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Hair Accessories

Wa so many people asked me where i buy my hair accessories. I buy them everywhere! And some are not even meant for hair. Actually to be honest you can use anything to decorate your hair! Just depends on how creative you are. Today i’ll do a short demo how you can use arm bangles […]

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Japanese Princess

is what they say one ok, at the NNawards. I not so buay paiseh! #1 At first i was really meh about the whole SG thing. To be honest i didn’t really wanna go and not all that excited about it due to certain personal trauma in the past. But then now i think it […]

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If i had a Chanel handbag

A real, Chanel handbag. Not a Chanel-inspired handbag (which is what i have). I real, Chanel Coco Cocoon handbag, to be more precise. Then i don’t need Photoshop anymore. . *everything below, is just a dream* #1 In shiny top and funky hat, going for the disco diva look. Dream bag: Coco Cocoon – Black […]

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Pix you can steal

#1 #2 Pinkyyyyyyy #3 #4 Yang Hui Wen I miss u T_T #5 That day i was just talking how ridiculous human go and fry Mars Bars as if they don’t die fast enough. And i being someone with absolutely no principle whatsoever, ate just the very food i condemned. Brilliant. But because is YangHuiWen […]

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Funniest Model Contest

October 26, 2009 in Commercial Break 40 Cheesed

No need sexy pose, no need wear bikini, no need fight with 11 other girls in a house, and you get to win a Samsung mobile, be a Follow Me press ad model, and cover model for Campus Plus magazine and more! Step 1: Purchase RM20 and above Follow Me Oil Control products. Step 2: Take […]

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October 26, 2009 in Happenings 30 Cheesed

So much updates but internet is so crap here!!! And i’m almost dying now cuz i cannot use my BB!!!! Extended my stay here because i’ve got some interview tomorrow. Some pictures! #1 Hui Wen and Pinky I <3 YOU GUYS!!!!! #2 Hui Wen brought us to Haji Lane and this is the shoe i […]

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