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[LINE Shoutout]

So, to answer you all once and for all, the stickers eeeeeeeeverybody ask about that i used in my photos, are, from LINE Camera. Because LINE Camera simply is the best.

And…… have you got LINE?

And LINE is more than just a Chat/Camera App now. LINE is the world’s leading life platform. LINE, LINE everywhere.


LINE is having its LINE Friends Pop-Up store at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya from now until 2nd January.

Check out the largest Moon in the world! :D

Here are some of the highlights of the pop up stores that you won’t want to miss!


  • 10% discount for all LINE users. You just need to type Pop Up Store at the LINE Event Official Account to get the voucher
  • Lucky Chance on LINE Event Official Account every Monday where you get a chance to win LINE merchandises for free
  • “Best Selfie” Competition Winner Announcement on LINE Event Official Account every Friday. You need to go to IOI City Mall, take a selfie with The World Biggest Moon with B612 Selfie Camera App and hashtag #LINExmas2014
  • Lucky Price on LINE Event Official Account, where you can get a chance to purchase a limited edition 100cm Brown & Cony dolls at a very low price


How awesome is that!!

These are just some of my beloved collections from LINE, available at the LINE Pop Up Store.

Junya loves his Brown and Cony ♡


And i myself as a big fan of LINE, is very honored to be selected to have a LINE Official account.

I will send out exclusive photos, new blog picture previews and more via my official LINE account. Do follow me to get real-time updates of my life!

Just type @cheesie to add a new friend, and this is me:

Thank you! ♡









[Lifestyle Shoutout]

Coway Air Purifier Tuba

A new addition in our house!

We have a massive air purifier added to our living room! The new Coway Air Purifier Tuba is very powerful, it covers 2650 square feet, which is more than enough for our entire apartment.

Tube also uses Anti-Flu HEPA filter that is able to inactivate more types of virus thus reduces 99.99% of viruses & bacteria.

This new air purifier comes with a child safety lock to prevent children from opening the front cover. Safe for the mischievous Champon and also a toddler Junya in the future.

The A3 Saving Mode also allows the machine to operate and continue to detect odour and dust in the air when shut down in sleep mode. So be assured that your loved ones are protected 24 hours!


Lastly, for Every Coway product you have purchased, Coway reaches at your doorstep periodically for its maintenance service, rest assured its quality products and services!

Do find out more about Coway at!


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My Bliss Clinic

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I have blogged about My Bliss Clinic earlier about the Twinlight Rejuvenation facial laser treatment procedure earlier in this post. I have just done my third and final treatment, and some of you have asked me about the down time/recovery, so i’ll highlight a day-by-day skin condition in this post!

Right After Treatment

My face felt warm and there was some remaining tingling sensation after the laser. The white powdery dots on the face disappears within few minutes, and i went back home to rest for the night. Usually the first day isn’t that bad!


Second Day

Bare face with no make up.

The second day is maybe the most obvious, as red dots start to form on your face and make you look like an Andy Warhol creation. The sensitivity and discomfort has however subsided, so i just rested at home and applied plenty of moisturizer!


Third Day

With minimal make-up.

On the third day, your skin will start flaking, and the dotty part will start to peel off on its own. The foundation won’t stick, but you could put on some liner/mascara and go out as usual! (I did.)


Fifth Day

On the 5th day the flaking is completely gone! This is also without any foundation. I love the reborn skin.After 3 sessions of treatment, i think it’s obviously smoother and brighter!

The doctor in charged for MBC is Dr Elson:

The treatment is called Twinlight Laser. Book your appointment now with My Bliss Clinic! Call: +603- 23000268 


Kanagawa Ep1: Guide to Yokohama

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[Note: Very long post!]


To start off, let me give a brief introduction of my recent visit to Japan!

The tourism board of Kanagawa prefecture (神奈川県) has invited me over for a very short stay in Kanagawa so that i could tour around and explore the less discovered hidden gems and promote this part of Greater Tokyo Area. There are many famous cities that fall under the prefecture of Kanagawa, you may have heard and have even visited these cities, without knowing it is actually part of Kanagawa.

Did you know? Everybody’s favorite Hakone actually is in Kanagawa Prefecture. So is Fujiko (Doramemon) Museum in Kawasaki, the traditional little town called Kamakura, as well as Yokohama, the capital city.

I will cover all these places in my upcoming blog posts, but today it’s on Yokohama!!

I have realized that all this while i only blogged about all the things i saw, ate and did in Japan, without really elaborating the “how to” part. This time around, i hope that i can provide more information on how to get around and to travel like a local, in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Arriving at Haneda airport.

First of all! If you want to know more information on traveling in Kanagawa Prefecture, you can always to to the Tourist Information Center located at Haneda Airport arrival lobby,2F.


There are many useful booklets for you to take home and decide what suits you the best!



How to get there from Haneda

While many first-timer tourists in Japan rush through their itinerary from city to city (which is understandable because you only have so much time but sooooo many awesome places to visit!), the more experienced travelers or those who have a longer stay in Tokyo, can always pay a visit to Yokohama. It would be worth your time!

If you travel by Airasia or other airlines that land at Haneda Airport in Tokyo,  you can actually head straight to Yokohama, or make Yokohama your last stop before heading back to Haneda Airport, because Yokohama is only a less than 30 minutes train ride away from Haneda Airport!!


Met up with my host for the day, Iwate san from tourism board, Kanagawa. During the entire trip, there was no tourist van/taxi/limousine, we traveled the local way, using just trains and buses, so that i could experience the journey and share with you all! :D

First, to get to Yokohama, you take the Keikyu Line(京急)from Haneda Airport. The train is painted bright red color so it’s unmistakable!

In the train.

Our hotel is around Yokohama China Town area, so we took a norikae (train change) at Yokohama Station via Minato Mirai Line.


And as if it is all fated, one of the first posters i saw after arriving our destination, is about Malaysia Food Festival in Yokohama.


Already feel like home already! Lolol. Roti Canai, anyone?





Which hotel to stay in Yokohama?

I stayed at Hotel New Grand, Yokohama city. It is just a 1 minute walk away from Moto Machi-Chukagai station.

The hotel was build in 1927 as a symbol for the rebirth of Yokohama after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. It is one of the best hotels in Yokohama and also very famous because many J-dramas actually made this a location for filming!

They gave me a suite room, which is so so so luxurious! I have never ever stayed in a suite room in Japan before!! emp2

I just felt so honored and thankful to be given this experience T___T.

The beautiful bathroom. It is amazing how they could keep everything so impeccably spot-free after so many decades!

Top-notch toiletries. Japanese people are forever so elaborated with their thoughtfulness :D

It was already past midnight when i arrived, after starving through the flight, the first thing i did was to dash to the nearest combini. <3

Just me and my combini supper in a grand hotel suite.Screen-Shot-2014-11-08-at-10.49

My standard combini haul: Oden because it is winterrrrrrr! Yakult Soful yogurt, one onigiri and vegefruit juice. That made me so so happy. None of my Japanese friends can comprehend this. XD

And it was not just any onigiri.

It was a Kanagawa Kintaro (Kanagawa Prefecture’s PR character lol) endorsed onigiri. Flavor was Kanagawa Prefecture grown Negi and Aburiyaki Miso. I just love love love how they always have all these localized nuances to all the products.

So simple, so yummy. Can you please check out how shiny and pearly each grain of rice is???


The next morning!

Woke up to a splendid sea view of the Yokohama Bay.

Went downstairs for breakfast at Le Normandie restaurant, which has a panoramic view of Yokohama harbor. The Western style buffet was simple but satisfying.

I swear i am not a salad person, but i refilled bowls after bowls of mix salad (lettuce, burdock sticks, mixed beans, cucumber…), Japanese greens are just so…. fresh…. crisp…. incredibly yummy.  Why??? Why why why? Is it the air, the water, the sun light??? TELL ME YOUR SECRET, JAPANESE VEGETABLES!


After breakfast, i was hosted by the two extremely friendly PR officers of  Hotel New Grand to have a quick tour of the hotel. (One of them is also painfully handsome my heart ached lol. )

The main building is tastefully decorated with a European touch. So grand (like its name!), so elegant.

It was used as the roke (location shooting) for many movies, dramas etc, including Shina Ringo’s MVand Kimura Takuya’s drama: Karei-naru Ichizoku.

This is the drama!

(The danna said he has spotted him during one of his surfing trips before. Then said he has a nice body. !!!!!!!!!!)

Apparently this was the chair he sat on. (!!!!!) *carresses*

Visited the Rainbow Ball Room, a gorgeous banquet room for ceremonies, seminars and parties.

There’s also an amazing Sky Chapel at the top floor

Which also has a panoramic of of the harbor. Can’t really capture it there so here’s a picture from their website:

How’s that for a wedding ceremony!

You can find out more on Hotel New Grand’s website here.


What to do in Yokohama?

I used to think that Yokohama has nothing but Chinatown (it’s the biggest Chinatown in Japan). But there are some really worth-visiting spots i discovered and you can easily find them in wikitravel.

For me i have visited a few places, this time and also last year in spring.

This was last year! At the famous Chinatown, of course.

Akarenga (The Red Brick Warehouse). Taken last year April. There was a flower festival going on and it was breathtaking!

The view of the harbour.

That’s me last year April! Hahahah that pink hair!

You can also visit Nippon Maru, a retired sailing ship that is permanently docked at Minato Mirai and is open to the public. Also Cup Noodle museum (where you can design your own instant ramen), and Cosmo World, a theme park featuring a large Ferris Wheel that also double as a city clock. All these are in the vicinity of Minato Mirai.

This trip i have also visited Hello Kitty Cafe in Yokohama, it’s nothing like what i imagined because there wasn’t any pop pink colors! It deserves a separate blog post so i’ll blog about that later.



People to meet!

Now this is meant for me personally, but there was someone i really wanted to meet in Yokohama!

On the last day before flying back home, i arranged a meet up with Sayaka, a new friend i’ve met. On Instagram.

What happened was that, when i was pregnant with Junya, i was very curious how other pregnant Japanese mamas were doing (do they really eat sushi? what do they wear??? How big are their tummies at 20w??? etc etc etc), so i clicked on a lot of hashtags and landed on Sayaka’s page, who was about as pregnant as i was (she was 1 week ahead of me), and is mom of the cutest Japanese boy i’ve ever seen.

So i followed her, we exchanged comments, it was very fun because our bellies grew together, and we mused about the different pregnancy and childcare cultures in our own cities.

And then, on the day i was sent into the labor room, she uploaded a picture saying that she just felt her first contraction. We joked that how magical it would be if we both gave birth on the same day.

We did.

Me to baby Junya and her to Anna, a baby girl. They share the same birthday. And that is why she became a special friend. Which is why i planned to meet her up when i visit Tokyo end of the year. But coincidentally during this Kanagawa trip i dropped by Yokohama, which is her home town.

So that is the story of how i met a new friend from Instagram. #ThePowerOfHashTag.

This is Sayaka and her two adorable kids. Met them at Shin Yokohama Station.


Selfie with Sousuke ♡


Arggggh i cannot get over how cute she is!

Bringing Junya to meet her next week! And maybe they can….. i mean….? (!) Hahahha.


It was a very short meet before i had to head back to the airport. We managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Ramen Museum in Shin Yokohama.

It’s an unassuming little building, you may easily miss it!

A view from the second floor. How cute is that!!!!

The interior sports a 1960 retro Japanesque chic, akin that of the scenes in “Always, Sanchome No Yuhi” (one of my favorite Japnaese movie series). So nostalgic. Those good old days.

Not forgetting some Christmas deco!


We picked Narumi Ippudo for a quick little meal. Most of the ramen shops have mini size ramen, so that you can reserve enough belly space to sample different ramen at different stalls/shops!

Sousuke waiting for his ramen.

I was so amazed by how cool she handled a baby and a toddler outside all by herself. So much to learn from Japanese moms. Respect.

(Also, Sousuke couldn’t do a peace sign properly so i joined him XD)

Back to the ramen!

It isn’t your usual ramen since it is a French fusion of consomme base, topped with sauteed kinoko and beef slice. Basically it is like soup pasta lolol. An interesting remake i’d say, but for hardcore ramen fan, i recommend you to stick to Tonkotsu! :D

Apparently this Ramen Museum is also one of Muslim traveler’s favorite spots because it has signs indicating non-pork menu. For vegetarians there are some great choices too! So Muslim friends, jot this down for your trip!


You can then do some shopping at the souvenir shop, everything is explained pretty thoroughly in English!


Sousuke getting carried away at the toy racing track XD



And…. that’s all for Yokohama!

Before heading back to Haneda Airport, we took a leisure walk along Minato Mirai harbour.

It was beautifully illuminated. Makes me wonder how i could have been to Kanto area of Japan so many times and missed out on this charming city.

You think you will like this place? :D



So! We took a bus to Haneda airport (just for variation, since i have tried the train lol). The journey took about 30 minutes.

So yea, like i say, if you travel via Haneda airport, you can actually have your base in Yokohama!


Bonus at Haneda Airport:


I was just about to go straight for boarding when i spotted Uogashi Nippon Ichi, one of my favorite chain sushi stores in Japan. I mean, how blissful it is to be able to enjoy fresh sushi right before flying back home? (Yea, better still, you can also take-away and bring onto the plane lolol).


Best meal at the airport ever.


Anyway, my Kanagawa journey continues! Will update again! I’m getting the hang of it and can’t wait to share more!! :D

Also, if you have been to Yokohama and have any tips to share, please do!! :D

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EMODA Dec 2014

EMODA Update!

For the month of November, i ordered lots of stuff from Rockabilly Dolls! Initially i had two trips in October to Japan, so i thought it’s just nice for trench coats and light knit, but one got cancelled and one was postpone to Dec T___T.

But no matter! I ended up wearing them in KL anyway :D

EMODA’s latest AW collection from EMODA Magazine:





Here are some of my autumn/winter coordinates!

Coordinate 1

Heart Spot Knit Cardigan from EMODA.

Pin-Up Lady Socks are from the SS collection!

Heels from EMODA.


Coordinate 2

Grey Beret from EMODA (AW2013)

Tartan Knit Cardi from EMODA (AW2013)

Slim checked pants from EMODA (AW2013)

Two-way bag from EMODA

Bulky Sandals from EMODA


Coordinate 3

A rare boyish coordinate, all by EMODA! This is the first pair of non-skinny denim i own from EMODA, and i love it!!

Summer Beret in Navy from EMODA

Pearl Hair Rubber from EMODA

Cable Boy’s Knit Top from EMODA (New Arrival)

Boy Denim from EMODA (New Arrival)

High Cut Sneakers from EMODA

Enamel Bag from EMODA


Coordinate 4

Grey Beret from EMODA

High Waisted Pants from EMODA

Clutch Bag from EMODA


Coordinate 5

Another rather boyish simple coordinate.

Black Beret from EMODA (AW2011)

Design Collar Top from EMODA (New Arrival)

Grey Short Slacks from EMODA (New Arrival)

White socks from EMODA


Coordinate 6

This one is the same one worn with a maxi coat, and shoulder bag changed to a clutch bag. Champon is the same Champon.

Vintage Over Check Shirt in Red from EMODA


Coordinate 7

Black Beret from EMODA (AW2011)

Maxi Trench Coat from EMODA

Color Art Tank Top from EMODA (SS 2013)

Color Art Fit Skirt from EMODA (SS2013)


Coordinate 8

Disney Collab Knit Top from EMODA (AW2013)

Quilted Skirt from EMODA (AW2013)

Curve Hair Pin from EMODA (New Arrival)


Layer Collar Necklace from EMODA

Yes, it’s just a collar (not a separate top!!) Super awesome for layering ideas in a hot country like Malaysia :D


That’s all for this month!

Also, EMODA Global is giving out free room wear novelty over 15,000yen on the 5th December, don’t miss it!! :D

Looks so fluffy and comfy! I want!!!!




Don’t forget to follow EMODA on Instagram to see their latest collection! <3



Libresse, newly improved

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So i have been following Libresse’s activities for a while now, and they have recently launched their new and improved features and also the introduction of two new superior products! If you have noticed, Libressed has a campaign called THE HUNT, it was a multiple-phase game hosted by Adibah Noor and Fahrin Ahmad, where finally the new products are unveiled.

Libresse constantly listens to consumer’s feedback, and they have further improved Libresse’s body contour design across all their product range to enhance absorption. All Libresse products are now equipped with the newly improved Deep Flow Channels (DFC), which incorporates a more compressed area at the back to keep fluid away from the skin for better dryness and new wider core for greater absorption.


These are the two newly improved products!

Libresse Maxi Night Secure

Studies have shown that 50% of the night sanitary pads users experienced leakage from the back of pads (eeeeks!).  The Libresse Maxi Night Secure was invented to solve this problem by providing ultimate comfort with a new wider back for additional security, all night long! Available in both Unscented and Odor Control with Green Tea range.

Libresse Longer and Wider CurveFit Liner

For the panty liners, there’s an improvement too! Designed to follow the natural shape and curves of a woman’s body. Its soft and pliable middle, wider front as well as a longer 17.5cm length helps keep you comfortable all day with the right fit that stays in place every time.


Libresse’s complete product range:

You can get them at most hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenient stores, pharmacies, mini markets and provision shops throughout Malaysia.

Libresse Unscented range are retailed from RM2.95 to RM14.90 whilst the Odor Control with Green Tea range between RM3.30 to RM15.90.

For more details, visit , and Libresse’s Facebook Page.

November’s shopping!

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Online shopping time! How incredibly convenient is the internet! Almost everything can be ordered from just a few taps on your iPhone nowadays.

And here are some of my recent online shopping haul!


[Lifestyle Shoutout]


So…. our second wedding anniversary is coming up! (24th Dec. The danna was so cunning he picked a date so convenient nobody will forget to be our wedding day lol.) We will be celebrating it in Japan, and before that i just wanted to have a small anniversary gift for the both of us…

(The photo canvas, not the dog.) (And the dog insisted to join the fun too no matter the occasion.)

Photo canvas with some of my favorite pictures from our Santorini Weddingmoon!


The thoughtful folks from MyPhotoTalk even printed wedding invitation cards so that we could fake a new wedding again this year lolol. Ok la we’ll just invite each other to attend la. What?? Quite romantic what lolol.

(Yes Champon, don’t look at me like that. You are invited too.)


Not forgetting Junya! He also gets his own photo canvas! Sooner or later our house is gonna run out of blank wall space XD.

Other than that, i also printed an baby album. There are many themes and templates for you to choose from, so basically you just need to insert your favorite photos and you have your own photo book!!

It’s really simple to use! You can customize everything, so you can rotate, re-color, resize, move and delete anything you want. You may also add borders, shadows, reflection and transparency and even cut photos into shapes . And everything is drag-and-drop, you don’t need any special knowledge or skill to use it.

And… new year gift!! You can even have personalized calendar, and i was surprised to see that the important dates (family member’s birthday, anniversary etc) was marked with a photo!!!! <3
Good news for those of you who are interested!! There will be a 40% off all personalized photo products! Use code: CHEESERLAND at checkout. Code expires Friday, 12 Dec 2014.

Go order it now from MyPhotoTalk!

Follow My Photo Talk’s FB page and Instagram at @myphototalk.








[Hairmake Shoutout]

Gyaru Hair Extensions

So i have recently chopped my hair off! I’m super loving my new hair now, but sometimes i do miss my super long hair specially when i revisit some of my old photos T_T.

Instead of doing it at the salon (which can cost easily four figure), i have ordered hair extensions from Gyaru Hair Extensions, who specializes in human hair that blends exceptionally well for most hair types in many colors and lengths!

The one i ordered is this set, and it costs about RM400 as it’s of premium quality. The coloris Bambini, and it looks like it’s the closest match to my hair color now.

This is before!

As it is clip-ons, it’s incredibly easy to use! The extensions are slightly brighter with pinkish tone, but i don’t mind since it gives a gradation tone to it!


I have my long hair back! :D Despite the color difference, it blends really well!


You can always do some styling to make it  more natural! I just tied it up and basically it looks just like my own hair! <3

Since it is real human hair, you can also use curling iron for wavy effects, and vice versa to straighten it with straight iron.

Do find out more from:

There will also be a special discount of 15% for all of you! Just need to follow GyaruHairExtensions’s IG and mention #hairgasm upon order!








[Beauty Shoutout]

Gifts and and fashion items aside, it’s time time for some beauty pampering!

Some of my beauty haul from, Southeast Asia’s largest beauty e-commerce based out of Singapore.

In this picture i have:

1. Apothecary Sniff Box. The danna bought “Sleep” Sniff Box a long time ago and he loves it so much! I couldn’t find it anywhere else and was so happy to discovered it on Luxola!!

2. This Works Deep Sleep Shower GelAnother sleep aid haha. Present for the danna since he forever has trouble sleeping (brain too active lol).

3. This Works No Wrinkle Eye Repair. Also for the danna to fight all the late night overtime.

For myself, i ordered SK-II Signature Eye Cream. To complete my whole range of SK-II products :P

For cosmetic, i bought two lipsticks!

LB Cosmetic Jewel Watery Rouge  for a feminine, natural make.

The second lipstick is Red Burlesque in Lola Frost for the dramatic, vixen chic.

And… discount time!

If you wanna buy anything from Luxola.comdon’t forget to enter BLX-CHEESIE at checkout to enjoy 40% off on your first order!!!! (This code will not work on non-discountable brands like Dercos by Vichy, Dr. Wu Clinical Skincare, Real Techniques, SkinCeuticals, Sigma BeautyVichy, ZOEVA, Origins and Sacha Juan.)

From 2nd Nov – 30 Nov, the same code will offer only 30% off, so hurry up and shop now! :)




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