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Casio EXILIM ZR1200

April 26, 2014 in Commercial Break 40 Cheesed

I know i know. I never thought a camera could be such a craze until people have to line up for it. Anyway everyone knows about Casio TR15 and those who don’t would want one, baaaadly (yes i have one myself!). But today i’m introducing another camera from Casio, which is EXILIM ZR1200. At half […]

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Eat Tokyo Spring 2014

Food post again 😛 The usual, you know la, don’t read while hungry and all that. After pasting all these photos i also felt hungry myself lol. Here are the noms we had in Japan. Yakiniku and sushi took 90% of my tummy space lol. #1 Fav burger at 76 CAFE Omotesando. As always. ♡ […]

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Pregnant Mom Get-together!

April 18, 2014 in Happenings 12 Cheesed

Preggo mamas need friends! I’m inviting those of you who are pregnant too to come for a sharing session with me! Okay, more on that later. Anyway, i realized i haven’t updated much on baby news! I have never been busier after coming back from Japan. There’s a whole month worth of work to catch […]

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Sakura and all things pink III

Sakura year 2012 Sakura Year 2013 And…. this year’s version. Just got back from Japan, finally settled down a little (with house still full of unpacked luggages omg), and i’m here to annoy you right away. 想我有这么容易放过你吗。 Needless to say, April is my absolute favorite month to visit Japan, not only i get to have […]

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Today i am going introduce yet another Japanese fashion website that delivers worldwide! I’m sure one of the biggest woes for Japanese fashion lover overseas is the trouble of buying and shipping from online stores. The procedure is long and usually you end up paying a lot extra for all the shipping/concierge services. KIEI […]

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Preggo Coordinate Cheat One™

Here’s a photo collection of all the coordinates during my trip in Tokyo so far! It’s a month’s worth so it’s really the biggest collection ever (wa talk until like big fashion show like that lol). It’s quite amazing how when you come to Japan, you won’t even think about slacking for even one day […]

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