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Era Walk Fashion Show Preview

July 31, 2006 in Malaysia / Useless fashion 34 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Even though it’s all staged, it’s smiles away from being unexsighting. Yea, this is what i was busy with. Fashion shows at Era Walk, Seremban, two days in a row. Plenty of pictures to edit! Don’t wanna keep you in suspense, so here are some of the pre-show photos. Getting my […]

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Puteri Cheesie Gunung Ledang

July 29, 2006 in Photoshoot 46 Cheesed

Pun of the day: i’ll busy-ing you soon! I have been very very busy these few days! 0_0 Gonna be busy during the weekend too For now, i’ll just give you an exclusive preview of my shoot at Gunung Ledang sometime ago. Where is my Hang Tuah? Updates soon. Stay cheesed hor. ;P

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Chilling at Genting

July 25, 2006 in Bon Cheesepetit 74 Cheesed

Pun of the day: If Getting High lands you in a cool place, then i’d sure wanna reach for the top!   Mom didn’t have to work on Tuesday, so we had a little family vacation at Genting Highlands. We didn’t plan to go shopping or try any of the theme park rides. Maybe hit […]

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Once upon a little cheese (Updated)

July 23, 2006 in Senti-Emmental 58 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Long a gouda little cheesie hat to wear a mortar board too…   *****************UPDATE****************** You all are cheesniuses! Yes, i’m the second from left, front row. Mom got me that gorgeous pair of cute little red shoes. Can’t blame me. I was taught to say cheese since i was younger than […]

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Commercial Break (iCandy Model : R.Y.0)

July 21, 2006 in Happenings 23 Cheesed

Pun of the day: So cute eye-can-die… I hope he ryosurrects me! What are the coolest gadgets in town? Aibo, iPod, iGallop… and now there’s a new addition… iCandy. Presenting the candid shots of iCandy who has been eye-candied for the past 2 years… RYO. This iCandy has turned Ching and me into two photographer-wannabes. […]

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I’m a graduate!

July 20, 2006 in Happenings 64 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Hats off to the graduates who have surwised up to LUCT’s con-vocation.   It was the day of my convocation.   I have often dreamed of the day when things such as assignments, deadlines, more assignments, and more deadlines would haunt me no more. And that day has finally arrived! I […]

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