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Taipei Final Day

December 31, 2005 in Taiwan 4 Cheesed

Well if you expect more photos then you will be disappointed. Because i had to wake up 5.30am to catch the flight and celebrate another half of Xmas day in Malaysia. Ya i know i’m such a concheese. Hehe… Ok ok don’t sulk. At least i still have something for you. =) What you expect […]

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Taipei Day 4

December 31, 2005 in Taiwan 2 Cheesed

Day 4 we did some sight seeing (and more eating, you’ll witness) since we I had been shopping 3 days in a row. This place is called Dan Shui, about 18 stations away from where we stayed. Just got down from MRT It was still empty now. You’ll see the crowd getting in By the […]

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Taipei Day 3

December 30, 2005 in Taiwan 1 Person Cheesed

We learnt something after Day 2: Get up, eat your breakfast, then sleep again. But make sure you don’t oversleep. =P Grabbing a cuppa on the way! It is Pudding Milk Tea today. =P On the way to Wu Fen Pu Here we are By the time we got to Wu Fen Pu, it was […]

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Taipei Day 2

December 29, 2005 in Taiwan 5 Cheesed

Today is a lucky day! Day 2 has most pictures and some of the best! =) I know i was not supposed to wake up so early on Day 2, but having been to Singapore and picked up some of its kiasuness, we cannot let the breakfast coupons go to waste so 8.30am and we […]

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Taipei Day 1

December 28, 2005 in Taiwan 8 Cheesed

The most sought after Taipei photossss… I’m lazy to type, so let the photos tell you the story. =) Cheesie@KLIA With mommy dearest, making sure we brought the passports, hehe Flying China Airline @ 3.15pm And finally… Reaching Santos Hotel, 9pm local time. The only place that was still open at night around the place […]

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