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Tohoku Omiyage

January 28, 2016 in Japan 11 Cheesed

I’m back from Japan!!! With lots of Omiyage! <3

I went to 3 prefectures this time in Tohoku, so here are all the specialty for each prefecture, hopefully it will serve as a guide for souvenir shopping when you go to Tohoku in the future. ^^

I would have bought a lot moreeeeee if i wasn’t heavily pregnant and had to lug all the stuff all over 3 different prefectures.

Here goes! Starting with Iwate.


Iwate Prefecture

One of the most popular souvenirs you can get from Iwate prefecture is Nambu Senbei. I visited their store in Ninohe, Iwate Prefecture so i bought lots of stuff!

Warisen & Kakinotane mix! Never seen an interesting combi like this. ANDDDD it is Mentaiko flavored!

Have you tried Senbei Soup? In the past, a lot of Japanese people were suffering poverty so they just make Senbei, stored them dry and eat them like rice while putting the Senbei in soup. This one is instant and i bought it for the danna cuz he is always sooooo busy and on the go. Makes a great tummy-filler!


It is really interesting Senbei can be made into desserts too!



Miyagi Prefecture

Oh, Miyagi has lotssssss of famous food. And most of them come from the capital city, Sendai.

There’s the famous Sendai Miso!

Miso tastes different through different regions in Japan. Sendai miso is probably one of my favorite!

And the Sendai Gyu. Glorious, glorious beef and Gyutan.

When the danna heard that i was going to Sendai, he was very jealous cuz he is a die hard fan of Gyutan hahahha. So i bought him lots of Gyutan products! This is simmered canned Gyutan.

Instant Grilled Gyutan

Zao Beef Hamburg. All these are instant so the danna can easily eat for supper or when his wife is not around to cook hahaha.


Fukushima Prefecture

Fukushima is probably most famous for its peaches and Japanese sake. This one is an award winning sake and it is soooooooo cheap. The sall bottle for 300+ yen and the big bottle for 1000+ yen @.@

Anpokaki is another Fukushima specialty, it’s dried persimmon and a very prestigious gift and was meant for the royalty in the past!

Aizu is a beautiful city in Fukushima, although i didn’t visit, i heard it’s famous for Asparagus! This is Asparagus Pasta from Aizu city.

This is Cream Box from Koriyama city! It’s apparently the soul food of the people from the city.

I brought it back for JunJun. It’s just plain thick white bread with a thick layer of cream on top. It was so, so simple and good!!!


Yamagata Prefecture

I didn’t get to visit Yamagata this time, but this is what i bought! It’s a Spring Ichigo and Raspberry juice. Looks super yummy <3


Tohoku Limited Edition

These are some of the general Omiyage you can get at most souvenir shops in Tohoku region.

One of the most famous local specialty is Zunda, (especially in Miyagi prefecture). You can find lots of Zunda (sweetened edamame paste) limited products like Zunda KitKat, Zunda Pretz, etc. Another Tohoku limited edition is Ikayaki Kakinotane!



Gotochi Kitty

I am obsessed with collecting Gotochi Kitty and these are one of my happiest buys!

New comers to the collection.

Kappabuchi Kitty from Iwate.

Wanko Soba Kitty (soba noodle from a small bowl) from Iwate Prefecture.

Sendai Tanabata Festival Kitty from Miyagi Prefecture.

Michinoku Kokeshi Doll Kitty from Miyagi Prefecture.

Peach Fairy Kitty from Fukushima Prefecture.

Akabeko Kitty from Fukushima Prefecture.

And…. that’s all for Tohoku Omiyage!

I will be blogging in details each prefecture i have visited this trip. Hopefully Tohoku will be on one of your future travel destinations too! :)


Other Omiyage

Here are some of other stuff i bought that’s not produced in Tohoku, although i did purchase most of them when i was traveling in Tohoku!

Some yummies for my own kitchen.

Souvenir from Yumi, who coordinated my Tohoku travels and brought these from her home town, Kumamoto! Junya loves Kumamon so he’ll be real happy!

Compulsory drug store shopping hahhaha. Bath salts, water-proof wound-care cream…

No.1 and No.2 ranking Japanese toothpastes.

Banana flavored liver oil + vitamin gummy for kids!!! So happy i found this!! Giving Junya sweets without guilty XD

Energy bars. Bought these because you get a free magic pen per bar XD.


Narita Airport Souvenir

Sooooo. This is the time i answer my friends’ requests. I happily do so cuz i am too happy that everyone is willing contribute to Japan’s economy XD.

Hibiki 12 years for a Whisky maniac.

11 boxes of Royce Nama Choco for a Royce Choco maniac.

Royce Nama Choco Yamazaki Limited Edition for the both of them LOLOL.

When i sent the picture in group chat, they went crazy. They were like BUY!!!!!!!!! And i asked, how many? And they replied, “AS MANY AS A PREGNANT WOMAN CAN CARRY!!!!!!”


Jagapokkuru and other Potato Farm souvenirs. Everyone is so in love with it even my helper requested for two boxes XD. Spread the happiness!!!!!!! 😀




Taste of Tohoku

I remember when i was younger, my family would decorate “mei hua” (Plum Blossom) for Chinese New Year.

In Japan, the Tohoku area has Hana Mochi, fancily decorated trees for the new year!


Soooo beautiful!

The reason is that in Tohoku areas, lots of snow falls from December to March, and the ground is covered with snow. There are no flowers during the winter.

There were no decorative flowers for New Year’s, so local people had the custom of making ‘hana-mochi’. And… you guessed it right! It’s literally made out of mochi (rice cake), and hang it on branches for display.

Although it is not edible, it sure makes a beautiful deco in the house! It’s like Christmas tree, but girlier ^^.

During my visit to Nanbu Senbei factory in Ninohe, Iwate prefecture, I spotted the cutest Hana Mochi tree in the store!!

The mochis were not just pink and white in round shapes, but in multi-colored fish and other cute shapes!! I wish i could just pluck one and eat it XD.

For more tips on Tohoku gourmet and delicacies, you can visit Taste of Tohoku!

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Universal Cool Japan 2016

January 22, 2016 in Japan 2 Cheesed

Hello hello!

I’m currently in Tokyo but i’m blogging about my trip to USJ (Universal Studio Japan) in Osaka last week!

It was a media trip organized by Universal Studio Japan and Apple Tour Malaysia. I was one of the lucky person from around the world to experience first hand, the 2016 Universal Cool Japan five new attractions in USJ!

There was a massive press launch at USJ itself on that day. Will come back to that later on!



Universal Studio Japan is located in Osaka, Japan. If you have been there recently, you would have known that they have a lot more attractions in recent year!! The last time i was there was in 2012, and when i came back this time around, i felt like it has expanded sooooo much with so many new rides and parks, and one probably need more than one day to experience most out of the park!


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So the latest highlight of USJ is the Harry Potter theme park!

All HP fan will be so ecstatic!! I am not a super big fan (i do really like the movies though! Haven’t read the books yet >.<) but i really enjoyed myself there (despite of the massive crowd)! On hindsight now i do wish that i know more about HP cuz i’m possibly missing all the subtle references and jokes here and there.

Love the feel of it!!

The Japanese are huge HP fans too! They will all dress up in costumes and it’s just too amazing to see! I even saw one girl who totally wore a Hermoine wig! And the white fluffy things on their head? Owl warmers lolol.

There’s a Gladrag Wizardwear gift shop that sells all kinds of HP outfit, from full wizard suit to cute scarves.

There’s even a gift store that is dedicated to selling…. wizard wands @.@

As in like, the whole store. Selling nothing but wands.

Love love love this confectionery store! The desserts and cups and teapots are spinning!


The highlight of the park is Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, a 4D thrilling rides in Hogwarts Castle… which i wasn’t allowed in… because… i am pregnant T____T.

All i can do is pose peace signs outside it. T___T.

In fact, i wasn’t allowed in most of the Universal Cool Japan new rides too cuz they are way too thrilling for pregnant women. So word of caution, if you are pregnant and love adventurous rides, best wait till your baby is out before you visit USJ!


Minion Mart

Right now it is just a gift store and a cart, buuuuut this coming April 1st there will be a whole new Minion themed Plaza and even Minion themed hotel room!!!!


Minion Beanie

Minion Mittens

Minion Lunch Set

Inside is Hamburg stew!!



Universal Cool Japan 2016

Universal Cool Japan is a collaboration between USJ and Cool Japan in introducing pop cultures and anime into the theme park. They started in 2015 with 4 themes and this time around there’s a brand new attraction, which is also my Favorite…. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu!

The rest of the themes are “Evangelion,” “Attack on Titan,” “Biohazard,” and “Monster Hunter”.

Our main purpose here today is to witness the launch!!!

Soooooo many media from all over the country and also around the world!


And of course, the VVVIP herself made an appearance that day!!!

Kyary!!!!! <3 Peeking at her from afar and she is as kawaii as she is as always T__T

It’s amazing how a Pop Idol can have a whole theme park dedicated to her. That’s how ell-loved she is!

Launching Universal Cool Japan 2016 officially!!


So here are the lineup for Universal Cool Japan 2016:

Attack on Titan the Real 2

This is probably one of the most popular attractions! Boasting over 50 million copies of the original manga in print, the film version is currently being shown in 63 countries worldwide and now you get to experience it in real life!!


Love this Titan Wall!!! The eyeball actually moves and it’s super real >.<

Attack On Titan food stall, which is a meatloaf sandwich and a hot steamed potato. It sounds really simple buuuuuuut the potato was sooooooo goooood i don’t know what kind of magic butter they spread on it!


Monster Hunter the Real

There will be life-size monster attacking the guests!!!

Monster Hunter is a series of fantasy-themedaction role-playing video games that started with the game for PlayStation 2.

A real-size Airou also appears in the Monster Hunter Cross version in the park!

Monster Hunter manjyu, from the snack bar of the same theme.


Biohazard: The Escape 2

I really really really wished i could go for this.

Apparently it was so scary that they specifically put up a sign that disallows people with medical conditions and also pregnant women to go in.


The story is set in the research building of a giant pharmaceutical company, the guests must not only try to escape, but also succeed in their joint mission with their separated companions while solving detailed puzzles and being threatened by zombies, biological weapons, and a rapidly approaching time limit.

You guys please go ahead and get scared on my behalf, ok?


Evangelion The Real 2.0

I didn’t get a picture of this because again, it was a thrill ride and i couldn’t go in. This attraction is the world’s only “4D” Evangelion attraction with an all-new scenario and story.

Guests that encounter the Angel attack will have all five of their senses stimulated with visuals made with Hollywood 3D technology, vibrating action with special 4D effects, shock waves, flashes of light and great sprays of blood (!!!)

I had the Evangelion caramel pop corn, though, while waiting for other media members to enjoy themselves T___T.


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu XR Ride

I literally begged the organizer to at least let me in that one but alas they have really strict policy.

This is how it looks like!! Weird, cute, and juuust a little spooky, that’s signature Kyary.

Kyary is all kawaii but apparently people who went in for the ride told me it’s a proper roller coaster with a sudden drop (although it’s not a deep drop at all, but because you are wearing a pair of goggles that creates the illusion of super speed and gravity).

You can watch this video to get a feel on how it would be like!


Of course my music god Nakata Yasutaka wrote the original soundtrack for the Kyary ride called “Kyary Factory”.



Kyary fans can go crazy over the exclusive Kyary merchandise.

I did also go for the Kyary treats, though!!

Kyary Trick Drink, which is hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, gummies and choco candy!

That makes you a cute monster hahhaha.

Also the Kyary Churros with an eyeball mochi lol. Admire the creativity of the people who created all these!

Am about to eat an eyeball.

Even the eyeball is a surprise!!

And that’s all for the Universal Cool Japan attractions!!




Moppy’s Lucky Spot

This one is completely unrelated to the Universal Cool Japan theme and it wasn’t included in the media tour, but since i couldn’t go into most rides i also got a little extra privilege to shop on my private time.

And…. i went to Moppy’s!!!

Moppy is a new Sesame Street character exist only exclusively in Universal Studio Japan. Much like the Duffy, Shelliemay and Gelatoni in Disneysea. Damn, these Japanese people are good.

Moppy is Elmo’s good friend and there’s another elaborated story on how she was born. But basically she makes your dreams come true with the star-shaped mark on her right palm, and her favorite food is strawberry.

It’s just hard to resist if you love pink color and all things cute and fluffy.

Moppy’s merchandise.

This is Moppy!!!

With real life Ernie

And the real-life Moppy!!!! Soooo cute <3





That’s all on my USJ experience this year! ^^

For more information on Universal Cool Japan, you can visit this website!!

The events will run from 15 Jan until 26 June 2016 only, so buy your ticket to Osaka noooooow!

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2016 CNY dedications

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So i’ve blogged about the 2016’s limited edition Eight Cola-Cola Chinese New Year Cans. Since I was given the message card, i thought it would be a great idea to dedicate each special can to a special person in my life.

So there are 8 different auspicious wishes and symbolisms, and here they are and they people i wish to gift the suitable cans to!

事业顺利: Smooth Sailing Career: Miyabi

Miyabi is a new friend i got to know from work, but we instantly promoted each other from work associates to the presidents of a secret club called the “Siao Club”, because before meeting each other, we could not believe there are people who love Japan as siao (crazily) as we do. Every time we talk about Japan we were like uh huh uh huh, you think so too?!? She is so full of positive energy that every time i talked to her it was like i was being cleansed from all the evil energies. Thank you Miyabi.

This year i know that she endeavours to venture into a new career so i want to wish her all the best because she is super talented and i think she can definitely achieve bigger things in life!

情场得意: Flourish In Love: Carolyn

None other than this girl XD. Whom sometimes i think people will mistake her as Junya’s mother instead when we go out together XD. I knew her maybe like 7 or 8 years ago and she was my blog reader! Now we talk to each other every day!

She was like me 4 years ago. Living a nice life, having a great career, and all she needs is a little good luck in the heart stuff. We went to Hakone to pray together last year, and soon enough she noticed that the love luck is on her way! I’d like to wish her to continue to be blessed with continuous love and flourish in a fruitful relationship. ^^

财源滚滚: Abundance In Wealth: Amy

I admire her courage. Amy is Number76’s top stylist yet she dared to risk losing all her customers in KL and venture into a whole new different country just to challenge herself (together with another top stylist Steve).

I got to know Amy in 2011 and she was just a salon assistant who cried to me when she couldn’t pass the weekly Number76 hair exam (shhh. Nobody is supposed to know this). It’s incredibly how much she has progressed in a short few years! She was initially very worried about her new life in Singapore, but i can see that she is doing better than what she expected!

So i wish her HUAT AHHHH! in the year of 2016 hahhaa. And please support her in Number76 Singapore so that she will be 财源滚滚 and not 滚回家 lol.

青春常驻:Lasting Youthfulness: Ichigo

My longest friend from high school! When we were in highschool, we used to worry that one day we would age and become obasan since we were 14 T___T. We were probably the vainest girls in the class.

Now we are both mothers of two kids (although one still on the way, for me)!!! I wish her all lasting youthfulness and be forever cute and pretty and remain a hot mama for the next few decades hahaha.

贵人相助: Benefactors Aplenty: QiuQiu

Junya’s potential mother in law hahahha.

In 2015 Qiu and her family gave immeasurable help to our family, especially when we first planned to relocate to Singapore. I don’t know how we would settle down in Singapore without their help.

I also know that she is facing some difficulties in life, so for the year of 2016 i would like to wish her the same, to have many many 贵人 queuing up to offer her support and guidance hahaha. Because i really believe in 好人有好报。

学业有成: Academic Success: All my young readers!!!

Aiya i couldn’t find a candicate i know for this particular Coca-Cola can because… I’m too old to have any peers who are still in school, and i am also not old enough to have children who needs this wish yet lol.

So… i know that a lot of you are still studying (don’t read too much blogs!!), so i wish you all in 2016 a great success in your studies, and pass alllllll your exams with flying unicorns in rainbow colors!!! 😀

生意兴隆:Prosperity In Business: Danna

Of course i keep one of the best wishes for my own husband!!! Hahaha.

I wish that everything goes well for him in 2016, so that he can afford to have more time to take a rest, go for a few surf, and spend a little more time to watch movies with his wife and play catch ball with his son. Oh my god and his new daughter. I almost forgot about that.

So yes!! Hope that he will have a prosperous new year and we will also live an even better life and also go back to Japan more often!!! 😀

合家平安: Peace In The Family: Mom

Just like me, this is probably the most significant wish for my mom too.

She is a very simple person, and her biggest wish will be health and happiness for everyone around her. So i wish her in year 2016, she will be surrounded by peacefulness and blessings and lots of love around her. May her daughter and grandchildren be super healthy and happy too! Hahhaha smart or not, indirectly benefit myself also XD.

And please prepare big ang pow this year thanks.

So yea, that’s all my 8 gift Coca-Cola cans for the people who meant a lot to me.

How about you?

Maybe this year around, you can take this chance to customize heartfelt greetings and gift the respective wishes to your loved ones during CNY!

You can get these limited edition Chinese New Year Coca-Cola cans from the stores from now onwards!

Osaka Omiyage

January 17, 2016 in Cheesellaneous 1 Person Cheesed

Shopping haul!!!

Actually it has nothing to do with Osaka specialty hahaha it’s just that for this trip i only went to Osaka, but most of the stuff i bought are quite generic Japanese souvenirs, except maybe the ones i got from USJ (Universal Studio Japan).

If you are bored you can also read my Tokyo Omiyage post here.

Anyway i was reading some of my shopping haul video pre-motherhood, and i was shocked how different my shopping contents were. 90% of my shopping used to be clothes and make up. And some cute stuff for my house.

This time around, 90% of the stuff i bought are for other people. Over the years i have learnt that shopping for other people is such a great joy. Starting from Junya.

Actually i wished that i bought more but it was a media trip and our schedule was fully packed. Although there was plenty of shopping time, it was impossible for me to carry bags and bags of souvenir and run up and down a castle. With the belly of mine that has seemed to balloon twice the size in 3 days.

Nvm!!! Next trip! 😀

Ok here goes!!


For JunJun

Obviously i took the opportunity to stock up stuff that i really needed. Especially milk powderrrrr.

1.Meiji Milk Powder

I bought this from Don Quijote and i almost wanted to like buy a whole carton if it wasn’t like half my weight.

DO YOU KNOW HOW CHEAP IT IS!!!!! It was 1,480yen, which is like RM55?!??!?! And in Don Quijote you get tax refund so it was all worth carrying all the way, the whole day. T_T.


2. Picture Books

More books and playing cards to keep JunJun occupied!

A matching food card set.

Wooden puzzle book.


From Universal Studio Japan

From all the awesome attractions and gift stores!!!

3. Harry Potter Note Book


4. Minion Keychain


5. Snoopy Goods

I looove Snoopy!! The sweater is for myself!

There’s the Snoopy Waffles, ready-to-eat and comes with syrup!

And then there’s “Snoodle” lolol. It’s sooooo cute ok it contains Snoopy character Kamaboko!

Evangelion Pop Corn container.

Moppy!!!! This is a new character specially created by USJ, sort of like Duffy and Gelatoni for Disneysea. Man these people are gooooooood. TAKE ALL MY MONEY!!!!!


Tsum Tsum Goods

6. Tsum Tsum choco mould and Tsum Tsum Tomica

Adding new items to JunJun’s Tomica collection!


Sanrio Goods

7. My Melody & Hello Kitty Wet Wipes

This one is actually a bit overpriced but it’s toooo cute not to get T__T. I’m getting them for my mama friends who have kids ^^


Gudetama Goods

Sooooooo much lazy cuteness lol.

8. Gudetama Choco Maker

Valentine’s is coming and the entire Japan is preparing cute and convenient DIY choco sets for the girls. Really sucks to be Japanese girls lol never get presents nevermind must also hand make choco for their loved ones.

9. Gudetama Mint

Bought tons of this cuz it makes such a great souvenir!!! (And cheap too! hahaha)

10. Gudetama 2016 Mascot

This one is one of those cunning box set where you’ll never know what you get wan. Liek Gatcha Gatcha, but in a box. I reeeeeally wanted the Gudetama charm, but i got a Twin Yolk instead. Erm…. is that…. a sign…?! @.@


From Daiso

Actually most of the stuff are available in KL and SG too! It’s just that… well… in Japan it is RM3+. Or SGD1+. Hahahaha.

11. Kyaraben tools 

Junya loves vehicles so i got him the food separater sheet.

12. Sticker books

The sticker books are sooooo worth it omg? Like SGD1??? It comes in different themes and sooo many stickers for you to play with! I would buy like a hundred if they have that many variety!!

From Drug Stores

Hahha finally something for mama.

13. Hot Pad for Back Pain

I need this. Badly. lol

14. Vitamin Gummy

I love Japanese gummy! Instead of lots of bad sugar now you get to chew gummy that are actually vitamins. How awesome is that!

15. Anpanman Bath Sponge

Well just cuz it’s quite cute.

16. Milk Teeth Care Candy

I talked about this before but there’s a CANDY that helps prevent tooth decay?! Hahah that’s like a new cigarette that will prevent lung cancer lolol.

17. Furikake

This one is for all my friends who love Furikake and have no time to cook XD.




18. Omoshiro Sox

Previous i talked about how to coordinate your outfit with socks. Good luck with these. LOLOLOL.

Even the back is awesome!

19. Gotochi Kitty

My new Gotochi Kitty addition this time is Osaka Castle because i finally went there!!


20. Jaga Pirika

The standard souvenir. Bought this at Kansai airport and they limited one person to purchase maximum 5 boxes. This is a new edition which is different from Jagapokuru. It’s a tri-colored potato cube. Tasted just as great!!


Spent whole morning sorting out my omiyage packs!!! Don’t be confused cuz the bag says Narita Airport. Actually these are old old plastic bags from long long time ago. See how much souvenir our family bought?! XD


While writing this, i’m waiting for JunJun to wake up to his new friend.. Moppy.

I know… it’s pink. I mean… he can always gift it to his sister later! XD






Taste of Tohoku

So now you know what is Omiyage!!

The Omiyage (gifts/souvenir) is a very very important culture in Japan. It is more than just a friendly and caring gesture for your friends and relatives when you come back from a vacation. It is serious business.

Here are some of the occasions/reasons when you should be getting lots of Omiyage:

1. The best way to show gratitude, a symbol of friendship and respect for the people you care about.

2.When you meet someone (especially a Japanese person) for the first time to show that you are sincere in fostering a good relationship together. This is especially important when it comes to business or new clients.

3. To thank and show gratitude to someone whom you have troubled, or have helped you in the past.

4. Buying gifts in return for someone who had bought you omiyage in the past. This is one of the most important cycles in Japanese culture because by gifting non-stop (i buy for you so you buy for me so i buy for you so you buy for me…..), it also signifies a good relationship that’s ongoing and that the person is important in your life.

5. To make someone jealous that you get to enjoy such awesome trip but too bad the someone cannot HAHAHHA.



So if you happen to visit Tohoku, here’s what to bring when you come back!

You can read this complete list on this website for popular Omiyage of all the 6 Tohoku prefectures, but there’s my highlight!


Picture from this blog post.

1. Hagi No Tsuki (Miyagi)

You see the box on the bottom left corner? It’s one of the most famous Omiyage from Miyagi prefecture. It’s a custard cream spongey cake that’s super fluffy on the outside and rich on the inside.

2. Kamome No Tamago

See the bottom right corner? That’s a Tohoku specialty. It’s a sweet dessert with white chocolate coating and bean paste in inside.

3. Fukushima Peach

Peaches are Fukushima’s specialty!! Best if you can bring back fresh peaches (i actually got mine from Isetan during summer), but if you can’t, there are plenty of peach sweets and pastries and juices as great Omiyage!

For more tips on Tohoku culture and food, you can visit Taste of Tohoku! It’s available in both Italian and English!

The Guide to Sox Coordinate: by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

January 15, 2016 in Useless fashion 3 Cheesed

I haven’t done proper fashion posts in a while because i was so busy being unfashionable! Hahaha.

Anyway today’s useless fashion post is about fashion coordination with socks! One of the key points of recent Japanese fashion is sox (that’s how they spell socks haha), sox, and more sox!

It could be challenging for Malaysian and Singaporean fashion scene because we have almost zero socks culture, except when it comes to school uniforms and going to the gym. Or when someone is getting Hong Kong Feet omg. And i understand one of the reasons is that the weather is so. freaking. hot.

Nevertheless, i cannot live without socks in my wardrobe. I maybe have like 50 pairs or more? I also have many pairs of sneakers, so sox are the ultimate sidekicks.

These are all my new sox from Tabio, available at rosebullet Edit Tokyo, Singapore!

Tabio is a very popular socks brand in Japan. It has stores all over the country and the most visited one is probably the one at Harajuku Takeshitadori! It’s affordable with great quality (of course! Made in Japan!!). Majority of the socks are free size so it is stretchable to accommodate a range of sizes.


Here are some of the different ways sox can spice up your wardrobe and give your fashion a whole new angle!

Color Coordinate

Sox gives you a perfect reason to play color or pattern coordination. Since it’s only a small accessory, you can pair it with a main color or motif like top+sox, hat+sox, bag+sox, etc. It’s super fun to play with!

Coordinate 1

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Point: Military top + military sox.


Coordinate 2

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

You can even match it with your make up!! For example red lips and red sox against a monotone outfit.


Coordinate 3

Dress: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sometimes it’s also used as a “point”, which in Japanese means the whole focus of an outfit. It could be that the sox is of a entire different color from the outfit or it just looks wicked cute!


Sox is Necessary

Sometimes sox is just imperative lol. No explanation needed.

Coordinate 4

Shirt: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Coordinate 5

Bottom: je by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo


Sox is Accessory

When an outfit is plain or very simple, and there’s no chance for you to wear other accessories like earrings or necklace, sox can be a great alternative to embellish your outfit!

Coordinate 6

Dress: je by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

I had my hair down and there wasn’t any necklace that could fit this outfit, so sox was a perfect choice. I wore it in stripy beige and bordeaux for simplicity.


Changing the Mood

Sometimes a pair of sox is all you need to change the entire feel of an outfit.

Coordinate 7

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

If i wore only the stilettoes without the sox and perhaps without the hat, the outfit would have been a little OL and smart dinner-ish. But throw on a pair of matching lacey sox and you have a romantic Pretty Woman weekend lunch date!


Sandals with sox

IKR!!! It used to be the ultimate fashion faux pas, but i guess there’s really no such thing as wrong fashion. Just personal taste. I personally loooove sox with sandals (not to mention it was crazily trending in Japan for a long while in summer. Actually, it was trending well into autumn because sandals were the biggest things and the Japanese had to wear sox to warm their feet lolol) because… i mean, how else can you make boring sandals look pretty?

Coordinate 8

Dress: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Coordinate 9

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Pineapple sheer sox for the summer feel and matching the whole Hawaiian Surf theme.


Paring More Than One

Who says you can only wear one pair at a time???

Coordinate 10

Knit Top: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Leggings & Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Fluffy leg warmer sox with cherry-printed sheer leggings.



Another alternative to sox is leggings, stockings, etc. Great for mini skirts and shorts! And of course a must if you travel to winter countries.

Coordinate 11

Outer: rosebullet by rosebullet Edit Tokyo

Leggings: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo


Sox is Life

In the sense that, you can have the most boring outfit in the world, given the right pair of sox it can spice up the whole outfit and breathe new life into your coordinates.

Coordinate 12

I mean, come on. Cap, Boyfriend shirt (in this case, stolen-from-danna sweater), baggy jeans, and a pair of cheap sneakers. And overused canvas bag lolol. But my sox screams life!!!!!

Sox: Tabio by rosebullet Edit Tokyo


I mean, i really, really love my sox. Soxes? Hahahha.


All my sox are from Tabio!

All made in Japan.

How comforting it is just to see that line.

And now you can purchase it right in Singapore!!!!!


rosebullet Edit Tokyo, Singapore

orchardgateway B1-02/03 (Somerset MRT)
Wheelock Place B2-06
Follow them on Instagram: @rosebulletSG!!

What do you think? Which style was your favorite and let me know if you have more sox ideas! ^^

Number76 Singapore!

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(I wanna thank all of you who left nice words and gave me so much encouragements in my previous Life in Singapore blog post. Now i like you guys even more hahaha.)

Finally. Singapore.

If Number76 Bangsar 1 (which is now closed to be combined with Bangsar 2)is a cozy retro beach house, Number76 Bangsar 2 is a rustic, old-time street cafe, Number76 Starhill Gallery is a luxurious pampering parlour, Number76 Mid Valley is a basement secret society, and Number76 Publika a is a little secret garden library, then Number76 Singapore is…

Our new life.

I spent many sleepless nights battling between pregnancy hormones and anxiety when i could not figure out what my life would lead with our family potentially moving to a new country. But the decision was made and we had to just bravely embrace it.

I am just so glad that everything falls into place so perfectly albeit the missing papa for weeks, the insane traveling back and forth, the struggle with everything that could possible go wrong (which went wrong), the uncertainly about the future.

IT IS FINALLY HERE!! A dream come true for many.

It’s located at Orchard Gateway 2F, just an escalator/elevator away from Sommerset MRT station!!

The signature Number76 cafe-ish chic. Wooden you like to come over and just relax?

The washing basin omg. For this new branch they have upgraded it to something very awesome. More on that later!!

I love how there’s ample sunlight and lots of greens to soothe your mood. A little reminiscent of the Publika branch.

If you sit by the window, you are overlooking the Sommerset Skate Park! The danna loves it.

And a matching baby chair!!! I think all salons should have this because it’s a life saver.



So so so so so!!!

Junya had his first hair cut as the first customer of Number76 Singapore! And it’s mama’s turn now.

Qiu and i are the second customers after JunJun. Both of us in shit, unwashed hair. Junya was happily taking his nap so mama gets a breather to just relax and go for a head spa.

Ok let’s talk about the kick-ass wash basins.

It is a freaking First-class flat bed auto-reclining wash basin chair!!!! All these Japanese inventions are award worthy omg. You never have to bend your neck backwards again like zombies with a strained neck.


Tansan Wash

My favorite Tansan wash. After this sparkling scalp cleansing, you can go up to 4 days without washing your hair and it is still sparkly fresh. Don’t ask me how i know. HAHAHA.

The dirt off my scalp. Apparently. Cheers!


Full Head Color

My colorist of the day was Steve!! I told him that i wanted to keep that tone so he picked a mix of beiges for me.

By the way!! Too many people have asked me, two pregnancies in a row:


I did it both my pregnancies! You can tell your stylist that you are expecting, so they will be careful and not apply near your scalp. Although some people totally don’t mind also.

And if you want to be extra careful, there’s also Organic Color selections! Just keep in mind that for organic, you can’t go very light since it’s mostly natural dark tones.

The signature biscuit that Junya loves soooo much.

Oh ya he is awake now!!!

He was just happily enjoying his biscuit from the salon. He ate two and asked for more. I rejected his request lol.


Ultrasonic Premium Treatment

Color now!!!

When i had to go for hair wash then Qiu will take over Junya and talked to him like he’s her long lost friend XD.

Meredith trying to smell her bae.


Finally my hair was done!!!




Beautifully messy. It’s art, okay, people. ^^

Thank you Number76, and thank you JunJun for accompanying mama for such a boring event for toddlers.

Nah give you a kiss.

Two happy (and chio lolol) mamas and two happy babies!!

Hahahha one of those NG shots.



Number76 Orchard Gateway Reception Party!

Cupcakes… champagne.

Haih don’t talk about champagne liao. I didn’t even like alcohol but for BOTH my prenancies when i saw champagne it was like druggies saw his fix omg. I was like GIMME THAT and all my friends were like NOOOO DON’T GIVE HER. Haih.

Junya was sleeping and totally missing out the fun lol.

Omgomgomgomg got superstar come!!!!

I was busy chatting with other bloggers when i realized my son was gone! I looked for him frantically and guess who kidnapped him!!!

It’s Wei Liang hahahha omg ok give you give you kidnap.

Spot the other two ah boys from Ah Boys To Men at the background hahhaha.

Carolyn who looked extra pretty today because…. she may perhaps be a little dating someone hahaha. And that’s me telling Mini Cheese, don’t worry, mama won’t make you drunk. But just in case, just go to sleep. Hahaha.

Miyake with her freshly done dolly hair from the afternoon by Steve!!! I swear she is 10X even prettier in real life!

And omg she’s trying to get my baby drunk.

I mean the other baby. Hahhaa no la he was drinking just melted ice XD

JunJun drinking apple juice like a pro.

And so happy i finally met allllll the famous Singaporean bloggers all at once!!!

Erm Qiu, everyone was trying to be demure, what’s wrong with you LOLOL.

Ok a proper one!! Miyake, Qiu Qiu, Sophie and Yutaki!

I only had one sip!!! Ok fine. Two.


Number76 CNY Promotions!!!

Other than the 20% discount for all services, there’s even a lucky draw!!

I mean, discounts are already unheard of for the hairstyling industry (although i hav ebeen with Number76 for 4 years now and i am used to the idea of no price-hike), they are basically throwing free money away lol.


And the most important thing…

Number76 Menu!!!

Obviously it’s more expensive if you convert to MYR but if dollar to dollar is is waaaaaaaay lower in Singapore!

You can see the full menu price here on the website!

Go go go!

Number76 Singapore

Tel: +65 63857576 / 6776
 Business Hour: 11:00 – 21:00 (Daily)
 Add: 277, Orchard Road, #02-23 Orchard Gateway 238858


PS: Actually i probably posted this too late because apparently the new Orchard Gateway branch is fully booked all the way till CNY. And apparently i was told by the stylists that there are like 200 people on the waiting list @____@. But the stylists said they will work magic to cater to as many customers as possible!

You guys can always fly to Malaysia branches la hahhaha. Cheaper summore XD.


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