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Biggest joke of the Dog Year

January 29, 2006 in Cheesellaneous 4 Cheesed

First day of Chinese New Year 2006 and i’m sitting here laughing non-stop over the first and biggest joke of the Dog year. Sushi sent this link to me as my CNY present. Cheese THIS out and read the caption carefully. Ok nvm i know you are lazy, so i’ve made it easy for you. […]

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January 28, 2006 in Bon Cheesepetit 9 Cheesed

Patchi is the ultimate gianduja* chocolate expert. Better than Kinder Bueno. There are two types of Patchi—Classic (gold wrapping) and Deluxe (silver wrapping). There are more than 40 types of Patchi, most of them are gianduja*-based. Some of the choco I’ve tried: HARMONIE White choc filled with crisped rice and hazelnut pieces. Perfect for someone […]

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Do as the wallabies do

January 27, 2006 in Cheesellaneous 0 Cheesed

Mozzie told me she stripped herself nude at the nude beach in Sydney. Told you not to play truth or dare with her. The max I could go is bikinis. No not even bikinis until I lose 5 more pounds. So stop drooling. Anycheese. When I expressed my jardroppingness to her generosity of displaying her […]

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Just chilling some bills

January 26, 2006 in Cheesellaneous 0 Cheesed

For those who are immune to my LOLitis, or are feeling abit WTFish today, reading this entry will dis-immunize your LOLitis antibody, or make you feeling WTFisher. You can cheese this site out. Type anything you want. Really, anything at all. 2DAY I FEL SO BOR3D111!1!! WTF SO I CME 2 THIS SIET 2 CHIL […]

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Cheesoron Episode….err i lost count

January 25, 2006 in Cheesoron 1 Person Cheesed

This has to be the most irritating message I’ve ever received from friendster. Okay, one of the most. *sweats* Others are just plain hilariously moronic and sometimes they give me some lolling to de-stress. One of the most commonly seen (which the Stellars absolutely detest) is— “hey you are so pretty can I be a […]

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Ringoist’s Must-Watch, Must-Listen, Must-Cheese

January 24, 2006 in Just Punny 1 Person Cheesed

Cheeseflash. (May contain nuts… ooops I mean spoilers) The Board of Ringoism has decided to make Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit a Ringoist’s must-watch. It is the cheesiest, no, the word cheesy is ambiguous, lemmi rephrase. Ahem. It is the most cheeseful stop-motion picture to date. From the very beginning (the […]

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