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Girly date and romantic date Tokyo

July 6, 2014 in Japan 19 Cheesed

Photo post on Tokyo.

Excuse the title because i really don’t know what else to put.

Girly date was a date with the girl friends and romantic date is with the danna (what do you call dates with your husband??) but there’s zero romantic element in it unless you considered slut bars romantic wtf.

Also we only passed by didn’t go in lah! Hahhaha


This was March 2014!

Girly date coordinate. But right after this pic i decided that my 7-month pregnant belly is too gross in that body hugging polka dot skirt so i changed it XD.



The girls are Ashley, Vivian and RinRin! Went to 76cafe for dinner!

Four of us with yummy food.

Then hopped over to TGC After Party.

Ashley ♡

And then went to RinRin’s fashion show at Laforet Harajuku!

Along Omotesando street hahaha. Yes in Tokyo people really wear liddat go out wan!

The season’s collect is mad wicked! The theme is something about this dark, angry suicidal girl.

Here are some of the pieces:

Signature motif in indignance. Everything is angst lol.

And then she set fire on her lol.


One more.

Met a girl who is also preggy!!

5-month bump & 7-month bump!


Went for dessert after the party!

Looking exactly like photo on menu, Japan is doing it right. XD




Next day! It was dann’s off day so we went on a rare date!

Not-Romantic-Date coordinate!

Cherry earrings ♡

Braided hair with soft curls.

Breakfast was Ichigo from Shizuoka! “Benihoppe”.

I was really really obsessed with Japanese strawberries, and every couple of days i bought strawberries from different prefecture just to compare! My favorite was still Amao from Hakata, Fukuoka, which is ranked no.1 in Japan. Also one of the most expensive la haha value for money indeed.

Then brunch with the danna at this newly scouted Gyoza place!!

So good the two of us could eat the whole plate!!! (Two of us means the unborn baby and i, not me and danna hahahaha)


Then we went Meidi-Ya for grocery shopping! (30KG to bring back to Malaysia). Raid all the Japanese rice and sakura snacks and milk and everything else that could fit into our luggage.

Some interesting things we saw:

Wa so tempted to buy this and make my food look extra yummy!


Edible rose!!!!


Edible sakura! On the left is sakura-flavored salt, and in the jar is sakura pickles.

Also went to a nearby pet shop to buy Champon’s toy.


And then also bought Joy, a godly dish washerThis time comes with Rose scent AND moisture care! God level up!!

In the evening we went to Roppongi for dinner and movie!

Went to a quite fancy sushi restaurant!

Natto temaki.

Fancy mancy sushi like Foie gras sushi!

1. Aburi 3-types

2. Avocado

3. Baby scallop

4. Maguro

5. Kanimiso (crab roe)

6. Takenoko (Bamboo shoot)

7. Fugu tempura

8. Chutoro

9. Ikura

Which is your fav?


Lastly, at night we went for a movie date.

And shared a large salted butter + caramel pop corn.

That’s about the most romantic thing we did on that date.



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Meimon Yakiniku

July 1, 2014 in Bon Cheesepetit / Japan 18 Cheesed

Some people told me before that they don’t read my blog when it is a food post, because no matter how yummilicious the food looks, they don;t get to eat it anyway, unless they fly to Japan.

Lolol true also ah if i’m my readers i will be quite pissed off also.

So if you love Yakiniku, this is to top up your piss-offness. So, feel free to have beef with me (LOLOLOL).


Anyway it is a forever unsolved mystery how i only gained 1KG of pregnancy weight during my one month stay in Japan, because i ate Yakiniku all the freaking time. Like, average 3 times a week. And trust me, that’s A LOT of meat. I probably ate accumulatively a whole Japanese cow wtf.


It was almost like i was on a Yakiniku hunt throughout Tokyo.  Just two days after Yoroniku, Omatsu san and friends brought me to Meimon, their favorite and number 1 Yakiniku in Tokyo, although he hasn’t been back there for 4 years since it is a little far out and very very expensive (be prepared to spend at least ¥10000 per person!).

And totally not atas at all. But Yakiniku is not really something atas anyway, you end up smelling like BBQ human at the end of the day.

The interior! It’s full of photos of famous people who had been here.

Including the Japanese prime minister.

An Abe figurine hahaha quite cute!

My Yakiniku buddy Omatsu san and a photobombing staff.


Meat nommers.

Yukke! The worst thing for pregnant people wtf. Raw egg + raw beef. I didn’t dare to post this earlier cuz scared kena scolded but i actually stole one piece to eat and subsequently had most of it :X. Just cannot. It was so good T___T.


Beef stomach thing, which looks like some spikey fish.

First course was this. Beef freaking tongue!!! I have never seen such a huge piece!!! Usually they are thinly sliced.

Each of us get one whole piece and it was SO GOOD T____T

I always joked that i would name my future child Gyu Tan (Tan is my surname) but guess that didn’t happen lolol. Junya, you are welcome.


Then there was Y bone.

The thing i like about the restaurant is that full service is included. Meaning they BBQ everything for you (which is great! Cuz 50% of the yumminess depends on BBQ skill!), and they are really funny (or trying to be very funny). SO yea instead of T bone they made Y bone -___-

And then there was this crazy fatty beef

Which you then put Daikon Oroshi on top, wrap it up and eat the whole thing at one go. The juice would flow out and fill your mouth and you cannot talk for two minutes (out of fullness of your mouth and also sheer intoxication lol.)

Then there was the loin steak with wasabiiiiiiiiii


Anyway i’m about to show you one of the grossest looking things you will never want to miss out eating and that is horumon. I probably blogged about horumon a hundred times already but i’ve never seen an entire horumon on its own before.

The most famous menu in Meimon. Nobody goes home without having this.

So this is how it looks.

This long!!!!!

You grill it till the fats melt and only the fattiest of fats remain lol

And chop

And i promise it is even better than the best char siew you’ve ever had.


After so much meat there was still mini ramen.

And Usagi apple.

I was so freaking full i was on the verge of throwing up but that would just be too wasteful. (Bet i’d tapao the vomit if i did HAHAHAHA ok sorry gross but that’s how awesome it was lol.)

Ok that’s all. Beef tonight?


Baby Holiday♡

June 26, 2014 in Baby 62 Cheesed

So there’s no escape. I have officially turned into one of those people whose Instagram is full of their own baby’s pictures. Booooo.

As i was posting away (baby pictures, occasionally my own selfies in case nobody knows how i look like anymore), i keep getting comments asking (especially in Chinese): “不用坐月子吗?” (Don’t you need to do confinement?).

By no mean were they rude or anything, i’m sure they were just asking out of curiosity. But i am equally curious! Commenter Yvonnetham was absolutely right: What do they mean by “坐月子” (do confinement)?? How do they know i am not doing it? I mean how do they judge from a few Instagram selfies that i am not under confinement?

Okay if confinement means you totally cannot cross your house door even one step for one whole month, then yes i am a disqualified confinee because when Qiu came to visit me we went out to eat Japanese food lol. Oh yea? Did i mention Japanese food? Ok another rule broken.


Or isit because during confinement you are not allowed to look good?????



I guess this is what i should look to convince everyone that i am under confinement hor:

Say! Isit i have to look liddis 你们才甘愿. (Removed eyebrows for dramatic effect. And the ginormous fly because scared you all cannot see properly.)

I admit i put on make up when there are guests, or when i need to go out, or when i just feel plain vain because i didn’t want the first few pictures of me with my precious newborn looking like crap. I mean, he is so cute! How come the mother looks so like a homeless? XD


So yea! Back to the very definition of “confinement”. Curious, i went google image to see what Google and the world think confinement look like:

Right. I don’t blame you guys. No wonder all of you feel like shit.


See, i think the problem isn’t about whether somebody does “confinement” or not, but what the person sees “confinement” as. I personally think that “confinement” is a really good practice, because the whole meaning behind it, i believe, is to give the new mother abundant rest and peace to recover herself, when she has just gone through so much. Not to mention she is also not allowed to lift a finger to do housework, and all meals are cooked for her, and she even gets daily massages?!?!? Sounds like heaven to me leh!

But the problem is i don’t like the word “confinement” (who came up with it anyway?!?! Cannot just say “Sit Moon?” That sounds like some awesome galactic fun!). If your image of confinement happens to be like what Google thinks, then you are doomed liao. No matter what you do you are not gonna enjoy it.

A friend of mine who recently just gave birth texted me:

Not don’t do, just do it a different way.

To me i prefer to think of it as my “Baby Holiday”.

To my surprise i really quite enjoy it, since the first day i got home from the hospital! My mom is here to help me with my Baby Holiday, she is of tremendous help to clean up the house and cook some food and occasionally help change some diapers.

So for one whole month (or however long i want to take this Baby Holiday for), all i will do is to spend time with my baby, stare at him when he is awake or half awake, do some of my own things (like errr… write this blog post?) while he sleeps, take selfies with him for future precious memories, opening presents from friends, and… just enjoy the moments. Of course the not so fun part is that i spend most of the time being a cow… and a milk maid at the same time wtf and now i’m udderly a lactating mess and not to mention when… wait the baby is crying,  brb.





Ok back.

Anyway as i was saying, basically just do whatever you like and don’t let other people stress you out! Being happy is the best path to recovery (i say wan. Feel free to quote me for free). Yes i washed my hair the moment i got back from the hospital and i drank room temperature plain water, unboiled (Cleansui water, to be exact), touched tap water with my hands (no need to wash milk bottles ah you all?!) and guess what?


In fact i was wondering why confinement must be 1 month because two weeks have passed and i feel that i am ready to 重出江湖 lolol. (To those who say i won’t feel it now but will suffer when i’m old cuz i never follow confinement rules, fine. 30 years later only you come talk to me, okay?)


Ok that’s all.


Wait not finished yet. By the way, off topic but do you know when new moms actually need a proper confinement? WHEN THERE IS HAZE. Confine yourself. Yes, shut all windows tight, do not even step out of your house. It would actually be good for you. AND your newborn. I am just SO pissed off that this haze thing has become like an official weather category in Malaysia. What a beautiful hazy day!)

Whatever. *drinks cool water and calms self down*


Some pictures!

Papa, baby and Champon sunbathing. When it wasn’t a hazy day.


Friends who came visit!

S size Junya and M size Fighter!

Huiwen QiuQiu Shuyin and Xiaxue came all the way from SG!!

Ordered Papa John’s and the girls were like “harh you can eat pizza de meh!!!” lolol. Why cannot???? I’m not a frog, or dying lol.

Mom and baby selfie ♡

So new moms out there, enjoy your Baby Holiday!

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Baby’s name

June 24, 2014 in Baby 64 Cheesed

We found out the baby’s gender by accident.

I had a bladder infection during my 16th week of pregnancy and got admitted to the hospital. My obgyn gave me an ultrasound check to make sure baby was alright. In the middle of the scan she was like

“There you go, look at the kuku, so clear! It’s a boy!”

I looked at her in utter  shock, and she was like, “you did want to know the sex of your baby, right?”


I did, but i was also overconfidently sure that i was having a girl. So sure that the word “kuku” has not ever even crossed my mind wtf. I just knew i would have a girl. I would name her Lisa (in one of my pregnancy dreams, there was two little girls, who appeared to be my daughters, and the younger one called her sister Lisa. So Lisa it was).

But i was having a boy.

And so the whole list of cute baby girl names i jotted down over the past few months in the memo pad was to be burnt.

The first thing i said to the danna was, “well, the name is your job now.”

Wrong move.

The baby’s name was “baby”, until yesterday wtf.


Many many many of you asked me on Instagram what the baby’s name was, i couldn’t reply because we didn’t have a name for him. Yet.

I didn’t realize how hard it is to give a new human a name.

We named Champon Champon because we wanted to eat the Nagasaki Noodle and were like, hey! Let’s name the dog Champon. But i cannot name my son Mentaiko just because it happens to be in our kitchen menu every week. Likewise the danna cannot name his son “Awesome Surfboard”.

The older you get, the more people you meet, the more friends you have, the more internet you use, the less names seem to appeal to you. (I mean, who would name their daughter Sadako, which is actually a beautiful name before the movie ruined it forever?? You like “Emily” but then suddenly you thought of the mean girl who bullied you in primary school.) You may want a unique name but you have to make sure the name you pick isn’t something other people can make fun of, and doesn’t sound weird or carry obscene meaning in other languages, etc etc etc. Because it is for life!

And then almost every other name you have in your name dictionary is bound to get spoilt by some kind of assholes in this world. Even if it isn’t, Google will spoil it for you.

For example i really quite like the name Narissa (when i thought i was having a girl), so i went google it and turned out it is a Disney witch queen who uses black magic and in the end falls to an explosive death wtf. Another time when i finally found a boy name that i think was super cute (like, oh-my-god-this-is-it cute), i found out it is the nick name to some shit boy band members and i was so so pissed off cuz i didn’t want people to think that was obsessed with some lame teenange pop idol wtf. Then in other occasions, the google images of a few names i typed in turned out to be porn pictures WTF.

You  get what i mean?????

It was so difficult i almost wanted to give up and just call my son “Hi baby” forever.

So then we just pretended it wasn’t something of urgency and shrugged it off, until our son was actually born. And that we had to register a name for him within 14 days. And it was getting awkward because our friends didn’t know what to call this baby.

Finally today we went to JPN and made him a birth certificate. He officially exists in this world. With a name.

And his name is Junya.


In Japanese it is written 「純也」because i always like the Kanji 「純」(pronounced “Jun”).

Initially we thought of calling him just “Jun”, since coincidentally he was also gonna be born in June. And if he happened to come to this world on 1st of June, confirm we would call him “Junichi” 「純一」(literally “Jun First” or “Jun One” lolol). Too bad he was born 10 days later, on the 11th. Then we briefly considered calling him “Junichiichi” (Jun One One) lolol. But briefly only la. Didn’t want him to hate us for the rest of his life lol.

ANyway the Kanji 「純」 means pure, or purity. And i want him to grow up having a pure and kind heart just like his papa. Which to me personally is really really the most important thing a person can ever have. And that it is all that matters in the end.

Our son, Junya. :)








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The Fit

June 23, 2014 in Commercial Break 5 Cheesed

You know how the every month’s matter of a woman is always such a taboo and an embarrassing subject even in such a free world today?

I was so curious how the conservative people decades back dealt with this whole period thing, so i try to dig out some of the world’s first sanitary pad ads.

In fact in the past it’s not even called sanitary “pad”.

“Try these sanitary items once and you will never be without them again”.

“Royal Sanitary Towel”, a Japanese ad.

Imagine that!!!! In old time there was actually such a job as “sanitary towel laundry girl”!!! Take this job, anyone?

Incredible right?

And the truth is that every woman has to deal with this, and i just feel so so lucky that despite the inevitable PMS and other unpleasant things, technology actually made it soooooo much easier for us (no more bloody towel laundry!).

Nowadays so much research is done to creating a tiny pad that will make a woman comfortable during the monthly difficult time.

Libresse sanitary pads and panty liners.!

There are many sanitary pads in the market that emphasize on absorption, creating slimmer and slimmer pads with super absorption. But there are some i use that gets “distorted” so easily especially when you move around a lot, and ended up having leakage and a “red day” T_____T

What i like about Libresse is how they know the ultimate secure fit is important, so the pads are designed to fit the body closely all around. They have a detailed demonstration in a video which you can find here.

This is a pad that is designed anatomically to fit female body where it comes with a wider front (keep the pad securely in place), narrower middle (fit comfortably between your tight keeping it in place) and folds neatly at the back for a close fit to your buttocks.

And why is the perfect fit important?

When the pad is fit to your body, there is no gap in between. The pad is the only things that’s in contact with your body and the “fluid/menses” will straight away be absorbed by the pad therefore leakage will not happen.

In short, the pad is designed to fit female body by having a unique contour from front and back.


For the panty liners, they are so paper weight thin that you really won’t even feel it after wearing it, especially when you are out the whole day. Libresse pantyliners are also comfortable to wear pre and post-period.

And what i fear about thin panty liners is that they don’t stick well. But luckily Libresse’s panty liners stick just like natural cotton in the panties that you can just peel off afterwards.

I also love the Libresse Purefresh Green Tea Odor control which obviously helps to control menstrual odor for a fresher feeling.

Yay to comfy and secure sanitary pads and panty liners!

Do watch the videos and find out more about Libresse on their website!!





YSL Party Tokyo

June 19, 2014 in Cheesellaneous 5 Cheesed

Super belated Tokyo photo post continues!

Was at YSL party at Roppongi, Tokyo on….(date?!) i don’t even know when anymore lol.

Almost 8-month pregnant it was soooo hard to find something suitable to wear and also could not wear heels T___T

New YSL gloss!

RinRin ♡

Mademoiselle Yulia spinning


Me in all pink!

Usually i don’t like party finger food but these were heavenly @_@

And theeeese

RinRin and her gigantic pink lips lol

Posted this picture on Instagram and kena scolded for harming my baby wtf. Yea of course whenever a pregnant lady holds a fancy glass filled with colored soda water she is obviously an alcoholic. XD


Belly touch/poke by all the girls XD


Kei looking so cute today!

Ena was there too! Too cute in this picture!!!!

All cherry -red and all sakura-pink ♡


Sunwei! ♡

Yuria and Misha ♡



After the party RinRin walked me back home cuz Roppongi was kinda dodgy on a Saturday night. She is the sweetest!!!


And also Tokyo Tower at the background.


I hope you don’t get bored with my expired Tokyo posts because there are SO MUCH MORE i haven’t blogged about! XD






What’s in your bag?

As i blogged earlier about the klia2 shopping spree contest, it is still on going until this Sunday!

What’s more fun is that you can actually renew your shopping cart

I felt a bit bad that previously the items i “bought” was ALL for myself lolol. Except maybe those 10 boxes of Famous Amos. Then again judging my post-pregnancy appetite now, they will probably all end up in my tummy anyway XD

So today i re-shopped especially since i heard that new products have been added!

“Bought” a few items and they are all for the danna and baby only! *feeling superior* *glares at shoes again*


Little cowboy! Although won’t be using it for another 3 years or so lol. Oh well, you can never have too many pair of pants!

Just love denim so much! Like daddy! ^^

Photo frame for all the excessive pictures i take of baby every day.


For the football fever. Shame it doesn’t come in Samurai Blue else it would be perfect!!!


Cute laptop sleeve for the danna for work.

Also the danna’s birthday is coming soon, so i picked the MOST expensive watches in the entire shopping mall for him :P


And total:


(Ok fine. I added Famous Amos again for myself. And SKII. But hey, i’d share! :X)


I really really hope i’ll win it!! (So don’t need to spend money buying danna’s bday present lolol #mosthorriblewifeever )

Remember! The winners are picked from 9 June to 23 June 2014 so you only have a few days left!!

Happy shopping now at

Also check out their social media for more info:


Instagram: @indulgemyairports

Twitter: @indulge_my