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Moe Moe Spa Treatment

April 5, 2015 in Commercial Break 8 Cheesed

We often want to pamper ourselves to body massages or spa once in a while when we feel tired, but have you thought about giving your head a well-deserved pampering spa session too?


I was invited by MoltoBene (company who producted Bene Premium Bluria & Rougeria hair care series i blogged about earlier) to try out Moe Moe Spa Treatment at their office salon.

Unlike the usual hair treatments that focus on repairing the hair, Moe Moe focuses on a relaxing experience as a whole. It sounds very Japanese (as it comes from japan, of course), but it is actually Hawaiian themed (knowing how much Japanese people love Hawaii!), and the word Moe Moe means “to rest” and “to relax” in Hawaiian.

Speaking of Hawaii, this year we may have a family trip together with Junya to Hawaii

And i am so excited!!

Back to Moe Moe!

The packaging is also super sweet and pretty!


That’s the Moe Moe Spa Treatment product series. If you look carefully, there’s a sequence to it, from fresh green leaves to blooming flowers, i guess it represents the unfolding of a woman’s beauty!


MoltoBene’s products are always very wholesome! Moe Moe is silicone and ethonol free, and contains certified organic ingredients of Neroli, Petitgrain, Ylang Ylang essential oil, blend with the scent of Jasmine flower. Sounds just like a Hawaiian vacation!

The features for Moe Moe are:

  • special care for root volumization
  • special care for scalp odor
  • special care for colored and permed hair


Other than that, one of the most important routine for the spa treatment is the specially customised massages.


So many steps!!


So that day i get to experienced first hand this brand new Moe Moe Spa Treatment, serviced by MoltoBene’s very own educator from Japan, Suzuki san. Here are the steps of Moe Moe Spa Treatment:


1. Spume Soda

The first step is soda cleansing for the scalp.

A rich bubble foam is sprayed onto your scalp (you get to choose non-minty or minty. I chose the minty one because i love the cooling effect it has on scalp!), and even the hair, to give it thorough cleansing with gentle massage, at the same time giving nutrition and balancing pH to hair and scalp.


2. Volumy Gel

After that there’s the Volumy Gel, which is a cleansing gel with fine vitamin A & E beads inside to cleanse dirt and also to volumize roots of hair as its name suggests!

It is done with massage motions again by the deft fingers of Suzuki san. It feels super good!!!

The massage in this step is very important to promote metabolism.


3. Care Keeper + Care Serum

Triple cleansing?? This was the first ever time i’ve done any hair spa that has 3 cleansing step! Usually when you wash your hair too much, your scalp feels a little tingling and sensitive, but i’m surprised that after so many different types of cleansing, it is so gentle that it feels completely comfortable. (In fact i wish the massage can go on foreverrrrr T_T)

After that a hair treatment is applied to make your hair soft and moisturized.



4. Vita Drop

Now that your scalp is completely clean, you can give it a little boost with multivitamins to help moisturize scalp.

It could also reduce unpleasant smell of scalp, especially in a hot country like Malaysia.


And the treatment part is done!

Next is blow drying.

After that Suzuki san then help me check the condition of my scalp.

Can you see that??? Sparkling clean!!!

And lastly, styling.

With Suzuki san and Moe Moe products. Although they are mainly for professional salon use, there are several products you can bring home too for daily usage!

Very light and fluffy hair, and i indeed see the volumized effect 



Also, the good news is, although it is a professional range, Moe Moe is not only available in salons, there are also bring-home products you can purchase for home care!


Moe Moe Shampoo & Daily Serum

Moe Moe shampoo washes hair thoroughly for a lighter texture and prevent hair discoloration and curl keeping at the same time, perfect for colored and permed hair!

The Daily Serum is a daily hair treatment for continuous soft and volumized hair even after you come home from salon treatments.


Moe Moe Repair Aid

This is a leave-in treatment with watery milky texture to keep hair even softer and moisturized! I apply a pump or two to towel-dried hair after shower.


Moe Moe Fragrance Lei

Lastly, as you can see on a bottle a beautiful floral Lei, it is a hair fragrance spray with a sweet sweet scent reminiscent from the earth of Hawaii.

This is not just a hair fragrance, it also comes with UV protection, and serves as a protection for your hair against unpleasant smell like tobacco or smoke. So if your working environment has a lot of smoker, or it’s a clubbing night out or a BBQ party, do have a quick spray before you head out!


For more info, do visit MoltoBene Malaysia’s Facebook page and Instagram account: @moltobenemalaysia







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In a couple of hours i’ll be celebrating my 25th birthday for the 17th time!

Just kidding. Actually this is just my 9th birthday 5 years in a row.


I actually forgot about it until a girl friend asked me how am i celebrating tomorrow and i was like huh. She’s like, aren’t you going out with friends?? To somewhere?! At least?! I was like what friend.

Anyway, this is the first time in 3 years i am not celebrating my birthday in Japan. Under a sky of sakura trees. And then the danna has been so busy with work that every morning when he leaves the house he bends down and tells Junya, “Papa goes to work now, see you tomorrow.” lolol. And then he’s not the surprise-party planning nor lavish present fancy bouquet type of husband. And i have always been bad at the whole party thing. So this year there would be no party, no celebration, no family dinner, no presents, no husband even lolol. And no Japan T____T. By right this would be my worst birthday ever.

But this is just about to be the happiest birthday ever.

Why? I cannot explain.

Maybe because there is no longer an expectation. Maybe because i am going to spend it like any other happy days. Maybe because i have gotten older and a little wiser. Maybe because i love my life a lot better. And mostly maybe because i am just very very thankful. To be where i am now.

To have such a hardworking husband trying to make the best for his family, to still have a couple of friends who care, to have a healthy and happy son, to be able to do all the things i love doing, to be able to want less things and be satisfied with more things, and to be able to celebrate each day with gratitude.

Also, to have a family which makes me want to continue to be a better and better self.

Today i woke up to this.

And i thought to myself, with a sight like this every single day, who needs birthdays?




(Ok fine. Maybe Junya does. By then we would be in Japan already wooohoooooooo!)

Junya’s first date

March 27, 2015 in Baby / Japan 14 Cheesed

(This was back in December, 2014 in Tokyo!)

Junya was about to go on his first date!

After the meet-up with Sayaka and Anna, we decided to meet again when Junya is finally here so that the two of them soulmates can meet for the first time.

To cut the story short (long story is on the link above), Junya and Anna was born on the exact same day, so their mommies feel that it’s sort of fated! When we chatted all these while, we also found out that they have too many similarities!! Of course the age is exactly the same, so it’s very likely they will hit milestones at the same time. But things like falling sick on the same day… that’s just like they are lovers on another star in another paralel world XD

It was also my first time going out without the danna, so i was actually just a little anxious. I hesitated for the longest time whether to bring the stroller, but decided that i’ll just wear Junya out the whole day.

First train ride alone with Junya. (I was wearing a mask because it was too cold and it was giving me runny nose.)

Turned out, not only it was a super cold day, it was also raining. The. Whole Day. T___T. I didn’t have an umbrella (which Malaysian actually own an umbrella? That is not given by your bank/insurance company?!) so i had to grab one from the combini.

Anyway speaking of umbrellas, it was the only thing that was ever stolen from me in Japan. I left it outside a shop in Harajuku and it was gone -_-. But then the danna said umbrellas in Japan is almost like a public commodity (god damn they all look exactly the same!!!), so technically it was stolen, it was just “taken”. It is sort of true. I see forgotten (discarded?) umbrellas all the time and i guess if you want you are allowed to take them 

雨中漫步with Junya.

Hello somebody woke up!

First bb & mama coordinate shot haha.

Met Sayaka and her kids at Omotesando!! We were gonna have lunch so where else to go but 76cafe!!

Anyway just so you are curious how Japanese mom go out alone with TWO kids. The whole day.  In winter. On a rainy day.

This will roughly give you an idea.

One baby oh her, one kid in stroller.  1 umbrella, 2 rain coats,3 winter coats, 4 blankets, 5 scarves, 6 bags. Something like that.

I suddenly feel so lucky.

Basement of 76cafe!

And so…… the fateful moment has come!!

Anna just screamed out loud, super high pitch when she saw Junya. And Junya was stunned and 扁嘴 and started sobbing. Hmmmm. It wasn’t how a fairy tale starts was it??

After that he was okay. I guess a pretty face works, after all.

Ordered our lunch and waiting!

group shot <3

Anyway 76cafe serves kids menu too!! A kid set udon is like 300 yen (RM9), which is quite good value!

There are cute desserts too!

Sousuke and his Tentomushi cake.


After lunch, it was diaper changing time so we walked to Omotesando Hills (blogged about the nursery earlier in this blog post!)

Since there’s a stroller we had to look for escalators all the time T__T. It was really quite tiring and time consuming T__T

Changing room!

Ahhhhh i miss Junya when he would still lie down happily without trying to intentionally fall off the table T_____T. He just turned 6m back then. This is an impossible sight right now T_T


Anyway…. Guess what?



I mean without the mommies planning. Not like the babies can talk. Unless telepathically. OH, RIGHT.

Ok Junya. Mama will save money now for your grand wedding.

This is what i call Green Plum Bamboo Horse.


After diaper time, it was Oppai Time lolol.

If you don’t understand Japanese, here it is…

Oppai time. Double the oppais. HAHAHHAH. (No hor we didn’t ask anybody to take this pic we not so bian tai ok. It was self timer ok.)

Anyway see the mommies suddenly tied hair up cuz it’s so damn hot inside. -__-. Suddenly all auntiness come out lolol. Forget about nicely blown hair ok. Forget it when you are a mom.

Happy babies

“Yes, future wife?”

Me with Anna

Sayaka with Junya

Me with them both


Sayaka with them both.

Ahhh i cannot. Why so so so so so cute wan!!!! <333


Anyway we were supposed to go for a drink and relax, because the both of us felt like our bodies were gonna fall apart -_-. But after going up and down (and after painstakingly looking for all the elevators), we decided that it was impossible to get into any cafe on a Sunday in Omotesando Hills. So we went back to the nursery and bought our drinks. From the vending machines lolol.

Yup. That’s our yumca.

Junya also learnt how to use a straw for the first time that day!!


After that we walked summore in Omotesando and found a chocolate town!! Literally, everything was build of chocolate. Not only that. Spot a tap in the middle? It pours hot chocolate.


After Omotesando Hills we went to Kiddy Land because erm… we both have kids. (Actually is excuse only, the mommies wanted to buy Gudetama. For themselves -___-)

My weird love, Gudetama.

Gude biscuit.

We did gatcha gatcha and got our Gude chain!!! (Junya was sleeping.)


After that it was goodbye.

Sayaka came all the way from Yokohama to meet me so i felt really thankful!! I couldn’t even imagine how i was going to do it if i were her.


Anyway, for dinner i went back to 76cafe!

I love their dinner menu cuz there are so many more choices!

That’s Gomi san with Junya whose mouth still had puke but smiling -_-. Gomi san is a stylist from NALU salon so if you wanna get your hair done in Tokyo you can go look for her! She’s the sweeeeetest!

Appetizer: marinated avocado with fishcake.

Taco salad.

Nachos. Again. It was too good i could not not order it.


Pasta. Got avocado inside also!! The whole dinner may as well be avocado themed lolol. I didn’t even realize it cuz i was just thinking i could give Junya some since he has started solid!

Gorgonzola cheese pizza with honey.

A present from Gomi san!!

Also it was Yukali’s birthday so i got her a cake! (She is also a stylist from NALU and i just looove being aorund her cuz she’s forever so happy!)

Happy bday! (Dunno why i had the gok si face lolol)


76cafe from outside. Ground floor (In Japan it is first floor) and above the cafe is NALU salon (in Japan they call it the second floor!)

76 Omotesando
4-9-2 Jinguemae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 150-0001


That’s all for today!


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Eat Tokyo With Baby (Part 2)

March 23, 2015 in Bon Cheesepetit / Japan 19 Cheesed

To continue from Part 1!

This was back in December, 2014 during our stay in Tokyo.

The danna had work most of first and second week so i braved myself to go out alone with Junya to catch up with some friends!


11. HARBS, Lumine Ikebukuro

RinRin was the first person who came to meet me up all the way at Lumine Ikebukuro! It’s just right across my apartment so it was really easy for me! (If i forget anything we could just go back to my place)

Harb is a chain cafe that serves light brunches and also cakes. They are baby-friendly, however we had to wait about 15 minutes as they only allocate certain seats for guests with strollers (so that it won’t be in the way).

The cafe is comfortably spacious (and you will have to re-adjust your whole set of definition to “space” when it comes to Japan) even with a stroller. There were other diners with babies too so i felt a little more at ease too.

Simple , but really good sandwich.

Cake was hmmmm.

Apparently they are famous for their cream fruit tarts but i really am not too big a fan of sweets.



 12. M House, Ebisu

Naoko (ex EMODA) invited me for lunch and we went near her work place. Ebisu is quite far away but still accessible via Yamanote line from Ikebukuro!

Naoko now started her own vintage/select brand called Ameri!

It’s more like a cafe place for people working nearby so there were a lot of OL crowd, but overall good food and nice ambience!

We both had uni (sea urchin) omelette <3

Super creamy <3


Buns were soft and fluffy too!





13. AW Kitchen, Aoyama

My Yakiniku buddy Omatsu san always knows the best in Tokyo. We had a catch up session together with Izu too, at AW Kicthen, an Italian cafe at Aoyama (near Omotesando). Reservation required because it’s really popular!

It turned out that it was another life-changing dining experience lol.

Omatsusan, Izu and JunJun.



So this is the life-changing dish.

It’s Bagna cauda, AW Kicthen’s signature.

Huh. You mean you actually eat these things?

Yes. Everything. (Except the ice. But you may if you insist.) From the stem to leaves to the last tiny petal. Raw.

And then dipped in hot anchovy and garlic sauce. The sauce is rich and flavourful as you can imagine, but what shocked me was how out of the world the greens (and reds and oranges and yellows and purples) tasted like.

The carrot didn’t taste like carrot. Daikon didn’t taste like daikon. The leaves… i mean? You won’t even have considered putting them into your mouth would you?? I ate them, brain exploding.


After this meal, for the rest of my trip in Japan, i kept bugging everyone to go for restaurants that specializes in vegetables (i don’t mean vegetarian, but restaurants that serve good veggie dishes). I wanted to forget about beef and seafood and whatever else just for a while. I just wanted to appreciate all the otherworldly vegetables grown in Japan, before leaving this land. I wanted to be consumed by this natural wholesomeness and give thanks to every morsel of it that nourishes my body. Yes i was that mad.

Anyway. Junya seemed to like it too.

The reason why the vegetables were so amazing is because AW Kitchen supply some of the highest grade vegetables (the menu prices are also not very pocket friendly, just so you know!), and they use these fresh seasonal greens in their daily menu, including their home made pastas.

This is Izu’s lotus root pasta. It just looks so… unimaginable. I didn’t try this but according to Izu it was very very good. And i believed her. Because mine was, too.


Mine was Pasta with grilled chicken and bean sprout. I was expecting beautiful spaghetti topped with succulent chicken grilled to perfection…


Where’s my chicken?

And that mountain of beansprout?

I would have flipped table if it’s in Malaysia lolol. Give me so much chao taukeh want to save cost ah!!!! Summore is burn wan lolol. But the star of this dish is indeed, the chau taukeh. i can’t remember now but it was some super special bean sprout grown exclusively only at this unique mud in a certain local farm (how vague can i be???? IKR lol), and they are of top grade. Maybe the best taukeh you will ever find in this world lolol.

I will never belittle taukeh ever again after this meal.


JunJun couldn’t have it so he was licking my hand.




Fruit jelly!

If you have some spare cash (maybe 5,000 per person for a meal?) and love vegetable (or hate vegetable and want to #challengeaccepted, whichever.), do dine at AW Kicthen.



14. XO Yakiniku 

This is on the same day! My Yakiniku buddy booked this Yakiniku restaurant because a friend works there and he could get us an individual room. (It was year end and every other Yakiniku place was having Bounenkai or Year-End Party, so it was impossible to go to all our usual favorites.)

For dinner we are meeting Nicole Abe!!

Nicole is a model and i used to now her when i read Ranzuki! If you used to read Ranzuki too you’ll definitely know her! Her nick name was Nikorun back then.

I am so so happy!! I thought i would have to sacrifice Yakiniku forever until Junya is 18 or something T____T.

But it was still quite a tough dinner because of the smoke. And was really hot and stuffy inside >.<

Sorry Junya T____T




Yakiniku with Junya: Conquered.





15. Anea Cafe, Yoyogi

Lunch date with Nanaco and Omatsusan and Uni. Uni is… their dog.

Anea cafe is pet friendly, which is why we picked this place because i really wanted to meet Uni the Japanese terrier!

Nanaco and Junya


The restaurant is quite small but we were dining on the private loft (this is the view when i looked down) so it was quite okay! Except that it is a smoking restaurant… so i still won’t recommend those with babies :(

But if you live in Tokyo and have dogs you can bring them here!

That’s Uni the Nippon terrier.

Gorgonzola pizza with honey

Sausage platter

Mentaiko pasta

And a cheese risotto i forgot to take picture cuz i was busy videoing it!



Yes it was cooked hot and then poured into a cheese bowl (the entire bowl is cheese with a hole) and mixed with melted cheese wall.

So cheesy T_T

JunJun fell asleep in my arm.




16. Yasaiya Mei , Omotesando Hills

It’s a date with Yuria and i was really craving for more veggies, so we went to Yasaiya Mei in Omotesando Hills, a restaurant specializes in local organic vegetables. It’s a busy restaurant that usually have a line outside. You can bring your baby in but you just have to have the patience to beat the queue. But i was there before lunch time so luckily i got a seat immediately!

Yuria and Junya ❤︎

Bagna cauda again!!! And organic carrot juice.

I still prefer AW Kitchen but this was really good too!

Shared a sukiyaki set with Yuria.

Junya gnawing on a tomato.



17. Maisen, Omotesando 

Just a few steps away from NALU/76 Omotesando is Maisen, a famous Tonkatsu restaurant, which is hugeeeeee. I hardly ever see restaurants so big in Omotesando, so it’s definitely family-friendly!

My minced meat Tonkatsu set.

Forgot to take other pictures >.<



18. Bousou Horumon, Shibuya

A really good Harumonyaki restaurant, although it’s in Shibuya but it’s so tricky to get there even the locals get lost. So it’s best you cab there!

It was NALU/76 staff’s bounenkai (year end party) for 2014, we had to do it after everyone is off work so it was really late. Very sorry to Junya (already past his bed time) but it was an important dinner so i had to bring him along. In his pajamas lol.

RinRin and JunJun



By the way we are having All-Free (alcohol-free beer). It was so good!!! :D Thank whoever invented this!!!

Looks like someone’s gonna love beer XD

We improvised a bed for Junya by my side, but it was too bright and noisy and smoky for him to relax T_____T.

Baby who refused to sleep.



19. Gansou Mentai Tsukemen

After new year and back from Nagasaki, the danna took some time off work so we had some time to eat together again!

If you like ramen and mentaiko, what does it sound like to have ramen dipped in hot mentai sauce???

I’s quite a famous ramen shop (i think featured by TV before) in Ikebukuro!

It’s surprisingly huge for a ramen shop! (Come to think about it it is more like a restaurant) And incredibly clean too!

My ramen in hot mentai dipping sauce.

Hmmm. The danna told me that the review wasn’t so good prior to visiting, but i insisted. Turned out it wasn’t really my cup of tea (bowl of ramen?) because the sauce is quite sweet and you could barely taste the mentaiko (a common complaint in all the reviews).


20. Sukiyaki, Lumine Ikebukuro

(Forgot the exact name of the restaurant)

Sukiyaki because i wanted the veggies and danna wanted the meat!

Comfy couch for a sleeping baby!


And healthy!



21. Yakitori Tori Ina, Hatagaya

The danna loves Yakitori so he searched for the highest rating ones and this is one of them i think!

You can forget about Yakitori if you travel with kids cuz the good ones are usually a small shop with only counter seats where you have to rub shoulder with the person next to you. Unless you go really late when your young baby is sleeping. On you. Like we did XD

Kirin lemon

Excuse the messy plate. Kawa (Chciken Skin) and Reba (liver).

Our favorite Ginnan (Ginko nuts)

My favorite Shishitou. Damn everything is my favorite :P

Momo (Chicken thigh). See the pink part? The chicken is lightly grilled and it is still raw inside!

The first time i posted a picture of half-cooked chicken all the people on Instagram told me i was gonna die XD.


I haven’t though, and decided to go full out XD

Chicken sashimi.

One more picture, just to gross you out XD

And yes, you eat it just like that.

And no i didn’t die :D.




22. Mutekiya, Ikebukuro

One of the famous ramen shop in Tokyo! With queues going on and on and on.


We got in after about 15 minutes.

My first time!


Was it worth it?

One word: KAO.

It was really kao until cannot X_X. The soup was thick and rich it was almost solid lolol.

I think it would be a hit for Malaysians but for the danna it was just too much.

The danna wears the baby today!

Extreme spicy takana and less-smelly garlic cloves from Aomori lol

My mentaiko and nori gohan. Yuuuuuuum

Danna’s Tamago kake gohan



23. Rakutaro Ghengkis Khan (Mongolian BBQ), Ikebukuro

Out last meal in Tokyo before heading home! It’s All-You-Can-Eat for only 3900 yen i think! Quite worth it!

My little guest

BBQ lamb!

I never liked lamb because of the smell of it. I actually objected when danna suggested this place but he just laughed and said, this is Hokkaido lamb.

Okay. T____T

True enough, it was the best lamb i’ve had T__T. You win again, Japan.


Then nevermind.

The danna had to order this Hokkaido Tokachi Beef Toro Don.

“Beef Toro”, like the “Ootoro” the fatty tuna belly, except it is beef. Raw.

It cost 600 yen for one bowl of rice with frozen raw fatty beef on top.

Fatty beef melted on steaming hot rice T_______T.

It was the best rice bowl to ever end a 1-month long journey to Japan. Ever. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect ending.




The end.





That’s about all our dining adventures in Tokyo together with Junya. When we are feeling less adventurous, of course, we do these

Xmas Home Party

And combini tapao.


Hope these two entries help those of you who are considering to travel to Japan with your little one!

Eat Tokyo With Baby (Part 1)

March 18, 2015 in Bon Cheesepetit / Japan 16 Cheesed

What is Tokyo without having ALLLLLLL the awesome food!!

Before i had Junya, i could eat the entire Tokyo if i wanted. The only problem was the space of my stomach. But not now when i have a little one glued to me 24/7. My choice were limited, i had to think thrice before deciding where go eat. My whole knowledge about dining in Tokyo was corrupted and had to start from ground zero.

Or so i thought.

It turned out, the only thing i didn’t have was probably tequila. I fulfilled and checked all items off on my Tokyo Must-Eat list, including sushi, ramen, yakiniku, hotpot, pasta, gyutan…… It was quite amazing! We went to all the restaurants we couldn’t previously fathom having a tiny baby around at, and we survived (gracefully).

So! Although this post may not serve as a guide to all baby/kid friendly restaurants in Tokyo, i hope it gives you fellow mamas out there a little idea of how dining out while traveling in Tokyo with your little loved ones would be like. In this post are all the places i have dined in with Junya along, some of them may not even be baby/kid friendly, but we made it through without major problems, so i’m assuming it would be the same for you guys!

And this is just part 1.

Let’s start with the first 10 restaurants!



1. Latte Chano-Mama, Isetan Shinjuku

Ok this is the only exception, i visited it alone during my solo trip last month, as it has just newly opened in 2015 (it was still under renovation when i visited Tokyo with Junya in Dec 2014). But this would be my Top 1 Recommendation for mommies with babies!!

Latte Chano-Mama is on the 6th floor of Isetan, Shinjuku next to the Baby/Children’s department.

It is a cafe specially and exclusively created for moms with babies. (I didn’t have one with me so i was too shy to go in T___T) Look at the amount of strollers parked outside!

The menu price may be on the higher side, but it is Isetan-standard so i would very gladly pay for what it is worth! Their menu selections are healthy and wholesome, which i think suits the concept just perfectly.

I had a peek inside…

And i felt like i have just entered paradise.

It may look like nothing to you, but as a mother, i saw lights and heard the angels sing. T___T. I mean, if you have a baby you would resonate with me about the pain of dining out with a baby.

But not here. It’s a no-table concept cafe. Everyone is seated on comfy couches where your baby can lay down, relax and play. Food are served on a tray next to you by friendly waitstaff. Your baby won’t be screaming to get out of a high chair. He can even sleep next to you.

I saw moms chatting happily, catching up with their fellow mommy friends, breastfeeding their young ones, playing, laughing… Basically have a social life. At ease.


And i promised myself to bring Junya here when i come back to Tokyo the next time.

And i want to sign a world-petition to make it compulsory to have a cafe like this every 5km on this earth lol.





2. Sunshine City, Ikebukuro

It may not be as glamorous as Ginza or as chic as Harajuku, but i fell in love with Ikebukuro. Mainly because it is just perfect for family. It has everything.

I was very glad the danna chose to stay in Ikebukuro! Nearby our apartment there’s a mall (rather old-fashioned) called Sunshine City, which is perfect for family outing. There’s a theme park called Namja Town, and then there’s the biggest Pokemon Center in Japan, an aquarium… etc etc.

There’s a kid’s room AND a baby room. And a million auto vending machines.

I love their food street!!!!

They were running a Kids Restaurant Fair where all the restaurants had participated in creating special menu for the kids.

And they are of course, cute until cannot.

If you love Mentaiko, welcome to heaven.

Hakata Motsunabe Yamaya, HAS MENTAIKO BUFFET FOR 926 YEN T__________T。Eat till you explode.

Unfortunately we went there after 14:00… so we had to go for the next best thing… Gyutan.

They even have kids plate in a Gyutan restaurant!!!!

Junya was sleeping through the whole lunch.


It was so good there wasn’t a single grain left on the plate. (The brown looking things were bones)


3. NALU Cafe Omotesando

Of course we had to go to NALU (76 cafe)!

Met Qiu Qiu up for the first time during that trip.

Hello! The basement is non-smoking and more quiet and spacious, so it was quite nice! There’s however a staircase so if you have a stroller you will have to leave it on G floor or carry it down.

What we had for dinner:

1. Super cheesy nachos

2. Chicken Over Rice

3. Burger with chilli fries

4. Taco Rice


And also pork rice bowl.

With Josh, Qiu and her bff Mich! And a little quilted bear lolol.




4. Ootoya

We went to Ootoya several times this trip simply because it is so awesome. Family-friendly, value for money and so so so yummy!

Qiu and Mich bought their ichigo and we shamelessly wefied in the restaurant for 10 minutes.


White strawberry!

“Borrowed” from Qiu to selfie HAHAHA.

Ootoya is roomy and has big tables, but they also have individual tables so it’s perfect for solo diners. The danna told me that Ootoya’s policy is to never open at G-floor because ladies who eat solo feel more comfortable not to be seen lolol. I guess i can relate. A lot of times i have to eat alone in Japan but got sick of combini (GASP!! I know right???? Since when did I get so spoilt!!!), and restaurants like this (along with Yoshinoya, Sukiya, etc) would be a good idea!

The foooooood. So nutritionally balanced and yummy too! If i’m not mistaken a set like this cost only like 800 yen (RM24)?!??!!?




5. Abura Soba, Ikebukuro 

The danna said this is a famous ramen shop so we went to try it. I have never seen any babies in ramen shops before (Japanese family don’t go to ramen shops as it is mostly for lone diners), but i decided to be very touristy and just gave it a try.

The restaurant was very narrow just like any other ramen shop, but it wasn’t very packed, so it was not too bad! I don’t think there’s any way to get your stroller in if you have one, so your best bet is to wear your baby, preferably sleeping XD.

Anyway, ramen is extremely tricky for baby-wearers because of the hot soup -__-. I mean, you can hold a mini umbrella above your baby if you like lolol but!! This Abura-Soba (oil ramen without soup) is much easier!

Just noodles with thick creamy sauce which you can eat with just one hand and a pair of chopsticks. SO GOOD!

Achievement unlocked: Ramen shop — conquered.


 6. Hanamaru Udon

Since ramen shop was a go, udon shop should be easier!!

Except the danna had to do this…

But turned out there was an elevator at the back of the building so we used it on our way down.

I think Hanamaru Udon just arrived in Malaysia few days ago at Mid Valley! Yay! Can’t wait to try it out!!!

Junya was sleeping in the stroller. The best thing about young babies is that they sleep. A lot. (Junya just turned 6 months back then.)

Sliced pork udon and Mentaiko Ginger udon and tempura on the side.



6. Ebina Express Way Rest Area 

If you drive by car on highway, it would be interesting to a quick stopever at the rest area for some snack! We stopped by Ebina on our way to Hakone with Qiu and Josh.

It’s canteen/food court style so you could order anything you like and share.

The baby chair was too big for him so Qiu offered her coat as cushion and Josh offered his scarf for seatbelt lolol.

Our lunch <3



7. Uogashi Sushi Shop, Gotemba

Our most favoritestest suship shop!! I was very very happy because i didn’t expect to be able to have sushi this trip, as sushi restaurants in japan are either sushi bars that are too narrow for babies, or too atas (high end) for any unwanted noise or trouble.

But this restaurant was a kaitenzushi (conveyor belt type) with lots of big tables as Gotemba is a family place, awesome!

There’s always a line though, usually about 10-20 minutes.

Ordering our sushi!

Our lunch and Junya’s lunch XD

Anyway i quite love traveling in winter because of all the stuff that could make impromptu mattress/pillow/blanket for baby lolol.

I have blogged about it before but here it is, Sun~~~goi Uni and Sun~~~goi Ikura.


Shirako Tempura.



8.  Supajiro Pasta Shop, Roppongi

If the restaurant is not too full, even counter seat is possible! The staff removed one chair so that we could slot Junya’s stroller in between us.

Danna’s bacon and spinach pasta.

And my vongole. Which was really good!! Even the danna said it surprised him cuz he is usually super picky about pastas.



9. Big Boy Dining 

This one is a legit family restaurant. If you don’t wanna take risk and get rejected at the door, the best bet is to go to family restaurants (Famiresu) in Japan, which are eating places that are very affordable, spacious, often come with an extensive menu and open till very late night and most importantly kids friendly. Examples of family restaurants are like Jonathan’s, Saizeriya, Royal Host…

I was very upset that we couldn’t go to Gold Rush (the best hamburg in the universe) because the danna won’t allow, saying that it’s too narrow and smoky for babies :(((. To make it up, he drove us to Big Boy Dining. It’s a hamburg/steak place for family!

JunJun’s high chair

There’s of course kids menu! But Junya can’t have them yet.

My hamburg!!!! <3

Ok la it was nowhere as good as Gold Rush but still, a satisfying meal!

JunJun having his carrot snack.

There’s also free Gatcha Gatcha for diners!



10. Kyushu Sakura Motsunabe, Shinjuku

Usually Izayaka is a no-go for babies because 1. people smoke inside 2. it’s super noisy and 3. many drunk people lol.

But if you must, go for one that has koshitsu (individual room). Danna called and reserved a space. Anyway it’s not really an individual room, just a space separated with blinds. But that’s good enough!

We could hear people chatting out loud next to us, but with the blinds it gave us enough privacy, i could feed Junya and let him sit down for some rest.

Hot pot!


Junya can relax and stretch a little after being stuck in a carrier for the whole day.

My motsunabe dream came true.



That’s all for Part 1!

These are all the danna’s ideas (usually he asked me what i wanted to eat, and then he find one that we could bring Junya along). In the next post i got more adventurous so i brought Junya out on train alone to meet friends and have lunches/dinners. Even with a clingy baby you still can have a life! :D Having experienced it the first time quite successfully gave me a light of hope XD

Let me know if you want to know anything else about eating out with baby in Tokyo! :)






How I saved my baby from murderous dead chickens

March 15, 2015 in Baby 19 Cheesed

So this is a story of how i saved my baby from murderous dead chickens. Raining down from the sky. Yay i just promoted myself to Supermom.

Except no red cape, no weird fringe, no flying hi-speed across tall buildings scooping my poor falling child up with one arm to escape a villain zombie chicken attack.

What happened was, in actual life, we just came back from our family trip to Singapore late at night, all tired. Except the little one because he just had a nap in the car. And i had tons of chores to do and one of the first things was to put all the perishable groceries into the fridge (Hokkaido milk from Meidiya, yay!).

I was carrying a whole chicken with my left hand which was supposed to go into the freezer while carrying Junya on my right hand who was trying to struggle his way out T___T. So i decided to temporary place him down the floor so that i have both hands free to stuff everything into the freezer.

A plastic tupperware that wasn’t properly covered fell tumbling down. Inside were all other frozen chicken thighs and breasts i bought earlier to make karaage.

It was like the Chicken Avalanche Apocalypse.

My heart almost jumped out of my throat in horror. I glanced down on my feet, there he was, on all fours, stunned for a second staring at me in shock, and then went bawling. I picked him up and pull him upclose, did a quick scan on his face and body… okay, okay… no blood, okay, no scratch, okay no marks, okay, nothing. Okay. Calm down.

I put him down the bed and he was shushed almost immediately much to my relief, but only to realize at the same time that blood was dripping down my right knee.

Oh. So there was a cut.

Apparently some of the dead chickens were so frozen sharp that it scratched my knee before falling off without me even knowing. Luckily i wasn’t walking with a piece of chicken thigh stuck on my knee right now. That would be quite weird. And rather bizarre to explain to the doctor. (Someone stabbed me with dead chicken?)


Anyway, now that i was aware of the cut, it started to hurt. Baaaaaad.


As i was cursing the dead chicken for causing me so much pain at such ungodly hour, it suddenly struck me. (I mean a thought, not the chicken. It would be really quite atrocious if the dead chicken decided to chastise me further because he was obviously not satisfied with just stabbing my knee T__T.)

Suddenly i just felt so so so so thankful.

For my bloody knee in particular. I don’t think i have ever felt so much gratitude for a bleeding wound on my own body before.

If it wasn’t for this knee, Junya was probably the one who is bleeding right now. Maybe he would have gotten a permanent scar on his face. And i would never be able forgive myself for making such an unforgivable mistake.

But it was me who took the bullet (it sounded more condescending than originally intended hahaha. It was my own negligence and i deserved it T__T). And i just felt so glad. 幸好是我。


Thank you, knee.

Happy baby and happy knee.



And tonight, i think i have started to uncover a very very tiny part of a huge secret world, where you develop the ability to provide, where you recognise your instinct to protect, where you learn how to appreciate your right knee.

And that secret world is called… Parenthood.

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