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Trick or Cheese?

October 31, 2005 in Cheesellaneous 1 Person Cheesed

So ask me how my Halloween was. And may i repeat the same answer as last year’s: “well, it was cheesarific! I had a all-night-long cheese party in Hokkaido in conjunction with their National Cheese Week where my painstakingly made Emmenteler costume won the best-cheesily-dressed title. How bout yours?” 😀 But seriously, you should have […]

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Spilled Milk

October 28, 2005 in Cheesellaneous 0 Cheesed

I heard of something cheesingly absurd about LUCT today. This is what a friend told me after reading my nick in MSN. theWanderer says: thats no good …. have you done all the annoying reporting and all ? cheesillicious~Needs post-wallet-loss counselling says: yeps, just did whatever necessary. theWanderer says: then i guess the best case […]

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I need Post-Wallet-Loss Counselling

October 28, 2005 in Cheese-offs 1 Person Cheesed

Here hails another nominee for “Most Moronic Day in Cheesie’s Life” Award 2005–Ms October27. As if the jinx has not got enough of me, i lost my wallet after a tough exam with so many repeated pass year questions which we couldn’t find answers for, after realizing i have to redo my web design all […]

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Cheese of the day #4

October 25, 2005 in Bon Cheesepetit 3 Cheesed

  Jacob’s Bites (Cheezy Cheddar) Manufacturer: Jacob’s Product’s Name: Jacob’s bite Cheezy Cheddar Availablity: Local supermarket. I got it from Shell Petrol Kiosk Price: RM1 It tasted like normal mini crackers sprinkled with Parmesan (not cheddar) powder. The size is just nice to ease a sudden hunger pang often occurs when you are feeling completely […]

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Why again

October 24, 2005 in Photoshoot / Senti-Emmental 0 Cheesed

I would like to nominate today for the “Most Moronic Day in Cheesie’s Life” Award 2005. (But apparently it has lotsa competitors too.) Because i just did it again. When i thought i was very very much disillusioned, i just went into an illusion all over again. Of course, i end up getting another disillusion […]

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