(This was back in December, 2014 in Tokyo!)

Junya was about to go on his first date!

After the meet-up with Sayaka and Anna, we decided to meet again when Junya is finally here so that the two of them soulmates can meet for the first time.

To cut the story short (long story is on the link above), Junya and Anna was born on the exact same day, so their mommies feel that it’s sort of fated! When we chatted all these while, we also found out that they have too many similarities!! Of course the age is exactly the same, so it’s very likely they will hit milestones at the same time. But things like falling sick on the same day… that’s just like they are lovers on another star in another paralel world XD

It was also my first time going out without the danna, so i was actually just a little anxious. I hesitated for the longest time whether to bring the stroller, but decided that i’ll just wear Junya out the whole day.

First train ride alone with Junya. (I was wearing a mask because it was too cold and it was giving me runny nose.)

Turned out, not only it was a super cold day, it was also raining. The. Whole Day. T___T. I didn’t have an umbrella (which Malaysian actually own an umbrella? That is not given by your bank/insurance company?!) so i had to grab one from the combini.

Anyway speaking of umbrellas, it was the only thing that was ever stolen from me in Japan. I left it outside a shop in Harajuku and it was gone -_-. But then the danna said umbrellas in Japan is almost like a public commodity (god damn they all look exactly the same!!!), so technically it was stolen, it was just “taken”. It is sort of true. I see forgotten (discarded?) umbrellas all the time and i guess if you want you are allowed to take them 

雨中漫步with Junya.

Hello somebody woke up!

First bb & mama coordinate shot haha.

Met Sayaka and her kids at Omotesando!! We were gonna have lunch so where else to go but 76cafe!!

Anyway just so you are curious how Japanese mom go out alone with TWO kids. The whole day.  In winter. On a rainy day.

This will roughly give you an idea.

One baby oh her, one kid in stroller.  1 umbrella, 2 rain coats,3 winter coats, 4 blankets, 5 scarves, 6 bags. Something like that.

I suddenly feel so lucky.

Basement of 76cafe!

And so…… the fateful moment has come!!

Anna just screamed out loud, super high pitch when she saw Junya. And Junya was stunned and 扁嘴 and started sobbing. Hmmmm. It wasn’t how a fairy tale starts was it??

After that he was okay. I guess a pretty face works, after all.

Ordered our lunch and waiting!

group shot <3

Anyway 76cafe serves kids menu too!! A kid set udon is like 300 yen (RM9), which is quite good value!

There are cute desserts too!

Sousuke and his Tentomushi cake.


After lunch, it was diaper changing time so we walked to Omotesando Hills (blogged about the nursery earlier in this blog post!)

Since there’s a stroller we had to look for escalators all the time T__T. It was really quite tiring and time consuming T__T

Changing room!

Ahhhhh i miss Junya when he would still lie down happily without trying to intentionally fall off the table T_____T. He just turned 6m back then. This is an impossible sight right now T_T


Anyway…. Guess what?



I mean without the mommies planning. Not like the babies can talk. Unless telepathically. OH, RIGHT.

Ok Junya. Mama will save money now for your grand wedding.

This is what i call Green Plum Bamboo Horse.


After diaper time, it was Oppai Time lolol.

If you don’t understand Japanese, here it is…

Oppai time. Double the oppais. HAHAHHAH. (No hor we didn’t ask anybody to take this pic we not so bian tai ok. It was self timer ok.)

Anyway see the mommies suddenly tied hair up cuz it’s so damn hot inside. -__-. Suddenly all auntiness come out lolol. Forget about nicely blown hair ok. Forget it when you are a mom.

Happy babies

“Yes, future wife?”

Me with Anna

Sayaka with Junya

Me with them both


Sayaka with them both.

Ahhh i cannot. Why so so so so so cute wan!!!! <333


Anyway we were supposed to go for a drink and relax, because the both of us felt like our bodies were gonna fall apart -_-. But after going up and down (and after painstakingly looking for all the elevators), we decided that it was impossible to get into any cafe on a Sunday in Omotesando Hills. So we went back to the nursery and bought our drinks. From the vending machines lolol.

Yup. That’s our yumca.

Junya also learnt how to use a straw for the first time that day!!


After that we walked summore in Omotesando and found a chocolate town!! Literally, everything was build of chocolate. Not only that. Spot a tap in the middle? It pours hot chocolate.


After Omotesando Hills we went to Kiddy Land because erm… we both have kids. (Actually is excuse only, the mommies wanted to buy Gudetama. For themselves -___-)

My weird love, Gudetama.

Gude biscuit.

We did gatcha gatcha and got our Gude chain!!! (Junya was sleeping.)


After that it was goodbye.

Sayaka came all the way from Yokohama to meet me so i felt really thankful!! I couldn’t even imagine how i was going to do it if i were her.


Anyway, for dinner i went back to 76cafe!

I love their dinner menu cuz there are so many more choices!

That’s Gomi san with Junya whose mouth still had puke but smiling -_-. Gomi san is a stylist from NALU salon so if you wanna get your hair done in Tokyo you can go look for her! She’s the sweeeeetest!

Appetizer: marinated avocado with fishcake.

Taco salad.

Nachos. Again. It was too good i could not not order it.


Pasta. Got avocado inside also!! The whole dinner may as well be avocado themed lolol. I didn’t even realize it cuz i was just thinking i could give Junya some since he has started solid!

Gorgonzola cheese pizza with honey.

A present from Gomi san!!

Also it was Yukali’s birthday so i got her a cake! (She is also a stylist from NALU and i just looove being aorund her cuz she’s forever so happy!)

Happy bday! (Dunno why i had the gok si face lolol)


76cafe from outside. Ground floor (In Japan it is first floor) and above the cafe is NALU salon (in Japan they call it the second floor!)

76 Omotesando
4-9-2 Jinguemae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 150-0001


That’s all for today!