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The Konmari Makeover for our new home

January 24, 2017 in Singapore 33 Cheesed

Since I already have done Konmari Makeover once for our home in KL, I was very confident that I could do this again for our new home in Singapore.

And it would be super easy because when I packed from our previous apartment, everything was already sorted accordingly, and I have done the discarding, so now it was just to find every item a new home.

Here’s a house tour! Virtual open house for you all! Feel free to bring your own snacks and potluck lolol.

New Home

The first day we moved in on 23 Dec.

The next day. Which was Christmas eve.

HAHA I was quite impressed myself leh! Summore we (Junya and I. But mostly me.) put up a super last minute Christmas tree!

(it was supposed to be a surprise for the danna but guess what, it took him one whole minute to realize there was a gigantic tree in the house -_-.)

It was also our 4th wedding anniversary so I got us a bouquet.

The Christmas tree served us for about a week, and then I took it down after new year and let it take a one year break.

Living Room

Our living room for the previous house was a disaster, it was soooo cluttered and things were just being stacked up one after another on whatever random surfaces. For the longest time the danna’s surfboard became a table top for things that didn’t have a home. And why didn’t I make homes for our belongings??

Because. The house was so old and ill-treated that there were goddamn cockroaches living inside all the cabinets my goodness. We tried pest repellent, insect traps, and cleaned them over and over again, but a few days after we would find cockroach shit all over the cabinets again. Serious like…

In the end I have decided that the number 1 criteria for the next house (other than budget) would be “new and spark joy”.

And I am so glad we picked a relatively new apartment to move in to. It feels sooooooo much better and I also have higher motivation to want to keep it tidy and spotless. The landlord would be very happy to know this. You are welcome.

So now I am trying to keep the living room as clean and minimal as possible!



This time we also have a balcony!! If the tall table and high stool look familiar it is because you have seen it in Number76 lolol.



The bathroom is actually one of my favorite places in the house because I think I kept it quite tidy! I used to have a million bottles screaming different brands and types and colors and contents before I Konmari’ed.

This time I only have 3-4. And that’s because they fit the whole theme and it’s for deco haha. I want my bathroom to look like a 5 star hotel bathroom 😛

With pastel seashells (bought from DAISO).

The rest of the bottles all go inside the tatami boxes so it looks neat.

I even micro-manage the boxes lol. Now I sound like a horrible woman with emotional issues lol.

Sub-storage for my make up. You can get the trays of different sizes from DAISO. For some reason everything just fits perfectly in the box.

Cheesie Resort Amenities. Instead of a whole packet I keep a limited amount. When it’s half gone I’ll refill again. That way your box stays forever neat. I think Kondo Marie will be proud of me.



This is @cheesiepetit’s room!! Actually it is Junya’s room and future Sakura’s room because Sakura still sleeps together with me.

Unfortunately after a week of this, we had to move Junya’s bed into our master bedroom because he didn’t want to sleep alone anymore. So now it is just a room to store… toys. Haih.

But anyway, let’s pretend he still sleeps in this room lol.

Two IKEA beds with their own soft toys. The photos on the wall are all taken by the danna. Except for the Venetian panting we bought during our honeymoon.

The closet for this room sucks so I used it to store their toys instead. Their closets are below the beds.


Junya’s closet. (clo-chest?!)

Sakura’s closet.



When I saw how huge the kitchen was, I was immediately sold. For some reasons most of the apartments we have viewed in Singapore come with very, very sad kitchens. One had a sink so small I couldn’t even fit our medium-size pot T__T. And also literally no space for a rice cooker. And I’d probably knock into myself if I turn around lolol.

But this kitchen is kick-ass joy-sparking!!

A counter top for microwave, rice cooker and even an extra space for rice container (which is very convenient, you just pull a lever and you don’t need to measure in cup anymore!!!!). To show off the newly harvested Koshihikari we carried back from Niigata HAHAH.

A million washcloths because the danna simply cannot tahan overnight wet and smelly washcloths. And he gave this OCD to me and now I have to wash a bunch of them every single day.

Trays for the kitchen seasonings.

The cabinets have been Konmari-ed too. Although I think I could do better.

Emergency stash. Japan and Singapore is so different haha. Emergency food in Japan is for when something like an earthquake happens. Whereas my emergency stash here is for when the fridge has been emptied, there’s nothing that fancies me on Deliveroo, and it’s way too hot to go downstairs to tapao HAHAHA. Talk about being spoilt.

Another drawer to keep those fancy cute kitchen tools I never use.

This is the landlord’s fridge, which is a lousy brand that totally didn’t spark joy whatsoever. Every day see the logo I very不爽 so I covered it with gel-stickers haha. I did the same for the washing machine also HAHAHA.

We bought the rest of the electronic appliances ourselves so they spark a lot of joy. 😛

How I Konvert my fridge.

Also still can be better! And omg I suddenly feel very exposed. Somehow showing the whole world the content of my fridge is quite an intimate thing to do. Shy la.

Lastly I wanna recommend this tube storage for the fridge to help you organize all the wasabi and other seasonings in tubes!! Also from DAISO.

If you missed out the article on Lianhe Zaobao, here’s the video. But you can only watch if you promise to not laugh at my Malaysian Mandarin lolol. #KiasuFakeSingaporean

I told my friend and said all the interesting bloggers go on wanbao, but only boring bloggers go on zaobao. 😛 Instead of sensational news, my life is about how I store seasonings in the kitchen HAHAHAHA. I consider that an achievement.


That’s all this time. Gotta go do some cleaning!

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January 18, 2017 in Commercial Break 8 Cheesed

I blogged about #lunchforjunya since he started solid, and I think it is time for #lunchforsakura!

To be honest, when Sakura was approaching 6 months old, I was dreading to start solid with her. I mean, nursing was a breeze. All I need is a pair of boobs. No cooking utensils, baby meal sets, food processors, sterilizers, cleaning up, a million bibs to wash and bathing multiple times a day, etc etc etc. Just typing it out makes me stressed lol.

I had lots of fun cooking for Junya because… well, first time mom novelty haha. Also because I also had a helper and lots of free time back then. But I also know how much hard work it is to cook for a baby, and also that this time around, my plate is already quite full from having to care for an active toddler.

I believe every mother wishes to give her child the best effort and hand make her baby’s food fresh from scratch. But reality is often not so close as ideal especially for busy working mothers. (Even not working also busy enough liao!!) My take on this is that as long as the overall nutrients for your baby are not compromised, mommies can take it easy and sometimes are allowed to cheat a little lol.

In this post I will be sharing some of my CheatOne™ tips (which some I have already explained on Instagram):

Stick Freeze

Most of the time babies who just started solid needs only a tiny bit of ingredient variants, and it would not be very cost-effective to buy a whole pack of fresh produce every day and use just a little for baby food.

I know the trick to freeze blocks of pureed baby food but I am not a big fan of blender because of how messy it is and also wastage.

So I learnt a very useful trick from Japanese mamas, which is to freeze your vegetables and meat in blocks!

  1. Fresh spinach
  2. Blanch it, remove excess water and roll it into a stick.
  3. Cling wrap and freeze immediately.
  4. Grate any amount you like when needed
  5. Wrap it up again and put back into freezer immediately.

This is also great for vegetables with a hard texture or need long cooking time like carrot, pumpkin, daikon… and also perfect for young babies who needs finer food texture.^^

And you can also create many different food variety with this method!! Can even use it add it into baking to make cookies, etc ^^



Toriwake in Japanese means setting aside a small portion from the family’s meal for the baby ( usually before adding sesonings for adult taste) to save time since you do not need to cook twice for both adults and baby.

So the other day I made oden for the family!

The ingredients are simmered till soft in mild dashi soup so I fished out some ingredients (potato, daikon and egg yolk) and mixed it into the porridge for Sakura. And no additional baby seasoning needed because the ingredients were so flavorful!

She loooves it!


Infant Cereal

Infant cereal is another big, big help! It is the most convenient meal solution for busy mothers, because you can cook up a meal in just… minutes. Minute, actually. Haha.

Often we wonder if our baby is eating enough, or well, or balanced, especially if one is a first time mom. One of my concerns is that if Sakura receives sufficient iron intake, since breastfeeding alone is no longer enough now, so infant cereal comes along as an ideal early weaning food as it is iron-rich and fortified with essential vitamins & minerals.

My food cabinet is now stocked with CERELAC.

Let me tell you a secret. When I am hungry in the middle of the night sometimes, I would eat Sakura’s CERELAC lol. Don’t judge me! It’s a taste super nostalgic for me because that was what I grew up with. Even when I went to uni, I sometimes would stock up CERELAC in the kitchen… for me lol. It is really really yummy.

So that’s how long I have known CERELAC, a trusted brand for over 150 years! Did you know that NESTLE is founded in 1866 by a pharmacist and infant cereal is their founding product? 150 years ago the mothers already know various cooking hacks for baby food haha.

There are different variants for different stages so you can pick whatever that suit your baby. CERELAC has no added preservatives and is the only cereal fortified with Bifidus BL Probiotics.

Here’s a quick buying tip:

  • Red CERELAC logo means with added milk – just add in water and voila!
  • Green CERELAC logo means no added milk – to allow breastfeeding moms to add in their breast milk into the cereal

(I didn’t get green CERELAC because I am too lazy to express milk. I just nurse Sakura after each meal. :P)

Preparation is super easy too: Add in cereal powder spoon by spoon into lukewarm water, stirring after each spoonful for to reach a preferred consistency. You can reduce milk/water when your baby grow older, for a thicker texture!

Here are some of my super simple recipes:

Mixing Flavors

If your baby is bored of the the same taste, you can mix two or more flavors for a new taste. Here I have Rice & Mixed Vegetables with Brown Rice & Milk.

Served with a small portion of fruit.

Sakura loves her meal times.

Finished and asked for more 😛


Extra Ingredients

You can also add extra ingredients to the cereal!

I added grated spinach into Rice & Chicken Cereal for a new taste!

Also served with a small portion of fruit.

Yum yum!

CERELAC has many variants so you can keep surprising your baby with a new flavor!

You may request for CERELAC sample here (for Singapore residential addresses only)!


Also, check out Nestle Singapore’s newly revamped website for more parenting tips!

Happy Weaning! ^^


January 15, 2017 in Commercial Break 7 Cheesed

Today I will be introducing one of the most luxurious and premium skin care ranges you will ever come across, and it is none other than THE GINZA COSMETICS, the highest skin care line by Shiseido.

You might or might not heard of it before, and it is so exclusive that it is available only in Japan. Nowhere else in the world!! It’s been getting so popular in Japan that I have heard tourists raiding the store and bought them in cartons!



Interestingly, this line is named after the flagship store by Shiseido, called “THE GINZA”, located right in the center of the upscale Ginza district.


I’m sure you all know about the brand Shiseido. I myself own some of its cosmetics products. But coming to the flagship store is an entire different experience. Everything is about… class.

I was introduced to Chen, a beauty consultant who can speak mandarin, (although she can speak Japanese just as well!) so if you are worried about language barrier, no problem. They also have english-speaking consultant readily available to serve you. 🙂

So this is the whole range of THE GINZA COSMETICS!

These two bottles, are the king and queen of the series. I had a shock when I was told the price. These are the only two bottles other than your cleanser. One for day, and one for night. All you need is one drop of the concentrated essence to complete your beauty regime!

I tried it on

And this set is sold at… 180,000 yen.

When I save enough money… when I save really enough money, I will come for you.

Miss Chen helped me with trying out all the products! #kiasufakesingaporean

She was really gentle and thorough with all the product explanation, overall I think all customers would be very at ease shopping at SHISEIDO THE GINZA! Of course it is not a Japanese culture to hard sell their products to push sales, feel free to try out with no obligation 🙂

After visiting SHISEIDO THE GINZA!, you should definitely check out Shiseido Parlour Ginza, just right across the road, for some seriously tantalizing sweet treats!

I was told that Salon De Cafe, a cafe upstairs, is the cafe for many Japanese girls. They dream to be brought here, to indulge in the ultimately luxurious Ichigo Parfait, and I also heard that many wedding proposals happened here!!

Classic Mont Blanc.

My Christmas Special. These were what we have back in December 2016 from their Christmas menu!

If you happen to be in Ginza, please do not miss out this legendary hangout!


And now… let’s get back to THE GINZA COSMETICS

For those who are looking for more affordable cosmetics for daily use (obviously not everyone can whipped out 180,000 yen in an instant T_T), here are my recommendations!

THE GINZA Creamy Cleansing Foam

THE GINZA COSMETICS is made to suit all skin types and all ages, because the ingredients they use focuses on building one’s skin immunity to fight the damages the harsh environment can do to our skin. I feel that it suits busy city girls the best, because we are often surrounded by pollution and harmful particles in the city!

This cleanser will help to remove toxic substances on skin with its rich bubbles, and it feels so gentle of soft on your skin! After cleansing with it, my skin feels very clean yet well-moisturized, which is what you want for a cleanser.

It is priced at 6000 yen for 130g. Pretty affordable for a premium skin care line I’d say!!

THE GINZA Clarifying Lotion

This is another star product from THE GINZA COSMETICS series. Inside this pretty light blue bottle is lotion that exfoliates the skinʼs surface cells that helps transform dull skin into clear translucent beautiful skin! Soak a special cotton pad (see below) with the lotion and gently swipe your skin with the pad after washing your face.

This bottle is sold at 12,000 yen for 200ml.

This bottle is sold at 12,000 yen for 200ml.

This special Refining Cotton (60 pieces) to be used together with the Clarifying Lotion.

It is a high quality cotton pad that is soft like feather, made with a silk blend base that serves to gently exfoliates dead skin cells off your skin, revealing a skin like it has been reborn.

It feels sooo good!!! I am quite particular about cotton pads because the cheap ones always end up leaving fine cotton fiber on your skin that could be quite annoying. This Refining Cotton leaves your skin feeling super smooth and clean!

I’m using only two products yet I feel that my skin is getting clearer and less dull! If only I have the entire range T__T.

And.. the good news!


THE GINZA Selection (CLEAR SKIN) “Limited Edition”

Starting January 21 2017, THE GINZA COSMETICS is coming up with a very limited edition value sets that includes the following products:

THE GINZA Deep Cleansing Oil (full size)
THE GINZA Creamy Cleansing Foam (full size)
THE GINZA Clarifying Lotion (full size)
THE GINZA Refining Cotton (full size)
THE GINZA Energizing Lotion (52ml)
THE GINZA Moisturizing Emulsion (42g)

at a special price of 24,000 yen! So if you are visiting Tokyo end of January, don’t miss out this chance!!

You can purchase THE GINZA COSMETICS at the following places:


7-8-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
[TEL] 03-3571-7735 [Business Hours] 11:00AM-8:00PM

THE GINZA Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel Arcade 1-1-1 Uchi-Saiwaicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
[TEL] 03-3503-7971 [Business Hours] 10:00AM-7:00PM

And also selected duty free shops in airports all over Japan, view the complete shop list here:


More info on SHISEIDO THE GINZA here!


Eat Tokyo Winter 2016

Here’s a yummy post!

Things we ate last December:

Ichigo Binge

Ichigo. I basically binged on Ichigo every day until cannot. Because once we get back to Singapore, everything would be 3 times the price XD.

Usually at the ichigo section in supermarket they also sell condensed milk (in a tube) and recently a new way of eating it is with sweet milk powder for extra calcium. I tried but I still prefer eating Ichigo on its own! Japanese strawberries are too sweet to be laden with more sweet stuff.

Mister Donut

Snoopy and Pon de Ring! I hate donuts (so oily and the sugar coating is just… gross) but Mister Donut is the only donut I’ll eat. Plus it’s too cute!! Pon De Ring is totally not oily at all! It has a mochi mochi (spongey/chewy) texture and I love!!

Typical Breakfast

Tamago-In Onigiri and Ichigo mixed juice and… just ichigo.


I see that Baked Cheese tart shops are popping up everywhere in KL but most of them are not baked but faked lol. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart is not from Hokkaido (it’s by Secret Recipe) and Tokyo Secret’s only secret is that it’s not at all from Tokyo (it’s from Hong Kong).

This. Is the real deal. I have yet to try BAKE in Singapore, does it taste the same as the ons in Japan?

Early Christmas Cake

Every year our family will get a simple ichigo shortcake for Xmas.

This time it is Ichigo tart, you can inject strawberry sauce into the cake 😛


I don’t know why but I was craving Siew Mai so badly! This is a 4-in-1 set: Original, Kurobuta, Ebi and Scallop siew mai. Yums!


Went into this Izakaya after we discovered that the garlic steak place we badly wanted to go was closed.

Motsu-ni (braised cow insides)


Porcini risotto and assorted ajillo!

Ajillo seems to be a very trendy food in Japan now. I tried making it at home with the oven (I don’t own any skillets) and it’s easy and super yummy!

Fresh oysters!!

The 小瓜竟然 fell asleep half way through dinner lolol.

Sea God Ramen

Kaijin (literally Sea God) ramen again cuz I missed those huge hamaguri so much. That’s Junya watching live hamaguri in the tank.

Mos Burger

HAHAHA CANNOT SEE ANYTHING. This is for the danna. Instead of buns it’s all lettuce!


The classic 4 Japanese Chinese food: Subuta (our Ku Lou Yok), Ebi Chili (Sweet and Spicy Prawn), Chinjyaorosu (青椒肉丝) and stir fry seafood with broccoli.


Our regular dinner place with NALU staff. Gomi san was showing Junya new PPAP video.

Dejima san was like, let’s count your hair. lolol

Gomi san & Sakura

“Huh I can see mama sitting over there. So who… is the one holding me??”

Raw cow something something. Forgot what it was haha.


And then my shopping haul! A bit bohliao but don’t care, including all anyway 😛

One of my fav snack, now in Cookie and Strawberry edition!

Calbee Furugura, possibly the yummiest cereal ever. I was browsing some Japan daigou app and this item seems to be one of the most requested item for daigou!! I was wondering why so I bought it. And then I got so addicted omg. In Singapore you can get it from Tampopo!!!

Shimajiro Vegetable Boro

Baby stock in powder form!!

Nabe cube – hotpot stock!! Tried it once and loved it!

Apparently this cup noodle was voted the most 想吃 (want to eat) in the world, and it is a representative from Hong Kong -Hot and Spicy Seafood.

Then I got Junya a Nissin cup noodle Tomica too 😛

Rilakkuma wet wipes.

100 yen shop in Japan!!!!

Non-oil, non-salted tuna to make baby food.

I think I mentioned before but this Glico butter cookie is so good??! This is the caramel version. Super yummy too!!

Organic takenoko

New makeup

Seasonings (Singapore also can buy but much cheaper to buy in Japan!)

Kakkonto is a traditional medicine to treat common cold, just in case! Since I can’t take medicine now cuz I’m still nursing Sakura.

New iPhone case!

Shoes for Sakura since Junya also has a pair! 😛

Ok that’s all! Rushing off to cook dinner haha.

Soft Snug Hot Slimming Pants

January 13, 2017 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

One of my new year resolutions for this year is to start exercising, particularly swimming since I will probably pass out running under the sun, but judging how I don’t even have time for floss properly, I didn’t include it into the resolution list in case I fail myself lol.

But I’d still like to do something at home! Other than housework, there’s a way to let you accelerate your body’s metabolism whether you are mopping the floor, cooking or even just casually walking around.

Soft Snug Hot Slimming Pants

Hot shaper pants or slimming pants is quite often mentioned in the topic of fitness these days, and provides high quality hot pants that promotes body heat preservation.

How does it work?

Soft Snug hot slimming pants are designed to help increase your core temperature when you’re moving about, causing a thermogenic sauna effect on your body to promote more effective targeted fat burning.

You are gonna sweat extra lots when you wear SoftSnug, and it is made of a special neotex material that body temperature while absorbs sweat at the same time so you’re always dry on the outside. It is also comfortable, light-weight, stretchy, and the fabric moves with your body while performing any activity.

You can wear it to go jogging, running, yoga, or just simply wear it as you go on your usual activities!

I started wearing it in the morning and I went on doing the usual chores preparing breakfast and cleaning up. By the time I was done with house chore I could feel that my thighs were sweating a lot! While I was at it I also continued to do some simple stretching and I was really sweating like I’ve done some intense workout haha.

Of course this is not a pair of miracle pants that will make you lose weight in just one day. It’s helpful to boost fitness if you are ready to get active and start having a good diet. The website also provide tips on diet plan for Soft Snug for weight loss and healthy eating habit so you may refer to the articles.

Other than the classic hot slimming pants Mint 9+, Soft Snug also offers other ranges of fitness wear, including Back and Shoulder Corrector, and waist slimmer belt.

Visit for more information!

Supermom – the first ever Baby Fair at MBS

January 11, 2017 in Commercial Break 1 Person Cheesed

Yeap. The moment you become a mother, 50% of your shopping belongs to your babies. another 40% is groceries. The rest are new bras to replace your torn nursing bra since 3 years ago, and anti-stress drugs. Just kidding.

I love baby fairs!!! We all know that babies grow up sooooo fast but you need to buy a million things for them! So it’s always wise to wait for a massive event where you can get everything at a great deal.

And the chance has come. Announcing the Must-Go Baby Fair of 2017!

From 17-19 February 2017 – SuperMom is organizing the Biggest Post Chinese New Year Blowout Sales at the First Ever Baby Fair happening at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. There will be over 1,000 international brands with more than 100,000 products up for grabs at the event!

SuperMom is the largest parenting movement in Singapore for expectant parents and mothers, and often organises events that promote happy and healthy pregnancy and parenting life. And this time, they are holding the Biggest and Grandest Baby Fair, and here are what’s happening!!

Crazy Deals

You will be able to get your hands on crazy deals starting from as low as $1 as well as exclusive and new product launches. – from baby diapers to strollers to skincare and other baby essentials!

As a #kiasufakesingaporean I quickly browsed through the Starbuy Deals and many things are going at a huge discount!! Ok la share a few with you here ok. There’s this Fisher Price Jumperoo that I wanted to get for Sakura is going for $50!!

The original price is $299 ok!! That’s a crazy big discount!

And and and… a cute Baby Bean Bag that both Junya and Sakura can use:

$20 only???! I WAAAAAANT. Hopefully I can be there early enough to grab this!

5% Cash Rebates

To help you save even more, SuperMom will also be offering 5% cash rebates for every $100 spent at SuperMom Baby Fair.

Ang Pao Bag

In addition, to celebrate this Post CNY Blowout event, parents can redeem a $188 Ang Pao Bag for every $50 spent for the first 500 customers.

Free Parking

You are gonna go crazy shopping loads so you are gonna need a car!! SuperMom is offering transportation perks such as free parking and discounted taxi rides. For full detail please see this page.

Value Added Services

SuperMom also sees to ease and enhance your shopping experience with first-class facilities and other value-added services this year such as a beautifully designed Diaper Changing and Nursing Rooms, stroller rental, bag drop-offs & home delivery services for parents’ convenience. These amenities and services are never seen before in other baby fairs are added in an effort to make the entire experience a comfortable one!

And and and… that’s not all. Just when I lost track of all the awesome deals, Supermom is also having something new this year: Supermom Luxe, Asia’s first Premium Boutique Baby Fair and Junior Fashion Show!

Don’t miss it out!!!

Venue: Marina Bay Sands, Expo & Convention Centre Hall A & B

Time: Fri & Sat (11am-9pm) & Sun (11am-8pm)

Dates: 17-19 February 2017

Lastly, For all Cheeserland’s readers, you are entitled to $5 SuperMom Voucher (limited to the 1st 100)! Enter Promo Code: CHEESIE

Get it HERE!