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Vietnam Day 2

August 31, 2006 in Vietnam 30 Cheesed

Pun of the day: After taking several shots in the dark, we finally found the light at the end of the (Cu Chi) tunnel. Hotel Staff: Good morning! Cheesie: Morning. Hotel Staff: Where you from? Cheesie: Malaysia! Hotel Staff: Oh really? Your face, same Vietnamese! Cheesie: -_- It wasn’t the first time lor. I was […]

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Commercial Break (Merdeka Day)

August 30, 2006 in Useless fashion 22 Cheesed

Pun of the day: We’re lucky we don’t have any terrorist attacks, Malaysia is not an a-bomb-in-nation! I’m taking a break from blogging about my break in Vietnam, because it’s Merdeka Day ma, so I must blog about Malaysia and not Vietnam lo. The older generation always says that we youngsters are not patriotic. They […]

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Vietnam Day 1

August 29, 2006 in Vietnam 37 Cheesed

Pun of the day: 1. The cruise was quite a riverting cruisine, since we got to pig out quite a bit. 2. I have one piece of advice for Vietnamese ladies–actually, never mind. I think what they wear suits them onederfully! I’m sick! I vomited like endless times and went to the toilet so often […]

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I’m a millionaire!

August 28, 2006 in Vietnam 32 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Some Vietnamese locals like to sit outside and chick out hot babes walking around the city – it’s poultry in motion to them. I finally made my first ever million in my life. I didn’t expect it to happen so fast! =) So, I’m a rich cheese! Well, at least in […]

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I’m back!

August 27, 2006 in Cheesellaneous 7 Cheesed

From Ho Chi Minh City. Super duper mega ultra sleepy now. Gotta F5 my cheesiness. Updates soon! Stay cheesed.

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I’m in Vietnam!

August 25, 2006 in Cheesellaneous 10 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Since Saigon for a few days, don’t miss me too much ya!   People, i’m currently in Ho Chi Minh City having lotsa fun! I’ll be back in a couple of days. I don’t have the time to post any pictures at the moment, but even though i’m in a foreign […]

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