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17 months

November 11, 2015 in Baby 38 Cheesed

Hello! Junya turns 17 month today!

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Having a baby probably never has been this fun AND tiring before. True, when they are first born you probably get like 2 hours of sleep each day, but at least they go to sleep. But now that they are awake almost as much as you do, you are just gonna spend the whole day between preventing them from setting fire to the house and consoling a wailing toddler who doesn’t understand why they can’t set fire to the house, 500 times a day.

On the plus side, it was a whole month of improving interactions. Which is soooo much fun. (Until, of course, they get bigger and you just wish they stop talking for a second.)

So this is what happened in the past month!


For Baby

One Nap

One day, Junya decided that his nap time is 11:30am. (It used to be 9-10am once, then 2-3pm once.) He sleeps for about an hour plus, and then just stay awake till the rest of the day. It has stayed this way ever since that day.

From two naps transitioned to one nap, i actually am secretly very happy about it!!

First of all his nap is longer (one to one and a half hour), i can do the cooking and finish up some work, and not having a second nap also means… he sleeps earlier.

The joy!!!!

He’ll have his dinner at 5pm, and then go to bed latest by 8pm. When he’s tired sometimes as early as 6:30pm. XD. More freedom for mama in the night time! Yay!!


Goshi Goshi Burashi

Junya is put through a very strict teeth brushing routine because the danna is very paranoid about him getting tooth decay.

In our house we have 4 different toothbrushes for him (expecting more to come) so he can choose the one he likes (different choices every day) and brush his own teeth. Of course he doesn’t understand the importance of teeth brushing yet so mostly he’s just biting it with his gums -___-. And he doesn’t allow us to brush it for him -___-.

To make sure he’s brushing properly, tooth-brushing time is the only time he gets to use the iPhone and watch videos about… tooth brushing lol. But hey those Japanese anime is crazy entertaining! I think it really helped to keep him engaged in tooth-brushing a little longer.



Not even 9KG yet at 17 months! But i’m no longer worried about his weight because he eats really well, and is getting much taller! I know because he is now able to reach more and more cabinets/drawers/door handles… -___-


Ball ball

I realized that for some reasons he loved ball-shaped food! Ever since his first encounter with ikura (salmon roe) which he kept calling “ball ball”, he has expressed interest in round-shape stuff like green peas, blueberries, even edamame.

So i started making everything round so he’ll have to eat everything XD.

Also he is starting to clumsily use the cutleries. He can’t scoop food with spoon yet but he’ll poke randomly with a fork as if he is fishing lolol. When he happens to successfully catch a fish (big or small) he’ll be soooo happy!!!

A big fish.❤︎




He will start to miss Champon. When were are out, sometimes out of nowhere he will say, “Ponpon.

I guess cuz he really is Junya’s first ever friend.


Sweetheart V3

He started to understand that being sweet gets him lots of good stuff lol. (Of course, he knows too well that, tears do do.)

He smiles and plays with strangers (when in a good mood).

Junya hardly meets his grandma (maybe once every few months) but when we went back to Seremban recently. Junya suddenly demanded to be carried by popo all the time!!

Waaaa dunno is good actor or really learnt how to 讨人心 lol.

When i read back the post on 14th month, Junya still didn’t like to call papa. But now he’s papa papa all the time so now papa’s flower heart bloom even angrier (心花怒放) lolol.

When he wakes up now, (sometimes at ungodly hour of 6am), and if all of us are still alseep, sometimes he will just play by himself and have nice conversations with the ceiling/walls/fan.

And then when we wake up finally, he just gives a smile that is really the best ever way to start a parent’s morning. ^^




By now Junya can almost always convey what he needs by words and actions. (Milk! Water, Water. No no. Please, please please please please. More more!!)

He also learns to take control of his own life by letting us know what he wants.

You wanna go to the market?


(in the bath) You want water over your head?

No no!!!! No no!!!

One night i was singing songs to him to coax him to sleep.

Junya how about Christmas songs? You like Christmas songs?


Okay, how about Bingo? You like Bingo?


There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his…


What? His name is Bingo.

Mago! Mago!

…. Fine. There was a farmer had a dog and Mago was his name-O.


Another night.

Junya you want to listen to songs?


(proceeds to sing a song)

Shhhhh. *put index finger to his lips*


I’m probably not the best singer in the world but still, ouch. T___T.



Little Helper

I learnt that instead of telling your toddler what not to do, it is always better to tell them what they can do. So i started giving him tasks so that he’ll feel that he is useful and achieved.

For example getting him to fetch his own diaper and bring it back to me to change, or get him to throw rubbish into the bin. He loves it.

I mean, perfect, right???? Now you have a proud little toddler and a happy mom who is getting some help with chores!!!

Well. Except that he is also overly helpful that he fetches like 15 diapers to me at one go, and keeps coming back to ask me for new rubbish to throw. -____-


A pat on the back

I have no idea why, but every time i carry him now, he will give me gentle pats on my shoulder. Like, life is tough, mama, but it’s okay. I gotcha.

Thank you JunJun.


Vocab explosion

Junya almost understands all the basic things we say in the house, even though sometimes we thought he didn’t. He can repeat almost every word we say now at first try. (Blue! Boo. Pink! Bing. Smell! Mao. Fork! Pork. Spicy! Baicee.)

It’s just soooo fun to talk to him nowadays.

Junya we go to the…?


And we buy…?





Mago! (Tamago: Egg)


Puny Punner

Not only that, Junya has also picked up his lame pun skill from his mama, accidentally.

One day he pointed at a bottle of liquid.

“That’s Champon’s shampoo.”

Champoo.” he said.

Another day he asked for banana. And then he decided that he didn’t want it anymore.

Banono!!!” he said, shaking his head.


Big Announcement

And Junya also has a big announcement to make!

Congrats JunJun ^^



For Mama

Well. Everything is gonna change. Again. ❤︎



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Inzai: Fantasy Kids Resort

November 8, 2015 in Japan 0 Cheesed

From my previous Japan trip in October!

Sometimes i feel that i’m so lucky to be a mother, otherwise i probably will not ever rediscover all the juvenile fun stuff. It feels like i have unlocked my happiness horizon and am now able to appreciate even more things, including pushing a toy bus around.

This time around we brought Junya to Fantasy Kids Resort, a playground in the same mall as Moff Animal World in Inzai.

We went there without any expectation, and it turned out to be the largest indoor kids playground in Japan, and the best i’ve ever been!!!

Big Hop Ferris Wheel right outside Big Hop Garden Mall.


So after Moff Animal World, we still had plenty of time so i thought i could bring Junya to an indoor playground. Big Hop Garden Mall is super family friendly with lots and lots of kids facilities!

There were a few playgrounds around and Fantasy Kids Resort looked like one that’s suitable for Junya’s age (and older kids).

Our stroller parking lot.

And then you can rent their strollers, free of charge of course!

The first things we saw were lots and lots of giant inflatable facilities like this whale and many other slides which kids can climb and jump and roll around. Junya is not a big fan of these so we are gonna miss out quite a huge part of the playground, so i thought.

He did go for a slide with papa. Nah… not his cup of tea lol.

Ball pit was okay!!

And then ohhhh my goddddd.

Something tha Junya absolutely loves!! Coin rides (he likes it without it moving around lol. Saves us lots of money but the danna said it’s very rude to ride on it without paying so we did pay XD).

An animal car!!

As you all know Junya looooves animals.

He saw the dog and he just kissed it!!


Even mama doesn’t get as many kisses T____T

Loving every single one of them.

Even the ones on the screen he also wanted to kiss T_____T


And and and….

Did you guys see???? Behind those coin rides are the purikura machines!!!! Summore they are the ones i love the most!!!

So yea mama and JunJun’s first proper purikura <3


Needed a refreshing drink and the danna bought this for me. It was sooooo sour!! Apparently it has 50 lemons’ worth of Vitamin C. A bit overdose no? lol

There’s even something for papas. XD


And then and then!

As we walked further i was amazed by how incredibly huge the playground was. It was at least 10 times bigger than any indoor playground i’ve ever been to in Malaysia or Singapore. And it has everythinggggggg.

There are a lot of mini houses (mini but super spacious) with different themes. Like kitchen, pet shop, doll house… etc.

And what amazed me even more was how spotlessly clean the whole place was. Okay some toys were scattered here and there, but i couldn’t find any dirt/stain. Everything looked brand new like it was opened that morning itself.

It was cleaner than my own house T____T.

And then there were of course huge tables and tables of toy vehicles, highways, railways and of course, endless buses–Junya’s favorite.

At this point i started to feel a little tired. If i am a kid i’ll be so overwhelmed. There are simply too many things to see! Touch! Hold! Taste! Ride! Climb! Push! Move around!!!

Anyway papa by this time already fell asleep at one of the massage chairs behind lolol.

It was way past Junya’s nap time but he couldn’t stop exploring all the new toys he’s ever seen.

And then there was one whole huge corner where you get to ride all different kinds of toy cars. This one also Junya’s favorite. We spent maybe half an hour here lol.

His favorite was Hello Kitty though.

The toilets are of course, equally spotless and child-friendly.


I forgot how much we paid for the park because the calculation was a little complicated, and i remember it wasn’t cheap, maybe something like RM100 for 3 hours for the 3 of us. But after i have been to Royce Kids Gym at Liang Court Singapore which i paid about RM80 for ONE HOUR, this one was like heaven T____T.

Dinner time at the food court!!

Junya’s first time eating Champon. (the Nagasaki noodle, not the dog)

It is a little heavy in taste but Champon always has super a lot of vegetables (sometimes more than 10 types), so it a really healthy choice!!


That’s all for today! Fantasy Kids Resort is very far off Tokyo, but if you ever be near Narita do go for a visit. I would very very much like to go back again. ❤︎

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Inzai: Moff Animal World

November 5, 2015 in Japan 2 Cheesed

Today i’m going to blog about an awesome animal farm which you can pet an alpaca!!!

Of course, in Japan. 

We accidentally found out about this place when we sent off a friend to Narita airport. Initially we wanted to go to Mother Farm again, but turned out that it was too far away so the danna searched for a nearer animal farm. And Bingo.


Moff Animal World

Funnily enough, we thought that it was a park/farm like Mother Farm, but it turned out to be an indoor mini zoo inside a shopping mall called the Big Hop Garden Mall in Inzai, Chiba Prefecture.

The entrance fee is 800 yen,  kids below 3 for free!!!

Upon arrival Junya already attracted many chicks lolol.

So fluffy and so warm!!!

If you are a bird or Harry Potter person, here’s an owlsome place for you. There are like 10 different kinds of owls waiting for you to admire.

To be honest they kind of scare me a little. It’s like they are saying “want me to read your fortune?” with an eerie stare. >.<


There’s also a cute desert fox!

And baby ferrets.


But but but… the highlight of the day for everyone was…

jeng jeng jeng…



I’ve been making so much Alpacurry that i really wished i could meet one in real life! I begged the danna to go to Nasu Alpaca Farm in Tochigi, which is maybe like 3-4 hours drive away from Tokyo. Buuuuut i didn’t know you get to meet one so close to Tokyo!!!!

Jeng jeng!! My first wefie with an Alpaca. Omg so happy!!!!!

Ok there were other fluffy animals too like the overfriendly goats. Maybe being Japanese they really need to feel compelled to be polite lolol. They came near me and sniffed me like i am fresh dewy grass off the meadow omg.

Junya not knowing how to react seeing so many alien things bigger than him moving around lol.

Hay. That’s me.

One come, all come. Yea yea i know i smell good and probably look delicious too.

The alpacas were really really tame and so well-tempered!! Although they did nibble on Junya’s shoelaces and thought my camouflage shirt is a forrest.


Junya 与草泥马的第一次亲密接触。

I bought a cup of lettuce and OMG that has done it. I was suddenly Neymar. Everyone was soooo excited to see me and wanted a piece of (lettuce off) me.

Ok ok i give. Somehow the goats ended up snatching most of it while the alpacas and just stared sheepily at me. Hahha very got manners.

Junya loved the less enthusiastic animals. So play it calm, y’all.

Giving a massage to the tortoise XD.


There was also a cat house!!!!

The cats here are sooooo chillax omg.


You know (okay you probably know.), i really disliked cats. For unknown reasons. But Junya loooooves the feline. And as a mom, you can only 爱屋及乌. 爱儿及猫。

But thanks to Junya, i think i started to not dislike cats anymore. I guess they still dislike me though lolol. But mutual respect we have, okay?

*pats pats*

He was sooooo happy to see them!

Just chillaxing with a kitteh.

The cats really. Maybe Japanese cats are more polite also lol. They were too polite to tell me to bugger off XD


Hmmmm. I don’t remember you asking me for permission for this selfie.


Junya 一厢情愿 playing hide and seek with the cats. (Nobody layan him lol)

“Mama, are the kats looking for me yet?”


Thank you, you kind, polite animals. Thanks for a fun family day :)

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For precious memories

November 4, 2015 in Commercial Break 5 Cheesed

So the other day two big parcels arrived at our door!

What is it what is it?? 

Junya ws so excited to find out.


“Mama. Papa.” he pointed out. Yeap, that’s right.


Inside the beautiful ivory case, is two very beautiful albums, of papa and mama’s wedding. It is our 3rd anniversary soon and i thought i wanted to reprint a wedding album with some of the photos that were not used before!

I love love love the romantic glass cover! The two albums are 14″ x 14″ + 10″ x 10″ each with the personalised carry case Junya was pointing at.

It’s always nice to refresh the precious memories and remind ourselves to always be thankful for what we have now :)

Another album! This one has a different layout and is more like a story book :)

The original price for one set of wedding albums is $349 and now it’s only $244 after 30% discount!!

For leather album, it comes in two sizes: 12″ x 12″ and 12″ x 17.75″. Starts from $199, after discount it would be $139. You can also deboss your name at the leather cover.


I also printed an album with pictures from our trip to Hawaii!! (Still haven’t had time to blog about that -_-). That’s my standard anniversary gift every year lol. I think it is meaningful AND most importantly affordable! 😛

Happy happy moments in a photobook :)

The photobooks have lay flat pages so that one image can be spread across two pages, with no page curl!


All the photobook/albums are printed on MyPhotoTalk!

MyPhotoTalk is a fun and easy way to create personalized photo books, photo calendars, photo canvases, photo wedding cards, wedding photo albums, wedding photo and photo gifts and more online!

Here are some of the reason why MyPhotoTalk is one of the best rated photobook software!

1. You get to customize your designs!

MyPhotoTalk offers built-in image editing tools and lots of themes and templates that allow you to design your customized products. This is how i designed my own ALOHA album of our Hawaii trip :)


2. Flexible Editing

Speaking of customization, you can rotate, re-color, resize, move and delete anything you want. You may add borders, shadows, reflection and transparency and even cut photos into shapes.


3.Preview photos in 3D 

Click preview and see how your photos look like even before getting them! I love this before i had tried other software that ended up cutting away the edges of my photo >.<

4.  Sync with your social media!

For the social media addict, upload photos from your PC and import directly through Instagram, Photobucket, Flickr, Facebook and more!

5. Easy peasy!

There’s no need to download any applications. Use MyPhotoTalk online without even downloading it! You can save your projects and continue it anytime you want.


These are some of the photo canvases for our house deco!

The photocanvases come with 4cm side thickness that makes it 3D and a great wall-deco. You can actually see what would be printed at the canvas sides with the 3D preview function too!




And…. discount time for Cheeserland’s readers!!

70% OFF Personalized Premium Layflat Photo Book, Canvases, Calendars, Phone cases and other gifts.

Free 8.5” x 6” Personalized Desk Calendars (14 pages)
Limited to one only per customers and only 500 vouchers available.

The calendars are completely customizable, you can put photos and text into the calendar grid to remember important dates.

This is my Hawaiian Desk Calendar and Double Memo Calendar for 2016!


30% Off Signature Duo Wedding Album Set, ProLeather Flush Mount Album and Wedding Cards

Isn’t that super discount or what!!!!!

And that’s not all!!! There’s also a giveaway contest!

Like @myphototalk Facebook and participate in the giveaway and stand a chance to win one Proleather Flush Mount Album (Worth $249) and 3x Premium Layflat Photobook (Worth $95)

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And and and!! 5x Leather Wallet Diary giveaway when you redeem your free calendar or make any purchase. Will be shipped together with your order if you are the lucky one!


Another than albums and photobooks, you can personalize the perfect gift at, start as low as $3! The promotion ends on 15/12/2015, exclusive of shipping fees. You can design and print personalised photo products gift in this holiday season so it is perfect for christmas gift etc.

Corporate Product
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It’s super affordable so find out more at!


The things we took for granted

October 31, 2015 in Senti-Emmental 17 Cheesed

For the past few weeks i’d been feeling like i didn’t want to live anymore.

Well, i didn’t want to live a life like this in Malaysia anymore, to be precise. I wanted to go back to Japan. Or any other place where there was no haze. I didn’t want to deal with it because i didn’t know how to.

What could i do? I bought two of the most expensive air purifiers i could find online (because i didn’t want to drive out in the haze to buy), i sealed every single window in my house tight (I went batshit crazy when i saw one that was accidentally open the other day). I limited my groceries to the market downstairs and wore N95 masks when i had to go out of the door. I grounded Junya and myself at home for 3 weeks with our aircons and air purifiers blasting at MAX. I cancelled all his classes and most of my meetings. It was the freaking Apocalypse for me.

I felt like i wasn’t living a life a sane human was living. I may as well be in a jail in Nebraska and breathe better air.

Worse, i felt that i failed to protect my family. The danna had high fever and insanely bad headaches, Junya developed a mysterious rash, and i just felt like i may as well be dead.

But the worst of it all, was that there was no one to blame. Yes i can blame the people who burn the forrests in Indonesia, but so what? It still didn’t change anything. And everybody in my country was living the same life breathing the same shit air as i did. Complaints are futile. Suck it up, loser.

I wished we didn’t live here. It made me angry that we had to.

I honestly thought of fleeing the country and move temporarily to Japan with Junya alone (the danna had work so he could not be away. Plus he wasn’t as emotionally affected by the haze as i did. He probably thought i was totally overreacting). But i didn’t trust myself enough to do it without the husband. I will be alone. With Junya. Doing everything on my own.

But there’s no haze in Japan. Junya will be breathing the best air he ever could. We will stay healthy. I can bring him for picnics. I can just stay until the haze blows over and then return back. It will be okay. Some friends will help me out. We will be happy.

But we don’t have a house. I will have no job. I won’t be able to make any money.

No. Think of Junya. He can’t be living in a country like this!!! We don’t even know when this will stop!!!! WHAT IF IT DOESN’T????

Thoughts like that just kept spiraling down to the darkest bottom.

I was so emotionally shaken. One moment i thought, okay, think positive. Think happy. It will pass. All will come to an end. And then another moment anger engulfed me and i felt like i wanted to set fire to this country. Which… will make things worse. And then i’ll be like, okay, just change your mind, easy. Think about it from another angle. You are resting well now, spending quality time with your son, yes? And then it was all YES BUT EVERYONE IS SICK! NONE OF US WILL FEEL THIS SHIT IF WE WERE NOT STUCK HERE. I AM SLOWLY KILLING MY WHOLE FAMILY. But wait, ok at least you escaped 3 weeks of these crap weathers when you were in Japan, yes? You are so much luckier than many other people in this country!! Please be more thankful!!

Okay, calm down… take a deep breath.

Take a deep breath of SHIT AIR, you mean????????????

So yea. I couldn’t even take a deep breath without going crazy.

Like that. For 3 weeks.


And then we had a short business trip to Singapore, (which wasn’t really an escapade from the current situation, because Singapore was having equally shit of not shittier haze problem.)

And then all of a sudden.

On our way back from Singapore, this.

It would have been a very very very normal sight on a highway, a few months ago. But it felt like forever. Too long.

And it has now been 3 clear days with fluffy clouds and vaguely blue sky.

And my wretched heart loosens, all the woes disappeared into the clouds. I literally thanked the sky and prayed for it to stay that way.

It feels like i am ready to live a life again. It felt like i have just survived an apocalypse. I felt like the ending scene of Mad Max Fury Road.

I want to go to the pool with Junya again. I will air my clothes in the balcony again. I want to walk Champon in the park again. Even in the hot weather. It is okay.

But most of all, i will never take all these things for granted again. Clean air, blue skies, clear vision. We were too busy to appreciate things that we thought were a given. We expected them without any gratitude.

Until it’s gone.

Today i woke up, still in my bed, i peeked at the window. I smiled and said, thank you for this beautiful day.

I am not sure if it will ever come back and haunt me again, but until it does, i want to feel happy and thankful for when it is gone.

#Lunchforjunya 2

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Haven’t done this in a while! Previous posts here: #lunchforjunya 1, #lunchforjunya in Japan.

Junya was eating what we adults were eating mostly during our entire travel in Japan, so now that we are back i started cooking for him again! Most of the recipes were inspired by Japanese Rinyushoku (baby food) cook books, cook pad, and other awesome Japanese mommies on the internet!  Here’s a compilations of #lunchforjunya ❤︎



Actually it’s not just #lunchforjunya la haha there are breakfasts and dinners too. But usually breakfast is kind of the same everyday and usually dinner is a recycle of lunch so… i guess lunch is more interesting! XD


He still doesn’t really like oatmeals/bread still but those are the simplest for breakfast so i’m still trying a variety of stuff like cheese bread/flavored oatmeal etc. But he is still super Asian baby and loves his rice and udon XD



Pancake with Kinako and Yogurt Parfait!



This was today’s breakfast! Koro Koro white bread with cheese and egg, fruit bowl (Japanese pear and golden kiwi), and yogurt with cereal, crushed nuts and kinako for extra booster!



Mabo tofu and eggplant rice bowl with Miso soup & fruit jelly bowl.



Steamboat rice (taufu pok, tofu, assorted vegetables and meat) from the adult table! I dilute the soup stock with more water and basically cut them into smaller bite size.



Mushroom and piman (Japanese green pepper) omelette, Shine Muscat and black sesame cereal and milk. And half a bottle of Yakult!



This one a bit elaborated hahahah. Bento style lunch with a little of everything!

✴︎Salmon & Spinach Rice
✴︎Hijiki tamagoyaki
✴︎Golden kiwi
✴︎Mini oden soup (daikon, carrot, Shimeji mushroom)
✴︎Steamed vegetables in sesame sauce
✴︎Bunny grape


Went straight for the grape first XD



✴︎ Spinach rice ball
✴︎ Grilled cod fish in soy sauce
✴︎ Baby Chawanmushi
✴︎Raspberry yogurt with Bisuco!

Junya loved the Chawanmushi!



Mama & BB pot-au-feu. It sounds very pretentious but actually it’s just like our ABC soup hahaha. In Japanese it is called “Potuffu”, i didn’t even know it was originally french XD.

It’s potato, carrot, shimeji mushroom and cabbage in consomme soup. The Japanese version always has a sausage in it! I replaced Junya’s with fish sausage (you can get it from ISETAN), whole meal soft bread instead of baguette and also milder consomme.



Kumatan curry rice with homemade Otter fish finger. It’s all so confusing lol. So the otter is made of fish. I mean, you are what you eat, right? XD

Also mini hamburg and mini omelette, and yogurt parfait!

Ok la i admit all the character meals i made when he was younger was all shiok sendiri lolol since he didn’t even know what he was eating right! But recently Junya recognizes animals and characters so it’s getting real fun!!



Mushroom cream risotto, Fish Ankake and fruit yogurt.



Spinach rice ball, vegetable omelette, tofu miso soup and Shine Muscat.



Tuna & Eggplant fresh pasta with olive oil and shiso!



And Junya’s absolute favorite udon. Udon really saved my life T____T. There was a period Junya was so fussy all i made was all kinds of udon. This one is seaweed and mentaiko! 😀 I guess we have very similar taste in food!



Grilled salmon in edamame sauce, mash potato and yogurt parfait.


That’s all for this time! I hope you pick up an idea or two too from the meals :) And if you have more simple and healthy toddler recipe, please share with me and other readers! 😀






Parenting Shoutout:

The new S-26 GOLD® Growing-up Milk launch #GrowUpGOLD

This is the first time i attended an event with so many mommies with toddlers of similar age!

The moms are truly the most important person in supporting a child’s healthy growing up journey and to ensure our toddlers are getting the right nutrition, and i think all of us only wants to give our children the best!

We were all there to find out about the new and unique S-26 GOLD® Growing-up Milk to meet the nutritional needs of young children – S-26 GOLD® PROGRESS® and S-26 GOLD® PROMISE®.

Apparently they have greatly increased the levels of DHA (5 times higher), Lutein (40% more), and Choline (20% more) in the growing-up milk for year 1 and above, and have been scientifically developed to better support vision, growth and development.

It was also encouraging to hear from the experts on children nutrition and the concept of multiple intelligence (Body Smart, Brain Smart and People Smart). Junya eats 3 proper meals nowadays, but he loooves his milk after every meal. It’s really great to know that the S-26 GOLD® Growing-up Milk for toddlers  provides a helpful serving of daily nutrient intake in addition to what we cook for our kiddos (well, we all know to well that they don’t always end up finishing what’s on their plate).

Consultant Dietitian Indra Balaratnam had a nutrition workshop on easy healthy recipes under 10 minutes! S-26 GOLD® Growing-up Milkwas used in all the recipes including the S-26 GOLD® Smoothie with kiwi fruit but surprisingly it tasted really good for adults too!

I received a box of S-26 GOLD® Progress, which is just the right one for Junya’s age (1-3 years old). Will let him try it out!

For more information, visit: