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Things you say when you have too much shit

November 28, 2010 in Just Punny 16 Cheesed

The buildings here are really fat huh. Of all the words fat is probably not the word i will choose to describe a building. We’re in the middle of this metropolitan city entrapped in all these fat architecture around us… You are completely making a lot of sense. Ya, don’t let me do this shit. […]

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LG Optimus 7

November 27, 2010 in Commercial Break 9 Cheesed

Wow looks like this thing dictates my life. Messaging, Facebook, emails, blog surfing, music, photo and video taking, Xbox wtf???? Looks like this is my life. Can i has it? Starting from 24 Nov 2010, for a limited time period only, the 1st 150 customers to pick up this cool  new phone from Celcom will get it for only […]

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Seoul Style

November 24, 2010 in Korea 76 Cheesed

actually i am super busy i am going out for a meeting in 20 minutes so initially this was gonna be just a boring style shot with plenty of pimps for minimaos but in the end i ended up editing more pictures than necessary! You will see hao! Anyway most of the pictures are pathetic […]

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Nihonjin desuka?

November 22, 2010 in Korea 44 Cheesed

if there’s any place on this planet where Aud and i can become a Japanese, it is Seoul. I didn’t say that we want to become Japanese, but that was what we became, in Seoul. In Japan, we are just some weird Japanese lookalike people speaking with a weird accent. In Malaysia, we are just […]

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How to tapao food

November 19, 2010 in Commercial Break 27 Cheesed

If there’s one thing i preach the most besides Ringoism it is going to be saving the environment! (Actually it is part of Ringoism too.) *smug All my smoker friends know my death stare when they are puffing away. I don’t stop them from smoking but i will stare them down until they find a legitimate […]

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Real Autumn

November 16, 2010 in Korea 35 Cheesed

not the iCity Cheat One™ omg so happy! (Yes i’m taking time off in my hotel blogging instead of enjoying cold Siberian air and Korean night life. I know. You are welcome.) #1 #2 Real maple not some electrically wired faux leaves -_- #3 #4 Outfit: Snidel Jacquard Nordic Dress from minimaos. #5 I can […]

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