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JRunway Sep 2014

September 16, 2014 in Commercial Break / Useless fashion 6 Cheesed

Some of JRunway’s latest!

Some new brands are added into their online store, like WEGO and X-girl.

New accessories are also added!


Some of the latest new arrival:

Denim, border and more denim! So casual and totally love the styles.

This denim skirt is from WEGO, at only S$29, super affordable.


There are also new arrivals from Royal Party, Spiral Girl etc.


Here are some of my coordinates from JRunway Online!


Coordinate 1

Cropped top from Spiral Girl!


Coordinate 2

(Yea that’s what happens at home when i try to take coordinate pictures. 90% of the time it will be like this. #chamBOMB.)

(The remaining 10% XD)

Yellow blouse and white overall from Royal Party. Recommend teh white overall!!! You can’t tell from this picture but the quality is so so good . And it’s a loose cut so this will be my buffet outfit XD

Close up.


Coordinate 3

(Yeap it happens again.)

(with #chamBOMB out of frame)

Cap + Logo flared tee dress from X-girl! X-girl is a casual street brand from Harajuku. I always visit the store when i’m in Tokyo and they always have happening fashion events going on :D

This is probably one of my favorite styles cuz it’s so comfy and also i can pretend to be 10 years younger HAHHAHA


Shop at JRunway Online!

Remember they also have free shipping and other promotions! ^^


Follow JRunway’s Social Media for the latest trends from Japan!

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number76 Starhill Gallery!

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Read blog post on the opening of number76 Bangsar 1 and number76 Bangsar 2.

So number76 has just launched its latest branch in KL center, Starhill Gallery.

While Bangsar 1 is all warm and cosy, Bangsar 2 is more towards raw, rustic chic. The latest Starhill Gallery branch is all about indulgence and luxury!


Visited it on the opening day.

The facade.

As usual it’s vintage wood-based theme makes it very signature number76.

Get a good view from inside too! Love the whole classy design of Starhill Gallery.

Lots of glass panels in addition to wooden drawers.


The latest feature is…

The multi-seat private space!

A spacious separated space with curtains and blinds for utmost privacy. I love it!!

It is enclosed yet spacious, you feel like you can just spend a whole comfortable afternoon there pampering your hair without much disturbance (some other branches are usually very very very busy and packed >.<).

Hair wash space is also well covered.

It’s really like a VIP treatment for every customer without any added cost! (I was shocked when i saw the price menu of another salon in Starhill Gallery.)


number76 Starhill Gallery Launch Party

So on the 8 September there was a grand opening reception!

Lots and lots of bouquet it looks like a florist XD

From Bobo who couldn’t make it to the party.

From Xiaxue, me and Qiu Qiu XD

Catering is sushi platters from Kaihomaru, very yummy!!

Fruit basket from Yummy Flowerz

76 watermelon lol

76 staff and guests

And ahhhhh so wish to have a glass of champagne T____T #pumpanddump

With Amy (from bangsar 2 branch)


And the stylists who would be based in Starhill Gallery branch: Yves and Odera san.

And Ivan who would soon debut as a stylist too! After years of 苦练 at number76 lolol.

Amy <3

Staff groufie

Also saw many familiar faces that night!





Emma. (So much awesome hair color in this picture!!!)

Superstars Kaka and Elfira

My favorite Hannah, who recently just got married!! So happy for her <3

And pink-haired Linora

And Aud!

And the crazy Komada san and Hayley from ISETAN lolol

Brian (and Aud cheating lolol)


That day was also Mid Autumn Festival! All guests brought home some really awesome door gifts!!

Tons of shampoo from different brands and also a mooncake :D


And a Beauty Passport worth RM100!


Thank you number76!!!

Make your booking now!


S4, Pamper Floor
Starhill Gallery
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

tel: 0321416676

Open every day from 10AM to 10PM!


I’m going to visit soon for a hair-makover. What should i do????

And hope to see you there!

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3 months

September 11, 2014 in Baby 28 Cheesed

Today Junya turns 3 months!

Every new month gives me a whole new feeling. (Wrote about his first month and second month here.)

I think by the third month, which is now,  i’m getting the hang of it XD. Everything we do now is less scary (yes, we. I’m less paranoid about explosive poo in my face during diaper opening and he is less afraid of his own mother trying to drown him lol), and i am enjoying it more and more each day.

Surprisingly, most of the things i wrote a month ago doesn’t even apply anymore! For example, I no longer need to put him on the dining table like a dish. And i also get to finish my dinner within 2 hours lolol. Although no.12 and no.13 still happens. XD

So here are some of the things that have changed in the past month:


For Mama

1. Finally refused to sleep like a Chinese zombie.

So we bought a king size bed. It makes A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE. I could actually feel my arms when i wake up now!!!! Also, those sleepless nights are gone :D :D. He still nurses 1-2 times through the night, although i can’t tell for sure because I DON’T REMEMBER . I am trained to be on auto-pilot now, baby cries –> lifts shirt and pulls him closer, continues Zzzzzzz. Without me waking up (or at least not remember waking up). Awesome. Now that there’s no bottles and diaper changing (thanks Merries!) through the night, the danna wakes up ZERO time.emo3




2. Feeling more confident to go out (with or without him).

Now that his neck is stronger and sleep/feed schedule more predictable, i tried bringing him out lepak for the first time, just the two of us. It was to Fighter’s birthday party!

We both came back alive lolol.

Then i also traveled for the first time without him! Although only to Singapore for one night to fix my loooooong overdue invisalign (supposed to go a year ago before my pregnancy wtf). My mom came over to help take care of him so everything went well!


3. Milk supply stabilizes.

In the early weeks it stressed me out so much that i couldn’t produce enough to feed my baby. They are right to call it “liquid gold” cuz every drop is so precious.

And finally i fully and truly understood the expression “crying over spilled milk”, because i have experienced it first hand, literally.

Anyway, now i have just enough to keep Junya’s cheeks expanding plus a little extra. I also took a reader’s advice and store the milk flat for more storage space. I could even donate a few frozen packs to a mommy friend who was in the same boat. And when i was in Xiaxue’s house (with Junya in Malaysia), instead of throwing away expressed milk i gave it to Dash, he drank all 200ml and Xiaxue said i’m officially his 奶妈.


4. Loving my new job.

It’s a lot of work (compared to just blogging) but it is also so much fun!!!! I want more babies already XD.



For baby

1. Discovers drumstick.

Junya’s new hobby is fist-eating. He still doesn’t take a pacifier, but he looooooves his hand-flavored KFC. It lets him learn to self-soothe so actually it saves me a lot of trouble also.


2. Discovers selfies

Hahhaha this one is i force him wan. But yea he doesn’t seem to dislike the camera, and he’s always very happy to see himself so i guess that makes two of us. XD



3. Discovers Puka Puka

(Puka puka means floating around in water)

The first time i put him in the bath i thought my son was water-phobic and he will never get a shower ever again for the rest of his life. But now he loves bathing time so much that seems to be the only way to stop him from those nonsense crying.


4. Grow more cheeks

Self explanatory :D


5. Discovers his favorite time

Which is the moment he wakes up. Which sometimes can be 6am wtf. So some days i would wake up to him squealing in delight at the wall. -____-

He seems to be forever in the good mood no matter how the night went. And when he sees our faces first thing in the morning he would give us this big big BIG smile that would truly make any day.

(But as the sun sets he also glooms over -___- it’s like he finishes his quota of smiliness all in the morning -___-)

This is some of his Rise’n Shine collection.



6. Outgrowing newborn size

Actually at two months he couldn’t wear newborn sizes anymore, but now he’s so much bigger he could wear 3-6 months.

Diaper also changed from newborn to S size!

And yes Junya is still happily using Merries! With Merries i don’t even need a “diaper bag” during short outings because unless he poos (which is a lot less often now), ONE diaper would last him through the whole afternoon!

Anyway, some of my readers asked me where Merries could be purchased because they couldn’t find it in certain supermarkets. You can find it in AEON, AEON BIG, The Stores & Pacific and even Tesco from november onwards. Merries is expanding really fast and there will be more outlets carrying it soon! Stay tuned!

Here’s the complete list of location you could get Merries from!

Also, for those of you who are too busy with mommy duties and don’t even have time for grocery shopping, you could even buy it online from

Soukai is an online shopping website which i LOVE and use to buy all my Japanese groceries. Including my Kumamon Udon and Ramen. Remember to check it out! :D

Happy 3 months Junya!

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10 years

September 9, 2014 in Senti-Emmental 152 Cheesed

Today officially marks the 10th year of this blog.

I really have never thought that i could keep this blog for one whole decade. You can build a whole new city in 10 years plus a few extra space ships.

If it dies today, i think it has served me awesomely and it has no regrets (yea i control the way it feels lolol).

So every year i would click the archive and re-read my older blogniversary posts. I read last year’s post and i realized one thing.


I have been so happy for a year.


I mean, what can be happier than realizing that you have been happy, and are just going to continue to be happier?

I can hardly recall in detail what has happened in this one-year time frame (got pregnant yes, gave birth yes, go back more to Japan yes), partly due to post pregnancy amnesia, but mainly it was because this one year consists of tiny fragments of small happiness and bliss here and there. And when you put them all together you have a bundle of joy HAHAHAHA. (Sorry can’t resists lol)


Yes blogging has changed so much and people hardly even comment nowadays, and admittedly and just a little bit guiltily, i also don’t blog as often as i would like to. Attend less events, go out with blogger friends less often, do less ads, having less drama (the best part lolol). But i like taking it easy.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Kenny (yes, Kenny Sia Kenny) texted me out of the blue (very very deep blue. Maybe something like 3 years worth of blueness wtf), and asked me to attend his wedding in Kuching (!!!!).

And it is today, on 9th September 2014 (because 久久一世 lolol). I told him hey! That’s the date of my 10 year blog anniversary! And then we went on being all sentimental, reminiscing those blogging years and then waxing lyrical about our new boring and drama-less lives. Like primary school mates liddat lol. We really need to catch up and fill each other in with 3 years worth of non-happenings.

Touché lol.

So yea, if i quit blogging, that probably means i have died of happiness or something wtf.

Anyway today is extra meaningful because today, i have blogged for full 10 years, and the person who is sort of responsible for the destiny of this blog is having the best day of his life, with his new wife. And we are both happy. Congrats and happy wedding to Kenny! (I can’t attend due to new mommy duties :( )

And as usual, i would like to thank all 9 of you who are still reading here and who genuinely share my happiness and feel good about it.

Here’s a picture of my happy:

Lastly, the standard blogniversary questions every year!

1.  When did you start becoming a reader of this blog?

2. Which is your favorite blog post(s)?

3. What would you like to see more this blog or anything you think can be improved?


Thanks again, this year.

Birthday hanami 2014

September 7, 2014 in Japan 6 Cheesed

I actually blogged about this already but this is like a complete post!

Throw back birthday post!

Present for myself lol. This one piece cost 500 yen ok!

So i took like 500 pictures of it to make every cent worth it XD

Ok la i won’t say white ichigo is a super big deal, it tastes average yummy as with all Japanese strawberries, a tad milder but sweeter than the red ones. But still i cannot resist buying it every year. Just way too cute!

Birthday coordinate.

Baby bump is this big!!! Hello invisible Junya ^^

I was almost 8-months along! I felt extraordinarily awesome lol. I went out every single day without fail, either for hanami or shopping or tea time with RinRin. Super super energetic and walked more than i do in Malaysia in one year combined lol. Must be the love in the Japanese air.

So we went to Meguro for sakura full bloom. 3 of us :D.

Even the vending machine is in pink!!

Close up.



And bombing you with sakura pictures now…




All taken by me hor and in case you think i stole them from the internet, here’s me in sakura :D

It IS as pretty as it looks in real life! Prettier because you will also feel very intoxicated haha.

Sakurabuki (wind of sakura) created this the whole walk way.

Like this


Lunch while admiring sakura haha.

Sakura dango!! I always wanted to use the same emoticon in iPhone, so i finally managed to when i posted this pictures on Instagram lol.

Sweet potato sticks.

Haha i have no idea what they were trying to make

Found a place to sit down!

Some Paella takeaway, it was so good!!!

Then we continue walking until we reached the other end, and went to shop for baby stuff afterwards.


Night time was birthday date with RinRin, and we went to Roppongi for yozakura (night sakura) illumination.

From Roppongi Hills.

Such an awesome spot for dinner!!

That’s all!


I really hope next year i could spent my birthday doing hanami too. With Junya this time :D

That would really be the happiest thing to do in this world.

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Hanami @ Chidorigafuchi

August 31, 2014 in Japan 14 Cheesed

2014 Hanami Date #4

Today’s hanami date is with the danna!

He took a few days off to celebrate my birthday (although it isn’t the day yet), so we had a pre-birthday hanami date. (on my birthday itself we had another proper birthday hanami date HAHAHA talk about hanami overdose :P).



Another sakura viewing spot for you to jot down:

Chidorigafuchi (千鳥ヶ淵)

Chidorigafuchi is near the Imperial Palace. It is a little further from Shibuya, but it is actually at teh center of Tokyo and easily accessible by train. I saw on Sakura Forecast app that it was full bloom, and i always always wanted to be there, so we headed over and got down at the National Theatre as there was a sakura exhibition going on!

The park.

And many different types of sakura. This is one of the pinkest ones.

Pale pink ones.

This is my favorite because it has the cutest pink color and a little green peeking out here and there ^^

And… lots of selfies.


Later on we just walked along the street to Chidorigafuchi river side.

Sakura everywhere!!!


All sakura alongside the river!! It is the longest sakura pathway i’ve ever walked. There was just endless sakura everywhere.

You can also take the boat but the queue for it was probably something like 2 hours XD

Yasukuni Shrine was nearby so we visited it as well, since there are more pretty sakura trees and a matsuri going on.

(Last year i was scolded by many Chinese followers when they saw my post on Instagram because they recognize the kanji 靖国神社. They cursed me in the most vulgar Chinese words ever created wtf. This time i very carefully to type in hiragana only (やすくにじんじゃ)and nobody scolded me lol. Peace for all. :D

Cotton Candy sold in the matsuri!

Had a mini picnic.

That’s all for the hanami date. My belly was getting heavy so we always go back home early to rest.

But night time i had a dinner date!

With Ena and Licoco.

That’s all for pre-bday hanami date.






[shout out]


In April, i was traveling to Japan two weeks earlier than the danna, so i had to be all alone. Worried that i won’t be able to handle all those luggages, i got myself a sturdy and huge enough but very light luggage case.

From Rimowa of course! The danna has always been a fan and i trust his taste :P

Now our whole family is using Rimowa hehehehe. Papa’s Topas, Mama’s Salsa and a small one for baby although we would have to carry on his behalf now :P

One day i’m gonna get this!

So yes i traveled with just my Rimowa Salsa to Japan (almost empty) and came back with it full (and many extra boxes).

Big luggage in a small apartment in Tokyo.


You can get your Rimowa in Malaysia at Pavilion Level 2, Fashion Avenue and in Gardens Mall South Court, G floor. Happy traveling! <3

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