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Tokyolife Winter 2016

Here I am at 23:36 trying desperately not to fall allseep, but I really really owe this blog a new entry. On my To-Blog-List there are 6 posts that I really wanted to write, and I am clearing with this one first.

Photo post on #Tokyolife, December 2016.

Forever in love.

I have travelled with two kids for at least 7? 8?… (more?) times so far, and one would think that I am probably a #PokeMOM Go pro at this by now, but you never know. I am still trying very hard to level up each time, because the level difficulty also gets increasingly high.

The challenge this time: Conquering Winter.

First of all, after putting the two kids’ winter outfits into the luggage, there’s literally no space for mine. You really need mad packing skills right here.

Secondly, (all of you from the tropics) please imagine now, the kind of things you need to prepare and bring along for your two kids in winter weather for even just a short outing. Yea I know right? You need a freaking truck just for those stuff.

Thirdly, please imagine wrapping your baby up like a bak chang (rice dumpling) and then wrap your baby bak chang around you, before wrapping yourself like a huge bak chang, and then having another medium-sized toddler bak chang tagging along everywhere.

And then now, please imagine that, your bak chang baby has pooped and is fussing about it. Warm inside under layers and layers of bamboo leaves.

Done? Yeap. That was tough, wasn’t it. Phew.

Ok now you are completely out of the mood for shopping and you just need a cup of hot drink and throw yourself on the couch like Gudetama. After you have found a cafe and settled down, your bak chang toddler has pooped.

Sounds awesome?

Yeap. Welcome to my #Tokyolife Winter 2016.

Omg I can’t believe I digressed so far, when this was supposed to be a quick, half-arsed photo post. Like, BAM BAM BAM paste the photos and throw myself on bed and just pass out blissfully. Nope I guess not? I think I’m too good at blogging for my own good. Or I really, really need some caffein right now. Except that I am caffein intolerant. Even if I am not I am not supposed to take it either or else my baby would be up all night.

Ok you know what?


Sakura is getting big for that bassinet!!

She has very sensitive skin, upon touching down the airport and out of the aircraft, she immediately got that rosy cheeks every mother in tropical country is obsessed with.

It got rosier and rosier. To the point I wanted her to stop getting any pinker because it was a sign of dry skin. Any more roses and the skin is gonna start peeling. I had to apply slabs of cream to keep her skin moisturized.

Our apartment.

This looks like a week worth of laundry? Guess again. It was what I prepared for the next day’s outing. The 3 of us. Yes, those are our bamboo leaves. We are the fatty, fragrant bak changs.

The floor was cold and I was too kiam for heater and we didn’t have a carpet so that is Sakura’s improvised playmat.


You can never see your shirt’s logo because your baby always does that.


Trying miserably to twin with your baby. And you end up wearing bedroom socks because you are too lazy to change.


Same bedroom socks again HAHAHAH. Please pretend that you never read this.


pink <3

For those who have read my review of Hairbeauron on Instagram, actually there’s another secret called the Hairbeauzer. Basically a hair dryer using the same bioprogramming technology. I bought it buuuuuuuuut unfortunately I could only keep it for Japanese use because of the voltage difference T___T.

First time using Hairbeauron!! You can still get it from Number76!


Here’s what we do at home:

Eat and watch TV.

Just… watch TV. Floor potato.

Cuddle and watch TV.


That’s all for Tokyolife. At least for today because if I continue with the food pictures I will end up having to cook something at midnight and won’t be able to finish this post.

So… another day!

Happy 2017!

December 31, 2016 in Cheesellaneous 5 Cheesed

Super last minute!! I was about to be lazy and not do anything online today but I realized I did one for 2015, so here’s one for 2016!

My #2016bestnine. Oookay. It is very apparent how this is going lol.

Let’s look at my 2016 resolutions set last year:

1. There’s a new project I’m currently working on which is still at a hush hush stage, but I really hope everything turns out well!!!

Ok so that was my book la haha.

Thank you so much for your support! Just so you know if you have bought the physical book and would like to have the “behind the scene” version of ebook, just email me with proof of purchase and I’ll send you a copy! 🙂

If you would want just the ebook, you can purchase it here 🙂

2. Be emotionally stronger, be less selfish like me and more selfless like the danna (probably the hardest resolution I’ve ever made. But baby step), continue to practice patience.

Actually I’m not so sure about this one. Recently I’ve been quick short-tempered especially living with a typical monster toddler who is pretty much against everything I want him to do and not to do. Sometimes I go inside the room, close the door and punch the pillows lol.

But I think I am a little stronger. I braved new challenges and took on tasks that I did not think I was capable of doing.


Failed. Hahahaha. In fact it is the other way round. Spending so much SGD that my MYR account is draining out like a bathtub unplugged XD.

4. Go back to Nagasaki to see Junjun’s grandfather again. Go back to Hakone to give thanks to the baby tree, again.

Mission complete! With Sakura as a bonus!

Hakone mission checked too.

Plus I over-delivered (no pun intended), and wen back twice.


5. Cook better.

The danna’s answer would be just a very diplomatic “Hm, nice.” sooo, this one have to ask Junya and Sakura HAHAHA.

Not sure if I cook better but I definitely cooked more often!

6. Visit more prefectures in Japan, hopefully the Tohoku.

Yes, yes yes!! This year I went to 3 new prefectures in Tohoku!! Iwate, Fukushima and Niigata last month.

Ishimaki <3


7. Give birth to cute baby girl.

Checked. Hahaha.

8. Continue to keep this blog alive.

Hmmmm. What do you think? XD

9. Always be grateful and don’t forget to count my blessings.

Sometimes I forget, but overall it has been a very good year even though the fortune telling articles predicted that it was supposed to be a very bad year for me. I no believe. Hahaha. I had a baby!!! It cannot be a bad year 🙂

10.Be the best mother I ever can be to Junya and his little sister.

I give myself a pass for this. Even if I am lousy I am still the best mother they can ever have cuz they only have me. HAHA. But I can be better. Much, much, much better.


Looks like I cleared all my resolutions!!! My new year resolution is year is to set equally easy resolutions so next year I’d feel accomplished again XD.

Anyway, here are some other things/changes that happened in the year of 2016:


First none-Japan/Singapore/Malaysia overseas trip we went together as a family of four!


Hanami 2016

The reason why I named my daughter Sakura is so that I can hanami everyday HAHAHA.

I missed out Hanami in 2015 so I really really wanted to do it this year. Unfortunately it wasn’t cherry blossom season yet when I was there. But I was determined to hanawhateverthemi, so I found one tree in Shinjuku Gyoen that was blooming. It was winter sakura.

Birthday 2016

Spent a nice birthday with friends and family at a swanky Japanese restaurant <3.

Baby Shower

Qiu threw me a sort-of-baby-shower! First time ever someone do something like that for me hahah so happy <3.

KonMari-ed my house

It made me want to be a tidier person. Except that I had to do it multiple times. For KL, SG and Japan.

Travelled to and fro SG – KL

Lots of looooong bus rides.

Flying with one-month-old baby

Sakura’s first flight was 1 month old.

And then travelled back to Japan every month. With cheesiepetit X2.

It still sounds crazy even just typing it out.

Got addicted to Pokemon Go. For a few weeks.

Like really, really addicted haha. Already got two real life monsters still bother to catch virtual ones.

Bangkok Family Trip 

Leveled Up

I Lied

Not really. Haha. And like 3 people is sort of true lol.


My new year resolution for 2017:

1. Do not blog about 2018 new year resolution so damn last minute when my brain is frozen at 11:22PM, otherwise this blog post would probably have been a better read. My apology.


Happy new year everyone!!

Life in Singapore 4

December 27, 2016 in Senti-Emmental 50 Cheesed

It has been one year!

(First post about Life in Singapore here.)

Our apartment lease is up, and we are moving to a new place. I can’t believe we have (sort of on and off) lived in Singapore for one whole year now.

It was Christmas when we first moved here.

Number76 was just words printed on a hoarding board.

Sakura was still in my tummy.


After one year, I am happy to announce that we are finally quite settled down. After one year of testing the water (and say real one, water here actually not bad. At least cleaner than Malaysia HAHAHA). We are all ready to start our new lives here. I told Qiu, xiexieni de country treat me so good. She said you are welcome.

Starting 2017, we would be officially based on SG, and will go back to KL and Japan every now and then. No more crazy flying 3 countries a month thing. My cabin crew friends said I fly more frequently than them lolol.

We are moving to a new apartment, which I am very excited about. Junya is going to school in January. Initially we registered him into a school in Kovan, but we really had no luck finding a house around that area. We saw a good one and then the landlord suddenly ate his words and rented out to someone else who could move in earlier. But I guess it really wasn’t meant to be. Because after that I chanced by another better school in a better location and suddenly our fate has turned around. We are now living in the city again. And I love it.

One year in Singapore is… (how should I say this without offending any nationalities lol) life-changing. It sets the standard for many things, and it is hard to look back. And I understand a lot of things I didn’t understand before, particularly about the tension and the need to compare between Malaysians and Singaporeans. I have read up blogs on experiences of people who have relocated/migrated from Malaysia to Singapore (and the other way round), and it seems like no matter which side they took they ended up getting pulverized so I learnt to be more careful with topics like these. Blogger不可以乱乱讲话。

The danna and I were having supper at Tanjong Pagar a few days ago, I was carrying Sakura and he was pushing Junya in the stroller. We were walking among crazy skyscrapers and quiet streets late at night and I sighed, “I can’t believe we are taking a walk here like it is a park.”

And I guess only people living in KL can understand this. The fact is that you can never, ever walk in quiet streets late at night, without being overwhelmed with paranoia. And you should rightly feel so for your own good.

“I like Singapore.” I told him.

For him the biggest reason (other than work) he chose Singapore, is safety. For me, I didn’t have many reasons, because I was very comfortable with our life in KL. Plus my work was based there. When he first told me we would be moving to Singapore, I had a lot of worries in my mind. I did have a few stereotypes about Singapore and Singaporeans.

1.The escalator need so fast anot!!!! (still getting used to.)
2.They need so speak so fast anot!!!! (still getting used to.)
3.The bloggers there need so drama anot!!! (not my daiji now lol.)
4.Things need so expensive anot!!!! (Sort of got used to this.)
5.They need speak so Singlish anot!!!! (Heng this one also I mastered liao.)

But most of all I was very kiasu about not being able to keep up to Singaporean’s kiasuness so I tried to keep up… huh, oh wait. I guess it all worked out well.

I no longer complain about Japanese groceries being expensive because… I just stop buying them lol. You guys are right, NTUC is like multiple times cheaper. Although occasionally I will indulge in Hokkaido Milk and Japanese daikon and tomatoes (really got difference, this one). And I just binge-shop for groceries when we go back to Japan, and then smuggle toilet papers back from Malaysia. HAHA kidding.

I am also very, very grateful for many things in Singapore. I rarely meet bad taxi drivers, and I rarely need to waste my time waiting or queuing for nonsense (willingly line up for Tsukada Nojo doesn’t count). I rarely need to strangle a waitstaff (in my mind la) for giving me the wrong order, twice. (both the order and the strangling.) I rarely have to end up making 5 trips to the wrong departments to get an errand done because of people who are incapable of giving direction.

Every other day I will sigh in amazement at random things until my Singaporean/Singaporean PR friends have to be like “Eh can you not be so Malaysian or not”. lolol. One example was I was literally thinking out loud “THIS LIBRARY IS FREE?” (I mean I know most libraries are free la but I didn’t expect one this awesome to be free!) until Qiu ask me to lower my voice because we were in a library HAHHAHA. She must be thinking OMG this Malaysian has no common sense lol.

After living here for a while I was like… huh then Singaporeans go to Japan they will still be amazed meh? It’s like… they already have everything. 还有什么你们没看过的。Heck they even import Sakura trees into Singapore during spring season omg. Then I felt a bit shy for raving about all the stuff in Japan. Come back to SG, cheh, here also got sell what. So… what amazes you in Japan? Can enlighten me, Singaporeans?

So yea, this one whole year I stood by my earlier promise to you guys ok. I always stand on the right side (by right I mean left) of the escalator, I never talk in a loud voice (except the library incident), I never chup any seats at your hawker center with tissue before. I 奉公守法. I am also paying foreigner price for certain things (like education fee) to help your economy 😀

We have just signed two years with our new apartment so like it or not, I am here to continue to leech off your rich economy for the next two years, Singaporeans lolol.

We went back to Japan in December, and it really feels like I am having the best of both worlds. Living in two of the safest and most advanced countries in the world. Traveling from the best airport to second best airport in the world, and then back to best again.

What more can I ask for?

(I know. More SGD. HAHAHAHA)


Casio Exilim EX FR-100 Review

December 24, 2016 in Commercial Break / Pokemom 5 Cheesed

With two kids constantly needing your attention during traveling, it is really quite a challenge to always be on camera-ready mode, more so if you are alone with the kids.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up capturing precious moments during travel. In fact, you should capture every single second of it.

I often get asked how it is possible to travel alone with two kids. It is extremely common in Japan. Every corner you turn in Tokyo there are sightings of high-level #pokeMOM on the go with multiple kids alone. Most people want to know how it is possible to take the subways with two kids and a stroller. It is hard to explain, so I decided to make a video documenting the entire journey from our home to the destination, traveled by the subway.

There are multiple challenges I faced but it is doable. So here’s the video, shot by my brand new Casio Exilim FR-100 Outdoor Recorder.

It really is a entirely different experience using a camera/video recorder.

Casio Exilim Ex FR-100 is a super lightweight camera + video recorder that allows you to shoot freestyle, and handsfree.

You can shoot selfies/videos as usual with the camera attached.

Or you can separate the camera so the body becomes a remote control that allows you to shoot/pause/view!!

You can place it on a flat surface, or attach it to your body (with optional headband/wristband mount) and shoot with the remote control. Perfect for bloggers who are always alone hahaha. Now we know who takes all your OOTD shots 😛

This is how I did it!! I clip it onto the stroller canopy, and just push the stroller along. The battery lasts pretty long, I managed to shoot almost half day of activities with both the camera and body switched on.

I also love how super wide-angle it is, and it is so so easy to place/clip it onto a surface and take group shots.

This picture was taken by the stroller. HAHAH. Serious. The danna was shopping at Gotemba and Junya was sleeping in the stroller. I turned the stroller facing me and just press the button on the controller for a “selfie”. The people around must be wondering why I was standing and smiling weirdly facing a sleeping child in a stroller.

You can purchase this camera on! is a new online shopping platform which will allow you to purchase and enjoy Japanese quality products from Japan right in the comfort of our own homes. Yay! Super good news for people who love Japanese food and products.

Yes, you do pay a bit of a premium but now you don’t have to fly all the way there to get something you won’t be able to obtain in Malaysia. Once an order is placed, within 6-8 days, you’ll have your goods delivered to your doorstep!

Ippin also offers many other products including yummy snacks, trendy cosmetics, high quality Japanese baby products (we all know how awesome they are), electric appliances and more.

Here are some other things I ordered:

Cotte skin care range, produced in Uonuma, Niigata prefecture (also dubbed the Snow Country), using their famous Hakkaisan Japanese sake as one of the ingredients. I have just came back from Niigata and sake cosme was everywhere there! (The danna loved Hakkaisan sake). Sake has immense benefits for skin and you can read up more about that.

I have tried this Cotte Sake Face Mask and it made my skin sooo soft. Super love!

They even have Cotte Sake mini hand cream that smells of delicious sake. <3

Obagi is another top selling Japanese cosme brand, and I’m adding this Obagi clear lotion to my daily routine!

Check out for all the Japanese products!

Looping Squizz Travel Stroller Review

December 22, 2016 in Commercial Break / Pokemom 0 Cheesed

A stroller (or more than one, even) is part of a mother’s life, and finding a stroller that suits your lifestyle is a never ending quest. Imagine if you have three children, you are probably gonna spend 7 or more years of your life pushing strollers. @.@ Soooo, investing in a good one is super, super important.

I have tried many strollers before (5 in total), and each of them have their own pros and cons. There will never be a perfect stroller so you just have to keep on looking out for improved ones.

Our latest addition to the family is Looping Squizz, a lightweight stroller that’s made for #pokeMOM on the go!

The problems with our previous strollers were:

1. One was too light and it often topple over if I hang too much groceries on the handle
2. One cannot be folded single-handed and it is a BIG problem if I am carrying Sakura.
3. One was simply too heavy and bulky for me to carry around
4. One was without bumper guard rail. I feel very, very insecure without it! And without the bumper you can’t store bags/shopping in the stoller too as they tend to fall out.

Looping Squizz comes along and fills the gap. It scores both on weight/size, and easy folding system.

The most attractive feature is that it is pretty lightweight, at about 6.7KG. Love the neutral colors that matches almost any kind of fashion and suitable for both genders.

Secondly it can be folded with one hand into a compact size, which you then can carry with one hand too!! Its folded size is also cabin-friendly so you can push the stroller all the way to the departure gate without checking it in. This is a plus point for families who love traveling.

Also comes with a snuggly rain cover that protects your child from getting wet. I forsee using this a lot now that we walk outdoor very often in Singapore.

Usually compact strollers are rather stiff and awkward to push around after adding lots of weight, especially when you need to go up the curb or make turns. But Looping Squizz gives an extra smooth ride with its 12 bearings in the wheels. We navigated along wet icy roads in Yuzawa, Niigata without any problems. (Of course you can’t ride it through thick snow la haha.)

Most mothers will end up buying two strollers for one baby, an infant stroller and a toddler stroller. Or a stroller with base interchangeable between bassinet or toddler seat. Looping Squizz is great from newborn to toddler age without changing the seat so that saves you quite a lot right there!

I usually let Junya sit in it and carry Sakura with me, but if Junya prefers walking then it’s time for mama to take a rest and put Sakura into the stroller! And then exchange when brother is tired or due for a nap.

I also like the front-open bumper guard.

from now until 26th December, there will be a Christmas package promotion where you get a rain cover for free!!

You also get a further discount of RM50 if you key in the code CHEESERLAND50!

Shop at now!


uPang UV Sterilizer

We mothers all know the sterilizing drill when it comes to baby utensils. Boiling, steaming, soaking in sterilizing solutions…

Have you thought about UV sterilizing? I have seen hotels do that for hair brushes, slippers… etc. UV Sterilizer is the fastest and most effective way to kill germs & bacteria. And uPang is world first UV Sterilizer with proven quality track record since 2008.

You can use it to sterilize baby bottles, meal sets, soft toys, and even none-baby related household items like remote controls!                                                               

It’s also very simple to use! Basically sterilizing is just one button away.   

uPang Effectively kills up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria  with its 360 degrees of effective reflection of UV light penetration, and is very safe for babies.     

You can also use the same code CHEESERLAND50 for RM50 off when you purchase RM200 or more!

Get it at!


#LetThemLearn II

December 20, 2016 in Commercial Break 0 Cheesed

A month ago I wrote a post on #LetThemLearn, a campaign initiated by Wyeth Nutrition to encourage parents to give their children room and freedom for self-learning, and help them grow into well-rounded, responsible and independent individuals in three areas of Multiple Intelligence – Body Smart, Brain Smart and People Smart.

For a month or so, I tried letting Junya explore most things on his own without the urge to restrain or correct him (within safety measure of course!), and here are the updates:

Body Smart

Now that he can wear his own shoes like a pro, we are moving on to pants, clothes, and brushing teeth.

Instead of bribing him with anime videos so he would open his mouth to let me brush his teeth, I let him squeeze his own toothpaste and decide the kind of flavor he wants for the day (we have 8 different flavors in the house. true story.), and he would brush his own teeth. Of course he doesn’t do it perfectly so once he is done I’ll takeover and do a proper round for him.

Of course there are also other things that he is currently super passionate about, for example… opening the house door.

He insists to be the one to open the door, I guess many children in his age goes through this phase, all my mama-friends could well relate and agree. haha.

As he isn’t tall enough now to reach the key hole, he would demand to be carried so he could unlock the door. When I refused to, he actually improvised and pulled the stroller over, stepped on the foot-bar so he could just reach higher. Quite… resourceful I’d say XD.

He is still having a hard time controlling his little fingers so at time I feel really ‘geram’ (frustrated) which made want to help him, especially when we return home from  grocery shopping, where I will be carrying frozen goods… or holding a full bladder waiting for him to open the door. Imagine that! lol.

I’d be sure to help improve his motor skills with lots of wholesome nutrition such as calcium and protein, where Junya could get them from  two glasses of S-26® Gold Progress daily – would be a good source!


Brain Smart

He’s moving on from 20 pieces to 75 pieces now! And all by himself. Sometimes when I have spare time, I will whisk out a more challenging set and sit down to solve with him together. But when I don’t, he would gladly play with his favorite puzzle sets over and over again.

For that extra boost for brain development, don’t forget nourishing your child’s diet packed with DHA, Choline and Lutein!


People Smart

The biggest difference I see in Junya is his social skills with people around him. Though he may be more reserved compared to other children his age, he is now more at ease when joining a group of friends during playtime together.

He is now having lots of fun with his friends Yuna and Tidus!

I actually gave him an impromptu challenge to stay over at his fav godmom’s place, since she is probably the person he trusts the most outside of our family.

Carolyn (Junya’s godmom) sent me lots of pictures to report lol. On a new bed, he was looking a little upset haha.

But the next day, he woke up happy and even followed her to work!! XD

Taking the MRT in Singapore for the first time.

Strengthen your children’s immunity and get good nutritional support from foods & milk containing vitamins, pre & probiotics such as Oligofructose and Nucleotides. Junya is getting a good fix prepared with love by his godmom.

Join the #LetThemLearn movement together to see our children grow into strong, independent individuals. You can also get lots of parenting tips by Wyeth Nutrition on and their Facebook page !