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Sorry for not updating, been Czeching new places out.

October 31, 2011 in Czech Republic 34 Cheesed

Seriously i’m not making another Czech pun again. It’s getting waaaay too much. But i can’t deny that i have been waiting quite long and was excited to write that. This is my first road trip in Europe. Micha drove more than 4 hours to Prague (Danke schön), and i didn’t know that you can […]

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Berlin Zoo!

October 27, 2011 in Germany 95 Cheesed

I’m just so happy to be here! It feels like i could do this forever. Traveling and working. As long as the starbucks have free wifi wtf. Today is a work day at home, but in a different home. I cannot begin to say how lucky i feel and how grateful i am that i […]

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Just to report that i’m alive

October 25, 2011 in Germany 53 Cheesed

in Berlin. Actually i have no idea why i am here. But here i am. And for the first time i don’t feel compelled to go on the internet eagerly. Actually i am surprised to find out that i was kind of even reluctant to get connected. I didn’t want to know what other people […]

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Olympus PEN mini

October 24, 2011 in Commercial Break 56 Cheesed

Yes, y’all. New camera again for me. Yay! And this time, i go back to Olympus. I blogged about my first Olympus E-PL1 last year. The moment i got my hands around it, i was instantly smitten. This time, it is the brand new Olympus PEN mini. And smitten once again i am. And i […]

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CandyDoll Make Up Tutorial

CandyDoll: Zutto Onnanoko It means “Always a girl“. It’s another make-up brand produced by the always girly Tsubasa chan. No matter how many styles i changed, when it comes to Japanese fashion/make up, the ultimate keyword is still “kawaii”. That’s probably also the most widely used Japanese word in the world. So this post is […]

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Party at Neverland!!

October 20, 2011 in Commercial Break 10 Cheesed

Wanna know how my Friday night was redefined? Watch this. I had to fly all the way back from Singapore to catch the Pre-Launch of Neverland! It was really the most rushed day of my life T___T. After Harajuku Street Style Fashion Show at 8pm, i had to rush to the airport to catch the […]

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