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Tokyo Life 2015 Summer

May 30, 2015 in Japan 27 Cheesed

So we are back for a month this time!

Other than a week in Hawaii, we actually have nothing planned (though the danna has to work most of the time), so it’s really just living a family life in Tokyo.

This time around things are quite different from last winter. Firstly it’s nearing summer so the weather is getting warmer and warmer (to be honest i actually prefer winter @.@). Secondly, Junya is almost 1 year old now, he is more active and mobile too so how i spend my time with him has also changed.



We flew with JAL as usual. Junya’s air ticket was about 10% of adult fare until he turns 2, so we plan to bring him travel as much as we can now lolol. #kiasu

It was a night flight so he slept throughout. I’m a little worried about the return flight though since it is the whole afternoon and he can’t sit still for a second now -_-

Rise and shine baby ❤︎

Junya’s first flight food!



At Home

We rented an apartment at the same place in Ikebukuro this time too. It’s spacious, clean, affordable and incredibly convenient.

He can walk a little now so he’s investigating every crook and cranny like Sherlock. It’s both easier and harder. Easier because he can now entertain himself (by pulling all my clothes from the drawer and throw them on the floor, pushing the dustbin from one end to the other…) so i have more time to do other stuff (putting clothes back to the drawer and cleaning up spilled garbage included). Harder because i really reaaally need to keep an eye on him allll the time.

And just within 10 minutes of unpacking our luggages, Junya already knocked himself like 10 times and have tiny bumps on his face -____-. Argh… to have to child-proof a new apartment all over again T_T.

Toilet is his favorite because of all the bidet buttons lolol.


As for me…

This sums up my life in Tokyo lolol.


Back in KL i loathe to think what to prepare and cook for the next day. But here… BRING IN ON!!!

I can spend hours just walking up and down different aisles in the su-pa (supermarket). Things are soooooo cheap omg. In Malaysia i usually buy local organic or imported Japanese ingredients because i refuse to eat ambiguous China produce that are probably made of explosives. One very very tiny organic radish can cost RM8 and a small broccoli easily RM10?! But here in Japan, all the local produce are like half the price!!!!!! A giant daikon triple the size is like 100 yen (RM3)?!?!?

And the fish!! Giant scallops, fresh fruits (in season now are cherries and peach!), mentaiko….. Jump into my tummy pls…


Many of you asked about Junya’s meals when we travel. True enough, this time things are a little less flexible because of Junya’s meal time. When we came back last winter he hasn’t started solid yet. But now he eats 3 proper meals.

What does he eat every day for a month?

When we go for short vacations (Singapore/Bali/Penang), i usually stock up packaged Baby Food. You can get them from Isetan. You can buy Kewpie, Meiji, Wakodo, Pigeon. Their baby food varieties are unbelievable. And really yummy (i tried). And safe (using all Japan produce with zero additives) and nutritionally balanced.

But for a month… no matter how tempting it is, it just feel quite wrong to keep feeding my baby compressed food from a plastic pack. Plus i’m keeping all these food to bring back to Malaysia for other travels where baby food is less accesible. Also, Baby Food in KL cost 3 times more -_-. A pack of these usually cost about 100+ yen only in Japan. Buy them ALLLLLL!

Here’s what he usually eats:


Milk bread (so soft yumss), scrambled egg, avocado and yogurt with fresh fruits. You can actually get these from the combini so that’s the easiest meal!


Fresh fruits. Please try out the Yamagata cherry if you come to Japan.


Usually he eats whatever i cook for the adults (me and the danna), minus the seasoning.



We can survive as long as there’s a rice cooker.  Takikomi gohan (mixed rice) is the easiest!

Just chop and throw everything inside.

And an hour later you have dinner ready.

I usually cook it at night (Japan rice cooker can keep the rice fresh and warm for up to 5 days. Everyone should invest in one. Zoujirushi is the most popular one!) So the next day i don’t need to cook again. And can eat up to 2 days lolol.

My kicthen. The only seasonings i need are cooking oil, soy sauce, salt+pepper.

You can also buy stuff like these, super useful! Baby wafu dashi/white sauce/comsomme, just melt them and add into pasta, rice, tofu, or make stew.



Going Out

You will be surprised that it is quite difficult to locate baby related products in Tokyo. It’s quite strange but you won’t find diaper or milk powder in supermarkets or departmental stores. You need to go to big drug stores. For us we went to Akachan Honpo in Gotanda, a hugeeeee baby store that has everything you will ever need.


We also bought a new Aprica stroller for Junya!! Turned out to be one of the best investments ever.

Most of the time i will have to go out with him alone, so with a 2.9KG stroller things are much easier!!

Family outing <3

Also this time we tested the limit. I really really really needed to eat Gold Rush the best hamburg in the world (according to me only la. The danna’s god tongue wasn’t so impressed lolol), which is very non-baby-friendly because of how smouldering it is.

But we survivedddd. Although we came out smelling like smoked bacons.

Totally worth it.

Also went back to eat the best Beef toro rice.


That’s the happening parts. Other times i’m just happily being grounded at home as just watch my baby sleep :)





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Junya’s first education

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The danna and i have quite different views on education when it comes to raising a child together.

I studied hard (half voluntary half reluctant) and got straight As throughout my student life (paiseh to boast like this but really wan), graduated from a local uni, never even stepped my foot in the corporate world, ever, and ended up a sort of, kind of, not really working mom at home who takes selfies for a living. True story. But in my heart i wish i had played harder, taken more plane rides, seen more of the world, made more friends, done more crazy things… instead of wasting my time memorising formulas and names of dead people that didn’t help my selfie taking skill.

On the other hand, the danna who didn’t even finish junior highschool took the job as a construction worker building apartments before he picked up the scissors and made friends with human hair for the rest of his life. He envies people who hold fancy certificates and speak like a thesaurus.

I admire the husband for his hands-on-everything talents. Give him a couple of chopsticks and he could probably build a castle. Give him a fish and he could ask the fish to fish for him lololol. There is no problem he cannot solve. He is my hero. I want Junya to be just like him. My son doesn’t need to score any As or go to any expensive schools, because life experience is his best teacher. But the danna thinks that if Junya can study, he should study as much as he can, because that is what he himself could not do when he was young.

Despite the quite extreme takes on child education, we actually are in the same direction. In the end, we just wanted our child to have the desire to learn, academically or otherwise, be happy during the learning process, and see lots and lots and lots of the world.

I don’t think i am one of those parents who send in multiple applications to the most sought after schools the moment they receive an obstetric ultrasound scan. I thought Junya will forever be homeschooled. By Champon lolol. Then  his father will teach him how to fish lolol. But anyway, what prompted me to start looking for a play school/play class was when he was going through stranger anxiety. I couldn’t even put him down and step away. And that was when i realized maybe i indeed, needed to bring him out to meet people and socialize. So i started visiting baby gyms and playgrounds, but i could not put up with the hygiene level. And then i received Daisy’s email.

I actually met Daisy before, when i first had Junya but it was just a brief encounter. When we crossed path again this time it was the perfect timing. She needed someone to try out her program, and i needed something new for Junya. Daisy started Malaysia’s first right brain play school: Brillkids Family and Trinity Kids, and as if she has heard me telepathically, she invited me to try out their programs.

A little bit about the programs:

1. Trinity Kids Malaysia (non-parents accompanied program)

It is a Nursery, Playschool, and also a Preschool all in one center, led by a team of teachers and nannies. It’s a program that offers a holistic activities and curriculum, whole hearted care and even down to a wholesome diet.

They have been voted by Malaysia parents as ‘Best Baby Development’, ‘Best Playschool’ and ‘Best Preschool’ and featured on Business FM 89.9, The Star, The Edge and NTV 7.

I went to Trinity Kids at The Verve, Mont Kiara to see it for myself, this award winning early childhood education center.

 First glance and i was smitten. The facility is spotless and they have a strict level of health policy. Whatever it is, safety and hygiene comes first. You can have a million dollar education program but if your kids constantly get sick in school it is as good as useless.

(Guest appearance of random Hello Kitties for privacy reasons.)

Daisy brought me on a tour, to the nursery, the classrooms, the playground, the kitchen… I also met her two adorable kids at there. Daisy told me that when she first moved here from overseas, she couldn’t find any daycare of preschool that met her standards in KL. So she started one herself that she would send her own kids to.

Little basin for little hands.
The boy’s toilet.

Kitchen area. They use fresh, quality, organic, free range, anti-biotics free ingredients to ensure a wholesome and balanced meal for the babies/kids.

Daisy has shared with me many other things, other than education. She has sort of become my baby encyclopedia. I texted her to ask the silliest questions about Junya. And she always has just the right answer for me. I’m starting to wonder why i need a paed for.

Anyway Junya doesn’t need to go to Trinity Kids nursery (2-12 months) since i am a stay home mom, but he is too young to enrol in the playschool (18m onwards). But Daisy had a perfect alternative for me.

2. BrillKids Family (parents-accompanied)

BrillKids Family is an all new concept club which is a collaboration between the awards-winning right brain program BrillKids International ( and Trinity Kids. The objective of BrillKids Family is to offer awesome early learning programs whereby children can maximise their potential while having fun. And… the mommy and/or daddy gets to be together with the child. That sounded just about perfect for me and Junya.

Brillkids is located at Publika, and i attend their classes with Junya twice a week, 1 hour per session.

Junya’s classes are for babies from 4-14 months old, where he learns sight reading, vocabulary, chord and notes recognition, numeracy… etc. Of course i didn’t expect him to be able to solve calculus problems and write poems within 3 months of learning la. Most of the time he just wants to crawl over the toy box and try to pry the lid open -___-.

But what i did notice was that he has opened himself up to strangers. Maybe the separation anxiety phase is naturally fading off too as he grows to be more sociable, but i can see that he is having fun. And every mom will agree with this: seeing your children’s happy faces, you will continue to do whatever made them so, and it’s all worth it.
Gym time after class.
Obstacle course challenge. And sorry if i scared you but no the teachers in Brillkids do not leave babies on the floor and neglect them like that. That is Ahmad, the pretend baby.
Junya also gets to make friends with other babies.

He likes his teachers too! (I assume so since so far he hasn’t bit them.)


So yea we are in Japan now and we will skip classes for a whole month, but when i come back i plan to let him continue the classes, maybe even a more advanced one!

Anyway there are too much to speak about Trinity Kids and Brillkids family. If you are a parent with young kids and are interested in finding out more, you can check out their home page, and also Facebook Page. They have trial classes too!


BrillKids Family | Wholesome Possum
Publika Shopping Gallery, level G4, lot 2


Trinity Kids
The Verve Shop, Level 5, 8 Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara KL 50480, Malaysia


And and and!!! I am so excited for Daisy because they have just been nominated in 11 categories for BabyTalk Reader’s Choice Awards 2015! You can go cast your vote on your fav brands too!


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Nagasaki with Junya (III)

May 24, 2015 in Japan 3 Cheesed

To continue from the previous post on Unzen, Nagasaki!

So the danna, Jiji, JunJun and i was on a family trip to Unzen, a place famous for its hotspring (and the volcano) in Nagasaki. And we stayed at one of the traditional Ryokan.

I looooooove Tatami.


Private onsen. There was an outdoor onsen bath connected to our room. It was freezing cold in January but was worth everything.

JunJun’s second hot spring experience! He loved it!! Cony has the same smile as Junya, so instead of Brown the danna is given a Cony face instead lol.

Family bath time <3

Shameless bath wefie XD. Danna became Brown again XD

After that we had room service! One thing i love about Ryokan is their in-room dining. You don’t order from the menu. Everything is served to you from chef’s selection in a proper dining manner!

An obasan came and served us a whole tableful of traditional Japanese noms.

The dinner spread. My god how are we supposed to finish all these food!!!

There was zouni hot pot (a traditional dish for the Japanese New Year), Nimono (simmered vegetables), Ise Ebi (lobster!!!),  sashimi, kanten jelly, dessert, and many many more which were not included in this picture.

And i felt so touched that so much effort is put into creating a nice dining experience for their guests. Just look at those beautifully carved veggies, how could i have the heart to leave anything uneaten?! T_______T


The next day, breakfast was at the Ryokan dining area.

Junya was sitting on his Richell inflatable chair. It’s super useful!

Hai ^^

i miss how round he was T_____T

Breakfast was healthy and filling! In the claypot was sizzling ham and egg.

After that we drove back to Nagasaki city. It was our last day so before we left i requested to eat our favorite Okonomiyaki.

A little shop lot managed by an obasan and her cat.

If there’s any Japanese food i don’t like, it is Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki (Osaka food lovers, don’t shoot me!!!!). What i don’t like the Kansai style sweet sauce they plop generously on the dough. But this one tasted different!! Hiroshima style!

Yakisoba with lots and lots of cabbage!

The danna used to come here when he was young, so it’s always very nostalgic to him.

The shop obasan offered to carry Junya while we eat. We thanked her and she started to talk and played with him.

Before we knew it, she disappeared.

As a Malaysian my first response was an instinctive panic. WHERE HAS SHE KIDNAPPED MY BABY ?!

Then it came to me that this is Japan. What’s more it is Nagasaki.

The Obasan brought Junya to the neighbor and for some chitchatting. I have no idea what they were talking about. Maybe about the weather, the cat, or local politics.

After that a passerby said hello and the Obasan bent down to let the dog talk to Junya.

After that more people stopped by and engaged in more smiley conversations with him.

I felt like my son is a baby koala in Nagasaki. Showered with so much affection and attention, only short of being offered Eucalyptus leaves.

Anyway my baby was returned to me at the end of the meal. We then drove around the city and went to the church the danna and i had our wedding ceremony.

JunJun, look! This is where papa and mama got married!

Family ❤︎ (Yes i am married to a bear. And my baby is a half blue bear cub.)

After that went to the top of the hill again. Blogged about it before! It’s awarded one of the top 3 most beautiful night views in the world. IN THE WORLD! (Along with Hong Kong and Monaco.)

Though day scenery was pretty awesome too.

Then back to hotel for a rest before heading out for dinner (with a sleeping Junya).

Dinner was Yakitoriiiiiiiiii (first round)

Next we went to the danna’s favorite Hitokuchi (one bite) gyoza shop. So good T___T

Grilled liver.

Negi omelette!!

We had an early flight the next day. This was at the airport!!

If you come to Nagasaki you must try their different types of Kamaboko (fish cakes).

Saraudon Choclate  (fried thin noodle in chocolate sauce…..)

We also bought sushi cake for the flight. It’s sushi rice topped with shredded sashimi and egg floss, shaped like a cake.

Flying back to Tokyo…

To entertain his son, the danna was doing some magic with a chopstick wrapper.

He said this is Ebi Fry lololol.

Junya’s first Ebi Fry.

But i think he expected papa to come up with something better than that XD


That’s all for our Japan trip in December! Tonight we would be leaving for Tokyo again for a month, so update again soon! ^^


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Brunch at Underground Société

Ever since i had Junya, eating out has become an occasional luxury instead of an everyday affair. I am also more selective of the eating places we go. Is it child-friendly? How is the hygiene level? Is parking easy? Comfortably spacious and non smoking? … etc etc. Taste alone is no longer the sole deciding factor. Together with my other mommy friends, we generally prefer somewhere with a nice environment, good service, and of course, good healthy food (which our babies can steal a bite or two of!!).


Which brings us to Underground Société! Ok la it sounds very badass but it’s actually more cool than badass 😛

Underground Societe is a new cafe in the heart of bandar Sunway, created by the same team who run the successful CoffeeSociété in Publika and Garage 51 which is just nearby.

The interior is just what i like If you have been to CoffeeSociété, this is one notch above. Warm stylish wooden decor meets sophisticated graffiti. The ambience is chic, polished yet cozy.

I went there with Eve and her two kids.

The newly expecting mommy Careen joined us later with her growing little bean inside her belly <33


Me with JunJun.

We went there for brunch since Eve has to leave home by noon for her mommy duties. At 11am, it was nice and quiet. We ordered our drinks while waiting for food.

Eve with her afternoon cold brew…. coffee.

I know right!! This is the cafe’s signature blend. Fresh from the tap, it is ice cold and refreshing. A perfect pick-me-up for the tired mom lol. Coffee on tap is RM16.

And for me i had the Mochatella (RM16.90), which is Nutella (!!!!!) with coffee cubes, served with cold milk.

This is SOOOO GOOOD. I may have just got additced to it! A must try if you come here!

Since i stopped day time nursing, now i could steal a few sips of Hot Chocolate with Baileys (RM16).

The little ones are content with their usual Apple Juice. ^^ Junya had… erm… water. Haha.

By lunch time, the cafe is fully packed!!!!

I really didn’t expect it to be so popular! So if you prefer a quieter time, i would recommend you to come for brunch, plus they have a brand new brunch menu that’s very reasonably priced for a posh cafe like this.

For starter we had Smoked Salmon Scramble on Sourdough (RM18). Look at how pretty the colors are!

All of us are sharing so we ordered the 200g Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Pesto Gnocchi, Sautéed Capsicum and Foyot Sauce. A hearty main for the health conscious who are going for volume.

And then… Lobster Benedicts.

Yessssss you heard it right. Lobster. For brunch. Hmmmm. I’m loving my mommy life lolol. This Grilled Slipper Lobster Benedict with Roasted Pumpkin, Poached Eggs and Foyot Sauce on Underground Bun is priced at only RM32! Since there are two each so you can share it with your friends and try out more variety of food!


Next for the ones with sweet tooth, French Toast with Nutella (RM15) might be just the right kind of brunch. Yes Nutella. Again. With a generous topping of exotic berries too! The kids loooved it.

This one actually ordered for Junya lol. Underground Muesli with Yoghurt (RM14) is visually enticing, nutritious and yummy!

Yogurt is plain but complimented by the flavorful sweet fruity toppings, it makes a perfect snack for Junya.

He wants more XD

And finger chewing good hahah.


To end the meal, we had the perfect dessert combo:

Underground Grenade (RM26), which description says “you haven’t been underground until you try this!”. True enough, it was quite a show.  The taste did not fail too, flamed crispy on the outside, icy creamy cold on the inside. It’s just that the portion is pretty huge so you’ll have to share it with someone…. or not. If you insist to claim it all yours. 😛

Underground Fireball (RM15) is yet another surprise. Chocolate lovers are gonna be happy with this!

Our awesome brunch spread and great company.

Thank you Underground Société for the great dining experience!!

I’ll be having a dining voucher giveaway on Instagram worth RM200 each, so be sure to follow me @cheeserland and stay tuned!


Underground Société

No.68, jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 0356133851

Instagram: UndergroundSociete

Facebook: UndergroundSociete


New hair @number76

May 17, 2015 in Hair Cheat One™ 4 Cheesed

Hair update!


Number76 Publika

This was actually last month, not long after Number76 Publika opened.

I was there to redeem my birthday treatment, even though i’m already sponsored la hahhaha. *kiasu*

Hair date with JunJun!

Yes, soon you’ll be allowed to eat the cookie ok.

Love sitting by the window!

City of cactus.

So that was my first time doing the upgraded Ultrasonic Premium (in my word, “Super Magic Treatment” hahahah since i call the normal Ultrasonic treatment “Magic Treatment”.)

It’s amaziiiiiiiiing look at how smooth it isssss

Final styling!

Some loose braids…


Number76 Publika

+603 6201 2776 / 3776
10.00 – 19.00 (Closed on Monday)






Number76 Bangsar 2

This was today!

Wanted to get my hair fixed before Japan next week. Been really busy and even if i had time it was just a quick treatment at wherever nearer to me. T__T. But today it was a major hair overhaul. I wanted a much needed new color, more treatment, and also a brand new cut.

I WANTED SHORT FRINGE!!! For the longest time!!! I haven’t had fringe since i was pregnant. Which is about 2 years already. Cuz i didn’t have a confidence that i could style it nicely everyday with a brand new human stuck to me.

But now i caaaaaaaan. And who can you trust better to do such a massive hair surgery than your own husband!!! Wife perks lolol. Please. Marry a hair stylist. I’m serious. Best choice ever lolol.

Wooohooo new treatment today!!

It’s called CMC, not a very fancy name, but there are 5 boosters and 5 steps all together so it’s some really heavy stuff!! (But your hair ends up really light and airy, the irony.) There’s a promotion for this treatment so ask the staff about it! ^^

Thank you Ivan, Elaine, and Amy for the help during such a busy day.

By the way have you seen Amy lately? This girl lost like 5KG in a couple of months. Ask her how.

Hair going under the knife.

2 years. Bye.

Hi fringe.

oooh i miss this!!!




Doneeee. I actually wanted it shorter. But nvm lemmi get used to it first. Always can ask the husband to trim for me at home HAHAHAH wife benefit again.

The only picture of the back though blurry. Never trust your husband to take any picture of you. Unless he is a photographer.

NVM Wo zi ji lai.

I likeeeee.

Thank you Number76. Thank you Bangsar 2 team.


Number76 Bangsar 2

+603 2283 1776 / 2776
10:00 – 22:00 (Daily)
That’s all for now! And i’m really excited to style my new hair <3

Tokyo Yakiniku

The danna and i probably crave Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) the most when we are not in Japan. Once a while we would splurge on some atas BBQ restaurants but we can’t afford to do that every month. T__T. The last time we paid four figure for a meal for 4. It’s just too ridiculoussssss.

Sooooo where can you eat Yakiniku without having to fork out a week’s budget on a few slices of wagyu?


You can try out Tokyo Yakiniku at Pandan Indah, Cheras!

Tokyo Yakiniku is a family-run Japanese Charcoal BBQ restaurant established since 2004. Wow so it has been over 10 years! It is formerly known as Yakiniku Restaurant, if you are wondering that it looks familiar. I have been there before too before they renamed and also relocated to a more spacious two-storey building.

It’s more comfortable now with a spacious second floor.

There’s also a private room available for parties/events if you have a group of people!

This is our private room! I went with our family and our friends who are also Yakiniku lovers.

And when i said family, i meant Champon too XD

Yes!!! Tokyo Yakiniku is pet-friendly!!! 😀 😀 😀 We really are on a roll of bringing Champon to see the world (and sniff some meat) lolol. It’s so nice and rare to have restaurants that allow pets. I really appreciate the extra effort they are willing to make. Anyway, do make a reservation if you come with a pet so that they can serve you better!


And now let’s talk about foooood!

There are a whole group of us so we ordered quite a lot of food to share!

There menu is super affordable it really surprised me! I’ll list down the price so you’ll know how value for money they are.

First there’s the Kimchi Pork Soup (RM12.90). Slightly spicy and sour, it’s a perfect starter to whet your appetite. Anyway do note that this is not the full portion! This is a small individual bowl after they have split it into for 4-5 people. I love it like this! You get to taste more things and feel less guilty 😛


Tokyo Yakiniku is not just a BBQ style shop, it is like an izakaya. Other than a wide selection of meats, they have a full menu of soups, donburi (rice bowls), snacks and noodles. We also had Miso Ramen (RM14.80), which is quite good value with two pieces of fatty charshu and a generous topping of sweet corns, the Hokkaido style!


For those who can’t live without rice, there’s Chasu Fried Rice (RM9.90) that’s filling to the tummy.

For those who prefer something more flavorful, you may go for this instead! My share of Kimchi Fried Rice (RM11.90).

This is a must-have!! Probably the cheapest and yummiest!! Fried Chicken Skin for only RM4.90, it’s dangerously addictive. Fragrantly crispy, i could finish one whole plate by myself.

Next comes all the main items! All the BBQ meat is marinated with their home made Yakiniku sauce.

We ordered their popular menu, which are the Lamb Shoulder (RM9.90) and Pork Neck Meat (RM7.90).  I mean… can you believe the price??? And we are paying like 3 to 5 times more at other BBQ restaurants!

For the beef lovers, there’s the Karubi Beef (Australian) at RM34.80. I know, i know, it’s not something you can compare with Japanese wagyu, but the price is also incomparable. The good ones are like, what, RM180 for 100gm? XD

But if you do want to go for the real deal, they do have Kobe Beef, priced at RM160. Do check out their menu!

And actually…?

It tasted pretty good for the kind of pricing! With the right amount of fat and chewiness. Although the danna said it should all be credited to his grilling skill XD.

Champon was drooling the whole time lolol.

It’s really a family-friendly restaurant, all of us were having good time together <3

The kids finished their ramen so it’s serious adult Yakiniku time XD

Of course we couldn’t not have done without dessert! It was however so yummy i totally forgot to take pictures of them. This is half eaten Pineapple sorbet and Chocolate Sorbet. they also have Coconut, Mango and Pina Colada. Super yummy!!


Make a reservation with Tokyo Yakiniku now!

Address: 76G&A, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6B, Taman Pandan Indah 55100 Kuala Lumpur.


If you have any special request, you can email:

And check out their social media
Facebook: Tokyo Yakiniku
Instragram: @tokyoyakiniku
Discount for all of you!!!! Discount!!!!! 😀 Did i say discount???
10% Discount for all of you till 30th June 2015, (not applicable for Set Lunch and BBQ Set), so go go go go now!!