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Blue Mountains

April 30, 2010 in Australia 49 Cheesed

is just gorgeous. So is our accommodation tonight. The Echoes Boutique Hotel at Jamison Valley in the Blue Mountains. Behold. My Mickey Luggage case is an eyesore at this elaborately decorated stylish reception. Spa room in the hotel. It feels like the emperor’s restroom. What we need is 7 hot blonde servants feeding us grapes wtf. […]

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The Green party

April 28, 2010 in Commercial Break 12 Cheesed

Spring is here! I can’t express enough how much i love fashion. Fashion is life. And i can’t have more fun dressing up for spring time. When i travel, i can’t bear to wear the same combination of outfit twice. I don’t mind mixing and matching for different feels. These are my fashion shots taken in […]

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Hello Sydney!

April 27, 2010 in Australia 37 Cheesed

Floral Romper from ThePopLook. Got soooo many compliments on it today! Everyone in Sydney loves it 😀 (Except Keju who has zero sense of female fashion and said that it looks like my pajamas FML.) Had a great dinner with Trinity from Tourism Australia just now. When she asked me what would i be blogging […]

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The Devil Spoke

April 26, 2010 in Australia 33 Cheesed

Spotted 3 wild Devils at Cradle Mountain, but finally saw some up close yesterday, and heard their scary voices during feeding. #1 Went to Tasmanian Devil Conservation Park. #2 They just look so cute!!! #3 One curled up sleeping just like Cheddie! T__T Well, not until lunch time. The real devil reveals himself. O.o #4 […]

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April 25, 2010 in Australia 81 Cheesed

It’s like Alice in Wonderland. #1 Spotted these the first day at Lake St Clair, and i thought, how freaking cute! #2 Little mushrooms and cupcakes and tea. Alice at Cradle Mountain really. (That’s my camera cap btw.) . . It’s been my 5th day in Tasmania, and it feels like i have been here […]

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Holy Cow!

April 24, 2010 in Australia 46 Cheesed

#1 Erm, not just because it is a cheese cow, it has got a lot of holes (and mousies in them too). I finally found the perfect use of the term Holy Cow. 😀 #2 I love my cow. #3 It is happening in Ashgrove Cheese. #4 This is my heaven. Maybe when i retire […]

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