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Totoro Cream Puff in Tokyo!

August 13, 2015 in Japan 6 Cheesed

Have you seen this Totoro Cream Puff before?


Yesssssss. It’s #onlyinJapan.

Quite a few of my friends visited this little mysterious cafe so during my trip to Japan this early summer, i decided to drop by!

It’s getting late now (22:55. Yea i know. By my boring mom standard, it is late.) so it’s gonna be a captioned quick post! There’s a video at the end of the post, though, so hope it illustrates better! :)


Junya woke up in a super good mood that day <3

The danna rented a car and we followed GPS location “Shirohige Cream Puff Factory” and arrived at this location.

It is a little hidden even by car, there was no signboard to be found (until you go really near the premise), and if you go by train i think it’s gonna be quite a challenge too!

But there’s where all the fun is, isn’t it? That’s Sir Miyazaki’s message. Just like with Ghibli studio, lots of mysteries to be decoded, lots of surprises to be uncovered.

We saw only this sign board, and i thought, nah, it can’t be, we are at the wrong place T___T.

It looks like Tolo Pan Tokyo is a little cafe that serves pastries and home made pasta.

But as we walked further, i saw another sign board. *sparkly eyes*

So it seems like Shirohige Cream Puff (choux cream in Japanese) is part of the cafe! I was so so so happy!!! Somehow i felt very touched hahahha i don’t know! I could be the air, the whole peaceful, quiet and sort of mysterious ambience. There’s a little shrine right next to it, it’s all very… Miyazaki. I felt like i walked into one of his stories, in real life.

The premise is a landed house that has a strong european influence, it was like a little cottage in a forest with an amazing attic and a real fireplace omg! It was very Kiki’s Delivery Service. A bakery…. you know???

At the same time there were also many Ghibli/Totoro elements here and there… actually everywhere! I didn’t expect it to be rather showily Totoro, judging from how subtle it is from outside.

But i love ittttttt! You can never have too many Totoros!!! Never!!!

So this is where they make magic. <3

On top of the green pipe of this picture, i thought i saw some mini animals/figurines?! Is that Arietty and friends??? After i enlarged the picture to have a closer look, it was actually just a leaf lolol.

But see how Ghibli already casting its magic on me??? Even the most mundane things seemed to be spellbound!

The restaurant was reasonably occupied, so we were lead outdoor, which revealed an extremely extremely narrow space that could fit exactly just me, the danna and JunJun on one table. Not even an extra Champon hahah.

But even the veranda had this enchanting air about it. So much love!

The waitstaff brought us 5 drinks for 3 people haha.

We were here for lunch so we ordered pastas and the Totoro Cream Puffs separately from Shirohige bakery downstairs.

This is how small and narrow it was XD

JunJun <3

Mentaiko chicken pasta. It’s amazing. Oh how i love pastas in Japan. How i love. 😀

Mine was i think sakura ebi wafu pasta. Both were equally good i couldn’t decided which one i liked better. ORDER ALL THE PASTAS!!!!!

And then… they arrived.


We had original and chocolate flavor, i think. I didn’t really remember what we picked , i wanted all T___T.

It took me great courage to do this T________T.

Definitely, definitely worth the visit.

Video!! Sorry it is very very shaky at some parts because i was wearing the camera AND JunJun who was moving non-stop -_-


You can visit their website for location, menu and flavors of the cream puffs! There are also acorn and totoro cookies omg please, take all my money T____T.

Shirohige’s Website

Address: 5-3-1 Daita, Setagaya, Tokyo 155-0033, Japan

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yadah skin care-Honest beauty products from nature

Look what just came in for me, again!

The first time i came across Yadah’s product is when they launched their Yadah lip tint (and now they just launched Lovely Lip Tint Stick, check it out here). I was attracted to their super cute packaging and even more so with their all natural formulations.

Today’s skincare review:

Here’s the complete skincare range breakdown:

Bubble Deep Cleanser 150ml
Pore Refining Cleanser 15ml/150ml
Pore Refining Toner 120ml
Pore Refining Emulsion 120ml
Cleansing Nose Strip 10pcs
Brightening Mask Pack (Natural cotton sheet)
Anti-Trouble Mask Pack (Organic cotton sheet)
Oh My Sun Block 20ml/50ml
Brightening Ampoule 30ml

Yadah is actually a skin care brand that takes the formulation very seriously, despite its casual and fun image.

What I like about Yadah: This brand is especially suitable for sensitive skin types as the formula and texture are mild and gentle on skin. They also claimed to be 100% free of artificial coloring and fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, sulphate and animal ingredients. With certifications from ECOCERT and KFDA, you can be assured that they source only the highest quality therapeutic plants and certified organic ingredients.

5 Brand Promises: Natural, Extremely Gentle On Skin, Zero Artificial Coloring and Fragrance, Doesn’t Clog Pores, No Allergic Reaction.

So here are the products I have tried and tested on:


Bubble Deep Cleanser 150ml

You can read my first review here!

Most of us who knows Yadah will know that this is their 1st best-seller product and some of you may even have used this before! If you have normal to combination skin type, you can use this bubble cleanser. It is already in the form of soft airy foam, so all you need is push one pump out and gently massage your face. It is gentle and mild on skin and does not strip the skin off moisture. 99.9% natural and smells super good and refreshing!


Pore Refining Foam Cleanser 15ml/150ml

I had a mini sized just to test out on the texture and give my review. If you are concerned about enlarged pores, this particular cleanser contains 2000mg Albumen Extract from egg whites to control excessive sebum problem and remove deep-in-the-skin dirt for cleaner and brighter skin. It cleanses well yet does not leave the squeaky clean/ tight feeling on the skin. Good for sensitive skin types!


Pore Refining Toner & Emulsion 120ml

You can apply the toner right after face cleansing.

This toner paired with emulsion will help tighten up pores, while sweeping away dead skin cells that will potentially clog pores.

And here the emulsion as the next step. It contains 8000mg Lotus Flower Water (aquatic plant) to control excretion of excess sebum and to help minimize the sizes of pores for natural skin radiance. For skin with large pores, emulsion type moisturizer is better than cream type to avoid clogging pores.


Anti-Trouble Mask (in Organic Cotton Sheet!) & Brightening Mask (in Natural Cotton Sheet)

All Yadah masks are 100% cotton sheet and suitable for sensitive skin and approved by KFDA.

Anti-Trouble Mask is soaked in tea tree oil, which has a healing and calming effect especially for acne/ pimple skin to reduce the size of pimples. Also good for blemish-prone oily skin to control oil production.

The Brightening Mask Pack is soaked in good-for-the-skin natural moisture to brightens up skin tone and keeps skin moisturised.


A clean face after all cleansing and moisturizing steps!


Lastly, don’t forget sun protection!!

Oh My Sun Block

This is Yadah’s BEST-SELLER!! A lot of people have trouble finding good sun block, and Oh My Sun Block is non-oily, non-sticky, and does not clog pores. It’s an untinted sunblock so you can apply your foundation or make up after applying the sun block. It is suitable for sensitive skin for all day long sun protection. 




Where to get Yadah?

You can go on to Hermo Malaysia at If you are new to Yadah, go on and try their sampler kits and mini sized products! 

And for more information, like them on FB and follow them on Instagram!

FB: Yadah Malaysia /

IG: @yadahmy /

WhatsApp: 014-9770498 (for skincare recommendation and general enquiries)


14 months

August 11, 2015 in Baby 18 Cheesed

Junya turns 14 months today!

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Here’s what happened in the past month!


1. A Boy

I know i have said it many times before, and i’m likely to say it many more times in the near future, but last month, my baby has grown into a boy.

Even though he looks as baby as he always used to be.

He could walk at a speed where chasing is needed now. And, last month i was just saying how i dreaded one day he will just break off from holding my hands and run off. Well, he cannot run or speak yet, but he already doesn’t need me to hold his hand anymore.


And oh ya he can also walk backwards now (and he loves doing that to amuse us lol).

He is smarter, he has developed the ability to work the magic of his tinny little brain to think for himself,


2. A Rebel

and not just do what he is told. In fact the very opposite.

I thought Terrible Two is supposed to start at age 2?

He loooooves rummaging through my make up drawer and messing everything up. And i will put up one finger and warn him “Uh uh.” Soon enough he learnt how to use it back at me. When i say uh uh, he would stare right back at me fearlessly and say in a loud voice “AHHHHP“. That’s his version of uh uh right back at me.

And that is when i knew my uh uh has failed. T___T. Now i am alternating between ignoring him (while pulling my hair off silently then loserishly arranging back all my eyebrow mascaras), and pushing the drawer closed by force (then watch him go ballistic sitting on the floor).



3. Independence

On the other hand Little Big Boy now is independent enough to spend some time by himself.

I no longer have to wake up together with him. By 7am or even some other random hours he would climb off the bed and play little detective to investigate things in the room. First he would wake Champon up to be his loyal hound and follow him around to sniff /flip/ inspect things, and when he is done they will both come and wake us up. *yawn* Okokok baby.Good morning. Okok.

And he is also taking on new challenges and adventures.

Including camping at Champon’s den.

And also very kindly donated RM1 and his sunglasses to his favorite dog.


4. Ain’t no mountain high enough

His climbing skill is so fantastic now the can climb onto the roof top.

I’m not even kidding.

Roof top of Champon’s house in our bedroom. At least.

His favorite hobby is “pushing things around in the house”.


5. Table Manners (and the lack thereof)

Junya now can put his hands together when i tell him to say Itadakimasu, before eating a meal.

Just as i was feeling quite glad that my son now learns the concept of table manners, he started doing this.

The chao ah pek style come out liao T___T.


6. Meal times

Food update!

I was quite surprised to find out at in Japan and some western countries, most parents do not give their toddlers formula milk after the age of one.

Most of the Japanese baby food recipe books state that follow-up milk (formula) is not necessary, in fact it is a better choice to get most of the nutrition from their daily meals, and replace formula/breastmilk with cow’s milk. Follow-up is only recommended when the toddler has an eating problem or is not getting enough nutrients from baby food.

But most of the parents i know in Malaysia are strong believers of formulas (once they wean the baby off the breast) and give formula to their kids as long as they can!!! I know some kids who are like 5 and still drinking formula!

I believe that it is maybe because our local cow’s milk has really low quality. Most local milk tastes like vanilla-flavored water. -__-

So Junya is still sticking to formula, but i do let him have Hokkaido Milk and he looooves it.

He has been drinking Meiji ever since i started him on formula, but at the previous check-up with the ped, Junya was suspected to have acid reflux, because at age 1 he still has random spit-ups quite often T__T. (Although at the time of typing it has gone away yay!!)

So last month i also started him on an anti-reflux formula from Morinaga that has this thicker texture to prevent reflux.

Annnnnnnd somebody finally accepts snacks.

He will now happily munch of biscuits, senbei, fruits… until he decided he has had enough of it then he will donate it all to Champon. I guess i should be glad that he is at least generous. XD

He has also developed a liking for soup and loves drinking it from his cup/soup bowl.

Miso soup, chicken soup, vegetable soup… 😀


7. Weight

“Finally, mama.”


He was stuck at 7.6-7.8KG for like, half a year?!? And when he finally hit 8KG one day, the next day he dropped back down to 7.9KG, and i was secretly wishing he would poop in his diaper there and then so that it would make up for that 100gram and so that i could feel better lolol.

But really. I started getting all paranoid when his weight fell outside the growth curve. Is he not eating enough? Does he have digestion problem? Was it some sickness i couldn’t tell? Did i cook something wrong?! I got so worried to the point that i suspect his body was not absorbing anything i made him eat T____T.

But within this month he gained a whooping 500grams at one go!!!! CELEBRATION TIME! HELLO BRING ON THE STEAKS !!!


8. More words

New vocabulary this month includes: Tes (Yes), Milk Milk (which also sounds like Mama), Shoes, Fish , Ball Ball, Cat, Duck/Dog (cannot differentiate one from another, depending if he is speaking Australian or Manglish).

He could also shake heads to express “no” now, which looks like he’s doing hip hop dance because his whole body shakes together LOLOL. But after a few weeks of practicing now he’s almost perfecting the no head shake. Which is all he’s gonna do for the next 20 years.


9. Sweetheart

So yea he gets a lot of scoldings nowadays because of point No.2 (see above), and usually he says AHHHHP to silence me. (If i say, that’s not very nice. Then he will say AHHHHP again, only louder T____T)

But one day.

One day, he rummaged through my accessory drawer as usual, and threw my sunglasses on the floor. I was very angry, i bent down to him and said, “Junya, this is mama’s sunglasses, you don’t throw it on the floor, okay?

Guess what he did?

He said nothing (no AHHHP), he just walked up to me and kissed me on the mouth.

Where… where baby.. did you learn this from?

Oh right. From your mama.

I felt as if i was 16 and my secret crush just stole my first kiss. I was stunned frozen. The heart-racing but shockingly sweet feeling swept me over.



I want more boys.


For Papa

The ever so busy Papa has been consciously spending more time with his son, which made them a lot closer. Junya used to not even let him carry and would cry out for me, which made the danna really quite sad lol. But now they can play together and Junya will manja him sometimes.

Which obviously make Papa flower heart angrily bloom (心花怒放) lolol.

But when he says “Junya, call Papa!” Junya just goes “Mamamamamama”. So yea. I still win. XD

This is why i love boys.


For Mama

1. Dealing with Seperation Anxiety

Mine. Not the baby’s.

The danna and i have ever left to travel together without Junya once when he was 3 months old. I was offered a cruise holiday (neither of us had been on one before and it’s sponsoreddddd so why notttttt but it was a cruise for 18 years old and above which main events were hardcore boozing and all-night-long rave in bikinis by the pool @@).

Instead of enjoying some quiet (hardly. I called the concierge for ear-plugs) times together as a couple again, we were so miserably missing our son that we bought a last minute flight the moment we got internet when the ship docked at Langkawi just to go back home 2 days earlier lolol. The parties would be the same. But our son will never be the same as the day before!!!! It was impossible to even think about being separated from him for a couple of days.

I said to the danna, “i will never go on a holiday without Junya ever again!!!”

But then few months later, i jumped at the chance to travel to Kanagawa. But because it was for work obviously i couldn’t bring my family. And the danna was like, “eh i thought you never wanted to travel without Junya anymore? So i see. You love Japan more than your son.”


Oh. Uhm.

He was right.

I… have no excuse.

Hey. But you cannot judge me liddis. Because Japan is my religion, and you cannot simply accuse a person for loving God more than her own children right? Same logic.


Anyway i have just taken another offer to go to Japan in Sep (to make regular pilgrim), without JunJun this time. (But but but!!!! After my work trip we will immediately to to Japan AGAIN for family trip! All is good!!!! )

Which i think it is time for the next point:


2. Weaning

No i still have not weaned. Not because i am one of those parents who like to compete in how long they breastfeed their children, but because i keep failing to wean.

You may remember my post on sleep-training Junya earlier. Actually i failed. I let him cry-it-out, it was good for about like a week, and then all my effort and his tears went down the drain the moment i gave up and flipped my shirt open. Never in your life will you consider exposing your boob a failure would you?? (Unless you are Janet Jackson.)

It is especially hard these days as he would cry middle of the night, fully awake, looking for his source of comfort. I had to pretend to be sleep hugging a bolster tight against my chest. But he doesn’t buy that anymore. He is no longer a baby who cries out of hunger. He is expressive and he takes actions to get what he wants – by climbing onto me, prying my arms off my chest and pulling violently at my shirt while crying with a sniffling mama…milk milk….. T____T. I realized that it sounds very wrong and i had to stop this.

So for about a few days, i have moved him to his old crib (which ended up as a massive storage box for his toys -___-), and let him sleep alone there.

And fiiiiiiiiiiiinally, i get to sleep next to the danna again lolol (Junya was always in between us). But then the thing is, i was having massive withrawal syndrome -_-.

I told the danna, “i miss JunJun.” when he was sleeping in the crib next to our bed. Am i crazy? My separation anxiety is no joke lolol. I have turned into my own baby @.@

Anyway, the sleep in crib thing failed also, because i have decided to move him back to our bed. But this time *i* sleep in the middle. So when i want to hug the danna i turn to my right and i want to cuddle with JunJun i turn to my left.

The best of both worlds. Am i a genius or something!?

Everything is perfect again.

I reason with myself that it is because, i can sleep next to my husband for many decades to come until one of us is gone (touch wood), but i cannot sleep next to JunJun forever. Not even in the next couple of years T___T.

So i just want to do this as long as i can.

But i do plan to wean him off before i fly to Japan end of Sep! Do share if you have any tips on weaning a boob-addict.




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Tokyo Disneysea with Junya

August 7, 2015 in Japan 4 Cheesed

So so so!! It is Junya’s Disneyland debut! Unless you count the time he visited Disneysea when he was still in my tummy. Then this is second time hahaha.

A day before Junya’s birthday, i decided to join Number76 Malaysian team’s Tokyo Disney visit! The team was split into the Disneyland group and Disneysea group. I really wanted to get a Duffy for JunJun so i followed Amy who was the Disneysea team leader haha.

Disney #ootd

Bought a steering wheel for Junya’s stroller to get him occupied in case he wonders why he can’t sit on those Disney rides. At least he has his own ride lol.


I love love love the spring theme! All the Disney Easter Eggs!!!

Waiting for the Disney train. Very exciting hor, to see such happy and vibrant colors.


JunJun was sleepy so he wasn’t as excited as his mama haha.


I got him a birthday batch even though it was one day earlier so that he could get all the special treatments (have everyone in the park saying Otanjoubi Omedetou!!! in a super cheery voice to you), but i realized the special treatments are not so special anymore after all, because almost every toddler in the park had the same batch T____T.

Apparently it’s a popular thing in Japan to visit Disneyland for celebration on a child’s birthday. T____T. Which means the park will be full of kids with the same birthdays lolol.

The Disneysea Team actually is further divided into smaller teams. Our team is the “Tak Tahan Lasak Aunty Team” LOLOL which consisted of me, Junya, Amy and Jeraldine. We just wanted to chill and do shopping while the others went to hardcore queue up for adrenaline–crazy rides.

At the store, JunJun kept doing this. Mom. That one. I want that one. 

Fine. -_-

This doting Aunty Amy bought him a Duffy as present and he is already physically abusing it lol.

Beautiful easter spring theme!

We did line up for one attraction, which is the Meet & Greet with Duffy!

The line was about 30 minutes, and you get to meet Duffy in real life to take a picture.


JunJun cried the moment Giant Duffy said hi to him lolol.

The Disney people was super professional though. They already encountered scenario like this probably thousands of times on a daily basis, so they quickly distracted the crying baby with a rattle and that’s how we got this picture haha.

Slept straight after that.

Arabian Streets.

The adult did their shoppings, and soon somebody was awake again!


Lunch time.

Then adult lunch time.

This is a new event in Disneysea i’ve never been before! Apparently at one of the restaurants you get to enjoy watching a Duffy & Friends’ show while having lunch!! Quite awesome wor!! Such a great idea!

The show is about the story of how Mickey and Minnie met Duffy.


We walked a lot more and went for a couple of other attractions, and decided to sit down for a break, while i went and washed Junya’s milk bottles and changed his diaper.

Did you know?? Disneysea Tokyo has the mostest awesome nursery T___T.

In the nurseries there are 4 different areas. And each of the area has a staff-in-charged who is ever so ready to help you!!! One is children’s playground whose lots kids go stay there while waiting for their frantic parents haha. One is a nursing room, another one is changing space where a staff lays a fresh changing sheet and spray disinfectant as soon as someone finishes changing her baby!!!!

I was so touched T__T. Japanese quality. T___T.

So i went to make formula for Junya at the kitchen/dining area. The utensils were brand new and the pantry was spotless!!!

Just like other awesome nurseries, they have hot water dispenser and a microwave.

And if the water is too hot, you can even cool it down with this:


Why so thoughtful one T___T. And won’t the ice melt very fast?? Means they had to keep changing it ah!!

Junya wanted to tear the kitchen down so i immobilized him for a short while haha.

Then mama went to toilet and Junya was like. Mama… so that’s how you open the door… let me help you!!

NOOOOOOOOO JunJun Noooooooo. Hahhaha.



And and and!!!!

If you are worried about your baby’s meals, don’t!!!


Disney edition baby meals T_____T.

I bought so many XD

Just tooo cute!

Real cow’s milk time.


Anyway right, did you know? Disneysea has a new limited edition character!!

Since everyone is bored with Duffy and it’s no longer a novelty, they decided to, what else but create yet another character that you can ever only see/buy/find in Disneysea Tokyo.

And the moment Junya saw it he face was instantly lit-up. He didn’t even bother with Duffy anymore. What can i do.

*gullible parent*

His name is Gelatoni.

Junya loooooooves.

He rarely even touches any plush toys but somehow Gelatoni was like his new Champon.

Even until today he still hugs Gelatoni to sleep. <3


After that we sat down and waited for the sea show to start. Isn’t this amazing? All the visitors were told to take off their giant headgears that may block the people behind and not to raise their hands above head level to snap photos. None of them did. So. much. respect. #onlyinJapan

JunJun and Amy.

It was a very very happy day!

A crowded train ride home.


Thank you Disney Tokyo, for surprising me again and again.

I have been to Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea so many times i have lost count, but this time around, i enjoyed it in a very different way.

This is the first time i went there with a child, and it was actually much more enjoyable, because i realized that a baby is like a ticket to receiving awesome perks and lots of kindness! Hahaha. All the staff were suddenly extra polite and helpful (even more than they already are), we got the priority to go into a show because we had a stroller, and alllll the Disney characters come towards us and say hello to Junya (FYI this has never EVER happened before : a mascot coming to say hi to me or other adults lol).

Ahhhhh i love having babies lololol.


Here’s a movie i compiled during our Disney trip. It is shot in Lumix GH4 in 4K quality, capturing precious moments and best viewed on a Panasonic Viera 4K TV!!

You can go to Panasonic Viera’s website to watch more of my travelogue videos!

Update again soon!


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Lancome Cushion Compact Video Tutorial

I haven’t done any make up tutorial in a long long time!

For about two years now my make up routine has been simpler than ever. I focus on usually a lip tint and rosy cheeks for an instant perk up. Usually i will forgo eyeshadows or even eyeliner and with just a good coat of mascara, a little brow color, and i’m set to go!

But of course, a good foundation is very important because that’s the base of your make up. I have come to ditch liquid foundations because it requires long, careful application to avoid unevenness, and usually i end up looking too made up.

And then i was introduced to Lancome Cushion Compact, a quick secret to achieving a dewy rosy look!

I was invited to the brand new Lancome Blanc Expert Cushion Compact party, where the guests could  be the “Cushionista” and personalize our own bejeweled cushion compact case!

Compact case can’t look any cuter! <3

The theme was “Be Dewy Rosy, Be A Cushionista”, so everything was in sweet pink, including the yummy Lancome macarons!

Lancome cushion comes in 8 different shades to suit every skin tone. The Lancome make up artist helped me pick out the shade that suits me best.



When the Lancome make up artist did the make up demo, it looked very effortlessly perfect, but i thought that’s because it was a professional doing it. Only when i brought it home and tried it for myself, i realized how easy the application is!! I will later show you how quick and simple it is in the video tutorial at the end of this post. Everything is done under a minute! That’s how long my daily base make up takes.

That’s my customized compact case!

See the spongey thing? That’s the “cushion”! It is specifically developed with 800,000 holes to provide a high level of comfort upon application.

Then there’s the puff that gives the most velvety, silky feeling ever.

To apply, you just dab on the cushion to pick up the formula, and then apply it by tapping on your skin.

Just light taps to apply and blend.

I have to say that the sensation is really unique! Firstly the formula you pick up is liquidy, but once you apply it on your face with the puff, it is a cool, minty powdery feel! The puff picks up just the right amount (you can adjust by your own pressing pressure on the cushion), and it’s very lightweight! I could wear it for a whole day and there’s zero cakiness.

It also comes with UV protection so that’s another bonus!

Before and after a very light application. I like to go over my lips if i wanna wear a lighter color lip color. Neck and ear too if i feel generous haha.


Some brow tint, rich cheek colors and fresh lip tint, and you are set for that dewy rosy look!


Here’s the video tutorial to show you how simple it is, step by step!!

That’s all for today!





Mother Farm, Chiba

August 5, 2015 in Japan 9 Cheesed

This was on 11 June, Junya’s first birthday!

We didn’t have any birthday celebration for him but we did plan to go somewhere nice where Junya gets to enjoy too, just the 3 of us.

Mama & bb coordinate ❤︎

JunJun is wearing his 1-year-old baby Montsuki, a formal kimono for this special occasion!

First we went to 76CAFE Omotesando for breakfast and to meet all the Number76 from Malaysia for their company trip to Japan!!

My lunch: Chicken Over Rice, my current obsession in 76CAFE. The first time i tried it was when QiuQiu ordered it last December and was instantly smitten. ❤︎

And then suddenly!!!!

Jeng jeng jeng….

76CAFE staff brought out a surprise cake with sparkler candles!!! Hahhaha looks very happening hor! With all the Number76 hair stylists and assistants taking photos. Ok la i assume that it was Junya’s grand 1st birthday celebration! 😀

Oh it’s not even cake! It was two adorable Passionfruit Ladybird Mousse!

Thank you soooooo much!

JunJun was allowed one bite of it <3




After the grand birthday celebration, the danna rented a car and we headed towards Mother Farm (yes wor that’s its actual name), a nature animal farm in Chiba. It’s about 45 minutes drive from Tokyo.

I don’t think it’s a very popular tourist destination because it’s quite far out and… well, it’s no Disneyland. But JunJun and i had juuuust come back from Disneysea the day before, so i wanted some quite time with nothing but real animals instead of a sweater human inside a mascot lol.

And… i must say it was underrated. Why haven’t anyone told me about this before???? (I read about it from a family magazine i bought from the combini. The entire magazine is about places you could go and stuff you could do in Kanto area with your babies/kids. Awesome or what!!!)

Mother of all farms. @__@

The actual view was much much more breathtaking. It’s the complete opposite of Tokyo city. There was no one in sight, but vast, vaaaaast meadows and blue mountains far, faaaaaar away. It was a little like Australia. But in Japan. And just short of an hour’s drive from world’s most busy city in the world.

June’s delight.

Which is also the month of blooming Ajisai, the beautiful hydrangea.

Looks like a whole bunch of vivid blue butterflies!

Different color variations.

How dreamy is this!!

I always wanted to live in a place like this. With a river nearby with cool runny water, and some ponies. Next to my cottage with warm fireplace lolol. JunJun is peacefully asleep sharing mama’s dream.

So is the danna LOLOL.

But really, it was a perfect day in June, just cool enough but not chilly, occasionally sunny. We just wanted to spend one loooooong lazy afternoon staring afar and breathe in a lifetime worth of peacefulness.

Oh there you go. My pony. Hahaha.

Even drawing for horses also they make so nice wor!!!! Very cute T__T


After interacting with the horses without much success (you can also do horseback riding if you want!), we went over to the petting farm.

And it was the BEST. PETTING. FARM. EVER.

Out of so many petting zoos/farms i went right, most of them were not really pettable lolol. Most of the time it just means that you can go up close and discover how smelly they are lolol. Unless you have retractable arms then you can stretch two meters and try to touch the goat’s tail.


But no. In this Mother of all Farm, animals are part of the human world. In a huuuuuuge enclosure, none of the animals were locked up. (Except the piglets i think. I dunno why.) They were just walking around like a strange mini human full of fur. Is like you can befriend one of them and make him your co-pilot like Chewbacca.

JunJun’s co-pilot candidate was a Capybara.

I was so glad that we decided to come here. I have never seen Junya so interested in animals before (fine, the only animals he knows was Champon and Mickey Mouse). He was (attempting) to chase after every single one of them, and all the animals were tame beyond belief. They just sit there and let Junya pet.

Occassionally will come and join our seflies.

Wefie with JunJun and Captain Capybara.

Getting good at this selfie thing.


Junya, don’t flip it over. No!

Ok this one cannot really pet la unless you wanna get wet.


There are many other animals just walking around randomly, you can watch the video i have include at the end of this post!


After the petting zoo, we decided to make one round of the farm (actually is because we missed the buggy -____-), and accidentally discovered one of the most beautiful gardens i’ve seen!!

Right, i have missed sakura yet again this year, but how about this?

Thousands and thousands of petunia in bright fuchsia forming a beautiful floral carpet.

Took this picture of Line Bear Papa and JunJun walking towards the bench for a rest cuz i was too busy exclaiming in disbelief to catch up with walking.

Then i demanded Line Bear Papa to walk back up so that i could run down and he could take the same picture for me wahhahahaha.

And i requested he looked after JunJun for 15 mins while i took 200 variations of this lol.

And then 20 of these.

And a few more.



And… that’s all!

If you ask me i would love to go back Mother Farm again. Although i think it may not be for everyone. Anyway i think we went a bit too late because there are much more activities to do!! Like cow-milking, sheep show, piggy race, etc!


To end the day, we GPSed a nearby onsen and just relaxed there.

It was JunJun’s first time going to a public onsen and saw sooooo many naked ladies (mostly obasan) lolol.

I was telling Junya, never in your life will you ever again have so many naked ladies come up to you and smile at you to say how cute you are, so please remember this moment lolol.

He agreed. 

And it was a happy happy birthday for Junya!


Anyway here’s the video i took at Mother Farm!! It’s 4 min long and i must warn you that it is quite boring cuz it’s just basically JunJun Toddling and Chasing After Things, you know, like Kim Jong Ill Looking At Things, sort of.

So feel free to skip it or just run the video as your background music, because Perfume is f**king amazing, although i must apologize in advance for the annoying cock who interrupts the video multiple times. (It’s a real rooster, don’t get the wrong idea.)



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