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SG Travelog 01

Part 2 soon! [ad] Love traveling? Discover beautiful Shanghai for 69% discount! RM188 instead of RM599 for 5D4N Shanghai Travel Voucher for 1 Pax: 3 & 4 Stars Hotel Accommodation + Meals + Sightseeing + 2-way Transfer from Airport to Hotel, via [ad] How to create different looks with simple tank tops! 1. Basic […]

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F Cup Cookies!

August 27, 2011 in Commercial Break 88 Cheesed

I believe you have already heard of this legendary cookie! If you haven’t, well, you are about to now. F Cup cookie, as its name suggests, has something to do with your cup size. (!!!) And i will also tell you a secret. Although i’m not entirely unhappy with what i have been endowed with, it’s […]

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Fairer, rosier and more translucent!

August 25, 2011 in Commercial Break 31 Cheesed

Summer is coming to an end and i can foresee the sun-kissed make up fading off. Having naturally tanned skin, it is really kind of a headache to create the fair, translucent and rosy look without looking like a sick geisha. So today i’m trying to achieve a fairer, rosier make-up instead of the normal 1 shade […]

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Miso Girlz Danz

Aud and i did the most wtf retarded video together because someone suggested her to do robot dance in Yukata. After editing and the video i asked her to think of a title for the retarded video. At first i just labeled it Yukata Girls then i said we should have a cool names so […]

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So maybe there’s a fine line between busy and lazy. If the imaginary measuring tape isn’t so far away i might actually bother to evaluate how fine the line is. This is a sort of, kind of, not really blog post due to the fact that i’m preoccupied with stretching my mental arm to reach […]

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Harajuku Street Style

Photos with Xiaxue in her house! *honored wtf We played dress-up that day and were all in Harajuku street fashion <3 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Here are some of my coordinate: #6 Ok this is BEFORE. #7 Style 1 #8 Style 2 #9 Style 3 Also a video!!! All outfit courtesy of Harajuku Street […]

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