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Casahana Mooncake

September 19, 2015 in Commercial Break 1 Person Cheesed

For 3 years in a row now, our family is having Casahana mooncakes in celebration for Mid-Autumn Festival.

If you have gone shopping for mooncakes before, i’m very sure you have come across Casahana, because it is simply the most beautifully packaged mooncake brand ever!

Not only does it look exquisitely classy, it also has different themes every year. And for 2015, the theme is Moonlight Waltz.

Sounds too romantic!!

Can you see how artfully designed the boxes are? I love how it’s a harmonious mix of east and west.

The beautiful gift box makes a great choice as gifts for your loved ones. It can fit 4 individually packed mooncakes.

This year, we are trying 4 different mooncakes with two brand new flavors added to the range!


Blue Danube

(I picked a dessert plate that features a classy lady to suit the whole luxurious romance mood XD)

Blue Danube is a blend of sweet blueberries with mungbean cheese paste.

I love the creamy contrast of the cheese filling against silky smooth mungbean paste. You may also bite into real bits of blueberries, which gives a burst of fruity delight!



Nutty Misu

Nutty Misu is the danna’s favorite! He is a coffee lover, and this tiramisu concoction is a perfect dessert for him after his morning coffee,

The skin smells of pleasant coffee aroma, and on the inner layer lies a creamy cheese lotus paste with caramelized nuts for a crunchy texture, zooming into the enter with a mungbean filling that is infused with strong coffee taste.


Crimson Opera

Crimson Opera is love at first sight. Such a beautiful pink with cute little floral petals on the skin.

At Crimson Opera, you are watching an opening bursting beet root, followed by a heart-warming tale of cream cheese with an ending waltz of romantic white chocolate.

It was a great show hahaha.



For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, you may just win yourself some free mooncakes!

Check out Casahana’s website for the Share & Win campaign to win up to RM10,000 worth of Casahana products!

Other than that, you can also get a Moonlight Waltz Premium Bag when you purchase two boxes of mooncake!

For more information, go to Casahana’s Facebook Page to find out more! ^^





Juice works

September 18, 2015 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

I love juice bars.

Fresh fruits are always the best, but sometimes i just don’t have the patience to cut the fruits (a quick Googling tells me that there are 10 steps to cut a pineapple.), and sometimes i don’t want to keep eating the same fruits everyday (10 apples a pack). So that’s how juice bars come into the picture.

Juice Works is a clear favorite because it’s everywhere, and it has more than 30 flavors to choose from, and is freshly blended on the spot! Whether you are in the mood for a power smoothie, an ice-cold fruit smashes, a cup of healthy detox or even a light savory snack.

I also love how they include the nutrition facts and calorie count for each of their beverages.


Trying out one of their latest addition: Got The Beet! It is made of a healthy juice recipe that includes cucumber, oranges and guava.

In conjunction with World Heart Day that’s happening this month, they’ve launched a new heart-healthy drink that will get your heart in tip-top condition.

I used quite a lot of beet in Junya’s food because of how pretty it makes the food look, but i didn’t know that it is such a powerful vegetable.

It’s a natural coloring that i added in Junya’s food to make silly food art. It didn’t have a strong flavor or taste so it can be added in almost anything – porridge, potato…


Got the Beet is made up of beetroot, orange, cucumber and guava it is packed with vitamins & minerals that your heart needs.

Comes in such pretty pink color! Despite the vivid color, the juice tasted more of mixed orange juice, with a tinge of sourness just as i like it.


The next highlight of the month is the Wheatgrass Shot!

Did you know that wheatgrass has twice the amount of Vitamin A as carrots and is higher in Vitamin C than oranges? 1 Wheatgrass shot at Juice Works is equivalent to 1kg of vegetables & fruits, and great for detoxifying the body too!

Whoaaaaa i’m turning green at the thought of it hahahha.

Well wheatgrass sure does not taste like caramel cotton candy, but if you can down a shot of Tequila, Wheatgrass is nothing. Think of what good it can do to your body!!

Ok here goes… 1 2 3!!

It’s not too bad actually! I thought it would be super bitter, but it tasted raw (like blended vegetable), even a tad sweet.

And then you and bite on the orange given to neutralize your tastebuds.

All the goodness for just RM1.05!!

From now till 31st October, you can add-on a Wheatgrass shot for only RM1.05 with every purchase of the new heart-healthy juice – Got the Beet.

The promotion is available at all Juice Works counters in Malaysia. You can check out the locations here:




Santa Marche & Shiro Waki Hime

September 15, 2015 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

Today i wanna introduce two new products from Tokyoninki!

As you know Tokyoninki is bringing in the latest hot-sellling beauty products from Japan, they have two latest additions to the list, which is Santa Marche Clear Peeling Gel and Shira Waki Hime Underarm Exfoliating and Brightening Cream.


Santa Marche Clear Peeling Gel


You may have noticed that a couple of years ago, clear peeling gels have been quite a beauty trend in Japan!

Some of you may have regular exfoliation habit, and wonder if your face scrub is too harsh on your face? I usually don’t exfoliate as my skin is quite sensitive, even slight rubbing with a beady exfoliator may cause redness.

Santa Marche is an oil-free gel cleanser with dirt-grabbing super micro Konjac scrub and baking soda help melt away makeups and free skin of impurities. The texture is an almost water-like gel form!

It is formulated with Kyoto Uji Green Tea extract, marine collagen and botanical beauty extracts to help detoxify and free skin of harmful impurities that cause skin-aging oxidation, and roughness.


How to use:

1. Cleanse your face and dry it well. They key here is to dry your face enough for the gel to work.

2. Pump a cherry-sized amount of green tea gel on your palm.

3. Apply to your face and neck if you like.

4. Gently massage in circular motion for 20 seconds, don’t forget areas like under the nose and under the lips, which usually turn out to be the most neglected areas for me where most dirt will appear!!!

5. And yessss slowly you can feel the gel turns into… dirt omg. I’m a bit paiseh to show this this what comes out from my skin:

The dirt is not even white it’s grey :X

The most 收获丰盛 (well-harvested lolol) de area is my nose, sides of the nose and under lips like i said.


When you are satisfied with your “harvest” or when they gel has completely dissolved, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water thoroughly.

All the dead skin is gone and skin is ultra smooth and soft!!! Also no redness nor do i feel any sting whatsoever because it’s really gentle!

Not only is an effective way to unclog your pores that contain dead skin cells to prevent blackheads, it also tightens your pore and keep it moisturized. Really wor after the peeling my skin doesn’t feel dry at all!

It’s an effective peeling gel that cleanses your face without harsh chemical, and it’s recommended you use it 1-2 times a week for best result!

It contains no artificial color, no mineral oil, no petroleum surfactant and is paraben free!



Shiro Waki Hime Underarm Exfoliating and Brightening Cream


Shiro Waki Hime is another exfoliating beauty product, but this time it is for uhm… not the face but… armpit!

The name Shiro Waki Hime literally means “White Armpit Princess” HAHAHAH these Japanese people so direct wan. Seriously that’s the worst name a princess can ever have lol but ok i think every girl secretly wants pretty armpits.

Only 30 seconds to achieve lighter armpits!! How?!

Hahaha it’s very funny!

I won’t show you my armpits hor but i will do a demo on the back of my hand:


How to use:

1. Apply a pea-sized amount on desired area (armpits, you can also use it on elbows, even knees).

2. Wait for 10 seconds so that the clay component has time to absorb dirt and dead skin.

3. Rub gently like you are erasing the cream.

4.  Like an eraser, the dirt will come off slowly, do it until the white clay is all gone.


Close up:


And instant whitening!!



You can see the hand on the right side is a shade lighter!

The whitening effect is by Titanium Oxide, a safe ingredient that acts as a foundation. You can remove the foundation when you take a bath later.

It also contains 6 kinds of Hyaluronic acid to moisturize and brighten your skin!




You can get both the products from and all SASA outlets!







The meaning of Umami

September 12, 2015 in Bon Cheesepetit / Japan 13 Cheesed

I’ve talked about the origin of Itadakimasu and the significance of Mottaitai.

Today i want to talk about this word called “umami“, it’s not a phrase like itadakimasu or mottainai, but still related to food, veeeery yummy food, because i know you guys love eating XD.

So let’s see!

You may have heard of umami, since there’s the famous “Umami Burger” in the US. But what is it?

If you watch anime or Japanese drama, i’m sure you know the word umai, which means “delicious”. And mi means taste, simply: “delicious taste”.

So, without umami, a food is simply just sweet, salty, sour, or bitter. But sometimes you eat something so good you don’t even know how to describe it. Now we know umami. The 5th taste human tongues can perceive.

Kikunae Ikeda discovered umami in 1908 while he was drinking a bowl of soup prepared by his wife using Konbu. She was a very important wife who was using a very important piece of seaweed that changed the destiny of food. I wish i can invoke such enlightenment too by putting random stuff in my husband’s soup lolol.

Anyway it was discovered that umami can be found in a lot of natural foods. In Japan, the most umami-rich foods are konbu (kelp) and katsobushi (dried bonito flakes), which is why the basic ingredient to make dashi (Japanese soup stock or broth) is always konbu + katsuobushi. You can do this at home! Just put dried bonito flakes in a stock bag, boil together with konbu for a few minutes in a large pot and you will have a pot of dashi right there. Simplest natural soup stock in the world.

(Essential items in our kitchen)


So right, what exactly is in konbu and katsubushi that makes them the king and queen of umami?

The answer is Glutamate. And Glutamate gives the taste of umami.

The genius professor Ikeda then mixed this element with ordinary salt and water, to create monosodium glutamate, which has now become the world most notorious food enhancer called the MSG, and patented it.

Wait… What?

Mind blown. Right?

Professor Ikeda also created his company who mass produced MSG spreading the umami culture like gospel all around the world, and it is called Ajinomoto.

When i read that my already mushy brain combust again.

Since young, my family has always been very health conscious, and try not to eat outside food that had a lot of “Ahjinamoto” (that’s what we called it). And Ahjinamoto, to us, was basically poison. And we avoided it at all cost because it will kill you like a lethal venom.

A couple of decades later, i met the danna and when we first moved in together, he bought a bottle of Ajinomoto shaker during a grocery shopping trip. I was very surprised.

“Isn’t this thing very bad for your health?” i asked, suspicious. The danna just shook his head and laughed. “Every family has it in Japan,” he mused. In my heart i thought all the Japanese moms were crazy for knowingly slow-murdering their husbands and kids.

I know, right. If you came to my house and saw the bottle of crystalized MSG, you were for sure going to give me that look that says OMG YOU EVIL HOUSEWIFE YOU ARE POISONING YOUR WHOLE FAMILY TO A SLOW AND PAINFUL DEATH.

Ever since i took charge of the kitchen (the life of a housewife lol), i threw it away secretly.

But, the Japanese has no fear of MSG. I wondered why. Being one of the most health conscious nations in the world, they are eating cup noodles and ramen like they can’t live without them (they can’t).

I don’t want to bore you with long arguments on how MSG is not any more poisonous than a chargrilled rib eye steak (and honestly, salt is maybe even worse than MSG if not just as bad), but after reading up quite a fair bit on the topic, I have decided to bring back the Ajinomoto in my house.

True, all these while i had the impression that Ajinomoto is made of pure evil chemical, I mean, even the appearance of it looks artificial! But now i realized, yes, it is chemical, but in the same way as water is too, as H2O.

Ajinomoto sounded scary because it is so, damn cheap. I mean, good things cannot come cheap, right? If it is cheap it means it is non-organic and probably contain stuff that is made of chemical lab waste that will make your hair melt.

Ajinomoto, is “Aji no moto” (味の素), which literally means, “the essence of taste”. Which is umami. The Malaysian Ajinomoto says that the glutamate is derived from “ubi kayu” (tapioca), “tebu” (sugar cane) and “sagu” (sago).

Until today, no one single study has found evidence that MSG will cause any harm, and if it does, it will have vanished from Japan because they have ridiculously strict food safety policies.

I had avoided Ajinomoto like plague for my entire life, but now i think it is time i see it in a whole new light and give it a new definition.

I just feel a small need to defend it as many people shy away from the brand because of the negativity it is associated to. But Ajinomoto is awesome. Most of my frozen food for emergency times are from Ajinomoto. Most of the time it uses only “safe food” (meat or vegetables from their very own specific farms. Japanese are very suspicious of “unknown sources”).

If you go to ISETAN KLCC, please buy the Ajinomoto prawn Siew-Mai. It was the best Siew-Mai I’ve ever eaten in Malaysia LOLOL. It is my and the danna’s favorite. When i was in my early pregnancy i ate so much of it because it was about the only food I could swallow when almost all other food repulsed me no to end. I’m quite sure you get your fair share of MSG from it but hey, Japanese still live the longest in the world.

MSG could even be beneficial (say what?!?). Did you know that umami enhances the taste of food (like switching food into freaking ultra HD mode! If you put it in egg the egg tastes more eggy and if you put it in chicken your chicken tastes more chickeny)? If a food contains a lot of umami, the food will taste generally richer even if the salt content is minimal. Which means, you can reduce your salt intake by adding extra umami in your food. It could be beneficial for the elderly and babies.

Of course I’m not saying that you should go sprinkle MSG in your baby’s formula la. What I am saying is that, if you can identify the umami-rich foods, you can use the natural power to create secret flavor-bombs that will get your entire family hooked (and flaunt it if you want lolol). Of course sometimes you can cheat too with a bottle of Ajinomoto as short cut. Just don’t let anyone see it. It’s embarrassing. *guilty* I mean, mothers who don’t use Ajinomoto will always stay the better mom right? Or so everybody judges.

When Junya was younger, maybe 7-8 months, i cooked his soup and porridge with dashi (konbu and katsuobushi) with no added salt because everyone knows too much sodium is no good for baby’s weak digest system right. And i noticed that he loved food infused with dashi (soup, stew, porridge) more than food without (steamed vegetables, bread, fruits).

(A typical meal for the 8 month old Junya-porridge cooked with dashi and vegetables, topped with natto.)

Until today, Junya loooooves soup the most. Even with no salt added, he down it like a champion. And i am now a true believer in umami.

While mothers are mothers and i admit i am one of those who will opt organic over cheap and vague baby food jars, it is also nice to know that now i don’t have to be so paranoid to decode every single food label (since MSG also comes in many other fancy names undercover).

So yea. I just solved a myth for myself!! It’s of course up to a person to believe and debate since it’s still a very much controversial food topic.

I’m including a few links i found that covers the topic of MSG extensively (at the end of the post).

Also, the danna introduced me to Rokunosuke, a brand that produces salt. One of his famous chef friends told him that Rokunosuke is the ultimate secret to his cooking that get all his customers hooked forever. Because it is the most delicious salt in the world.

The danna then bought 3 packs (original, pepper and shijimi) for our kicthen. They are, the most delicious salts in the world. They are like freaking umami fairy dust that turns the most mundane food into magic.

I used them in grilled meat, and even just sprinkle it in plain Japanese rice to make onigiri. What exactly is it made of??? It tasted like an MSG bomb that will make your stomach rot into mush.

But then i checked the ingredient. All that was in it, was none other than normal salt, dried Shiitake (mushroom), Konbu, and dried scallop.

Umami wins.


Anyway that was the scientific side of the story. I believe that umami does not only mean the 5th taste, but describes the beauty of a food. And the second meaning would be much more philosophical.

The Japanese are using the word way too generously on food packaging nowadays since the very word itself sells. Every single food product screams “UMAMI!!!!” in different kind of expressions printed right across the wrapper. Umami is the IT word.

Lest the word become a cheap trick in seducing foodies who buy the whole 5th taste concept, i wanted to know if it carries a deeper meaning to it.

Umami exists for people who can appreciate it. While it sounds condescending as if you need some special gastronomic talent to be able to distinguish one flavor from another, it is really simple. When you truly, whole heartedly enjoy a food, feeling blessed and thankful to be able to enjoy something of such great quality, you appreciate umami, and therefore it is translated in the food. It is almost like spiritually communicating with your food.

Sounds familiar? Yes, because that is also the roots of itadakimasu and mottainai, too. It’s about beauty, appreciation and respect.






Taste of Tohoku

Did you know? Miso is also a food that is very high in umami. And you only need very little of it to boost the taste of your food.

In Tohoku there are three different sorts of Miso: Sendai miso (a a style of miso, or fermented soybean and rice paste, unique to the Sendai region); Dengaku Miso (sweetened miso to be used as sauce on grilled tofu and other foods) and finally Tokusen Miso (specialty miso).

Next time when you go grocery shopping, do pay attention to the different types of miso!

For more tips on Tohoku gourmet and delicacies, you can visit Taste of Tohoku!




1. If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn’t everyone in Asia have a headache?

2. Umami: why the fifth taste is so important

3. Umami—“the beautiful taste”

15 months

September 11, 2015 in Baby 6 Cheesed

Junya turns 15 months today!

(Also read  1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month 8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month , 13th month and 14th month here.)


It has been a very smooth sailing month, so much that i when i think back, it was like a very boring month hahaha.

So here’s what happened in the past month!


For Baby

A new leaf

Ya our baby has turned over a new leaf lolol. Last month i labelled him a rebel. But for the past month, he listens. 

When we told him no, he would pause/hesitate, and then work his way around to get us to say yes lolol.

He loves to play with everything that are not his toys -_-. DVD player, amplifier, my make up, papa’s glasses, Champon’s water bottle, Champon’s tail. -_-.

But nowadays he points at something and looks at us to seek approval. After a “no” from us, he would move his finger a few inches away and point at something else nearby (or even a different part of the same item) hopefully our answers would vary LOLOL. Papa’s like, nope. nope. nope. Absolutely nope. nope too.

Yeap that’s his new leaf, before he’s gonna soon grow many more leaves and turn them all over again. >.<




I have read that giving your little ones some kind of control over their lives will make them less controlling. So i started letting him pick stuff that he likes (fake democracy. You get to choose from whatever that i have chosen for you lol), shirts to wear, snacks to eat, book to read, shoes to buy.

I wonder why i didn’t do this earlier because i ended up learning so much about him! That he loves green more than blue ( for now). That he prefers bus to any other vehicles. That he has good taste like his mom because he picked the shoes i secretly wished he would during shopping lol.


Dig nose

Yeap. -_-



He can’t talk much yet (still car car, ball ball, milk milk), but i know that he is now trying to tell me something even though he can’t find the words for it (literally). I feel very helpless for him T____T.

He will now take my hand and pull me to do whatever he wants to do or wants me to do (oh, i lie down on Champon? Okay okay baby). And i also find out that he understands so much more than i thought he did. During a conversation with the danna when i mentioned “let’s go” (to a nice restaurant when we go back to Japan end of the month), and Junya he ran to his stroller and look at me excitedly because he thought we were going out.


First Hair Cut

By papa. Hey, that’s what you married a hairstylist for, y’all.

It doesn’t even count as a hair cut though. Papa was snipping off 3 strands of hair that grew out of proportion lolol.


Lawn Mower

I think i know what Junya wants to be when he grows up.

He will be… mowing the lawn (What do you call a person who mows your lawn anyway? Lawn-mower? Lawn mower guy? Lawn mowerer? Dad? lolol)

He can push this thing around the house for hourssssss. Except the grass he is trying to cut not is imaginary after all.

His grass is this.

I imagine a naked Shiba Inu.


Second Time in Singapore

Hey guys!! You all welcome me ma?


Toddler class

Junya graduated from baby class and moved on to Toddler Class now with Brillkids Family! Recently he is okay to be mixing with other people without me around (read: without me within his arm’s reach, but still at least a torch-light beam reach lol), so that’s a good sign!


Dip in!

Both the danna and i feel that swimming skill is a must for our kid(s). Boys who can swim well are so cool! So this month Junya started his first swimming lesson with teacher Frog*.

Actually both of us have ulterior motif wan. For me is so that my son can save his mother when she drowns. Because i don’t know how to swim T_____T.

For the danna, it is to regain favor for himself to have a common interest with his son, since Junya obviously loves me 99% now (papa 1% lolol).

(*Only put the sticker cuz he swims awesomely like one, not cuz he looks like one, okay. He is very handsome wan.)

Moteru (Popular with the girls)

Hey, chill, girls.


Sleeping through the night… finally.

For both me and Junya. Mostly me.

Omg you know some babies sleep through the night at 4 months old. Mine at 14 -_-.

The cry-it-out thing kinda worked and i considered sleep training a moderate success as he stopped waking up screaming every 2 hours for human pacifier. He is completely weaned off the night, although occasionally he would still cry himself awake but at least could be put back to sleep by gentle pats or a water bottle. But for maybe a couple of months now, he MUST wake me up at 5am or 6am to nurse, no matter what time he slept the night before.

7th September is more significant than any other day because, for the first time in his life, he slept from 8pm-7am. Without a single fuss. Or maybe with some small assorted fuss, i don’t know, because it did not wake me up.

Congratulations, me.


Nom it up!

A lot of mothers say that once the baby sleep through the night, their appetite also shoots up the sky. I do see an improvement in eating!!

He now generally finishes whatever i put in his bowl, although he has clear favorites (carrot, Junya. *pretends full* Tofu? *opens mouth*). But i also noticed that he now prefer stronger tasting food. Before he turned one everything i cook was salt-less, but now i have slowly increased the taste of food by adding baby shoyu and thicker dashi, and he also sometimes share the same food as us now, which is much saltier, so that could be the reason.

But really. Nothing beats seeing your toddler happily chow down food you made him. (Except when he starts making you food instead.)


For Mama

A few weeks ago i went to my gynae for my yearly pap-smear check up. She offered a scan for my uterus just to make sure everything looks fine. Wear and tear, you never know lol. I brought Junya along so that he can meet the person who brought him out to this world.

As she was doing the scan, Junya sat next to me on the bed. I was looking at the ultrasound screen, and everything just felt so surreal.

“Junya, did you know? You were here on the screen! I saw you from here before.” I said to him.

Suddenly i just felt so ovewhelmed. And very thankful. I thought about the people who had to go through obstacles and heartaches to conceive. Some can’t even do so after all the obstacles and heartaches. I am so thankful. And i want to remind myself about this everyday. And i do, every time i look at this little human given to me by the generous universe.

I call Junya my Goma Baby sometimes.

(The first ever time i saw Junya.)
Did you know? Junya used to be the size of a goma (sesame in Japanese)!!!” i exclaimed to the danna, squinting, gesturing the size of a tiny tiny dot with my thumb and index finger.

Look at him now!!! This is my goma baby!!! How did he become so big?????” i added, completely in awe.

Uh huh.” he uttered.

Can you show a little more amazement?” i sighed.

That’s because i hear you say this every. single. day.

Right. Touche.

But don’t you guys think so? I do. I am awestruck. Every single day.


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11 years

September 9, 2015 in Commercial Break 114 Cheesed

Today this blog turns 11 years old.

Last year i briefly thought about not being able to have posts like these anymore. But i guess it survived yet another year.

I thought to myself, i have persisted something for 10 years, and even if it doesn’t work anymore, i considered it an achievement. It was like, 我给了自己一个交代。都值了。

During my interview with BFM last month, i was asked to share my tips to successful blogging.  I thought for a long while (it sounded like i answered effortlessly but that’s because they cut out my errrs and uhmmms lolol. Thanks Natalie.) before i concluded that it was plain luck.

It was true. I was lucky. I am lucky. Some may consider this a moderately successful blog, only because a small amount of people will occasionally google “cheeserland” or vaguely remember my make up mode + multi-filtered face, and that sometimes people want to interview me on how i become moderately successful (only because the radio announcer was a reader of this blog lolol thanks again Natalie).

But i only consider myself successful because i am happy and free now. That’s my ultimate definition of success. You can be earning multi-million dollars and be unhappy. You can have the topmost position in a global conglomerate and feel entrapped.

But i am now independent, content, and happily waking up 7am on my own terms lol. I feel that i now understand that i have something to live for.

So yea i didn’t really give an answer to the interview question. If i must it will become very pretentiously philosophical lolol.

But i guess, writing something one truly love works works for me. In the beginning it was for myself, but a while later i realized sharing what i love actually benefitted some people who share the same passion. We learn together. I get motivated to learn more, and feel thankful that they enjoy what they read. And then i share more. It’s all a very good cycle.

It’s no longer about who beats who in traffic and followers and who gets the bigger client or be invited to more events. It is about sharing what you believe and finding resonance. Even if it means you need a stethoscope lol.

Even if one day nobody reads this blog anymore, i would still continue writing here (or type, whatever it is. Who knows we evolved from writing to typing to tapping to one day maybe raising an eyebrow or telepathically speaking into the air??). There will always be someone who reads this blog. Me.

After all, that was how it all started. The first time i ever wrote for myself was in 1993. The first time. I was given a diary (brown cover, with an attached bookmark and just boring lines and dates), and i lay a pencil on the page of that day’s date.

And i was then hooked. For 22 years and counting.

The first entry. December 27, 1993.

(Yes i was Chinese educated all my life. Pardon my shitty English.)

In summary, it was about the book i borrowed from school library and some classmate who scolded me si ba po and i scolded him back si ba gong and that my aunty made a purple dress for my cousin’s barbie doll and there was a TV show at night which title i forgot but involved black people and an empty bottle fallen from the sky.

I am forever thankful for the mean classmate. If not for him i may never have become a blogger. Thank you, 死八公.

Anyway, i had to look through my old diaries (lots and lotssssss of them) to find the first ever entry i wrote. And then i ended up spending a good few hours laughing at my own jokes lolol. Apparently i was quite funny since i was a child. And racist. My apology for calling 历苏 a 黑人.

Anyway after that epic 1993 entry (Entry? Ancient blog post? lolol), this was what i wrote, on 27th December, 2013, exactly 20 years later.

My trip to Hakone to give thanks to the baby tree, 3 days after i announced my pregnancy and my 2nd wedding anniversary.

Funny how things turn out, right?

That is why, i will keep writing this blog, and view it 20 years later at night lying on a customized cloud bed (mentaiko-flavored and a specially engineered dream for that night) after Junya’s graduation ceremony, reading this entry from my contact lens.

So yea. Thank you, me in 1993.


And as usual, i would like to thank all 7 of you who are still reading here and who genuinely share my happiness and feel good about it.

Lastly, the standard blogniversary questions every year!

1.  When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?

2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?

3. What would you like to see more this blog?


Thanks again, this year.