into the right places!

I totally did not expect any shopping in Okayama (also since I’ll be heading to Tokyo the week after. Tokyo is always always my comfort zone.), but I was so so glad I visited the Mitsui Outlet Park, bought lots of in-season outfits for the next few days/my next trip!

You may have visited one of Mitsui’s Outlets in Japan or even in KLIA. But happy to know that you can go crazy shopping here too in Okayama! When I uploaded the IG stories everyone was like WHEREEEEE?!? Here you go.


Mitsui Outlet Park Kurashiki

Mitsui Outlet Park is one of the largest outlet shopping in the Chugoku region.

How to get there? Your nearest station would be Kurashiki Station, it’s a 3-minute walk from the station, even nearer than walking to the Bikan Historical Quarter!

I’m making this a compulsory stop for everyone who complained about expensive shopping in Japan haha.

Love the open air ambience with lots of green. And the spaciousness that is so hard to come by shopping in Tokyo.

Play area for kids. Bring your family here!


Let me first whet your appetite with this. 70% off ok. 1500 yen ok.

Your autumn colors in full bloom. Many people have the impression that they can only find off-season clothings in an outlet shopping mall. But what I saw was only the latest trends right in season!

And then it just gets cheaper.

Winter coats from 1000 yen. What the hell Japan. You guys, please find me RM37 or S$12 winter jacket in KL and SG.

That’s not all, ok. During my visit to Olive des Olive, I bought a top and a skirt. When I took them to the cashier I was told that there was a Time Sale going on – EXTRA 20% OFF if I buy 3 items and above during that Time Sale period (usually a few times a day, a cute shop staff will be ringing a bell saying “Taimu Seru desu!!” lol). I looked at the cashier girl wide-eyed and then I was like “OK CHOTTO MATTE” and sprinted over to the winter jacket rack and grabbed a boa collar coat.

So in the end the clothes we bought we all like 70-80% off. You can really get an entire outfit – a top, bottom AND a jacket for less than 10,000 yen – with change summore.

Shop shop shop shop. We only had 1.5 hours to shop so Chanwon and I were both hyperventilating and she was like “买罢了。不会破产就买!” hahaha I like the attitude.

500 yen. I think pasar malam also no have this price.

Of course most of these Japanese clothings are made in China (basically the world is made in China) but I’m seeing better quality in recent years for lesser price!

If you are looking for more premium clothings, I recommend BEAMS, one of my favorite select brands and United Arrows on the first floor.

For other brands you can check out the Floor Map here.


The next day…

Whole outfit from Mitsui haha.

Top: 1950 yen
Skirt: 1500 yen
Suede Coat: 4900 yen

Total: 8350 yen

I was telling the girls that this is like Malaysian blogshop price. Or maybe like H&M clearance rack.

If your kids (or yourself!) love Sylvanian Families, here’s a shop for you!

Check out the gigantic Bunny family at the display window! ^^

That’s all for today. Got pictures as proof so next time don’t say Japan expensive liao ok lol. Happy shopping!