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DIY Home tips!

This is our sketch book in the house.

We painted one side of the walls with a chalk-friendly paint over a magnetic paint, so now you can doodle on it any time like a blackboard and can also stick magnets on it!!! Pretty cool right?? We did this before Junya was born because we thought in the future he could have some fun doodling on the wall without us exploding with heartache lol.

Except that the last doodle was made on Junya’s fullmoon -____-. In a few months time i just wipe of “4” and replace with “5” and “month” to “year”, and i have a brand new message board -___-.


Which reminded me that we seriously need to do something to the house! It is still as empty as we just moved in (in a rush when i was 8 month pregnant), except we have extra diapers and lots of toys now. So the danna suggested putting up some shelves and doing some gardening to make the house more livable :)

We need new shelves to place things like my snow globe collections now that Junya can stand up and most things at low height are within the reach of his destructive little fingers lol.

And the danna prefer building his own furniture (the shoe rack, Champon’s house, the book shelf etc) so we started phase 2 renovation!!

Of course there are some drillings to be done and some holes on the wall that need to be filled!

So today i’m sharing a simple DIY tip where you can quickly and effectively fix any cracked walls or unsightly nailing holes!

I’m using only two products that are exclusively brought by SRI Rx: How D.I.Y Should Be.

1. ONETIME Lightweight Spackling 

2. ONETIME Wall Repair Patch

Two items that i recommend you to keep in your tool box!

A quick demo!

So there’s these nail holes on one of the walls we wanted to cover up. So the danna dug out the wall plugs and left a big crack there.

So first of all we use the Wall Repair Patch.

It gives permenant repair on walls and ceiling with a self-adhesive, rust-proof Galvanized steel patch. You can use it on countertops, tubs, sinks, showers, fixtures, windows and door frames, etc.

And then with ONETIME Lightweight Spackling.

It fills cracks, dents, nail heads and other holes in just a single application. It won’t shrink, sag or crack after being applied, and can be used both indoor and outdoor. You can use it on plaster walls/drywall, woof surfaces, etc.

Here’s how it works!

It’s incredibly easy even a DIY idiot like me also can do!!

1. Clean the surface of the wall.

2. Peel of the adhesive sheet of ONETIME Wall Repair Patch and apply on the wall.

3. Spackle it with ONETIME Lightweight Spackling

4. Done!

It dries up really quick too!

It is also super lightweight that Junya can hold and flip it around! The benefits of a lightweight spackling product is thatt here is less chance of holes reopening and worsening of cracks.


Anyway, other than filling up holes, it can also fill up hairline crack which is 90% of all household problems.

Both the products are sold at a very low rate compared to retail price and Sri Rx is absorbing the 6% GST for orders through them, so order yours now and email


Giveaway time! I will be giving a way one pair of each variant to 5 of you who leave a comment telling me who is the supplier for ONETIME Lightweight Spackling and ONETIME Wall Repair Patch.

Do leave email address so you could be contacted! ^^


Mount Unzen, Nagasaki

April 28, 2015 in Japan 21 Cheesed

This was on the third day of new year in Nagasaki.

We woke up early morning and had breakfast in Sukiya!

Given a choice we didn’t really want to have fast food after flying all the way to Nagasaki, but the thing about Oshougatsu is that it is also the only time all the good local restaurants close for business. It’s the time for family. Once in a year.

It is also Jiji’s only off days in a year.

So on the 3rd Jan 2015, we had a 3-generation overnight family trip to a hot spring in Nagasaki called Unzen. The Kanji is 雲仙. This would be the first time the danna spent a night together with his father in… decades. And also the first ever time Junya travelled with Jiji.

The danna’s grill salmon breakfast set.

So simple but so complete. White rice with raw egg, miso soup, lots of green onion topping, natto (under the green onion),  seaweed, hijiki and grill fish. I would say that this is the perfect Japanese breakfast.

For me it was Yakitori Don. Hot rice topped with juicy chicken and extra sauce. Nyummmm.


And how much would a perfect breakfast for two like this cost?

1155 Yen. RM34.

RM17 per person. I bet that’s what you spend in Starbucks nowadays with GST. Minus the cake.


After the morning nom, the danna drove to pick Jiji up.

And on our way to Unzen with Jiji!

Stole a kiss from my little lover when nobody was looking lol <3



I was quite happy because there wasn’t any snow in Tokyo nor Hakone yet, (although i saw floating snowflake at Haneda airport on the way to Nagasaki) and there won’t be any in Nagasaki city.

But snow!!!!!!!!!

I was so happy i just ran over to the puddle of leftover snow with JunJun and took tons of pictures XD

Junya’s first snow experience!  He won’t remember it so we need some proof ma.

He was very happy also wor!!

My fav picture!

Somebody built snowmen on a bench.

Ahhhhh so happy!!! Please forgive me! I’m a Malaysian! The only snowman i have seen in the past few years is Olaf. Hahaha


And then we reached Hell.

No i am serious.

“The entrance to the Hell of Unzen”. (So the wooden stick says.)

No i am serious. The white vapor emanating from the bowholes underground make the place indeed hellish. Or heavenly, i guess. Depends whether your glass is half full or half empty hahaha.

To me it is heavenly la because last time all the Chinese New Year MTV i saw had little girls in fairy costume dancing around in a misty smokey background saying gongxinigongxini liddis.

Welcome to the heaven of Unzen.

Your fairy in a recycled smelly down jacket and a little cherub in fluffy blanket. *cue dry ice effect*

This is what the fairies cook.

Onsen eggs hahahhaa.

Unlike the black eggs in Hakone, the eggs here are normal beige color. (Actually beige is not really normal in Japan. Their normal egg color is white.)


Taste like normal boil egg XD


After the tour in Hell/Heaven, we drove to see the volcano and also the Volcano Memorial Hall.

Mizunashi-honjin Fukae Road Station.

In here you can find the most ridiculously cheap groceries you can ever find in Japan.

A bag of Daikon for 50 yen (RM1.50). And a whole bunch of carrots for 70 yen (RM2). Six kiwis for RM6. REALLY????

Not really.

A sack of carrots enough to feed a whole village for RM17. Say whaaaaaaaaaat.

The road station also sells some of the most bizarre souvenirs. One of them is Champon Drops. (I don’t mean the downfall of my pet. Again. Just to make it clear. You know.) Which is a candy in the most popular Nagasaki noodle flavor.


Unzen milk. I just love trying all their local milk in different places. Just to evaluate how their cows perform. I mean, as a cow myself, it’s natural for me to be competitive ok. Don’t judge.


After that we checked in to our Ryokan in Unzen. Junya slept like a baby.

Oh wait. He IS a baby.

The thing about having a baby is that… it really does bring people closer together. Thank you Junya. Without you maybe your papa won’t even have a chance to have an intimate quality time with his own father.

More about the amazing ryokan in the next post! Now i want to go sniff my baby.


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MizuCafe, Tokyo

April 24, 2015 in Commercial Break 5 Cheesed

To add on to the list of restaurants i have brought Junya to in Japan (read Part 1 and Part 2), i am writing about MIZUcafe in Harajuku, Tokyo, which is produced by Cleansui Japan.

I have blogged about Cleansui before, which is a water filter series by Mitsubishi Rayon Japan i got for my house.

Anyway i heard that they had a concept cafe in Tokyo, so during our December trip we paid a visit to the cafe.

It’s located at Jingumae, 6-34-14, Harajuku, if you want to know the location! It’s quite near the Lotte building if you are familiar with Harajuku. Not hard to find!

The concept of the cafe is to provide a comfortable environment using the element of “water”, and of course to utilize the technology of Cleansui for a more wholesome dining experience with their Cleansui food and drink menu.

It was just after Oshougatsu holiday (most Tokyolites hadn’t gotten back from their hometowns maybe), so it was rather quiet. Even if it is full house it would be quite comfortably spacious still for dining with babies/kids.

To further promote the Cleansui concept, there’s also a free hand spa! It’s a warm Tansan (ie sparkling, which is the super trend for beauty products, hair salon etc) experience if you have a few minutes to spare.

For diners, there are even free water for you to take home!! There are tree types of specially selected water:

1. Normal Cleansui 2. Alkaline Cleansui 3. Sparkling Cleansui.

All kiasu Malaysian can just bring a whole bucket and fill it to your heart conscnience’s content, since bottled drinks in japan can be quite pricey.

Of course there are also Cleansui water filter products for purchase! <3

And of course, free refill of clean water throughout your meals.

Apparently Cleansui water that is served is also “chou nan sui” (超軟水), ie “super soft water”, which in my opinion is the most delicious water in the world XD

Our pre-lunch! (After that having a lunch date with Yuria at Omotesando)

My Vongole Pasta

The danna’s curry rice. Simple and yummy.



Back to Cleansui Water filters!

At home i have a Z9 filter, two pitchers, and a shower head filter.

I use the filtered water to cook, to drink, to make formula for Junya, to fill up the danna’s to-go water bottle for work, and the shower head filter for Junya’s bath.

I think that is pretty sufficient for my family.

Like i said previously before, i never believed in those fancy water filteration systems that cost thousands or even above five figures. Most of them are just marketing gimmicks. Like RO water whose hype has long gone, most people now know that it is actually water that could be dangerous to your health.

But Cleansui’s concept is very simple, it just brings water back to its most natural, purest form. Like that of the spring water from a beautiful river in Japan.

In the future perhaps i don’t mind to invest in a main filter that could let me have cleaner water even for the laundry, toilets and whole household uses. I mean, you can never be too careful! But for now i’m happy to provide the family with pure, clean water.

If you are interested to get Cleansui water filter for you house, you can now purchase it online via Cleansui Malaysia! Everything is super simple, all you need is a couple of minutes to install the counter top filter.

Also!! Exclusively for Cheeserland’s readers only, if you purchase a Z9E counter top (RM989) filter you will get a CP002e Pitcher worth RM239 for free!! While stock lasts, so order now fromCleansui Malaysia!




Nagasaki with Junya (II)

April 22, 2015 in Japan 11 Cheesed

This was on 2nd January, 2015, Nagasaki.


I have never ever thought that there would be someone reading my blog in Nagasaki. But there was.

When i posted pictures of my journey on Instagram, a follower, Agnes left me a comment and invited me to drop by the little patisserie she was working at.

And we did. It was just within walking distance from our hotel.

The shop is called “Little Angels”, and is owned by a French lady who has been staying Nagasaki for a long time.

The patisserie is a lovely pastel pink from outside in. And i heard from the locals that this is a pretty popular shop in Nagasaki city!

The decor was just too pretty. Yes it’s a little too girlish, but it makes a perfect spot for an afternoon tea, catching up with friends and a date, if your bf/husband doesn’t mind XD. Mine didn’t!

A mix of Japanese Kawaii + Parisian chic

We were gonna go for a heavy lunch (too much good food in Nagasaki!!!) so we had a light tea time in the cafe.

With JunJun.

The strawberry shortcake was just perfect. T___T.

Agnes was really busy as it was a weekend, but she came over and thanked me for coming. (Oh my god you really came by!!!) I thanked her for inviting. Or else i’d never discover such a lovely cafe in town. The danna and i typically go for the unswanky hardcore street food XD

Thank you again Agnes.

I’m so thankful to be able to meet people like this all around the world. It makes an ordinary trip to much more memorable and special! :)

An abrupt make-of-the-day picture. Didn’t want to put it as the opening picture because i didn’t want to scare off you all AHHAHA.



After that it was lunch!

Danna was craving for Champon (not our Shiba inu, i must clarify again) so we went to a Chinese restaurant.

Subuta (the Japanese version of Ku Lou Yok/Sweet and sour pork).

Sara Udon (The Nagasaki version of Cantonese Yee Mee with extra veggies?)

And finally, Champon. It has no resemblance whatsoever to our pet. XD



In the afternoon, we dropped by Jiji’s shop house again.

Jiji doesn’t talk much. He was as shy as a little kid. Very much like his youngest son, who is also Junya’s father. I wonder if the genes run in all 3 generations?

He’s not the kind who would plant kisses all over the baby and play peekaboo in an animated voice. But when he saw Junya his eyes sparkled at an instant, and smiled to himself. I guess that’s how he expresses his unspoken love for his second grandson.

Junya also met his cousin for the first time! Who was also super shy lol.





In the evening we went back to our hotel for a short rest.

We changed and went on over to a shrine for our Hatsumode (first visit to the shrine of the year).



It was my first time! A little shrined located up the hill overlooking the beautiful city. Even in Nagasaki it was quite crowded.

Everyone came to pray for a good year and give their thanks.

Junya was fast asleep.

Hello Kitty Omamori of the year of goat! Obviously i had to get one T_T

For the family!

During Oshougatu (Japanese new year) there will also be Yatai (mobile food stalls) set up around the shrines selling food and snacks and even some games. It’s like the Japanese version of a Pasar malam 😀


Very happening!

Maneki neko and daruma for the new year.

Omikuji (Japanese fortune strips).

And a serene pond nearby.


At night, we went to our all time favorite, Shianbashi Ramen.

We were quite lucky there wasn’t a line cuz it was usually quite popular! Probably one of the most famous food shops in Nagasaki. Cuz Fukuyama Masaharu goes there. And and and!!!!! He was the danna’s senior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Ok i think i said this many times before lol). So i just come here and tumpang some glory also quite happy la hahah.

Bakudan Ramen. Bakudan means bomb. And the bomb is the little mountain of garlic paste topping. Hmmm. Not the ideal romantic date dinner.



More odeeeeen.


Before heading back to hotel we went shopping in a drugstore.

Cold medicine for kids.

Wa wa wa medicine also need so cute anot!!!!!!!!!


But yea maybe My Melody will do a better job at convincing little kids to take their meds then a naggy mom. Ok i buy.

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April 2015 coordinate

April 20, 2015 in Shoutouts / Useless fashion 9 Cheesed

Here are some of my recent OOTDs!

Lately there are a lot of obsessions that define my styles for the past few months. The danna influenced me so much that sometimes half his wardrobe became mine lololol. Here are some of my heavy-rotation fashion must-haves!


1. Sneakers

Coordinate 1

The only thing i keep buying and buying is sneakers. I used to own zero pair. My shoe cabinet was full of five and a half inch heels that i couldn’t even wear for more than 10 seconds. I used to feel inferior about my height (i am 158cm) so i would never be seen dead in a pair of flats. I didn’t like to be the short one in photos. T_T. I was like that even during my late pregnancy,

But now i couldn’t even remember how it is like to wear a pair of heels. Honestly. I couldn’t understand why i put up with this nonsense called high heels for the past decade. And i loooooooove my sneakers now. LOVE.

This particular pair is a gift from BAPE Sg! It’s a special edition Adidas X BAPE X Undefeated. Awesomeness explosion on my feet.


Coordinate 2

The first pair of sneakers the danna bought me as a present. To lure me into his dark side.


2. Overalls

Coordinate 3

Overalls are the most awesome things ever. Why don’t people wear them more often??? Apart from being perfect for gardening (true story. That’s what i wore to plant cacti), its millions pockets are also a great convenience. I love to put my phone, camera, parking ticket, some loose change, a can of coke, portable chargers, Junya’s puke cloth in the front pocket. Oh and also a couple of live doves. Just in case i need to impress people, you know.

This particular piece is from Ray Beams.


Coordinate 4

Another good thing about overalls is that even one strap is broken, it is still wearable.

There’s a catch though. Don’t wear it if you breastfeed. There was once i tried nursing my son in an overall. An oversized one. When he was done i stood up, forgetting to pull the suspenders back up on the shoulders. Oops.


3. Bucket Hats

Coordinate 5

It all started when i was looking for a real hat that could shield me from the sun. Since there’s so much thing called “umbrella” in Malaysia. The 500 berets i have serves zero function as a hat. So i bought a bucket hat. And then another one. And then…


Coordinate 6

Also i love to steal things from my other family members. The bag is stolen from Junya.


Coordinate 7

This one is unrelated. This is just me trying to communicate with the old me to get approval that i could still do something that she used to do. She didn’t reply.

That’s all for this time! :)

Dot Free

April 18, 2015 in Commercial Break 5 Cheesed

Today i’m introducing another skincare product series from Japan!

You may have seen these in the beauty stores in Japan, i remember them because the spokes person for the product is a super cute baby hehe.

The name is called “Dot Free”. I guess it’s quite direct lah, meaning for you to achieve baby-like flawless skin where not even a dot can be spotted.

My latest addition in the bathroom!


There are two Dot Free series. The first one is Dot free White.

Collagen as a beauty ingredient has been the hype for many years now, and often you can find many skin care products and even beauty supplement with collagen in it.

But Live Collagen? I heard it the first time.

What’s the difference?

Other than that, there’s also a triple whitening formula, which are Vitamin C, Saxifrage and Arbutin. It will prevent blemishes and freckles and help promote light, transparent skin!



What’s better? There are only two steps.

I realized that over the years modern beauty regime is getting simpler and simpler! It’s great because i mean… who has the time to put on 7 different kinds of beauty products every single day and night?

With Dot Free, there are only 2 steps!

1. Cleanse

Dot Free White Face Wash is a pasty cleanser that removes impurities from pores, at the same time protects your skin from roughness with its live collagens and beauty essences.


2. Apply

Dot Free White All In One Essence is a high performance essence that has soft pellets of concentrated collagen beads! It moisturizes and brightens up your complexion. It has a gel-like texture that i love the most.



The second range is Dot Free Collagen.

This series specializes in giving you firmer and more resilient skin with 3 types of collagens.

There’s Live Collagen to reyain moisture, Permeable Collagen to further hydrate deeply, and Succinated Antelocollagen to firm up your skin.

Other than that, it also contains 17 types of natural botanical extracts to restore cells and resynthesizes healthy DNA damaged by UV rays.

Similarly, it also has only two steps.


1. Cleanse

Dot Free Collagen Face Wash has a more watery texture. It contains 1000mg of pure collagen and its rich foam cleanses deeply buried sebum from pores!


2. Apply

Dot Free Collagen All In One Essence contains 23 luxurious beauty ingredients that replenishes and seals in moisture!


For me, i want to be fairer AND also have firmer skin so i use both alternatively 😀


And… believe it or not, it’s unbelievably affordable. The products ranges from RM22.90 to RM37.90! And now they even have a 10% off introductory promotion!

All Dot Free products have no fragrance, no coloring, paraben-free for the face wash products, and of course, made in Japan so safety and quality assured! ❤︎

For more information, you can visit Dot Free’s official website (in English!!).

You can get in from selected Watson outlets in Malaysia or!