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EMODA March 2015

Spring mood in!

Some new shopping from EMODA.


The theme for EMODA Spring/Summer is Effortless Bohemian. It’s a little more feminine than AW last year with lots of fringes and laces! In terms of colors, they are playing with a lot of white/silver, and plenty of denim.

Here are some of my coordinates this spring 2015:


Coordinate 1

Fringe Line Trainer: EMODA

Mirror Metallic Skirt: EMODA


I really wanted that pair of espadrille, but it was a little pricy (EMODA’s collaboration line with Tsuru is of a higher price usually), but now it’s on sale!!!! :’D


Coordinate 2

Fringe Damage Denim Shirt: EMODA

Volume Border Flar Skirt (SS 2014): EMODA

Tropica motif sneakers (SS 2014): EMODA

Since i can’t live without sneakers now, i have rummage through EMODA’s archive to look for sneakers, and found this pair on sale, guess how much it is????


Which is about USD11!!!!!!!


Coordinate 3

SS Wool Beret: EMODA

iPhone 6 case: EMODA

Flats (AW 2013): EMODA

Loving the iPhone 6 case!!! That didn’t take long!!! Every time i change a new phone i’d be waiting for the new Sout casing. It’s the best!!!



This season’s EMODA Magazine:


My favorite this season are all their denim pieces.

If you’re the girlier one, there are also minimal floral and paisley prints to look out for!


Lots of new accessories too <3



Go shop now at EMODA GLOBAL!


Don’t forget to follow EMODA on Instagram to see their latest collection! <3


The Kawaii Mirror Selfie: Casio Exilim MR1 (Part 2)

March 5, 2015 in Commercial Break 7 Cheesed

Read Casio Exilim MR1 Part 1 here.

You can refer back to that post for all the basic features. In this second review, i will focus on some of its modes and filters!


Just to recap, Casio Exilim MR1 is a new style selfie camera that captures the image you see reflected in its mirror surface.


Let me just elaborate on a rather often overlooked problem of other selfie cameras.

So this picture is taken with my TR50. What’s wrong with this picture? Nothing.

Except that we are both looking at ourselves, which is the screen. Which is away from the lens. While of course i could just make an effort to look at the lens instead, but to be honest it is quite hard to do that because people who takes selfies are people who are obssessed with looking at themselves LOLOLOL. Ok la and also if you take a groufie, chances are some people will look at the lens and some will look at the screen.

So what’s different about MR1?

When you are looking at yourself, you are also looking at the lens.

A simple explanation here:

Spot the cleverly concealed lens?

The lens is hidden so strategically behind the mirror. So while you are checking yourself out, you can press the shutter button at the same time, without shifting your eye focus anywhere else.

I mean, even Junya can do it.

Perfect for Wefie or Groufie too!




So i think you have read all about the smooth skin/brightening beauty mode in the previous post. Now i wanna show you some of the pictures i took using Art Shot mode.

The Art Shot features are actually very similar to the ZR series, which i have reviewed last year in this post.


Toy camera

The darkening around the edge gives it a very hipster feel. This is one of my most used effect!


Light Tone

Create a dreamy, fantasy-like effect.


Crystal Ball

This one is very interesting! It’s like you have gone into a magic world of a floating sphere!



A happy, vivid effect for colorful objects to produce photo in a  pop art style!


Fish Eye

Make things that are already cute even cuter.



In the menu, there’s also another feature called Best Shot. There are too many of them and you will just have to explore them one by one. Here are some that i have used.

The nightscape of Tokyo city.

The ever beautiful Mt Fuji.

You could feel the crisp air and warm sunlight of Hakone.


The serenity of the spiritual shrine.


That’s all for now!

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that the selfie camera doesn’t only take good selfie, it takes your usual pictures of other object (which is not yourself lolol) and scenery just as perfectly too. Without the beauty mode, picture actually comes out clear, sharp and of high quality!

I’m so impressed!!!

What’s more impressive??? The price.


Is the retail price.

Do check out Casio’s website for more info!





Keio Plaza Hotel: Hinamatsuri Gourmet Experience

March 1, 2015 in Japan 8 Cheesed

You never expect that there are so much to do in a hotel!

I have previous blogged about the Keio Plaza Hotel’s Hello Kitty Room, this time around, it is all about foooood.

There are more than 20 restaurants and bars (!!!) in Keio Plaza Hotel, so you can expect an array of gourmet surprises during your stay in the hotel.

To be honest, during my 2-night-stay in Keio Plaza, i almost never went outside of the hotel (only to Isetan and Don Quijote nearby for shopping), and i had all my 3 meals in Keio Plaza daily.  It was almost like a relaxing resort holiday. So here are my dining experience throughout the 2 days!


Hinamatsuri, also known as the “Girl’s Day”, is a traditional annual event in Japan at which families pray for the health growth of their girls. (It’s such a grand and beautiful festival it’s almost unfair cuz why don’t they have Boy’s Day too?!?!?) (Anyway, i guess 还是女孩的钱比较好赚。)

This year, Keio Plaza hotel has a grand exhibition of Traitional Imperial Palace Style Dolls and Hanging Decorations in celebration of Hinamatsuri.

All the hanging dolls are handmade, and the hotel is more than 5000 of them!!! They are just so so cute! I never thought i could appreciate traditional fine arts such as these, but this time i really feel touched.

All of the dolls carry a special meaning for the festival. Each and every one is a symbol to different aspects like good health, happiness and beauty. I’m jealous of the girls now. I want to be one again. T____T.

This one is a little baby wrapped in a Takenoko (i think?)


Anyway, not only does Keio celebrate Hinamatsuri by having decorations all around the hotel, they actually have Hinamatsuri-themed menu for some of the restaurants too!! There are probably no other hotel that does this so gloriously!!


Jurin’s Sweets Buffet

Jurin is an all-day-dining restaurant in the hotel, and this February they are having Sweets Buffet with the theme of Strawberry & Chocolate.

Isn’t that a girl’s ultimate dream? All-you-can-eat dessert and infinity Japanese strawberries. :D

Just look at these!!!

With RinRin <3

Let’s look at some of the main line-ups! Ichigo chiffon cake…

Strawbie cheesecake…

Assorted ichigo jelly and mousse and shortcakes and ice creams and eclairs and puffs and macarons and more more more!!!

Our selection (first round hahaha)

They just looked sooooo good!!! And of course tasted good too! If you can’t live without your mains (i can’t!), there are some light food too like sandwiches, tarts, pastries, Karaage, etc.

Happiness on a plate.

Anybody can come visit Jurin!! I heard that in March they are gonna have Sakura and Strawberry theme. Now THAT is indeed a dream come true T____T. Please send me back again T___T.



Polestar Sky Bar

After the hearty sweet afternoon tea, we had a light dinner at night. It was Valentine’s dinner. For me and RinRin. A little romantic hideout on the 45th floor.

We were told that the cocktails are amazing. Excited!! I was soooooo looking forward to a drink! Haven’t had one in so long!!! #Pump&Dump


Exclusively only for guests who stay at the Hello Kitty Room, you can come to the bar and order your Hello Kitty Cocktail (non-alcoholic).

So yea it’s really super special because not everyone can have it!!

It’s called “Pretty” (left) and “Lovely”. The one with kitty face art on is strawberry and caramel cream,  whereas the other one is a sweet strawbie concoction with a cute cherry on it!

I mean, cocktails really can’t possibly get any cuter than this T__T.

At the same time we also enjoyed our light Valentine’s Day dinner before proceeding to the real deal hehehhe.


The bartender at Polestar is actually an award-winning expert. He’s known to create the impossible lol. Forget the menu, and just give him an image of what you like, and let him surprise you.

RinRin said she would love something girly that represents her, and here’s what he made her:

Dancing Ribbon. Sweet, frilly and dainty.

For me, i wanted something refreshing. So he created a citrus passion fruit cocktail with an orchid, probably having the image of me coming from this summery, tropical island. And it was SO SO good!!!

Our second course.

For my third drink, i said i wanted something sour maximum (i really love that sour kick!), so this is what he made me…

Just. so. beautiful. Vacation by the ocean, crystal clear blue sea… fluttering butterflies… And indeed the intense lime nectar made my face all squished up lolol. But i loved it so much.

Lastly there was another special surprise.

It was a perfect, romantic night. I heard that the bar is very very popular with surprise wedding proposals /anniversaries. So… if you are thinking about it….. :)



Kagari Hinamatsuri Lunch

Kagari is one of Keio Plaza Hotel’s popular Japanese restaurant. And on the second day, i had lunch there.

Hinamatsuri decoration at the entrance. It really amazes me how much effort the put into celebrating a special day.

My lunch!!!

This is probably the most symbolic Hinamatsuri lunch. Each of the dishes are designed based on the essence of Girl’s Day, such as the usage of color (lots of pink!), the 7-tiered Hina Doll setting,  the decorative sheets used, the spring harvest… it makes you want to savor every single bite with appreciation.



Soujuan Kaiseki Dinner

On the same day, i had my first ever Kaiseki ryori.

Kaiseki Ryori is a traditional multi-course dinner. I guess i could relate it to French haute cuisine or Chinese banquets; courses one after another, small portion, state-of-art presentation….

It’s too high level for an unrefined person like me to fully understand. Rather than appreciating the taste of food, Kaiseki seems to be more about an art form in the state of zen, embracing the harmony of textures, colors, appearances, in order to express the beauty of the season.

It’s all deep. Too deep.

Just this course alone is has a whole story to tell.

Hina-Matsuri elements are extensively used in the courses, like the food on a stick is inspired from the Hanging Dolls, the clam shell to represent faithfulness and unity in a couple (there’s only one shell in the world that fits the other perfectly), the pastel pink flower… even the fine Japanese ceramic depicts a spring mood.

Some other courses that sings about the wonder of spring, using the freshest ingredients in season.

The dessert, also the last course.

Can you spot a Tsuru? (Japanese crane)

It is said that the whole purpose of Kaiseki meal is for one last finale at the end of a meal, meaning whatever you have devoured before is just to warm up for this bowl of tea, which is the highlight of the whole dinner.

And that, was the first Kaiseki dinner in my life. Lots i have learnt. Lots.



Kagari: Breakfast

You know one super incentive of staying in Keio Plaza Hotel? You get to choose where you want to eat for breakfast.

The first morning we had western-style buffet at Jurin, and the second day we decided to go back to Kagari for Japanese-style breakfast.

I just sighed in sheer amazement. What a hearty, glorious breakfast. There are even other dishes that are not in this photo. It was the best. Don’t miss this out and don’t oversleep!!!!!



Duo Fourchettes: Italian Lunch

Can you believe it? They have even incorporated Hinamatsuri essences into Italian food!!!

Fresh salad dotted with rose petals.

Homemade pasta of Hinamatsuri colors (green, yellow and pink).


Sakura-jelly cake with pink gelato, decorated with flower petals that’s made of colored white chocolate (i think!!)


Fruit sherbets with jelly.

It’s all too beautiful.



And that’s all for my Keio Plaza Hotel dining experiences. I really wish to go back every season!!

If you are planning your Tokyo trip any time soon, do make your booking with Keio Plaza Hotel.

More info on their Facebook Page! Postings are all in English so you will have no problems with it!


Visit their website at:



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Oui, Ayano Ruban

February 26, 2015 in Japan / Useless fashion 5 Cheesed

I have introduced Oui, Ayano Ruban briefly last year, and this recent Japan trip i was invited to visit them again!

Oui, Ayano Ruban is a fashion brand in Omotesando, Tokyo, which concept is “Grown-Up Princess”. As you can guess, everything is frilly, girly and oh so sweet.

In February they had a special collaboration with Hello Kitty, and Kitty chan herself made a grand appearance at the shop in Omotesando!

With the signature Oui, Ayano Ruban Kitty in real life, she has a special huge bow on her head, so big that it covers her ears! She was also wearing a glittery frilly dress dotted with pink hearts <3

Kitty chan also gave me a present!! It’s a Hello Kitty shoulder bag, but it is not just a shoulder bag, there are many surprises inside it!!! I won’t spoil it so you’ll have to find out yourself XD

Part of the interior.


While i was there i also tried out some of the Oui, Ayano Ruban apparels.

The first one is very classically Ruban, a fine silhouette neoprene dress in black embellished with hearts, a perfect party piece. The second and third one are from the Hello Kitty collaboration!

My favorite is this angola fur dress in baby pink!! Just sooo soft and fluffy and princessy!


With RinRin who was also trying out their outfits. Other than clothing, Oui, Ayano Ruban also has the cutest accessories. Check out those fluffball-ear headbands that goes with their pastel girly dresses!

Also, shoes are nothing short of eye-catching. Knee high boots with fluffy hearts on the side. How much fancier can your party outfit get?


With RinRin full Oui, Ayano Ruban coordinate.

There was even a mini tea party in the store!

To celebrate the collaboration, everything is about Hello Kitty.

If you are pet lovers, they also have the cutest little outfits for your furbaby to go with yours!



Lastly, if you ever visit Tokyo, do drop by Oui, Ayano Ruban at Omotesando!

You can get a signature ribbon-print notebook as a gift by just mentioning my name, with no purchase needed! (While stock lasts.)


Here’s the map to the store:


And finally, you can also shop online at:


Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty Rooms!

February 21, 2015 in Japan 13 Cheesed

I’m pausing the entries for family trip in Japan because i’m so excited to share my experience of staying in the Hello Kitty Rooms in Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku Tokyo!!

It looks like this!!

Honestly it’s really one of the prettiest hotel rooms i’ve ever stayed in my life!!



First of all a little bit of history about Keio Plaza Hotel. I’ve actually stayed in Keio Plaza Hotel, Shinjuku before during one of my blogger trips to Japan. Usually the organizers put the media guests up at Keio Plaza because it’s very international, and more importantly

It is one of the most established hotels in Japan since its opening in 1971. The history may be long and the premise may be 40 over years old, but Keio Plaza is dedicated to deliver ever-improving services and is renovating its facilities on an ongoing basis, so you will be surprised that the hotel looks like it has just been newly opened!!!

And last November when they renovated part of the hotel, they decided to turn two guest rooms into special Hello Kitty themed rooms. Which is like a dream-come-true for all Hello Kitty lovers from around the world.


So on the 9th of Feb i arrived at Narita airport in the morning via JAL. And then i took a limousine bus straight from Narita right to the hotel lobby of Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku. Talk about convenience!! It is the same on the last day of your trip. You could just take a limousine bus from the hotel back to Narita airport to catch your flight.

And… upon arriving…

I felt like i’m Prime Minister because a bunch of hotel staff were waiting for me….

And not at the usual check-in area, but a very exclusive Premier Counter… 


Apparently if you stay at the Hello Kitty Room, you are the VVIP who gets to skip all the crowd (Keio Plaza is really popular so you may have to fight some other hotel guests at the lines XD) and check in directly at the Premier Counter!

The entire Keio Plaza hotel staff were so so so so polite and helpful i wonder if all of them went for some kind of hospitality boot camp XD.

My luggage being delivered to the room in a Hello Kitty cart.


Here’s the room!

Even before entering you already feel special. With the signature red little bow, you will never be mistaken!


Well there are two Hello Kitty Rooms and they are both different. On the first night, i stayed at The Princess Kitty Room.


The Princess Kitty Room

As you can guess, everything about this room is princessy and girly.

From the door way.

The Princess Kitty Room was designed to be like a private room where Hello Kitty gets to relax and be treated like a princess.


It really cannot get more princessy than this XD. The headboard has a 3D Kitty in an extravagant layer cake dress, which is an original design specially created for Keio Plaza Hotel by Sanrio. The wall papers are Kitty’s favorite roses, which is also an exclusive design.

Excuse me, first let me take a selfie. (and more. At least spare yourself 20 minutes to selfie at every nook and corner of the room.)

Every element in the room delicately embodies the charm of the globally-loved character. The one and only pink Kitty bow sofa in the world…

Even the humidifier is Kitty herself!

Picture frames on the wall (showing how Kitty chan pampers herself by going for a spa, putting on make up… etc)

More selfies!

There’s a full body pink-framed mirror for all your #ootd shots.


Let’s check out the bathroom!

The tub is also painted soft lavender…

And special bath amenities! <3

Surprises everywhere!!

All these little delights for you to discover!



Hello Kitty mineral water for you to take home.


Anyway, RinRin joined me later after she finished her work so we had a girly sleep-over!

Keio Plaza Hotel original Hello Kitty plushie that you get to bring home! There are a few things you could bring home with you from the room as keepsakes. I’ve blogged about it in my previous shopping haul blog post!

We were all dressed to the theme. Me in a Hello Kitty X BAPE sweater and RinRin with her Kitty glasses.


We drew the curtains at night, and it gave quite a different feel to the room! Now the whole room is serene and romantic.


Just when we wanted to unwind and relax, there was yet another surprise.

Someone rang the door bell and when i opened, it was a special room delivery:

a Hello Kitty cake.

This hotel is way amazing T____T.


Me and our Kitty cheese cake!!

I mean, how many times in your life do you get to stay in Hello Kitty’s house and eat her cake too?

It’s too pretty i couldn’t even!!


We spent the night catching up (haven’t seen her in months!!!), showered and had a really good sleep that night.



The next day!!!

Today’s hair make. Checking out (the hotel room, and a bit of myself)… but not really.



Kitty Town Room

How lucky am i????? I really can’t help boasting but… i get to stay at BOTH the Kitty themed rooms!!??!

The next morning when i went for breakfast, i didn’t even have to check out, they just moved my (kind of packed) luggages into the other Hello Kitty room.

If you decide to stay at Keio Plaza for more than 1 night, you may as well stay in both the rooms to experience very vastly different ambience. (But do book in advance because since they are the only two hotel rooms in the whole Keio Plaza, they are almost always booked up!)

If i were to describe Kitty Town in one word, it is “Pop”.

Unlike The Princess Kitty which is overly feminine and pastel-everything, Kitty Town is vibrant and uplifting, with the concept of Hello Kitty enjoying a city break in Tokyo (you see amusement rides, shopping malls, Kitty Mt Fuji lolol).

Even the carpets are full of Kitty pop arts!

Picture frames are distinctly different. This time around Kitty Chan is having a great experience in the hotel (just like me lol), eating Teppanyaki, having a drink at the bar…

Selfie time.

The bathroom has a refreshing apple green door, which leads to pretty much the same design as the Princess Kitty room…

Except the bath tub is pink this time!

Just as sweet <3

While this room has a fully size mirror for all the selfies, the wall paper and designed carpets make a perfect spot for #ootd shots.


I can’t decide which room i like more!!! I’d assume that most people prefer the Princess Kitty room, but i think i may incline to go for Kitty Town a little bit more, because its happy colors are so cheery it gives me a good mood the whole day! Also i get to relive my childhood dreams a little together with all the cite Kitty characters.

That’s all for the Hello Kitty rooms, but there are actually much much more about Keio Plaza Hotel that i couldn’t fit into this post (the Hinamatsuri themed lunch and dinner, my first Kaiseki dinner experience… etc!). Would blog next!!


Stay at Keio Plaza Hotel during your next visit to Tokyo!!

There are two Keio Plaza Hotels in Tokyo, the one i stayed in is in Shinjuku (Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo), and the other one is in Tama (Keio Plaza Hotel Tama).

The Special Accommodation Plan for Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo (Shinjuku) starts from 23,800 yen per person for double occupancy for both Princess Kitty Room and Kitty Town Room, breakfast included! Having compared the prices with some other hotels in Tokyo, it’s really not that expensive at all!!! Given that you get to experience such exclusive Kitty awesomeness!

You can watch the videos of Hello Kitty herself experiencing the amazing Keio Plaza Hotel here:


If that’s out of budget for you, you can actually consider staying in Keio Plaza Tama instead! It starts from 15,350 Yen per person, double occupancy, breakfast included! Tama is a little far out from city center, but!!! There’s actually an incentive to staying at Keio Plaza Hotel in Tama: it’s just a 5-minute walk to Sanrio Puroland!!! (Read my post on Sanrio Puroland here.) I mean, if you love Hello Kitty, why not just go allllll the way!!! :D


(However, do note that only Kitty Town Room is available in Keio Plaza Hotel Tama.)


For reservation and more info, you can check out the Hello Kitty Room website below:





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Tokyo Omiyage (Feb 2015)

February 15, 2015 in Japan 15 Cheesed

I’m so confident that there are gonna be more posts like this so i added the month and year. :P

Read my previous Tokyo Omiyage (Jan 2015) post here!


So i just came back from my solo trip to Japan for about 5 days. It’s pretty much a pampering girly beauty + shopping trip X everything Hello Kitty (will blog more about it!). And i bought tons of stuff!!

And the thing is that i noticed that now that i am a mother and a (sort 0f) housewife, the things i shop for in Japan is also completely different -_-. I bought zero clothes for myself this time (so strange, i didn’t even think about it), and when i go to the malls, i go to do groceries and visit the baby department -___-.

Anyway let’s have a look of what i brought back! A total of 28KG in my luggage. Am gonna separate them by category!



Tokyo Luxey Gift Box

This trip is sponsored by Tokyoluxey, a channel focusing on luxurious lifestyle and beauty products and travel in Japan, for girls like me and you! If you are a blogger/influencer, you can apply to become a Luxey, and if you are accepted, you get a chance to try out exclusive lifestyle and beauty goods from Japan, and even opportunities to visit Japan just like i did! More info can be found at Tokyoluxey‘s website.

So Tokyo Luxey sent me this gift box, and inside are some of the most popular beauty products from Japan, and it’s not available in Malaysia (i think! I have never seen these!). So it’s all very exclusive! So happy!!! :D


Hello Kitty goods

(Sorry, Champon stole and mauled one of the poor Kitties the moment i opened my luggage. T___T)

These are all the take-home Kitty merchandise from Keio Plaza Hotel Hello Kitty room. There are slippers, stationary, Kitty water bottle and a Keio Plaza limited edition Kitty plushie! Will blog more of the hotel soon!



From the airport

I loveeeee last minute shopping at the airport, mainly because all the weight won’t count as luggage, since you have already checked in. BUY ALL!!!!

My standard omiyage: Jaga Pokkuru. At Narita airport each passenger is allowed to buy a maximum of 5 boxes only -__-. Got money dowan earn these Japanese people hahaha. Also! Instead of the usual Tokyo Banana, i bought Ginza Ichigo! And this is Chocolate flavor. It’s supposed to be an omiyage so i don’t get to taste it T__T.

I usually force people to open it in front of me so i can steal one and try HAHAHAHA worst friend ever.


Wonder how i got all my Hokkaido milk???

Teach you!!

Instead of buying it in the supermarket and checking them in, which will probably cause your luggage to exceed limit, you can buy it at the airport (i fly with JAL and i buy it from Narita Terminal 2). Just point at the milk and gesture a big box. The danna and i did it many times, but this time they ran out of cartons so i sapu everything on the rack.



I haven’t bought magazines in ages!!!

My friend Nanaco said that lately my fashion is very Mini, so i bought the magazine to get some inspiration! Indeed the magazine style is really quite me ^^



For Junya

Shopping for Junya is the most fun!! I think i’m addicted to baby shopping. I mean baby stuff. No i’m not buying babies.

Anyway. Because Junya grows and needs different thing almost every month, it’s so fun to think of what i can buy for him! Bought some new (and bigger) pajamas for him from Akachan Honpo and Muji. Also a very cute hat!


Music books from Mikihouse, and some story books :)

Also bought lots of Rinyushoku (babyfood) stuff, which makes making lunches sooooo much easier! There’s Baby Ketchup, Baby Soy Sauce and Baby Dashi (soup stock). All these are made with zero or minimum salt content and of course additives-free.  There’s also vege powder and corn soup.

Ahhhh it’s all so much fun!!! Nowadays the dannaben (bento for danna) has become very anyhow, so shabby and unpresentable LOLOL.


Tsum Tsum mini dish plates. Tsum Tsum are just so cute i can’t get enough of them T__T


Hello Kitty Goods

Bought this set on the flight!! It’s a little ridiculously expensive for the size but i’m just a sucker for everything limited edition T__T

Hello Kitty mask. It’s not just any mask but it turns you into a kitty. With whiskers and bow and all that. Not sure if that’s a good thing though lolol.

Remember the talking Kumamon Kitty???? On the last trip i bought a talk-back Dear Daniel for my mom’s friend, and sort of wanted one myself. And guess what they have a Kitty in Kimono!!!! A talking Kitty in Kimono! I mean, how can i not buy this??!? Plus it’s really not thaaaaat expensive (RM100 i think?) so….

These are from Daiso. Magnet clips and seals and a gyoza maker.


This is not Hello Kitty but there’s no other category to go XD. Recently i’ve started to see Japanese snow globes so i’m on a collection frenzy now <3


Kitchen/household stuff

Supplements for breastfeeding and diet supplements for dieting danna. And fancy Japanese toothpaste lolol. The danna said he couldn’t get used to theMalaysian toothpaste taste :X

Clockwise: Sakura ebi, dried radish (bought this because it says produced in Nagasaki and i just wanted to support Nagasaki -___-), ginger powder (how awesome is that?? No need to grate ginger anymoreeee), Instant Osuimono (soup), discounted Thai Curry and another Osuimono.



1. the colorful ball thingie that floats on top of Japanese clear soup. I have no idea what it is called but it sure makes your soup look extra pretty!

2. Omoji Oroshi (spicy grated daikon). Lazy to make this so just bought a tube.

3. Grated black sesame

4. Corn starch. Erm. I know. Don’t judge.

5. Kewpie English mustard



And one of the most important!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5KG in total, Japanese rice. We still have some white rice left but i wanted to try Genmai (unpolished rice). It’s very worth buying la cuz it’s almost impossible to find anywhere outside Japan. ISETAN sometimes sells it but very, very very rarely. You can get them from any supermarkets!


Bento goods hahaha.

Cute pasta!

Erm meat tenderizer (for making Tonkatsu) and garlic press. Ok this blog is getting boring isn’t it? I apologiz.


For Champon

I didn’t forget you!!!!!!

He loves this so much i am using it very sparingly, usually as an exchange treat for stolen stuff. (Champon…. put down the gun. Slowly… Want a snack???)


That’s all! Somehow it makes me feel very exposed. Like i always feel that grocery shopping is such a personal and private experience and feels a little uncomfortable and wanna just pay and get it over and done with.

Sometimes lining up at the cashier counter, unknowingly when i see what people put in their basket, i secretly profile them. (Huh, that brand is totally shit. Bad taste.) (Making organic chicken salad for family dinner. Overly protective mom.) (Those ice cream for your weight? Self control, self control!)

Haha i know! So horrible right! So i bet people are secret judging me the same too. (So much frozen food, she must be single and struggling at work. Possibly depressed…) (Just how much eggs does she eat, exactly??) (Does she even know how to cook that stuff??)

Lolol. Yea. So.



Stored in Japan | 15 Cheesed