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Coordinate post!

Some readers asked me if i could post more of working wear coordinates, since i work from home and most of the time i wear really casual. It looks like career women has the most headache when it comes to daily outfits!

Today all the outfits are from Dressabelle, an online boutique that provides high quality affordable work to casual wear. It’s very well established in Singapore and Malaysia, and is in an expansion phase within South-East Asia. Dresabelle believes that a lady never takes a day off style, and DSB completes the look for you.

There are two collection updates every week, and over 480 products a month for you to choose from!

Accessories available too at Dressabelle and it is easy to complement your outfits.


The second latest collection. Seems like checks are in now!

From the classy elegant to playful patterns, you can find something that suit your mood every work day.


Here are some of my Dressabelle coordinates!


1. Blue Leaves Executive Dress

A feminine print with a good dress length for that mature executive look.



2. Pocket Front Shift Dress

An absolute essential LBD. Simple yet edgy, it has a loose but flattering cutting, perfect for any day at all (including days you need to go for a 15-course dinner).

And lots of room for accessorizing to play around with.And love the soft material, a very comfortable piece!


3. Textured Sweetheart Bandage Dress

For party or a romantic date!

Love the material too! It’s thick stretchable bandage fabric that really flatters your body line.


4. Chequered Cropped Two Piece Set

I love all the two-pieces! There are just so many ways to wear them, super worth it XD

This is a cropped top and skirt together.


4. Chequered Cropped Top 

This is the cropped top worn another way. Transitional summer-> autumn coordinate!



Dressabelle ships worldwide, and offers free shipping locally (Malaysia & Singapore). In Malaysia it is by poslaju, arrives within 2-3 business days. If you have any questions, do send in an enquiry, all queries are attended to within 24 hours!


Also, for Cheeserland’s readers from Malaysia, you can key in the coupon code DSBxCheesie20 for 20% discount off ANY purchase.
As for Singapore, you can use this 15% coupon code: CHEESIE15 to get 15% off any purchase as well!
Both coupon codes will expire on 31st August.


Go to shop now at

Dressabelle Malaysia

Dressabelle Singapore

Sign up for Dressabelle’s mailing list, like them on their facebook page, and follow them on instagram and twitter at @dressabellemy for daily fashion inspirations!


Playing Game, Be Back Soon

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This is not a pretty post, but a pretty upset post.

Today the danna took a day off his super busy schedule so that we could go buy some baby products we needed. We wanted to get something from Combi so we went to Mid Valley.

We always wanted to try out Combi because it is a reliable and very popular brand in Japan. I didn’t even think of other brand options. We went straight to Combi and expected to get what we wanted.

Have you ever given up what you wanted to buy in a shop because the attitude of the shop staff suck SO MUCH? (Like you really need to buy that item so badly but they piss you off so much you would rather go through the trouble to buy it somewhere else then to let them earn money/get commission?!)

In this case, Combi, you just lost a customer because of your horrible choice in hiring albeit having rather awesome products.


First of all nobody was in the shop.

Then i noticed there was a poorly written piece of sign on a poorly located standie outside the shop that says “BE BACK TO TOILET!!” (?! So do you work in the shop or in the toilet?)

Anyway, we really wanted to just get it done and over with, so we waited in the store.

After about 5 minutes, still not a single soul was seen so we went around for a walk aimlessly and time-wastingly, only to come back and realize the “BE BACK TO TOILET!!” sign was still there. It must have been a helluva difficult toilet visit.

I was getting annoyed at this point, but not anymore when i realized that the shop staff was there the whole time.

I went from annoyed to fuming and shocked.


Know why we didn’t know he was there?


He was hiding behind the counter sleeping.


Means all these while he was pretending to not be around with the BE BACK TO TOILET sign permanently displayed outside SO THAT NO CUSTOMER WILL COME IN AND DISTURB HIS BLISSFUL NAP.

(Wonder why your sales dropped lately, Combi Mid Valley?)

So i guess we woke him up (by walking around and *ahem*ing), and he very very very VERY (i cannot emphasize the word “very”enough here) reluctantly walked towards us, bleary-eyed, letting out a cold and dull, “yes?

I had to garner all my tahan not to slap him and to maintain my cool to tell him politely what we wanted to buy.

He pointed away to some products, with absolutely no intention to elaborate whatsoever. His face expression said “fasterly get the hell out of here so that i can go back behind the counter and be invisible again“. Perfect salesman.

We then asked him a few more questions like, “are those the only colors available?” and “what’s the difference between this and that?”, he was mainly just giving answers in a maximum of two syllabus.

I was in such a dilemma. We needed the item, and if we don’t buy it we were just gonna trouble ourselves more. But i really really couldn’t stand looking at his face a second longer without having the urge to splash tabasco on it. Then the danna said if we buy the product and if something goes wrong with it, this is the attitude we are going to get when we come back to the shop to ask for repair/exchange so there’s really no point buying it there. (The danna is always right. I mean for real.)

So as much as we love Combi, we left and went to the shop nearby and bought a competitor brand.

When we left and passed by the store again, the fella was awake this time, and happily playing games on his mobile phone (i know it is game and not text cuz we all can recognize that frantic hard taps on the screen lol).

a couple walked in to the store, so i was observing what he was gonna do. He stood up after like 30 seconds (since the customers didn’t leave as he wished), eyes and fingers still glued to his phone, occasionally looked up to see if the customers have left or were gonna open their mouths to trouble him again. They left.

That is when i couldn’t tahan and decided to snap pictures and blog about this.

So no offense Combi, but you basically just eff up your own sales by hiring an incapable scumbag. Such a shame, Japanese products Malaysian service.

I would have written in to Combi to complain about this incident but why waste my time? Their human resource is such major failure i doubt even with this post i will get any kind of customer service, if it even exists.


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With love from Japan

August 7, 2014 in Baby 26 Cheesed

The danna had to go back to Japan for work for two weeks, and this time i couldn’t follow because i think Junya is still too young to handle a mid-summer trip in Japan T_____T

So this was the longest we were apart ever since we got married. My mom came to stay with me while he was away so taking care of the baby was a breeze, but i was mostly bitter about all the nice things i couldn’t have in Japan. Although it was a little worse for him cuz what he couldn’t have was Junya hehehhehe. So i win.

He would update me about his work and stuff, places he went in Tokyo, and send pictures of his room:

I see he is having fun shopping. (Although some are parcels i bought online XD).

And i would update him about… i dunno… how many times Junya pooed. And send him pictures of my room:

Obviously we were living two very drastically different lives here.



Anyway… on the last night before he flew back, middle of the night, he had to send me this

That shop is apparently one of the most popular ramen shop in Tokyo with a looooong queue outside.

I almost drowned in my own saliva wtf.

(Btw the “end product” pic is totally unnecessaryemo3)



After ramen he sent me this.


Usually in revenge for all the food pictures he send me i’d spam him with lots of smiley pictures of Junya to remind him what he’s been missing out.


(“Hi dad! Sniff me! Oh right, you can’t.” Oh My God today your son totally climbed the stairs! Something like that.)


But since he was flying back real soon, he could just tahan a bit more and could hug/kiss/sniff his son for all he wants. But i still cannot have my ramen. FOR MONTHS.

Life is unfair.


Fine. And when i thought that was the end of all the food-you-can’t-eat torture, since his flight was 10am in the morning (what else could he eat? McBreakfast? Pffftt).

(On hindsight actually he could. :X The Mentaiko Infinity Buffet at Narita Airport is no joke.)



My chatbox exploded with pictures of weird colorful edibles that would please human palate in many amazing ways.

Who would have known. I applaud him for waking up at 5AM to go to Tsukiji Fish Market. SO FREAKING EARLY. He totally deserves the worm. (Metaphorically, okay? Just in case, you know. Joke?)

Anyway here’s the complete picture collage of what he tortured me with:



So i spammed two Smiley Junya pictures in vengeance but he no layan (maybe already switched his phone off -___-).  Summore said “safe flight” to myself sien.


Anyway that is all la.

When he came back he did bribe me with ichigo and onigiri so life is all good again and i forgave everything he’s ever done HAHAHA #cheapdate

Anyway the next half below a boring shopping post! Things he got from Japan for the family (some of course i ordered him to buy wan haha)

Here goes!


For Wife & Family:

First thing was ICHIGO!!!

It is mid summer now and is almost impossible to get strawberries, but he somehow managed to find me Nagano Ichigo (altho i wanted Hakata Amao). This alone offsets all the evilishly yummy pictures he annoyingly sent me haha.

Sandwich points for this husband.

Summore got a Frozen collabo sandwich lolol. Trust Japan to monetize ALL the latest sensations.

Japanese riceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Things i ordered:

Supplement for breastfeeding moms. All my Calcium is going to Junya’s fingernails i’m not kidding.


Yakult probiotic pills for good intestines. Can never live without this now.





For Junya:

Meiji Hohoemi Formula for later use. We also bought a Meiji “Raku Raku Cube” pack earlier, which is one of those Japanese awesomesaucethingabomb invention. The formula COMES IN A BAR. Like an individually packed chocolate bar. You just break the cubes according to baby’s need and mix with water.

Huh? What milk powder case?! What measuring spoons? Y NOBODY ELSE DID THAT YET?!


Papa’s presents:

Bath time toys from Franc Franc

Papa wants a western mafia son wtf.




Mama’s presents:

Mama is more like a…. i dunno, Edo period yakuza person wtf.

Rattle toy

Swimava neck float (don’t dare to use all the made in China with fake Disney characters on it wan. They look painful and flimsy wtf)

Sunblock and some care packs. This one not really present haha.


Uncle’s presents:

Danna’s brother sent him tons of oversized clothes and i could see he has very unique taste lolol.


Junya’s uncle also works in Kumamoto so he gets ALLLLL the Kumamon shirts!!!

Since i don’t have a girl i have given up hope on ridiculously cute Hello Kitty collabo items in various pastel hues. Instead i am gonna force subtly brainwash him with this whole Kumamon cult XD


For Champon:

Apparently his snacks are worth 3X more than Junya’s commercial lunches and dinners for monthssssss. Where’s your priority, dad?!


Ok that’s all.

Now let me have a “pretend in Japan” breakfast.



PS: Anyway now i understand how some of you feel when i post food pictures. 我也有今天了。

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Pocket Wifi for Japan trip

August 6, 2014 in Commercial Break 8 Cheesed

The 101th most asked question that is not listed in my 100 Ultimate FAQ about Japan, is:

How do i get internet while traveling in Japan?

I think i answered many times, but i’m gonna answer once and for all in this post!


A few years ago if you travel to Japan, usually your only internet choices are:

a) rent a mobile phone b) use internet roaming by your local telco provider  c) be all zen and disconnect with the world and live without it.


But after traveling to Japan for so many times, i can say that the best choice now is:

A Pocket WiFi.

Why? I have said it in a previous post before but now i’ll list down again all the reasons why:


1. It is much, much cheaper than data roaming, unless your telco company is run by Santa Claus, or lying.

2. You have internet with you all the time, provided you don’t forget your device in the hotel and that your device doesn’t die on you (which bring me to point n0. later in the post below).

3. It can connect multiple devices for the same price! Meaning you may have the internet on your iPhone, your BF’s iPhone, your iPad, your BF’s iPad and your cat’s laptop. If you travel in a group you can also share the bill. Like sharing a cab.

4. This point is very very important! Even if you have the internet, it would have no use whatsoever if your smartphone runs out of juice. Since your phone is now on wifi and not 3G, your phone’s battery life also lasts much much longer than when you are on data roaming.

So now the next question is:

How do i get one and which one is good?

Before this i usually rented mine from Japan. They would send it to Narita airport and i would pick it up from there. It was easy for me because i could read Japanese websites so the ordering was really simple as well. For some people they might be a little bit of trouble. And you always feel insecure not to have internet with you BEFORE you fly.


Finally there’s a company that provides Pocket Wifi rental service for Japan IN MALAYSIA. And that’s Beee Mobile.

What are the advantages of choosing Beee Mobile Pocket Wifi Device?

1. The most important now of course, is you can pick the device up at KLIA and drop it off when you return. If you fly from other airports, you can also have it delivered to your doorstep FOC (within Klang Valley). Now you can stay connected the moment you land in Japan! :D

2. All the Pocket Wifi devices i have ever rented for my trips other than Japan are all from this H brand, which honestly is quite shit. The battery life is so short you will have to bring a power bank (or two!) all the time or charge it every 3-4 hours. I always got so worried i had to switch it off when i wasn’t using, and switch it on again when i want to tweet or IG a photo wtf. Now Beee Mobile Pocket Wifi’s battery lasts for 12 hours!!! Pretty much cover your whole day trip :D

3. The device is also the latest model that supports 4G (means super super fast!), is made in Japan, manufactured by NEC and supported by Docomo. If you don’t already know, Docomo is the top network provider in Japan and its reliability speaks for itself.

4. Usually Pocket Wifi allows you to share up to 5 devices, but this one tops it all with a maximum of 10 devices. Bring your whole family to Japan!!!

5. No deposit required.

6. Lastly, very competitive price.

You can find out more about the rate here.

Other than Pocket Wifi rental, Beee Mobile also provide camera rental. One is Instax Mini polaroid, another is TR15, which is the most sought-after camera right now, but sold out, or waaaay too expensive to buy right? Why not rent it! :D What’s more, if you don’t want to splurge on winter coats which you won’t use again, you can also rent it from Beee Mobile. Pretty much a one-stop awesome website to prep you for your life-changing Japan trip.

Go to Beee Mobile now!

And check out their Facebook Page. ^^

Hanami date with izu ♡

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It was late March in Tokyo.

It was still early but the main sakura trees in Yoyogi park started to bloom.

About two weeks before that i was with RinRin for Kawazuzakura hanami date. Then a few days later, i was also in Yoyogi for a full bloom date with number76 Tokyo team. Then a week later i had a late hanami date with QiuQiu lol. I think i must have come to Yoyogi not less than 5 or 6 times! So i saw yoyogi park from botak (bald) to early bloom to a sea of sakura (in the sky) until a pool of sakura (on the ground). I think other than the cleaners working inside the park, nobody has gone hanami more times than me in Tokyo wtf.

I just feel so lucky. Really so, SO lucky. Usually a normal working person in Tokyo go for hanami maybe twice (company and family), maximum in a year? But my sole itinerary in the entire month was so see as much sakura as possible.


Did you know?

The danna told me that he saw a piece of news somewhere that, the average life of a cherry-blossom tree is about 60-70 years (of course it depends on the species), and most of the common cherry-blossom you see now were planted after World War II, which makes them about 70 years old now. Which means suddenly all these trees may just all die together and there will be more more sakura left until they plant new ones wtf. Which means if you want to see sakura YOU’D BETTER TO GO NEXT YEAR.

Haha or for all you know i may be bluffing you just so you can contribute to Japan’s economy lol.


Or you can just keep reading this blog la.

Casual coordinate for hanami

With izu, Risako (Scawaii model)!

It was a weekend so even though it wasn’t yet full bloom, the park was full of picnic mats!

Our mat.

I really appreciate whoever organizes a hanami. It is tough work!! I heard Izu’s friend was here to fight for a good spot 7am in the morning, then started setting up.

Risako and Izu’s fur baby. How i wish i could bring Champon here too!! (I couldn’t because he hasn’t finished his vaccination.)


Preparing food.

Usually we just let the guys do everything lol.

And usually everyone drinks beer and get really high in the afternoon (then break into songs or dance haha). I was sooooooo craving for a cheap champagne (or all the sakura special edition cocktails!!!!!!) but Junya was still inside my belly i didn’t want him to get drunk  T____T.



Risako’s chihuahua.

Haha my pink camera at the background doing a timelapse video. You can watch it here.

Lot of snacks!

Izu and her Dachschund Donna. She is 17 years old!!!!!!! But she looks so so so young! So not only human in Japan live longer and look younger, animals too i guess.

(Also i added a few imaginary animals to 凑热闹。)



Group picture

Later on Risako and Izu and i went for a stroll in the park to take photos.

Izu and Donna


Toilet break but there was a loooooooong queue!

Mobile toilets are usually set up just specially for sakura seasons in Japan. Looking at how many people were using it we really really cringed the moment we went in. But it really wasn’t that bad!


Patrol Dog.

Sakura ♡

The park was so so so so nice for pictures!

Took like a million pictures XD

Pretty? :3


Me with Donna

Bumped into Melody Yoko!

Last picture ^^







A day after, i heard that Nakameguro was on the first day of full bloom! The danna had work and RinRin had a shoot, so i went alone anyway XD

A lot of people!!!!!

So surrounded by blissfulness!!!! ♡♡♡

First full bloom selfie XD


This is where it took another timelapse video, it turned out super awesome.


Sakura sunset ♡

The yellow man, know what his job is?

There’s a sign on his back saying “Let me help you press the shutter!” So basically his job was just walking around and help people take pictures. How sweet! Anyway i had my selfie camera so it’s okay lol.

Bumped into a friend so had snacks together!

Night sakura ♡



That’s all for today! Many more sakura post to spam you guys :D

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Meeting Champon ♡

July 30, 2014 in Japan 23 Cheesed

Just a bunch of photos of me with sakura and cute puppies!

It was early March, and apparently 2014 has a very late sakura bloom (early to mid April). But the moment i landed in Tokyo, i could not wait any longer.

RinRin was my roommate for a couple of weeks, and we went for an early hanami date at Yoyogi park, because even though the general bloom only started in April, there were a few other sakura species that are early-bloomers.

Kawazu-zakura is one of them.

Not only does it bloom earlier than other sakura trees, it is also much, much, much prettier because it is SO PINK!!

A lot of people are quite surprised to find out that majority of sakura trees they see are actually almost whitish, or very very pale pink at best, and not the romantic baby pink everyone saw in Google Images.

But Kawazu-zakura, is a shade of soft yet vivid pink, and the blossoms are pretty dense too so it’s really perfect for pictures!

There were only about 4-5 trees in total in the middle of Yoyogi Park, (as opposed to hundreds of the whitish ones that blooms later in April) but if you angle it properly it could really still look like you are in the midst of a sakura garden.

We snapped something like hundreds of pictures since it was our first hanami of the year, tooooo excited! :D



From a further view!

After hanami, we had to travel to the other side of Tokyo to meet Champon (although back then we didn’t have a name for him just yet).


I haven’t been blogging about Champon other than the occasional random Instagram photos because people give you so much shit (more than your pup does, ironically.) when it comes to keeping pets. So i reckoned the more low key it is the more peace i will have. But anyway here’s a short story, for without it i feel like there’s a missing piece to this blog.

So the danna and i had been wanting to have a dog (and a baby, i know, we are two very greedy people lol) for a long time, but we couldn’t because back then we were staying at my 800sqft apartment.

By heart we knew we wanted a Shiba Inu (Japanese spirit ALLLLLLLL the way!), but we had a hard time finding a reliable source in Malaysia. Throughout the year we met a few pups at (amateur) breeders’ place and a few pet shops, but none of them seemed right to us. A few are not even legit.

So we decided that although it is super tough work, our Shiba baby would have to be made in Japan. There are hundreds and hundreds of Shiba breeders in Japan, and we picked one that is reputable and near-ish to us. Due to timing and logistic problem (we were in Malaysia), we had to pick a pup by only looking at photographs.

And this day was the day i went to meet our Shiba baby in real life for the first time.

It was a bit like first date. I was excited, a little nervous, worrying how we would feel about each other. Would he like me? Would i find flaws in him and decide that he’s not the one after all?

The answer is, i liked him. (I wasn’t sure if he liked me though. He was shy and didn’t talk much.)

It wasn’t really like love at first sight because you can have love at first sight with pretty much any puppy since they are so freaking adorable. Nor did we have this soulmate ppzzzzzzzt connection thingie.

I felt that he’s mellow (compared to other pups in the house), and have a generally very pleasant personality. But pretty much all pups in the house behaved really well. At 2 months old they are all crate-trained so pretty much they can be house-broken the moment you bring them home (that was the case for Champon).

Champon (left) and his friend who was 2 days older.

A black Shiba newborn was also in the house that day!

I held, hugged him and talked to him hoping that he would remember me and like me more (sounds so slutty and despo if i was really on a first date lololol).

(Not to mention i actually bring RinRin along wtf my date would be so weirded out LOLOL.)

So so so fat and cuddly! He was still having his winter coat back then.

Also took a lot a lot of pictures, because we had to keep him at the breeder’s place for a month more so that he could finish his vaccination before flying home with us, and boy you all know how fast puppies grow up! I visited him once a week back then, and every time he grew a little bigger and more mature.

We also met Champon’s mom, Otoki, who is very very sweet! (By the way Champon’s dad is a very handsome black Shiba!)

Before saying good bye.

So yea that’s the first time i met Champon. And the danna and i gave him the name because we once joked that if we ever have dogs, the male one would be Champon (a Nagasaki noodle dish), and the female one would be Castella (a Nagasaki cake). That’s how much we love Nagasaki. ♡

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