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5 months

November 11, 2014 in Baby 7 Cheesed

Junya turns 5 months today!

It is so crazy!

It feels like i’ve juuuust written his 4th month blog post two weeks ago.

(Also read  first month , second month , third month and fourth month here.)

What has happened in the past month:


For Mama

1. Nianness

So we did not get a God-size bed. And not only do i still sleep like a Chinese Zombie, i am sleeping like a Chinese Zombie with a human baby on top.

We have tried to transition him to a cot adjacent to our bed, and he generally sleeps quite well in it. It’s just on the occasional midnights when he wakes , he goes full on complain-mode.

Nursing, nope. Mama hugs, nope. Papa hugs, nope. Mama rocks and bounces, nope. Papa rocks and bounces, nope.

The only way to put him back to sleep is this:

He just wants to sleep on a zombie. And nian the zombie.


And then we will wake up like this:

And i now know why zombies limp and walk so awkward like their body parts are falling off. That is because THEY CAN’T FEEL THEIR ARMS/TORSO.


(Hahhaha no, you are right. I am secretly happy about this wtf.)




2. Dating with mama

At 4 months it’s quite easy to bring him out! (Less frequent nursing, less diaper change…)

He is also more interactive and generally enjoys looking at things (without the ability to destroy anything yet).

So it’s quite fun!



For Baby

1. Discovers favorite sleeping position

So at nap time, he only loves to sleep sideway, with a mini bolster kiap between his legs lolol

Like this.


2. Discovers the baby in the mirror

And smiles every time. He likes what he sees. Good good good. lolol.


3. Discovers drumsticks are more than just drumsticks

While he still loves chewing on his drumsticks, he has also figured out that he could work those little fingers to bring himself other things to chew.


Like… chocolates.

(Which then was stolen and eaten by Champon. He must be the first dog who ate so much chocolate and didn’t die wtf.)


4. Discovers ice cream

Was testing if he’s ready to accept a spoon, so i fed him… breastmilk ice cream.

Apparently he wasn’t very pleased with it XD. (What’s this weird feeling in my mouth!?!?!) His reaction posted on Instagram earlier!


5. Flip Master

He’s an expert in flipping over now, but… only one side. And only from back to tummy. When he gets tired he just screams because he doesn’t know how to lie back down lolol.


6. CheatOne™ Costume

And… Junjun’s first Halloween. With a digital pumpkin hat lolol.


That’s all for this month! ^^







Happikiddo is a chain of stores that offers one-of-a-kind, imported products for babies, kids and mums!

I’ve been to the one in Publika, but this time i went to their flagship store at Citta Mall at Ara Damansara, it is huge!

My first impression of the store is that it is so spacious, stylish and neat! Baby stores usually are very loud in colors and cluttered (you just wanna grab the things you need and leave), but it’s so comfy in here i felt that i could just relax and take my time to slowly do some real shopping!

As you can see, their products are super fashionable and so unique i haven’t seen them anywhere else! Honestly i was quite impressed because i thought baby stores are pretty much all the same. Anyway, i was also a bit ashamed to say that i usually buy my baby stuff from Rakuten Japan because i simply assumed that i couldn’t get them in Malaysia.


For example the Swimava neck float (1) Junya uses for his puka puka bath time which many of you asked about, i imported it all the way from Japan only to find out it is available here at HappiKiddo! It is the most popular brand in Japan, all the moms are using this! They also have a giant inflatable tub (2)!

And and and!!! The danna asked me to buy swimming diapers for his son but it was really nowhere to be found! I was just about to give up until i spotted it here (3)!! :D

As for 4, well….. next baby lol.


I also love that they have such awesome product display that gives lots of inspiration to decorating your own baby room. <3 The products they carry range from food, toys, baby and maternity apparel to furniture!


They also have really friendly and knowledgeable staff (very important!!!) who would help you with products demo/try on/explanations. There’s a baby store within walking distance from where i stay but i never go there, unless i really really need to (run out of milk storage bags!!!), then reluctantly. simply because the staff there knows nothing about their own products. And also quite rude.

Anyway, i really recommend you to visit Happikiddo at Citta Mall!!

If you don’t live nearby, you can also shop online at Happikiddo Online store!

Specially for Cheeserland’s readers, you will get 15% discount storewide, except for formula milk powder, baby food and disposable diapers. It is applicable in all Happikiddo stores from 11 – 25 November 2014.

Just quote “HKCHE15″!

The discount is valid for in-store purchases only. For outstation customers, you may order by contacting Happikiddo through FB private message.

Happy shopping!



Check out also:

Twitter: @happikiddo
Instagram: @thehappikiddo


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Family hair date at number76

November 8, 2014 in Hair Cheat One™ 9 Cheesed

Went to number76 Starhill Gallery branch again for their November promotion!

This month’s promotion is on their new line of products! I brought mommy and Junya to the salon together, so it’s a family date. Although Junya has yet to have enough hair to do anything lolol. His job is to observe and learn how to become a charisma hairstylist in the future. Like his papa. :D

With bb Junya ♡

Junya very layan the camera XD

Hair serviced personally by the danna.Screen-Shot-2014-11-08-at-10.49

(What did i say about family hair date lolol)

Junya loves to play with snacks! He loves the kasa kasa sound of the plastic. I’d let him play with a bag of potato chips but this yummy biscuit from the salon is more baby-palm friendly :D

Assistant Ellen first checked the condition of my scalp. Apparently it’s not too bad this time round either! Just a little oily (i didn’t tell her i didn’t wash my hair the night before lolol).

Mommy also had her scalp checked! She was doing grey hair touch-up! The last time we went to the salon together was when i was still pregnant!

And my hair treatment begins! First we start with deep-cleansing of the scalp.

Junya stayed with me the entire process. Very nian me XD

Ellen gives really awesome massage Screen-Shot-2014-11-08-at-10.49. I love all the assistants in number76!


Don’t think many people take selfie/wefie during hair wash hor … XD

After that is the always amazing Sparkling Tansan Hair Wash for ultra-clean scalp!

The next step! Power doses in such Junya-size mini bottles ♡

The Fusio-Dose hair treatment is quite interesting! On top of the base you can opt to add extra boosters customized to repair/strengthen your hair. Ellen picked 3 boosters for me that’s for colored, dry and damaged hair. (I don’t like how they make my hair sound so hopeless! Actually the condition is not so bad hor! XD)

Somebody very happy to be on a date with mommy although all he does is sit and stare into the mirror :D


After hair wash, i am done!

Ellen checked my scalp condition again, this time it is near perfect :D

Hair is also very very smooth and soft! I think the treatment is very good! But apparently it doesn’t last as long as magic treatment, so i think magic treatment is still the best :D

Clean scalp and awesome hair!

I think next month imma go back and do a 76TSUYA new color! Now that i have bleached a tone lighter i can play with nice colors again! Any suggestions? :D


Check out number76 website for their monthly promotion!

I went to:


S4, Pamper Floor
Starhill Gallery
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur

tel: 0321416676

This promotion is also available at number76 Mid Valley, Bangsar 1, Bangsar 2 branch!




November 6, 2014 in Bon Cheesepetit / Shoutouts 63 Cheesed

Apparently the danna is at the heaviest of his life now, so he requested me to control his diet by making healthy bento every day to help him lose weight .

So this is a collection of some of the dannaben (lunch box for husband in Japanese. Bento for the danna = dannaben) for him to bring to work. They are quite repetitive (batch cook for one week!) so i don’t think they are very interesting, mostly for my own reference. Anyway no more Kyaraben because in the end i decided it’s just not worth the time lolol. I’d rather spend extra 5 minutes to actually take a proper dump wtf.


Bento 1

Wasabi Karaage with rice and Siu-mai.


Bento 2

Mini hamburg, mini onigiri (vinegared konbu & shishitou pickle) and gomokumame(mixed beans).


Bento 3

Inari sushi with mentai mayo salmon flakes, tamagoyaki and salad.


Bento 4

Onigiri (Mentaiko & salmon) and salad with garlic miso dip.


Bento 5

Mentaiko Siu-mai, boiled egg, simmered daikon & konnyaku , and onigiri.


Bento 6

Mentaiko siu-mai, Ajitama (flavored egg) and kakuni (flavored pork), tofu steak, yaki onigiri and gomokumame.


Bento 7

On a very very lazy day it is cheese & ham sandwich and a Tokyo Banana lolol.


Initially i made something really typically bento:  rice + meat + veggies combo liddis. But after a week he lost 0KG ( i don’t know why! Maybe he secretly snacked on KFC buckets at work lol), so he wanted to change to a zero carb (or at least low carb) diet. Which is quite challenging because now i have to fill in the rice portion with something non-carb, and still have to have it taste balanced.

So here are some of the Zero Carb/ Low Carb diet bento:

Bento 8

Tofu steak, pork kakuni, ajitama and gomokumame.

Gomokumame is a variation of mixed beans and other things, and here i used soy beans, black beans, hijiki, konbu, konnyaku and bean curd. It’s a great source for protein, and konnyaku basically has zero calorie so it has just become the danna’s best friend.


Bento 9

To cut down on calorie intake, instead of the usual hamburg, the danna has requested a tofu version of hamburg. Just replace half the meat with mashed tofu. Surprisingly it doesn’t taste very different from full-meat hamburg!!

Also tried eggplant pizza millefeuille. Basically just replace the dough with eggplant XD.


Bento 10

Yasai tappuri gyoza and Atsuage cheese misoyaki.

Instead of the usual gyoza i also cut down the amount meat in half and replace with lots of greens (cabbage, leek and negi) for a healthier version. Then there’s grilled tofu with garlic miso paste and melty cheese.


Bento 11

Ebi siu-mai, Gobo & Renkon kinpira and boiled egg.

Kinpira is another easy favorite! I used gobo (burdock), renkon (lotus root) , carrot, and konnnyaku, all thin-sliced and fried.


Bento 12

Nira tamago (fried egg with leek), gomokumame & meat balls.


Bento 13

Moyashi itame (stir-fried bean sprout), gomokumame, nori tamagoyaki, siu-mai and roast beef.

Moyashi is great for bento’s volume (to fill up the tummy) at a super low calorie count!


Bento 14

Today is a luxurious day!!!

Steamed carrots and cabbage, roast beef slices upgraded with a topping of foie gras.


Bento 15

Didn’t think sugary fruits are suitable for low-carb diet but the danna requested for it hence the extra!

In another bento box there’s nori tamagoyaki, grilled yamaimo (the slimy yam), shishitou and negi. And the usual kinpira & siu-mai.


Bento 16

This is today! The Western cabbage & bacon peperoncino, and the Asian tofu moyashi itame with ikan bilis lol. Pretty much zero carb and super easy to make.

That’s all!! I think he lost 1.5KG in a week, so i guess that’s not too bad la. Considering he still cheat at night with Haagan Daz. Let’s continue a couple more weeks and see how it goes!

If you guys have any input on low-carb dieting please share with me!! The danna will appreciate it very much :D






Yakult Dance Contest

And of course, our fridge is also stocked with plenty of Yakult Light for healthy tummy!


If you have kids at home, you may be familiar with Hi5, and you may want to surprise them with this:

Hi-5 House Hits 2014 is coming to Malaysia this December! They even added 2 more shows due the high demand. You can watch them LIVE at KLPAC, KL from 10th December – 14th December 2014.

And…. Yakult is giving out tickets to the show as prizes!

Shoot a 15 second video of you doing the Yakult dance and post it on Instagram from 1st – 20th November 2014 for a chance to win tickets and meet & greet passes with the Hi5 cast.

You can watch the Yakult Dance via Yakult youtube channel. Every Yakult branch in the country has participated in the Yakult Dance!!! Hahahha i think everybody is such a great sport! I’m including a video sample below so you can have an idea how it is like. I have picked Yakult Lady Team in Sereamban because that’s my home town XD

And… the prizes!!

1st & 2nd Prize:

One pair of VVIP tickets to watch Hi5 LIVE at KLPAC (worth RM566) + Meet & Greet passes with Hi5 cast (4 pax per family)

3rd, 4th & 5th Prize:

One pair of VIP tickets to watch Hi5 LIVE at KLPAC (worth RM406) to watch Hi5 LIVE at KLPAC + Meet & Greet passes with Hi5 cast (4 pax per family).

6th – 13th Prize:

One pair of tickets to watch Hi5 LIVE at KLPAC (worth RM226)

30 x consolation prize

And here’s my attempt to do the Yakult Dance with Junya (and Champon. Sort of.) XD

This is the longer version! I have uploaded the 15 second contest entry on my Instagram @cheeserland.


Learn your Yakult Dance now!! Don’t forget to tag @yakultmalaysia, #hanyayakult and #yakultmalaysia

More info:






Yakult Song:

Danna coordinate

November 1, 2014 in Shoutouts / Useless fashion 19 Cheesed

No la i’m not posting my husband’s #ootd.

I am wearing his coordinates XD.

I really have not thought about this before. When you run out of clothes to wear, wear your husband’s. Quite genius right??? It all started with me borrowing his hat. And then i realized that i’m more in love with his wardrobe than with my own. How weird is that! So, like a drug, i am addicted to wearing his clothes (without letting him know lolol).


Here are 10 danna-style coordinates!

Coordinate 1

My Halloween coordinate. Guess what i am? A Gnome HAHHAHA. And a ghost dog.

Beanie and glasses stolen from the danna.



Coordinate 2

This is Chambomb judging my fashion sense. I don’t blame him.

Glasses stolen from the danna.


Coordinate 3

This is Chambomb belittling my shoes. He thinks they’d better be eaten up.

Beanie, top, glasses and denim jacket stolen from the danna.


Coordinate 4

Although highly judgmental and sarcastic, sometimes Chambomb does look up to me. Literally.

Hat and cardigan and glasses stolen from the danna.


Coordinate 5

A butt showing Champon.

Everything except the shoes (cap, glasses, top & shirt, bag and socks) are stolen from the danna.


Coordinate 6

Matching coordinate with Champon.

Beanie, glasses, jumper, checked shirt, tote bag all stolen from the danna.



Coordinate 7

Glasses stolen from the danna. Chambomb is not impressed.


Coordinate 8

Sunnies stolen from the danna.


Coordinate 9

Glasses stolen from the danna. Champon is taking a break.


Coordinate 10

Chambomb is back with a vengeance.

Beanie and shoulder bag stolen from the danna.

For once the glasses are mine, and they are brand new from I got really addicted to glasses-coordinates, and i had such a hard time choosing the glasses from their designer eyeglasses series


In the end i picked this gorgeous pair in blue from Persol. And excuse the Chaeat One™ danna’s face. (Also please don’t tell him i wore his Mickey shirt XD)


That’s all!!







My Bliss Clinic 

Sharing a secret to better skin!

So i was invited to My Bliss Clinic to try out their signature laser treatment called Twinlight.

I want to have skin as nice as Junya’s!

So, Twinlight is MBC’s signature 2-step laser procedure recommended for those with fine lines, sagging skin, acne scars, pigmentation and large pores.

Here are the procedures!

First numbing cream was applied on my face to minimize discomfort, and then Dr Elson started my Twinlight laser treatment. They say that the laser is like rubber band snapping on your face but i would say it’s way less scary than it sounds. And the pain level is very very tolerable. After the treatment, they applied a gel mask on my face to cool off the burning sensation.

Anyway, as this laser promises a more drastic result, you should expect a down time of 3-5 days. This was how it looked the second day, no edit:

Your face gets patchy red (akin that of sunburn), and there would be lines of tiny dots turning dark neatly across your face, and up close you will look like a Pop-Art Character HAHAHAHHA. Dr Elson advised me to rest at home for a few days, but i went out anyway XD. Just make sure you apply maximum sun protection if you go outdoor.


To help achieve better result, you can also get their MT Metatron skin care range from Japan, which specializes in anti-aging, lifting and face contouring!



This is 4 days post-treatment, with zero foundation!

I love love love the brighter and more even skin tone!! And smaller pores too!!! In fact i have just gone back from my second laser treatment (i am doing a total of 3 treatments), can’t wait to see even better result. Will update about it again!

Twinlight is priced at RM1500 per session. For the month of November, you get to enjoy 50% off for first trial. For all you blog readers, there’s an extra 10% off, meaning 60% off !!! So the total for your first trial is just RM600!!!

Book your appointment now with My Bliss Clinic! Call: +603- 23000268 ♡


Hakone in Spring 2014

October 30, 2014 in Japan 10 Cheesed

One of the last Japan photo posts!


N0-make Make and Cocker Spaniel hair.

Preggo Coordinate


I was 30w along!

Baby is ready to breathe and he looks like a proper baby now! How exciting! I remember he was moving and kicking a lot that few weeks, i could see it through the belly!

I sometimes really miss him being still inside me, tiny, mysterious and all that. I’m sure a lot of mommies get that too, but isn’t that weird? You have a real-life baby right in front of you whom you can snuggle and smooch and stare at allllllllllllll you want, any time all day long, yet you miss the feeling of having a tiny baby inside you, swimming and moving about!! Isn’t that insane??

Anyway. During our last extended week in Tokyo, we had to move apartment from Roppongi to Uehara Yoyogi, because the previous apartment lease couldn’t be extended T__T.

What they say about pregnant women cannot move house. Took us 3 or 4 trips to finish shifting our stuff upstairs. XD

The new apartment was also a lot older and narrower than the one we stayed in Roppongi.


This was about all it is XD

The neighborhood also has a completely different vibe. Roppongi was noisy, colorful and crazy crowded at night with lots of clubs and drunkards strolling about. It was quite dodgy but not dangerous so i really didn’t mind it given the convenience far outweighs a few pools of sick on the roadside.

But Uehara was nothing like the familiar Tokyo i know. The nearest station was maybe 15 minutes away, and there wasn’t a single fashionable young girl to be seen.

It was a pleasant change, though. There were some old sundry shops, fruit stores where the obasan will give you omake (a throw-in) for all the ichigos you buy. I liked it.

They still have Hello Kitty. Though. XD

Shared an ice cream with the danna.

For the life of me i really couldn’t remember what the flavor was!!! (Blueberry? Grape?? Yam???) #pregnancybrain

Supporting Kumamoto this time.



Since it was the last few days of our stay in Japan (not gonna go back until Junya is out and about lol. Which he is now. So let’s see… that’s 8 months of Japanlessness!), the danna played the genie and grant me a few wishes.

One of my wishes was used on Hakone. Our holy mecca.

Road trip!

We rented a car and departed early for Hakone.

Breakfast in the car. Sorry i’ve got Yakionigiri sauce on my face lolol. Oh anyway the yakionigiri is from KFC!!!!

Yes yes you guessed it! Imma praise everything Japanese again!

Their KFC. Basically Japanese KFC spoilt the whole world of chicken XD.



It was 10th or 11th April, i think, and Tokyo is done with sakura. No more hanami.

But no!! Hana-forever-mi for me. XD Since i was born in April my mom should have name me Sakurako (the child of Sakura).

I just see sakura everywhere i go.

Hakone is a lot colder, so some cherry blossom was just starting to bloom!

Hanami :D


Anyway! This is probably the 10th time i’m blogging about this tree, but yes, the life-changing… no, life-bestowing tree i am forever grateful for.

I’m here again.

How magnificent.

Just me having a conversation with the tree.

Just the danna chatting with the tree.

Thank you for an awesome pregnancy, for a smooth delivery, i will be back to see you again, with the baby i prayed for a year ago :D

(Apparently QiuQiu also wants to go back to give thanks to you, so we will see you together! :D)



I have been to Hakone countless times, but this is my first time to Owakudani!

Owakudani in Hakone is probably the most famous tourist spot, with its active volcano and hot springs.

And the famous black egg!!

They say that eating one egg adds 7 years to your life.

The egg stalls only sell minimum 5 eggs in a pack. So the danna and i are pretty much immortal now wtf.

I must say it doesn’t taste much different from the normal Japanese eggs haha. But yea who doesn’t want the elixir whether Cheat One™ or not. XD

This is how they “black” the egg. By dipping it directly into the sulphur hot spring.

The eggs will ride the ropeway down!!! Whoa so glam one XD


Kurotama Nyanko (Black Egg Kitty)

Black Egg Hello Kitty.


That’s all!!

There’s one last post on Tokyo about the most epic hotspring i’ve ever been to!



Stored in Japan | 10 Cheesed


Introducing another fashion shopping site!

Doublewoot is a Malaysian-grown fashion label specializing in producing and launching high quality women’s work and casual apparels.

Launched since 2005, Doublewoot has produced and shipped over thousands of designs all solely manufactured in their own factory based overseas. Each piece is of impeccable quality and workmanship. Doublewoot takes pride in meticulously crafting each piece to make sure that each Doublewoot apparel is of flawless cut .

At a glance their apparel may look like they cost over a hundred because of the quality, but you’d be surprise that most of Doublewoot apparels are priced below RM100.

There’s also a return policy of their items if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase!

Today, Doublewoot provides free shipping to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, US, UK, Phillipines, Hong Kong and more.

Parcel is shipped daily (Mondays to Saturdays), each parcel is shipped right after payment is made and they partner with Pos Laju Malaysia and Aramex (international )to ensure smooth delivery to recipients.

If your favorite items are sold out (which according to them is pretty usual), fret not as they have backorders for hot sellers so you can still get your hands on their signature pieces, in about 4 weeks ETA. I’m sure it’s still worth the wait!

Some of the hot sellers being put up at backorders page here.

Here are some of my coordinates with Doublewoot!

Doublewoot is happy to hold a giveaway to my readers, so you guys are in for a treat!

If you haven’t sign up for an intagram account, you’d better be because Doublewoot is giving away free dresses to 5 lucky readers!

How? Read on..

Cheesie X Doublewoot Instagram Giveaway!

Win an outfit of your choice from @doublewoot_fashion! Just follow the simple steps below :

1) Re-post any of these 3 this pictures in your instagram account and include the hashtag #cheesiexdoublewoot and @doublewoot_fashion 

2) Tell us where would you be wearing this piece to

3) Make sure your profile is public

4) Contest ends 31 Oct and 5 winners will be announced on 1st Nov! 

Ok, that’s not all!

For all new customers of Doublewoot, just enter this discount code during checkout : cheesie10  and you will receive RM10 off on your first purchase!

Hurry!! Be very excited and re-post the pictures in your Instagram now!

Lastly, do check this video out for more info about Doublewoot.

Shop Doublewoot collections at :

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