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CNP: Removing blackheads the gentle way

July 14, 2015 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

I consider myself quite lucky not to have any major skin problems other than a few freckles and some occasional tiny pimples that go away quickly. But the occasional blackheads and whiteheads do get to me! It’s really like a mood spoiler, when the rest of your face looks smooth but your nose has tiny little black dots on it -___-

I never really bother to remove them because i have tried squeezing them (didn’t work), and nose strips several times before, and i swear it’s as painful as waxing i teared. T___T


CNP Laboratory has a new way to get rid of unwanted blackheads, the very gentle way!

In the Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit, there are several items!

1. Three pieces of white mask (Mask 1)

2. Three pieces of of green mask (Mask 2)

3. Several cotton bud in black


So there are a few simple steps to blackhead-free nose!

First you will need to clean your nose so that it’s free of make up/sun block.


And then you apply Mask 1 on your nose for 10 minutes.

I thought it was one of those sticky type that would dry up and hurt real bad when you peel off after wards. But actually it feels just like a normal face mask.

This mask works by absorbing dirt oil from pore and cleansing clogged pores. Apply it for 10 minutes to soften up all your black heads. I love how it is fragrance free and there is none of the tingling sensation you feel when you apply black head remover products. So i trust that it really is very gentle!


After 10 minutes, i removed the mask and uses the cotton bud provided and rolled it from outer to inner corners, and from bottom to top of my nose to remove the blackheads.

I could feel that my nose is instantly softer, and it appears smoother too.


The last step is to apply Mask 2 on for another 10 minutes.

This is a pore tightening mask to help close your pores now that all the dirt is out with its Witch Hazel extract. It’s soaked with essences to soothe your skin and at the same time provide it with hydration.

Finally, remove the mask and dab your face lightly so that skin will absorb the remaining soothing gel.


In this picture it’s quite obvious you can see some of my freckles (already covered by foundation) and some spots, but my nose is smooth and clean even with no make up on!!

It’s so gentle that i feel that you can use it as often as you want whenever you feel that blackheads are resurfacing. CNP Anti-Irritant Complex ingredients are safe even for sensitive skin!


CNP Anti-Pore Black Head Clear Kit is available in Watsons in Malaysia (you can view the list of stores here), or you can also purchase it online!


Yun Nam: Preventing early hair loss

July 13, 2015 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

I guess there isn’t any girl in this world who doesn’t love having good hair. That’s what hair salons are for :P.

I loooove my hair and am very proud of my hair because the salons takes great care of it, giving me great colors, perms and styles. My hair almost always looks good lolol.

When Yun Nam Hair Care offered me a free hair treatment session, i thought… huh but i don’t have hair loss problems, since they are known as the expert of hair care for hair loss. But since i get to have a free consultation, i happily agreed to do so.

I went to the branch in The Curve, which is newly refurbished and looks sparkly new.

Check out all the awards Yun Nam has received!

In the consultation room waiting for my hair consultant.

The very friendly consultant from Yun Nam, Hannah spent a long time checking my lifestyle background to find out how that has affected my hair condition.

After that we did a scan on my scalp for hair scalp analysis.

I did not expect the result to come out so scary T___T.

Sorry if i traumatize you with my unsightly scalp picture, but this is how part of my scalp looks like.

I guess one whole month of traveling without proper hair care has taken a toll on my hair scalp. There was a lot of dandruff and even damaged scalp due to scratching T___T.

Hannah explained to me about human hair scalp and that all scalp problems such as oily hair, dandruff and dry hair will eventually lead to hair fall, even though i am not at the age of noticing any hair loss problem.

She then proceeded to customize the Yun Nam scalp treatment for me.

First and most importantly, it has to start with scalp cleansing! Hannah added an anti-dandruff paste on my scalp that will help remove dirt and dead skin, before steaming it for 5 minutes.


Grabbing a quick bite during treatment XD.


After that, a mixture of specially selected herbs were applied on my scalp to treat my specific hair problems.

Hannah then gave me a soothing head massage to improve blood circulation. And then the steaming process began again to allow the hair to absorb nutritions.

After that, hair wash again with a specially formulated Ginseng shampoo, and i’m done for the treatment!

Hannah understands the treatment and products really well, she explained it step by step to me, which i think is really important to make a customer feel comfortable and confident!

We went back to the consultation room and had a second scanning.

Whoa totally different!!!!!

Allllll the dandruff were gone and my scalp looked sparkly clean!

After the treatment, I also received a product kit for home care.

It consist of a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, Hair Nutrition Lotion and Herbal Hair Tonic.

I feels good to know that after the visit, you can still continue to take care of your hair at home.


I am glad that i came for the consultation and treatment session, as i always thought i didn’t need it because i was happy with my hair. But i neglected my scalp!!

Do get a free scalp scan done even of you didn’t think you have any hair problems. At early stages, only a scalp scan with high magnification can detect potential problems, so don’t wait till you get bald spots then only seek for treatment!!!


There’s a limited time offer from Yun Nam for new customers!

You get to enjoy:

1 regenerative hair cell therapy + 1 hair root

strengthening therapy + 1 hair revival kit + 1 hair tonic for FREE.

It would be a two hour session. Go book your free consultation and treatment here!!

It has been 4-5 days now since i went for my scalp treatment in Yun Nam and my scalp still feels very clean now thanks to the Hair Product Kit compliments from Yun Nam.

13 months

July 11, 2015 in Baby 19 Cheesed

I just realized that once your baby turns 1, you start to do less of those new mommy things. I am doing less kyaraben, record less videos… i don’t even have an opening pictures for this post.

Sorry JunJun your prime time is over lolol.

So… my baby turns 13 months old today!

(Also read  1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month 8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month and 12th month here.)

I am not sure how long i want to write this monthly thing for, but i think it would be fun to look back at all these entries, and think omg Junya, you were once a baby!!!!! Hahaha.


So here’s what happened in the past month!

For Baby

1. Baby graduation

So yea, my baby can officially walk. On his own. Which makes him graduate to a toddler now. He still wants to hold my hand so that he can walk reeeeeal fast, but i’m already dreading the day he just breaks free and 甩掉我的手 and says “mom, please, i can walk.” T____T.

He also graduated from crawling. Before we came back to Malaysia he would still crawl if he wants to get to a place real fast.Now he just walk walk walk walk walk walk zombieing his way around with his hands still stretched out in front lolol.

Junya can go shopping now!!!

Junya’s first stroll was in Hawaii!!! With papa and mama ❤︎


2. First words

Sometimes i thought my baby could speak German. Things he says are “arghcht”, “schweiss”, “fleisch”, etc. But what are his real first words?

You know how parents always have this jealousy over baby’s first word, whether it will be “papa” or “mama”.

Junya’s first word was “baaba“. Ok la my husband will be very very happy if he was Chinese. But he is not. And Baaba in Japanese means Granny. So… XD

Junya now can say “maama” or “mammmma“. But sometimes he would look at the danna and says “maama“. So… I guess it doesn’t count yet lolol. He also can try to say “cat”, “lamp”, “kitty”… or so i thought.


3. Catch, hide and seek

He now will sendiri run away and expects me to catch him -___-. When i walk towards him he would suddenly just do a U turn and giggle while staggering away awkwardly, and i am supposed to pretend to slow-mo run after him and catch him lolol.

He also enjoys “seeking”, where i would “hide” behind the curtain (totally see-through and feet-showing lol) and he would find me and squeals. XD

He will also chase Champon with a broom like a 扫把星 lolol.


4. Fever

He developed fever twice last month! Once when we first arrived in Hawaii and then after his 1-year-old vaccination. Both were low grade and faded after a few hours, really thankful it wasn’t so serious!


5. Weight

But he is still not gaining weight T_____T.

Every other baby is heavier than him now including babies aged 4 months -_-. I asked the PED repeatedly because he is also having really loose stools everyday and i was shocked so see how much undigested bits came out from his poo. Is he not absorbing anything he eats?! What i give him carrots for if it comes out exactly the same sate?! How to make him have solid poo?! Haih.

His height growth is well within the curve so the PED just says we will monitor for a while more.


6. Eating

He is horrible with eating again -_-

He won’t eat any carbs other than rice. And udon. He loooooves udon. Quinoa is ok. He hates bread. And pasta. Instant spit out -_-. Yesterday he just wasted my whole bowl of mentaiko fusilli Grrrrr! *flips table* But i think maybe he doesn’t like the texture of bread and macaroni. That or he is just really, really Asian lol.

He also doesn’t eat anything sweet omg. He doesn’t take any snacks (none of those baby biscuit/cookie/senbei/boro/wafer i bought fit his standards -___-) and it’s so hard to get him to eat fruits. Unless i hide it in his yogurt.

Also, he doesn’t want to use his own fork and spoon. *flips table* (He flip, not me this time lolol)

He wants to use chopsticks. He wants us to use chopsticks to feed him.

If you feed him with a spoon he just turns his face away disgustedly. But if you show up with food be tween chopsticks his moht will go O shape -_-.

Ok lo.

Also, he is finally using a sippy straw cup to drink because he finally re-learnt how to use a straw.

He mastered it at 6months because i got him many of those baby mugi tea and juices in a mini box in Japan

But come back to KL, i stopped giving him and he just forgot how to use a straw. -___-


For Mama

Having stayed in Japan for a month with Junya made me re-think many things.

Back home we actually hired a helper, because i didn’t trust myself that i could handle all these new mummy duties. And i didn’t really announce it publicly because it made me feel embarrassed and guilty, that it makes me feel like an incompetent mom. If Japanese moms can all do it why i cannot??? I know there’s nothing wrong with it and many mothers do the same thing or wish that they could do the same thing… but, one month of traveling made me realize that there’s nothing i cannot do myself.

Really! I feel that once you have become a mom, there’s nothing you cannot do.  (For the baby la. Not jumping off a plane. Unless it is for the baby too hahaha.) The problem is just if you feel like doing it or not.

Sure, sometimes the dishes will have to pile up, the dirty laundry overflows to the living room sofa, you will accidentally throw your camera into the washing machine (true story), and you will have to bring your baby to every meeting… And your house will look like this, all the time:

But i enjoyed that lifestyle so much more. It felt more like real family. But it could also be Japan. Hahaha so i don’t know.

I have been reducing work recently and stay home more, because i think that is the best job ever. To be a mom lolol. I know it sounds very unambitious as most of the mothers i know want to achieve more in life and be more successful, and maybe 3 years later i will change my mind again… But right now, my career success means having more food eaten on the table and less thrown on the floor lolol. And to actually have my husband tell me “today’s bento was good!“. (So far it hasn’t happened even once LOLOL so it is my new life goal now.)

Anyway, today is also the danna’s birthday. I just want to thank him for not only accepting who i am (including my borderline inedible bentos), but inspiring me to become who i want to be.

I don’t want to be the best mom in the world (because every mom thinks that she is), but i just want to be the best mom Junya can ever have.


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Mommy Hormones

July 7, 2015 in Senti-Emmental 11 Cheesed

Few days ago i was at a wedding with the danna. After the wedding, i texted a friend:

“Shit. I just cried at a wedding dinner. I am so freaking embarrassed!”

“Huh why??? I cry at weddings all the time! It’s okaaaay.”

“No, you don’t understand. It’s not like that.”


No, it’s not like that. Yes, love is in the air, the bride was beautiful, the groom beamed with happiness, the guests were ecstatic, the video was one of the most touching i’ve seen, but it was not that.

I cried when the third course was served.


“Huh? How bad/good was the food?” My friend asked. I then sent her a picture.

“Oh, my god, Cheesie.”


The moment i saw the food, i went dumb for a while, and i could feel tears welling up my eyes. The danna was shocked and he asked me to go to the bathroom immediately. I went and i cried for a good 5 minutes before returning lolol.

The food looked like this. (From Google. I didn’t take a picture because i couldn’t. Just couldn’t.)


Roasted Suckling Pig.

The actual one was worse, because it was dissected and they also left the four limbs on at teh side.

How could they. How could they???? IT IS STILL A BABY!!!!

Do you know why it is called a suckling pig?




A newborn piglet. A 小猪.

In my head, i had the image of a happy mommy piggy with her litter of baby piglets. They are happily suckling her for milk. And then they get all taken away from her.

There were 80 tables that night at the wedding. Meaning that 80 new born xiao zhu were taken away from their moms and roasted to a perfect crisp for the pleasure of the guests.

Noooooo. This is all too fucked up  T____T.

Soon it was all swept away from the plate, and one guest from our table started to chew on the piglet’s cheek.

I couldn’t anymore. T_____T.



Some of the roasted pork have just the meat and skin, which is ok. But i don’t understand why they must serve it as a whole? With the tiny head and chubby cheeks and pouty snout? And four little stubby trotters?

The one served on the table was as small as Junya when he was first born.

I don’t know what happened to me. I used to eat suckling pigs. Lots of them. I loved them. They are so freaking yummy.

But this mommy hormones made me an emotional crazy. Yes i eat plenty of other meats with no qualm. I can even eat a raw squid eye. But noooo. Not a baby in its full form. It’s just morally wrong.


I’m so so sorry, baby. T________T.

Actually, this was not even the first time i broke down at food. Remember i wanted to write about the Shishamo story when i announced my pregnancy?

This is the story. I was too embarrassed to publish it earlier. Written in January, 2014.


The Shishamo

The weird thing was that i had zero other symptoms besides feeling forever nauseous. There was no cup size upgrade (boooooo), no backaches, no crampings, no funny cravings, no feeling hot (in fact i was so cold i had to wrap myself in blankets all the time), and also no mood swings, (feeling like a vegetarian zombie doesn’t count, i guess).

But there was one and only incident.

So one day the danna was being really kind and was making dinner for the both of us. And then we sat down at the tiny coffee table and ate the shishamo together. Him with the wine and me sans wine.

I held one by my fingers, bit the crispily grilled to perfection shishamo in half, stunned myself to silence for about 5 seconds, and burst into tears.The danna just stared at me in shock.

To be honest it happened so abruptly that I caught myself completely by surprise, taken aback by what I found myself doing and feeling the surge of these whole sudden emotions I didn’t have the milliseconds before. The last time I wept like this was when I fell face down onto the asphalt and mashed my face. Anyway, it was like a perplexed me standing afar staring at the teary me, alongside with the equally confused husband.

“What happened?!” He asked, concerned.

“I am eating a pregnant fish!!!”

I wailed, mouth still filled with little swimming dead fish roes and half chewed skins.

He looked worried at first and then swiftly relieved and then sort of guilty at his display of relief, not knowing whether to sigh or laugh. More leaning towards a laugh but I guessed he thought the better of it.

“I’M SORRY!” I cried out loud, particularly to the half fish corpse in my mouth, I guess, and buried my teary face in my palms.

I was horrified at the realization of what kind of horribly cruel person I was and was so sure that I would be punished for it. Somebody is gonna tear me by half and eat my baby the same cruel way.

And for a moment I was unsure if I should spit everything out but the danna insisted that would be an insult to the already severed fish body, so I held it down.

And then he went on to console me like he would to a 4 year old (occasionally throwing in some rather useful lectures),  explaining the importance of food and how I needed to eat for my body and for the sake of the baby, and added that I also ate tamagoyaki and baby lambs and other cheery living stuff and it’s OKAY.

Obviously it was not OKAY and now I was only sobbing harder, thinking about nemo-looking fish and cute little lambs I have also murdered in my life.

But luckily I was also not really listening because all I could think was, WTF is this shit that just happened?!

And I knew.

God damn pregnancy hormones, that’s what. Turns you into your unborn future kid. For the drills. I guess.

And I’m sorry, shishamo. (And etc.)



So yea. The pregnancy hormones never really go away. They just turn into Mom Hormones. For the rest of your live lolol.

After the wedding, i came home, rushed to the room, hugged the sleeping Junya, kissed him and whispered,

“I will never ever let you 被卖猪仔(be taken away and sold as piglet)。I promise.”


#Lunchforjunya in Japan

July 4, 2015 in Bon Cheesepetit / Japan 11 Cheesed

Staying for a month in Tokyo with the danna and Junya means allllll the happiness in the world, but i was also secretly dreading the trip for one reason.

Junya was turning 1 year old when we were in Japan. That also means that he is eating 3 full proper meals now. To be honest, i wasn’t very much ready to prepare all 3 meals for him, every single day. I’m ok to do that back home in KL, but we are in Tokyoooooooooo baybeh! What about sightseeing!!! Shopping!!! Eating out at yummy restaurant every single day!!! Go out the whole day without thinking about the boiling pots!!!

But i know that the danna would not approve of giving Junya 90 packs of mashed food from a box that expires next year. T____T. So… i tried.

Honestly? I never expected it to be this enjoyable.


Grocery Shopping

First of all, the grocery shopping. See?? You don’t have to give up shopping completely!!!

I can shop on and on and on and on and on in the supermarket. How is it possible that Japanese supermarkets could be so attractive? I WANTED TO LIVE THERE!

So yea i was the typical obasan housewife, walking from aisle to aisle checking the food labels, comparing prices, hunting for discounted items… lol.

Usually i will buy things that cannot be easily found in Malaysia. Fresh Japanese vegetables. Exquisite Japanese fruits. Allllllll the amazing seafood. MENTAIKOS. World class eggs.

And they are cheaaaaaaap. Although i did splurge on some items, like Ichigo… but it’s off season now.

These are some of my favorite: Daikon, shishitou and melon, because they are sooo expensive in KL. And King avocado, tofu, milk bread…

Hahhaha went more and more crazy with shopping. More onion, edamame, fish fillet, cherries, WAGYUUUUUU…



Secondly, cooking in Japan is so much easier. Soooooooo much.

There is an astonishing variety of stuff that help busy moms with preparing meals for their little ones. Like pre-mix sauce, dashi powder, etc… Ok la sometimes it’s half cheating but still you feel better than not making any effort at all.

Consomme powder, Wafu dashi, white sauce… they have everything!!! To make mushroom soup, you just need mushroom (i used Maitake), fresh milk and the pre-mix white sauce powder. Any simpler and you will have to pour out from a can.

Other short cuts are stews (just throw everything in a pot and simmer), or Takikomi gohan (throw everything in the rice cooker and cook together).


Ajitsuke (Seasoning)

You don’t have to cook two completely separate meals for your baby and the rest of the family (the adults, ie the danna and I).

I usually cook everything together, add a little or no seasoning, keep aside Junya’s portion, and add more seasoning to the rest of the food.


Toriwake (Dish out)

Sometimes i also cook a whole pot of soup, dish out the baby’s portion and mash them for easy nomming.

In the end, i realize it is also much healthier if i eat the same food as Junya. Good for the danna’s diet also lol.


It’s almost impossible to cook something not yummy in Japan. It’s true!!!!! I use the same ingredients, the same sauces, cook it the same way just like i do back home, but it just tastes so much better, WHY???? JAPANESE MAGIC.

Junya actually wants to eat his food. Back in KL, he will eat, but he never showed any interest in wanting them.

But here he whines if he sees his food and i don’t serve it to him immediately!!!!!!!!!!! Hoi hoi hoi, demanding much, boy? But i was secretly very very very very happy la. For a mom, what can be happier than a baby who is willing to eat well? 😀 😀


Anyway here’s a collection of #lunchforjunya and sometimes for mama too.

#lunchforjunya 1

Fried rice with omelet, vege stew (from baby food), tofu with edamame and pea sauce (from cubes), Komatsuna and a liiiiitle bit of mentaiko. In Japan there’s the “Amakuchi” version of Mentaiko, which is less salty!


#lunchforjunya 2

Beef and white cabbage cream stew.


#lunchforjunya 3

Fried rice and baby version!! Egg, Komatsuna, and huuuge seared scallops, topped with mentaiko. Junya’s version is with shredded scallop, and without salt & pepper.


#lunchforjunya 4

Cabbage consomme soup, tofu with cheese and Aburi Mentaiko, served with white rice.

Mama’s version. Not enough rice for myself lolol and overdosing on Mentaiko.


#lunchforjunya 5

Adult: Anyhow stir-fried beef with moyashi (bean sprout) and Shin tamanegi (new onion). Yes, there’s such thing as new onion in Japan. Such are new rice, new burdock, etc. New means it’s the newly harvest from the season at its freshest state! And YESSSS there is a difference omg. New onion tastes sooooo good!!!! T__T

JunJun: Finely chopped version of gyudon.



#lunchforjunya 6

Adult: Fried rice with Kyoto style ginger tofu and grilled Shishitou.

JunJun: Fried rice with gomoku bean sauce (baby food).


#lunchforjunya 7

The Anyhow Stir-fry Beef was so good that i just must do it again. Thank you Japan, for your Wagyu. Thank you.



#lunchforjunya 8

A very plain and healthy lunch today. Marinated steamed chicken breast, egg and avocado sashimi for the adult.

JunJun: Avocado and minced chicken rice.


#lunchforjunya 9

Adult: Oden with yaki tofu, cabbage, daikon, chikuwa, and chicken ball.

JunJun: Mashed oden with rice.


#lunchforjunya 10

Leftover oden with beef. Again. I want to eat ALLLLLL the Japanese cows before i go back home. T__T . This time with enoki and new onion!



#lunchforjunya 11

Adult: Sansho (Japanese pepper) Unagi Kabayaki with Shishitou

JunJun: Takikomi gohan with komatsuna



#lunchforjunya 12

Adult: Kinmedai Sashimi and Fugu tataki

JunJun: Since JunJun cannot eat raw fish yet, i just grilled the fish and served it with takikomi gohan.

Kinmedai has become my favorite fish now. In English it is called Spendid Alfonsino. Spendid it is indeed. T___T. You will recognize its vibrant red skin immediately. It’s a little on the expensive side but do try it when you are in Japan!


#lunchforjunya 13

Adult: Soboro (minced chicken), scrambled egg and mentaiko spinach. Topped with MORE mentaiko lol.

JunJun: A lighter version of everything.


#lunchforjunya 14

Cream of mushroom, milk bread with tomato dip and melon.



Birthday Lunch for Junya!

So we can’t really have a party for Junya, so i told the danna it could be just a very simple family party, we could buy a cake and Junya could have a bite of it. After all, it’s birthday celebration!! Haha. But the danna said no, i will make a cake for Junya.

Walao i am his wife for 3 years leh i don’t remember he ever offered to do something like this for me?????

Anyway i was quite touched la, because he had an important meeting the whole day, when i thought he must have forgotten about his son’s birthday, he came back 3am in the morning with some kitchen tools, and started making the “birthday cake”.

It is actually a Baby Cake. They call it the “Issai Keeki” (One Year Old Cake). The ingredients are healthy and mild enough for a baby-turns-toddler.

Here is what it is made of

Cake: Flavored Steam Bun. You can buy a box from any baby stores in Japan. It’s called “mushi pan”. It comes in powder form, you just add water/milk and microwave it, and it will turn out like a pancake/cupcake with bread texture.

Whipped cream: Greek yogurt. It has to be very well strained to have a consistent thickness and creaminess!

Topping: Assorted fruits. The danna used banana and grapfruit pulp.



JunJun’s first ever birthday cake!!!

The kanji says “1 year old” :)


This is how it looks inside. layered steam bun and yogurt cream in between.


JunJun loves it!!!!


It’s damn huge so he didn’t finish all of it la. The adults did and actually, it tasted really really good. Considering it is a cake for baby.


And… that’s all!

Lastly here are some of the things you may wanna get if you go to Japan!

1. Organic Baby Dashi Shoyu

It’s very light in taste so it’s great to add flavor to your baby’s food without it being too heavy.


2. Powder dashi, white sauce, vegetable stock

Great for making soup, porridge and stew!


3. Baby Furikake and Ankake

Furikake is a life saver when there’s nothing else but white rice! Awesome to make onigiri too. Ankake is a starchy topping, just mix with water and add it on rice/porridge!

4. Vege powder

It’s genius! It’s difficult to cook root vegetables like burdock/lotus root for baby because of their hard texture, so you can actually just add the powder into soup! Komatsuna/Spinach/Edamame and green pea powder is great for babies who don’t like the taste of green vegetables.  Mix it in porridge/omelet/pancakes basically anything 😛



Do share if you have any other cooking tips for baby/toddlers! :)


As i grow more mature especially as a mom now, i am finding myself slowly outgrowing street accessories and fast fashion, and more towards quality and items that hold a significance to me. For example a simple T shirt that reminds me of the fun time from a distant resort holiday… or a precious pair of rings for an anniversary. It’s really weird to say so, but i want to treat each of my fashion item with love, and cherish them as long as i can.

agete (pronounced agatto) is one of these brands that gives you that kind of feeling. Most of you may not have heard of agete before, but in Japan, it is one of the most popular fashion jewelry brands, with 80 stores across Japan and 15 overseas.

I came to know agete myself when i was shopping for my wedding rings back in 2012. I stumbled upon their flagship store in Aoyama while strolling around Omotesando.

agete’s jewelry is not only sophisticated and elegant, it also embraces the latest fashion, keeping up with the trends by providing the freshest and most modern jewelry and accessories to people who love fashion.

So i was browsing their website and saw this.

I was in love. Japanese brands always have the best kind of collaborations!! The glass shoe, the little mouse, the pumpkin carriage, the mother’s words on a plate (Have courage, and be kind)… they make a Disney fairy tale so…. classy.

Anyway, that is how i was completely smitten with agete.


And now they have made their debut in KL, Malaysia! Although it is just a pop up store during the month of July, it carries a variety of precious jewelry and accessories that i believe will be a love at first sight for many people.

agete’s concept is that “Accessory itself is a coordinate”. Jewelry and accessory are here not just to complement a look anymore. The accessories complement each others. Coordinating accessories is a whole new trend, and it has become agete’s unique label.

Did you know? The latest trend for wearing accessories in Japan now is “layered jewelry”. In the above picture, i was wearing a total of 3 necklaces, and 5 rings. (and could have go on for more!!)

Some of the rings that i picked to wear. It’s a dangerous game because once i had them on, i couldn’t choose but wanted them ALLLLLL. Check out their mid rings too which is the hottest ring trend now.


agete’s Japanese staff i met were like professional stylists. Based on the customers’ preferences, they are ready to help you pick out the best jewelry that is perfect for you. Sometimes they even give you ideas that you have never thought of yourself.

For example, i was wearing this watch, agete’s Japanese staff helped me pair it with a bracelet which if you look carefully, have tiny gemstones shape just like the face of watch.

And when i changed to another watch (which i totally adore), they chose another bracelet that matches the watch most perfectly too, with clear gemstone that look like tiny versions of the watch itself. I really never thought i could pair them like this.

And yes. Now i complete understand what they mean by “Accessory is coordinate”. To accesorize an accesory. *mind blown*

agete’s jewelry is delicate and dainty, with special traits like the fineness of a bracelet or skininess of a ring. None of them look too over the top nor chunky, so it’s really perfect with layering.

I looooove skinny rings! The skinnier the better! In fact for my wedding rings, i searched so hard to find the skinniest rings for me and the danna. And agete has lots and lots of them!


These are all the items i have tried on. I love every single one of them i’m not even joking T____T.


You must go down to have a look yourself, whether you are looking for a precious gift for a loved one, or as a reward for yourself, or just simply admire them from the glass panels.


agete, ISETAN KLCC, first floor

Pop Up Store ends: 31 July 2015


I honestly hardly come across any jewelry shop in Malaysia that gives me this heart pounding feeling. You have to experience it yourself. ❤︎


PS: The Cinderella collection is only available in Japan, unfortunately T__T. But if you ever visit Tokyo, you can drop by their stores! They have a newly open shop in Ginza.