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Ichigo Daifuku ♥

We had a house party in Mami’s place one day. She has a dog that looks like a human. His name is Sankyu lolol. #1 Apparently he is something something mix something then become liddis liao. Ok i am not helping at all am i. -_- (I said this before, i have a problem.  My […]

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Nagoya ♥ Castle

#1 The past few days before i went to Nagoya castle it was freezing cold. Like, 8C or something. So when i brave myself to wear this out i was actually really, really worried. #2 But i always have the travel luck. The only day i had to walk 20 mins to the train station […]

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Laced Kago

May 26, 2010 in Cheesellaneous 0 Cheesed

For sale. Go to Wardrobe. ^^

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More Nagoya ♥

Since i have finished Australia and all that. ^^ #1 Getting picked from airport and going to my new home. #2 First thing is to go see sakura! 😀 #3 Azumi my sister. #4 It was damn  7 cold i tahan only. -_- #5 #6 I also want hanami picnic 🙁  So romantic everything all! […]

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For you Fashionistas

May 24, 2010 in Commercial Break 79 Cheesed

I don’t normally use the word fashionista on anyone, and especially do not label myself as one, simple because it means different things to different people. For me, it simply means someone who adore fashion, and treats it as part of his/her life. i do. I think i have been blogging a lot more on […]

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Bandana Ribbon

Was obsessed with Deka Ribbon (Big Bow)hair piece for the longest time but couldn’t find much in Japan, let alone KL. But recently i found out that you can actually DIY your own Deka Ribbon wtf!!!!!!!! Why didn’t i know earlier!!!!!!!!! #1 Anyway here’s a little tutorial on How to make a bandana ribbon. There […]

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