As I owe the world pending Japan-travel blog posts from my many past trips, here’s a quick one on Hokkaido!!

If you are flying in to Hokkaido, chances are you will be landing at New Chitose Airport (新千歳空港), the largest airport in Hokkaido, also the airport serving the metropolitan area of Sapporo.

I’m sure you can’t wait to start your journey touring one of the most popular prefectures even for Japanese locals – Hokkaido (ranked no.1 for being the most charming prefecture within Japan year after year).

I spent two days in Sapporo and before I go on about my travel experience in the capital city, I’d like to introduce a little about New Chitose Airport.

Before you eagerly leave the airport, I’d suggest you spend a little time as it’s like a huge shopping mall + theme park of its own!! Alternatively you can also choose to come to the airport a couple of hours earlier just to enjoy its very interesting facilities.

Here are some!



Pocket Wifi Rental

Ok, ok, so maybe you have forgotten to book a unit prior to your trip.

Sweat not! Did you know that you can rent one on the spot?? No need reservation! When you leave, just drop it back at the box at the same counter. The more shocking thing I heard from our guide is that, you can even drop it at any convenience store counter…. (speechless). But since you’re coming back to the airport anyway just return it here la ok!


Samantha Thavasa Cafe

Fans of ST, you can sit down and enjoy the cutest, loveliest desserts here. You can also purchase resort travel related goods here!

Kawaii yo.



The best shops are actually all located at the domestic terminal!! Don’t worry! Unlike other airports, New Chitose’s domestic terminal is actually connected by a walkway, and is just minutes walk away from your international arrival hall!

Look for Smile Road!! Guarantee giving you lots of smiles! 😀


Royce Chocolate World

Probably the most famous chocolate made in Japan, renowned worldwide!! Yes, this Hokkaido-born chocolate brand has a factory + museum at the airport!!

Learn how the delicious chocolates are made through the windows.


Hello Kitty Japan

Haneda has it, here you can find full-scale Sanrio merchandise too!!


Hokkaido Ramen Hall

Hokkaido is famous for its miso ramen. But even miso ramen is full of its own characteristics coming from different parts of Hokkaido, and here are Hokkaido Ramen Hall there are more than 10 stalls of ramen of different flavors waiting for you to try!!


Hello Kitty Happy Flight

The highlight of Smile Road in domestic terminal is this!!!

It is the one and only place in the world you can board Hello Kitty Airline piloted by Dear Daniel and attended by CA Miss Kitty, along with many other Sanrio passengers to embark on a grand journey all around the world!

Admission fee is only 800 yen for adults, 400 yen for children, and children below 3 can enter for free!

Boarding gate.

You will first enter the European Plaza, full of photogenic spots.

Explore every corner to find your fav characters.

Love the Italy backdrop and the kitties on a Vespa XD.

It was Halloween so I was invited to dine with Witch Kitty. You may also borrow props and even costumes  to dress up for free!

At American Fields you are brought to Vegas for Broadway Shows, and stroll around New York in all its dazzles.

Asian Streets full of oriental charm. Spot the super cute kitty lanterns.


Chiang Mai’s lantern festival. I really love this corner.

PomPomPurin Panda haha.

Before we return home there was a… guess what it is? HAHAHAHAHA. Omg quite gross ok lolol.

Unfortunately we did not visit Malaysia. It’s a little sad the whole world goes to Bangkok then Singapore, and  just completely skip the whole thing in between lol. We have to ganbatte!!!! Make a name of ourselves!!!!!

After a Happy Flight, do proceed to the Happy Flight cafe to unwind a little.

Kids gonna love it.

Lots of character-themed food too!

Kitty Shoyu Ramen, anyone?


Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park

Not a fan of Kitty? Nevermind! Doraemon is there waiting for you too!!

I’m sure Doraemon is more gender neutral so if your BF/hubby is reluctant to board a pink airplane, he can be here to go all out otaku.

He can totally visit the library, here you get to read unlimited manga in different languages. Relive your childhood memories a little. My childhood Doraemon speaks Malay! Hahaha.

At Workshop, children can play and create their own Doraemon original goods.

This is an amusement park!!! Take lots of photos and play lots of games with Doraemon.

Find alll the Doraemon-related souvenirs here! Snacks, stationary, books, etc.

Not only for kids ok!! The phone cases and pouches are very chic. Totally for everyone and anyone who loves the blue robot cat.

Doramen Pizza! Whoaaaaa 😀

Your little ones can rest and play here.

A Dorayaki slide haha.

Awww. Snack for you all!

Sweet time!


Well, that’s all for New Chitose Airport. For more info you can visit their official website:

I’m hoping to blog about Sapporo next! ^^