I sleep better with Chipster?

February 29, 2008 in Eccentric Ringoism


How can you actually sleep (let alone better) with Chipster around you because it’s a freaking nightmare!!

What? Have you not read the spooky stories about Chipster?


It’s been haunting me until today and i dare not put any bag of Chipster anywhere near my room and i’ll make sure i double-lock my door before going to sleep.

Because at night, i’ll hear faint voices of hundreds of crisp spirits wailing outside my door begging me to eat them. Wtf? I mean, they can be really, really addictive, and it is scary. I suspect Chipster is actually an evil production of wretched old hags with black cats and brooms to bewitch human minds into crisp-worshiping mobs. One you start chomping down a crisp, there’s no turning back. You will be forever voodooed.


It’s vicious, IT’S VICIOUS!!!666


If you don’t believe, read the Chipster Ghost story.

Disclaimer: Cheeserland.com is not responsible for any possible kind of insomnia and trauma caused.


Okay. Spooky story aside, see you all on 15th March at Nuffnang’s Pajama Party. Any exorcist going?

18 people cheesed “I sleep better with Chipster?”

  1. i want my chipsters! T_T

  2. Let me make a correction here. It should be “We sleep better with Cheesie!” =P

  3. someone wants to send me some chipsters? pretty please 🙂

  4. Haha.. i’ve joined the contest!

    hope can meet you there! *cross fingers*

  5. “We sleep better with Cheesie!”, hahahhah!! tat’s nice!! 😀

    me too hope to see u in real person! ^^

  6. hahahha….this is so ‘last minute’….

  7. wah..im very scared. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH..i think kenot sleep liao..lol..

  8. LOL!! that pic is scary!! =DD

  9. one helluva scary pic. was dat u? haha. can’t go to d party got sth on. hope u’ll hav fun thr cheesie. lookin forward to reading ur post on d party.

  10. haha nice post there.

    I’ve joined the contest too. I hope they give me an invite!

  11. I hope that’s not you in the picture!! But I agree.. that would give me a nightmare to dream about if that was the case!

  12. You’ll be going to the party with that hairstyle? Do you need a TV frame?

  13. lol@ Simon…i think she needs a guide dog then.

  14. i sleep better with my dreamland..oops…i mean my dreamgirl

  15. same tactic again…. 😛

  16. Cheapster is not worth the money.

    Less than half the pack filled at rm 2.30 wtf ?!!!!!


  17. lol. nice one. see you there! 🙂

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