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Save more money shopping online with Shopcoupons

July 28, 2017 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

Most people I know love to shop online. It is the easiest, fastest and sometimes even the cheapest compared to if you head down to a mall.

But the internet is overloaded with shopping sites and each may sell a product at a different price. How do you make sure you get the best deal?

Here’s how with Malaysia’s favorite Coupon Code Website: Shopcoupons.

Shopcoupons is a smart saving community platform where it feature the best, latest and exclusive free coupon codes from the best e-commerce stores in Malaysia such as Lazada, ZALORA, Reebonz, Shoppu and many more.

Some of the shops/brand are already offering quite good deals online, and here you get to view the extra discount!

They have a variety of categories, from fashion, beauty, travel to technology.


I personally use Grab a lot, and also constantly looking for discount codes to make the rides worth it haha. A while ago Grab was on promotion almost every single day and I got my rides almost free all the time!!

Here at Shopcoupons you also get to view more deals and all you need is just click to view the code.


You can also go to the Top 20 Deals page to view all the hottest deals happening now to make sure you don’t miss out on any.

For example you can view all the Lazada voucher at one go here:


Shopcoupons also has a mobile app so you can now shop the best deals whenever you are:

(Yes I was shopping at 7am in the morning lol)

I went to Shoppu to look for some baby stuff, and I saw this 75% off deal!

Sometimes no code is needed, and you will be directed to the website to purchase directly!


Download the Shopcoupons app or visit their website to start viewing all the best deals in town:

Happy shopping!

The Body Shop: Fuji Green Tea

July 25, 2017 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

Do you like green tea or matcha?

By now most of you should have heard of all the health benefits of green tea. I myself am a matcha fan and love everything matcha edition, including chocolates, roll cakes and even matcha salt (for tempura).

But how about green tea in your hair?

The Body Shop is introducing its new Fuji Green Tea Refreshingly Purifying Cleansing Hair Scrub for those who love a nature-powered approach to haircare. 

 Fuji Green Tea hair scrub is a blend of Japanese green tea, mint menthol, salt crystals, and Community Trade honey. It is called Fuji Green Tea because the green tea leaves are carefully collected in the foothills of Mount Fuji in Japan to create the finest extracts.

There’s also shampoo and conditioner to complete the Fuji Green Tea series.

This is a home care range, but The Body Shop organized the launch and arranged a pampering session at Number76 to show us the wonders of the products!

If you use a lot of hair styling products daily or go outdoor a lot, the Fuji Green Tea Scrub would be especially beneficial as it helps stimulate blood flow and take away impurities such as dust, smoke, sweat and styling residue.

I love having my hair shampooed in the salon because it is always extra clean.

But when I am at home it is somehow rather difficult to achieve the same result, and during days when my scalp feels extra greasy, I will shampoo my hair twice to make sure it is clean enough. This scrub sounds like a savior for a gentle scalp cleansing right at home!

First, you mix a teaspoon of scrub with water in the palm of your hands, then massage into damp scalp.

I could feel a cooling, minty sensation on my scalp and the refreshing scent of the blend. Feels really good!!

And then lather. Yes, that’s all the foam from the scrub alone!! How surprising!! I have never come across a hair scrub that foams. You just need to add a little water to lather well.

Was doing Instagram Live during that session, did you watch? 🙂

After that, rinse well. Jerry gave me a super shiok massage, I always love getting a hair wash from him :D.

Haha Instagram Live session again. This is how you have a life and get pampered while momming. Sakura was applying lipstick on her thigh.

After the hair wash, there was even a surprise sweet treat on the styling table! It’s everything green tea, from Royce chocolate, matcha roll cake, matcha mochi and a matcha nut milk cold pressed juice. Pampered to the max!!

Also a hot cup of green tea to go with it. Hair pampering session has never been better. Haha.

After the wonders of The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea hair care range, and the magic hands of Number76 stylists, my hair feels super soft, airy and bouncy. The scent is also very refreshing and relaxing, something I really love!

The first thing I feel, is of course cleaner scalp. Not only that, it is also super gentle and not drying at all! It also gives a healthy-looking shine to hair overall.

Also tried out other The Body Shop beauty products at the event. Love their Matte Lip Liquid!

Thank you The Body Shop for the pampering session. Of course, the products are 100% vegetarian,and formulated without silicones.

A greener Sakura hahah.

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Hair Scrub is retailing at $29. Tempted to try? You can get yourself a free sample here: !



Number76 Singapore Concept Space

July 22, 2017 in Happenings 2 Cheesed

When our family first relocated to Singapore, we had no idea how long we would be here. We contracted our apartment for 1 year as that’s the minimum, because who knows… we might run back to Malaysia if things did not go well, haha. It was a very brave adventure for us and also all the Number76 salon staff.

But I am so thankful. For all the team’s hardwork, all the sleepless nights preparing for this new expansion, all the customer’s support, which include some of you here. Thank you. So much.

I still remember blogging about Number76 Singapore as the start of our new life in January 2016. Fast forward 1 and a half years later, it was time for Number76 to upgrade and provide even better services for all the customers who have given their support all these while.

This time around, a brand new concept store is given life.

Number76 Upgrade

The newly expanded space is over 3000 sqft in total now!

A nostalgic glass illustration done by the talented hazelong.


There are 23 seats available in addition to extra new automated reclining wash basins up to 7 now!

A wider reception area embellished with greens.

The waiting area is more cozy now with leather seats and table for a drink!

Number76 original goods including tote bags, caps and T shirts.

There’s also an exclusive line of retail items that the 76 team has carefully hand-picked in hopes to complete the customer’s beauty journey in the salon, which… good news: they can be redeem with your member points!

The products on display include accessories, beauty and fashion items, which some are exclusively imported from Japan.

Of course there are also the usual popular hair care products.

And the magic HairBeauron.

There’s also a space called Experience Corner specially designed for you to try out all the products as you like!

Remember to snap a photo of yourself here at the experience space and post them on Instagram! Tag @number_76sg and hashtag #LifestyleXNumber76 to receive at $5 cash voucher available for redemption for services and products at Number76 Singapore!

Hair Date with Cheesiepetit

Junya had no school so I brought the both of them along!

Time for a hair cut!!

Oniichan gets a trim

Sakura… still has no hair to cut yet😂

Mama’s got her hair done!!^^


Number76 July Party

I will join their company dinner every month to celebrate birthdays of the month, and July… is the danna’s birthday!

This month I put up a very simple supposed-to-be-surprise-but-he-already-expected-it-anyway-party as a celebration and of course as gratitude for all the salon staff who dedicate all their time during renovation, who practice, take exam until late night all the time to keep the salon standard up. So much respect!!

Happy birthday papa!

Sakura on the couch.

Thank you everyone ❤︎



Number76 Orchard Gateway


277, Orchard Road,
#02-23 orchardgateway 238858

+65 63857576 / 6776


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Eazy-Go – 10 seconds breakfast for busy mama

July 17, 2017 in Commercial Break 2 Cheesed

I really enjoy posting all the #lazymamacookinghack ideas on Instagram, and am extra happy when some followers tell me that they have tried some of the tricks and found them useful.

Today I’m introducing the quickest meal you can ever make yourself because I know… mama is always the last to eat, there are always kids to feed first, chores to do first, and sometimes we end up skipping a meal or two as you are just too tired to even make something nice for your own tummy.

A while ago I have introduced Captain Oats’ Instant Oats, Quick Cooked and Rolled Oats as meal ideas, today I will be showing you an even more convenient and time-saving option!

Is it possible to make a wholesome snack/meal under 10 seconds?😱

Yeap, it is as eazy and as instant as it sounds!


Captain Oats Eazy-Go Instant Oatmeal

Captain Oats Eazy-Go is the perfect wholesome companion on busy days (which is… errr, everyday? Haha).

It is a convenient, healthy and yummy meal option that provides you with at least 45% of our daily whole grains requirement.

As I have mentioned in the previous Captain Oats post, oatmeals are a great source of dietary fibre for our daily nutrition, and East-Go’s Instant Oats has no preservative added, is cholesterol free and packed with nutrients, so it would make a perfect breakfast or snacks between meals, sometimes supper when you’re hit with hunger pangs in the middle of the night.

Comes in 4 delicious flavors:

Sweet Range: Skimmed Milk Instant Oatmeal, and Honey & Raisin Instant Oatmeal

Savoury Range: Chicken & Mushroom Instant Oat Porridge, and Mixed Vegetables Instant Oat Porridge


There are 5 packs of Instant Oats in a box, and I love how even opening the box is super convenient – with just one touch.

The box then serves as a container itself, and makes a neat kitchen storage!


Now here’s how you prepare the meal.

  1. First you tear open the sachet and pour it in a bowl

2. Add 150 or 200ml of hot water (depending on the flavours)

3. Stir well and serve.

(On the instruction it says to wait for 3 minutes, but one day I was so hungry and I couldn’t wait so I ate it straight, it was tasty nontheless!)

4. Garnish (optional)

Of course, if you have some extra time to spare you can always add extra topping on your Instant Oat bowl. I looooove spring onion so today I added it to my Chicken & Mushroom Instant Oat Porridge.

I actually quite like it in savory! It tasted a little like the Oatmeal Risotto I cooked the other day. I suggest you can also add bacon bits, boiled shredded chicken and fried shallots to your oat porridge bowl!

For the other flavors, it is also up to your creativity to spice them up (or sweeten them up!) a little to improvise a new flavor every day.

I also think that it is a perfect meal companion for people who often travel a lot. It’s super compact to bring it with you in your luggage, and, how many of us have had the experience of feeling really irritable because you are starving and could not find anything to fill your tummy during your travels? (Also, when the local food turns out to be not really your cup of tea, you at least have a cup of oatmeal, haha.)


You can find out more from Captain Oats:

FB Page:


37 Months VS 14 Months

July 11, 2017 in Baby 17 Cheesed

Junya turns 37 months today and Sakura is 14 months old!

Haha yes the journey continues even though I have never seen/heard anyone referring their kids as 37 months old😂

My two baobeis.

Let’s see what happened in the past month!^^


For Junya

1st month , 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month , 6th month , 7th month 8th month, 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month , 13th month , 14th month 15th month , 16th month , 17th month , 18th months , 19th month , 20th month ,21st month , 22nd month , 23rd month 24th month , 25th month , 26th month , 27th month , 28th month , 29th month , 30th month , 31st month , 32nd month , 33rd month , 34th month , 35th month and 36th month here.


School life

Other than the little birthday party at home, I wanted Junya to celebrate with his friends too. Just a candle-blowing and cake-cutting session. I brought the cake to school and invaded his class for a short while.

I think he was quite happy but for some reason he was so so so shy the whole time! Omg 3 year old already paiseh about being together with his mother in front of his school mates. Want to act cool isit. 😒

His classmates are really all very well-behaved. They sing song for him, and there was a Japanese boy who ate most of the cake lol.

So so so sooooo shy why????


Anyway, I suspected that he really took the shyness after me. No joke. I was the saddest student in the entire class. I had no BFF. And that alone is sad enough. I mean, who doesn’t have BFF in primary school?!?!? Unless you are like really super weird… even bullies will have other bullies BFF.

So, Junya’s school had a sports day. So the parents and the kids all went to the park to join some activities.

These are his classmates. They are mostly girls. So adorable. It’s quite obvious some of them are BFFs because they will hold hand with each others and stick together like superglue. And then they did the activites again and again and again.

Meanwhile my son…


I have never seen any kids so anti-social before. (Although the teacher reassured me that he isn’t like this when I wasn’t around.)

It really reminded me of myself. I was exactly like that. I belonged to no group. I was always pacing behind everyone. I was so alone that I started befriending my note books. Which became my diary. And then when I turned an adult, I befriended my blog. It is a miracle how I made so many virtual friends as of today. And I mean YOU. You, you you you you and YOU. ALL of you. Thank you.

I felt so sad and also a little worried for him, because I remembered how lonely I was. I am not sure how I could help him, because it could be in the DNA.

I did not want to force him to be friends with everyone like all the textbooks say you should. Because I know that is impossible. At least for me. I wanted to tell him, it’s ok to not make many friends. It’s ok to be alone. Your mama was like that. She was a little lonely, but she was fine.



Our swimming coach was incredible. I did not expect a child who was so afraid of the pool, could in a few months swim without any assistance.

We tried a private coach in Singapore. Junya was very resistant and did not really follow his instruction. In the end, he only spent 15 minutes “playing” water with Junya, and then ended the session by telling me that “I don’t think he is ready to swim. Maybe you try again when he turns 4?” and then billed me for S$80. In my heart I thought, maybe it’s you who are not ready to be a coach?

So I decided to go back to our coach in KL. Who charged 1/3 the price haha. And he was the best coach we could ever get. He taught Junya from when he was equally resistant, crying desperately to get out of the pool to this:

He can now swim on his own for a very short distance. The improvement is incredible. I am proud of him.

Sakura loves the pool so she’s gonna be a swimmer too.



Honestly, I rarely have time to sit down and play with him. So he has to self-entertain. I also stopped buying any new toys for him (what’s the point? They only played for 5 minutes!!) so sometimes he just had to make do.

Dig out old toys to play cooking with Sakura.

Sing karaoke on his own LOLOL. He was dead serious. (You could watch the video on @cheesiepetit’s IG.) He sang like he had a crazy audience.

And make art sometimes. Awesome.



At 3 years old, I am giving him more freedom now to explore his boundaries. (Actually it is really because I don’t have the time nor energy to be paranoid about every single little thing.)

I have decided to just 放生 (life release lol. Like let the tanked fished go back to sea and the caged birds fly lol). As long as he is not doing anything life threatening, I basically just let him be lol.

In another aspect, I also give him more trust. I trust that he will be nice to his sister (so I can put the both of them together over a box of Lego and cook a quick lunch), and I trust that he can practice self-control.

When he tells me mama, I want to eat Fujisan (the Meiji Apollo chocolate). I say okay, and hand him a box. Then I tell him, you can have one, then you put back into the fridge. And then he will say ok. So far I have never seen him take extra. And the chocolate box is always back into the fridge. Although after a few hours he will tell me again, mama, I want to eat Fujisan lol.


Mama, are you ok?

He started asking me this recently. And then I realized, kids are really much, much, much smarter than we give them credit for. Sometimes when he makes a mistake (for example spilled a whole bottle of milk or spoilt something in the house) and I really don’t have the energy for a serious lecture, I just fix it quietly without saying anything. Or sometimes when I am just feeling very down with my personal issues.

And then he will asked, mama, are you ok?

And then that’s when I realized, I must have shown it in my face. Every time I feel a little displeased or tired, I must have shown it. And he saw it all. They all know how we feel, even when we try to hide it.


For Sakura

Read Sakura’s 1st month, 2nd month , 3rd month , 4th month , 5th month 6th month , 7th month , 8th month 9th month , 10th month , 11th month , 12th month and 13th month here.

She has 7 teeth now 🙂


Walk Walk

Biggest milestone this month!! Last month she could walk holding my hands.

She can walk independently now 🙂

Although most of the time she will just grab my hand and force me to walk with her. Baby, I know that you are very excited about your new skill, but sometimes mama just really, really want to sit down. T___T.


Sometimes she picks up a face brush and pretends to put foundation on her face. Sometimes she picks up the remote and put it next to her ear to wait for me to say “hello hello???”. Sometimes she bangs the table after her brother did the exact same thing -___-.


Understanding Conversations

Sakura starts to understand a lot of sentences and commands, for example “pass this to oniichan” or “take your bottle and drink water”. She will also sometimes put her hands together when she is full (gochisousama deshita).

When I ask her “where’s the aircon?” she can point and exclaim happily, “zair!!

Sometimes she helps me with house-chores too. When folding laundry, she will pass me the clothes or help stuff them into the drawer. (Which I have to re-fold of course lol). the classic 越帮越忙,of course.



So Sakura finally accepted the bottle and was sleeping through the night when I was away for my trip to Setouchi. According to my mom. And then when I came back, I let her latch as frequent as she wants to boost my milk supply as I rarely expressed during the trip. And of course because I really missed being intimate with her.

That was the biggest mistake I’ve made. I ruined my entire effort for the past month…

I knew that I did not want to stop breastfeeding so soon this time, but I could have done it some other way. With only that one single night of oppai-buffet (free access to boobs whenever, wherever), she is back to waking up multiple times a night grabbing my shirt sobbing for milk, and also needs to be nursed to sleep even for afternoon naps. And I really don’t have the heart to repeat the cry-it-out method again. So for now I’m just letting things be. Sigh… Never mind lo. Save milk powder money… (which is a lot!!)



Ok so I want to talk a little bit about this whole self-feeding thing.

After I uploaded IG stories of Sakura eating by herself with fork and spoon, many mommies DMed me to ask how I did that Baby-Led-Weaning method that Sakura can eat so well at 13 months.

Well, the thing is, BLW was exactly what I did not do with Sakura. Surprise!

You see, I too was one of those new, overly-excited parents who bought this whole BLW (baby-lead-weaning) trend. I tried to let Junya self-feed at 7 months, hoping that he could learn to love food by exploring with his little hands, feeling the textures, experimenting with the flavors of different food, practicing this basic survival skill, etc.

However, the danna was totally not a fan of this idea. No Japanese kids will eat noodles with fingers, he said. It’s basic table etiquette. He could not stand the mess nor the lack of table manners, especially the whole “playing with food” idea, that’s the worst. (Yes even at the age of 1 he fully expected his kids to have table manners. Manners over everything else.) Oh not to mention all the food wastage. Totally unacceptable. I tried to explain to him how BLW works, but he did not buy any of it. Please do not do it with the next child, he said (I was pregnant with Sakura then).

I sort of gave up BLW at 10 months with Junya because the mess was driving me nuts. It’s just not worth it. I suspected that BLW was an evil plan someone come up with to mess up with mother’s sanity even more. Who loves cleaning up a macaroni explosion?! I even had a helper back then yet I feel so annoyed with the crumbs and sauce and food thrown under the high chair and everywhere else. And I was also constantly worried that the helper would secretly hate me for giving her extra work to do. (“Why can’t she just freaking feed the kid with a spoon like the rest of the world does?!”)

Guess what?? Even after I quit BLW, the habit stuck. He self-feed pretty well, but mostly with hands, and had a hard time adjusting to cutleries. Why trouble yourself with these complicated clumsy wooden/metal stuff when you can just use your fingers?! That was his logic. Up to almost 2 years old, he still dug his hands into soup WTH. He does pick up fork and spoon and tried to use them, but whenever he got impatient, it’s all fingers. Rice, noodles, bits of wet food. And the danna just sighed in disapproval. It was a nightmare. And I really did regret it… like, good god what have I done?! It was like I have turned him into a baby monkey.

With Sakura, I gave up from day one and spoon-fed her ALL THE WAY. I just could not afford to have tomato sauce all over the table, high chair, floor tiles, and 15 soiled rompers in the laundry stack daily, now with two kids and no help except the cleaning robots. I was too tired for that. I needed to preserve my sanity. Self-feeding can get the heck out the door for now.

As a result, Sakura has never touched any wet food with her hands before other than finger snacks like biscuits, egg bolo, pieces of bread, etc. Stuff that you eat with hands in common sense. And she did not show any interest in playing with cooked food either. She just happily opened her mouth and swallow whatever I stuck into it. Great, I thought. I probably will have to spoon-feed this one up till kindergarten.

As it turned out, she did not like touching food, even given the chance to. It’s like she thought that it was yucky to dip her dainty fingers in gooey sauce lol. Touché!!!! I was not sure if it was a good thing, but it saved me SO MUCH time and energy. I fed her, perfectly clean, we were both happy.

Last month, she started trying to grab my chopsticks (or Junya’s chopsticks) and would protest if we don’t give it to her, so I gave her one mini fork to play with (for those who asked on IG, it’s a dessert fork I buy from Daiso). To my surprise, she could feed herself with a little help from me (lend her strength to poke her fork deep into a piece of broccoli, etc). So. That is the story how she accidentally started feeding herself. It took only one try and zero training. (I guess the real training starts now.)

So what I want to say is that, being a parent is really hard lol. What I thought would be beneficial for my child, turned out to be not so the case, and vice versa. The worse thing is that you only get one chance per child, and you can’t go back to fix it. You can only keep having more babies for all the parenting trial and error.

I also learnt that what works for a child might not for another one. I tried hard to help Junya self-feed with BLW method, turned out he still has a horrible appetite until today, while Sakura has been quite a good eater being spoon-fed all her life. So each individual is really different. So if you ask me honestly, I think this BLW is a little bit of a BS to me. But it may work magic to other families. There’s really no need to be pressured into social norms.

For mothers who did not have success with BLW, it is ok. Maybe your child does better without it. For mothers who are still spoon-feeding your 3 year old, it is ok. Maybe he/she just loves being fed by you.

We will all be okay.


For Mama

No Eye See Mama

Sometimes I really really wonder, (and if you are one please tell me how you do it!!) how can a germophobe/clean freak ever be a mother?! How do they even survive without going insane?!

Every day I have to deal with the children’s dirt, stains, slime, gooeiness, stickiness, not only on them, but every single corner of… and around… their existence…

Never ending.

You mopped away a stain, a new one appears. You picked up a crumb, they spilled a ton more.

Some mothers told me that their OCD (about cleanliness) is auto-corrected after the birth of the second child lol.

I consider myself to have quite high tolerance of… uncleanliness (for me it is infinity-second rule, if it is my own house lol), but the constant chaos is still stressing me out quite a bit. Two kids, 3 meals a day… it’s really quite hard to stay motivated because right after all the effort to make your house spotless…it gets immediately turned into a wreckage again..😭

Can all you clean freak mamas tell me how you stay sane?



Sorry if I keep sounding like I am very exhausted. I am. So… this month… I don’t feel like a Pokemom. I’m on fake MC. I upgrade again next month k brb.

Put on extra make up for the first time in I dunno how many years.

Sorry I can’t even think of a proper ending for this blog post haha.

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Deco Instant Noodle Tutorial

Today I’m sharing another #lazymamacookinghack to make super super easy yet kawaii bowl of instant noodle that will make the kids go all excited! The best part? They get to take part in decorating their own lunch!

The food art today is called The Girl with Blonde, Curly Hair and Too Much Hair Accessories… Swimming in Delicious Chicken Soup HAHAHA.

Junya loves it so much he was trying to kiss her.


What you need:

❤︎1 pack of instant soup noodle
❤︎Wakame Seaweed
❤︎Dry seaweed sheet (for decorative parts)
❤︎1 hard boiled egg
❤︎A few decorative cutters
❤︎An overly eager child with a rather growling stomach

Today I am using Myojo’s Chicken Tanmen (鸡汤面) because it is the most classic – simple, flavorful, delicious.

Did you know that Myojo is a Japanese Instant Noodle brand under Nissin, and the Japanese character for it is “明星”? It means “Shining Star” in Japanese. But I guess you can also interpret it as “Super Star” Haha. My absolute favorite from Myojo cup ramen series is Ippeichan Yakisoba!! Sooooo good!

Recently Myojo’s Instant Ramen series has gotten a new packaging makeover, it’s so much more colorful and fun now! It also comes in many flavors such as Chicken Abalone and dry Spicy Char Mee.

Here are the steps for this deco noodle:

Slice the carrot

I slice it quite thin for two reasons: 1. It’s easier to push it through the cutter 2. it gets cooked quicker!


Cute little orange heart!

*#DecorateTogether Tip 1*

Here you can get your child to help out!! Get him or her to cut the carrot/vegetables into the shapes that they like.

Cut the ham

For ham, I use a floral cutter to make cherry blossom deco.

Cut the seaweed

You will need seaweed for the girl’s face feature. I like to use a seaweed cutter, it could be any seaweed cutter with random shapes, and then cut around the curves to make the eye, mouth, etc. I find it much easier than cutting from a square sheet.

*#DecorateTogether Tip 2*

Get your child to help you cut out the shapes with the seaweed stamp!


Here I have the eyebrow, eye, nose, mouth and eyelashes!

Cooking the vegetables!

You can blanch/boil the vegetables in a sieve while waiting for the water to boil to save time!

Carrot and wakame

Cooking time!

My little sous chef!

Place Myojo Chicken Tanmen Instant Noodle into boiling water and cook for 3 minutes.

*#DecorateTogether Tip 3*

Get your kid to help you add the seasoning into the pot! (Of course, be very careful of the hot water and heat!)

Decoration Time

And then, important tip here: dish out the noodles first and place it in a big bowl, keep the soup aside.

Add the boiled egg as girl’s face.

*#DecorateTogether Tip 4*

Get your kid to add the decorations! Junya helps the girl with her cherry blossom hair accessories. (I know kids can go overboard, you can fix them later. Shhhh.)

Leave the delicate parts for mama. Carefully add the cut seaweed on boil egg. You won’t be needing any adhesive (such as water or mayo) since it sticks perfectly on slightly moist boiled egg.


Wait… not yet. The girl has to go swimming, remember?

Add Chicken Soup

Add the soup that you have set aside earlier. If it has cooled down, simply heat it up again.

And… ready to serve!

Junya and his girl with blonde, curly hair and too much hair accessories.

Thank you for helping mama cook your lunch!


Junya really enjoyed this little #DecoratingTogether session. And I actually feel a little guilty because usually I would shoo him out of the kitchen as he is always very very eager to “help”, but always ends up 越帮越忙 (more help more messy haha), it would be soooo much easier to just leave him with his toys while I hurry up the cooking.

But once a while, cooking together like this is quite fun (although I ended up fixing most of his works hahaha. Shhhh.).. With him feeling involved and a sense of achievement, his appetite actually is much better too. ^^

Yeap. He finished the whole bowl!!

Junya wants to do it again!

If you flip the Myojo Instant Noodle packet, there’s actually a surprise!

There’s a tip on how to easily decorate your food, for example making this cute little chick with just pieces of cut carrot and a sesame seed.

And super super easy Tako sausage that everyone can make!

Also, if you have young kids at home and you love cute food, do check out Myojo’s #DecoratingTogether contest, where you stand a chance to win:

  • Weekly Prizes (announced every Friday)
    8 x $10 Capitaland Shopping Vouchers to be won every week in July.
    5 x $10 Capitaland Shopping Voucher to be won every week in August.

  • Grand Prizes (announced after promotion end on 31 August 2017)
    1st Prize: 1 x Family Outing Package (valued at up to $500)
    2nd Prize: 3 x Family Outing Package (valued at up to $300)
    3rd Prize: 10 x Family Outing Package (valued at up to $100)
    Consolation Prize: 24 x Myojo Variety Packs

All you need to do is:

Step1: Cook and make your decoration noodles with Myojo

Step2: Post your decoration noodles on Social media (Facebook & Instagram) with hashtag #DecoratingTogether

Also, Myojo Limited Edition Box will be available in Fairprice from 4 August 2017!

For more info on the contest and prizes, check out You won’t want to miss the attractive prizes!