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Quick update! Sakura is coming to full bloom starting today in Tokyo!     I want to do this every year. Every place i go where there’s sakura, people always slow down and stop by, whip out their phone, take pictures after pictures, sighing to each other how beautiful it is as if they see […]

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EMODA March 2014

March 29, 2014 in Useless fashion 9 Cheesed

Did i mention that i love EMODA Spring collection yet??? Pinup Lady is really the cutest collection so far! And it is so so in season because gingham retro look is super hot right now.   EMODA GLOBAL Who wouldn’t love this!!! Just looking at this made me fall in love. ♡_♡ Some of the EMODA […]

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Herbal Essences Japan Series!

March 29, 2014 in Commercial Break 7 Cheesed

What would excite me more than getting me to try out everything Japan-related! Herbal Essences’s new series is Japan-inspired and formulated with its brand new blend of aromas. And as Jane and myself are big fan of Japan, we were very honored to be selected as the special guests for the media launch + tea […]

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BABY G Neon Illuminator

March 26, 2014 in Commercial Break 4 Cheesed

I am becoming a fan of Casio!! (Just got two of their cameras, but more review on that later.) Earlier on i had my first Sheen watch, and today i’m showing my brand new Baby G! Baby G is soooo nostalgic! It has been popular since high school time, and it was so so so […]

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Tokyo is way too fun for me to sit down and blog.

This is so crazy. And this is not really a blog post. This is just me explaining why this isn’t a real post. Time has never been more valuable and i am so anxious to even waste one second of my time here in Japan since i probably won’t be back here for the year […]

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Tokyo Fashion Week 2014

Quick update from Tokyo! It’s impossible to have a boring day in Tokyo, especially in spring where the whole city is buzzing with pink sakura delight and endless fashion events!! So today the girls and i attended the first show Stretsis Autumn Winter 2014/15 (it’s crazy to keep up with world fashion! barely even warm […]

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