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December 30, 2011 in ❤︎I LOVE JAPAN❤︎ / Hokkaido / Japan

I’m still tak habis habis with my Hokkaido trip!! This is not even the last post yet! But because i’m going to Japan again i’m all excited again to blog about it 😀

So Xiaxue and i went to Otaru and HK thanks to Park Hotel Group, but since it’s such a great opportunity all the way from Malaysia to Hokkaido, i really wanted to visit my host family in Sapporo whom i spent Christmas with in 2009.

Since it is just an hour’s train ride away, Xiaxue was very nice to accompany me to meet them (of course i also bribed her with awesome shopping place wtf).



Our train tickets to Sapporo!

Shit me now this fashion is totally out of trend but this was half a year ago ok!!!!!




Arrived at Sapporo!

I think no matter what happen (even tragic things) Japan will always be a happy place. Even road construction can look so cute. Think about it.

I love Japan SO MUCH it hurts.


Arrived at host parent’s place!

That’s Minko Mama getting excited over the curry powder and other Malaysian seasoning i got her. She requested for it because my host dad likes to eat Nasi Goreng wtf.


This is grumpy old old old obachan Mugi. Believe it or not she is 21 years old.


This is the friendlier one, Magaret. She and Mugi are the only two cats i like in this world.


That’s my host dad. Look he’s wearing a cat shirt again. Without fail lolol.


Then they belanja us to eat Tonkotsu Ramen because Xiaxue had a craving for it! And Tonkotsu is not Hokkaido’s specialty, but it was very yummy <3


Xiaxue and i


And then host dad dropped us to Maruyama Zoo. Which i also went two years ago.



Everything looks so different compared to winter time! And Japanese kids are sooo fashionable i should probably learn from them *ashamed


Resa Panda!!


Slow-mo Sloth is slow-mo. lolol




This obtuse humongous creature, according to Xiaxue, had an explosive diarrhea, which she claims was sort of the highlight of her trip in Sapporo wtf.


Nice butt.



No la. His name is J. Man this is so Deja-vu. Blogged about all these two years ago. He was my favorite in the entire zoo.


A bear catching a fish to eat. SASHIMI WTF. Instead of feeding them, the zookeepers make him work for it.

This is the video!

Oh and 2 years ago i was a little sad i didn’t get to see the new born polar bear baby. And apparently they have a new baby again!!!

And these are the postcard images.



So cute, right?




This is shit is just about to get real.


Taken with my own camera!!!!




*feels like National Geographic photographer megusta.jpg





End of zoo.

After shopping, Xiaxue and i met my host parents and some other Hippo Club (no not the explosive diarrhea one) members for dinner.


Ramen salad, a Sapporo specialty!


Mix roast




They know i love Chizu <3


Group photo!!

All of them watch our NHK Tokyo Kawaii episode and they were all like omg super star WTF. But they are so so so nice, Teru-chan (on the left) gave Xiaxue and i a hugging polar bears soft toy as souvenir <3



I’m so so happy to finally poison Xiaxue with Liz Lisa and bring her to an actual shop!!! (Then she emo me forever for ditching cute floral shit for black otona shit :X )


Kanno Yui was there!


That was when we discovered Champouf, and we went all siao about it, Xiaxue said that’s the cutest thing she’s ever seen -_--

Anyway we got ourselves two each, and also bought Audrey a small one as present.

By the way you can get Champouf from minimaos. YAY!


Pretty Liz Lisa charisma shop staff!



Ok end

i’m so sleepy my forehead is hitting the keyboardddddddddddddddddddddddd

27 responses to “Haru ♥ Sapporo”

  1. Aww….what a super cute polar baby bear~ <3 Always love to read your posts about beautiful Sapporo + fun zoo trips + adorable animals + great fashion & good food. 🙂

  2. Isabellmiao says:

    THIS IS SPARTA!!! so cuteee!!! XD

  3. stella lee says:

    everytime u go, u really cant miss to visit their zoo, hahahaha

    OMG Liz Lisa *____*
    and the staff that you took picture with [the blonde one] is so cute! her hair color looks so nice!!

  4. annant says:

    japan is beautiful!
    i will make sure my butt get there one day!

  5. Nicole Chang says:

    Are the food there expensive? They looked so delicious!

  6. Fions says:

    Just camr back from hokkaido! Awesome max! Miss the weather and place so much. Even the weather is like -5! I miss their corn, potatoes, sashimi and their dessert! Mind blowing max!

  7. Joann says:

    i wanna visit their zoo too! malaysia zoo too shitty! no polar bear, only some asshole sunny bear that forever hiding behind their cage! MEH

  8. Yoii says:

    I am SOOOO jealous :@
    Me and my mom would actually have gone to Japan this spring, but it ended up that she had too much work TT_____TT *sob,sob*

  9. Saphy says:

    The pot in #28 reminded me of brains wtf 😯 😯 😯 😯

    Oh and the Liz Lisa shop so floral ~~ Everything so soft and nice and pink 😡

  10. Tim says:


    When I was 12 I went with my mother, grandmother and a friend to the Zoo of Antwerp (Belgium) and my friend and I were so excited to see the hippo! We thought it looked awesome and cute wtf.

    So we were watching the hippo (her name was Bernadette wtf) and suddenly an old man said to us: “You have to go a few steps back because she’s going to -” and he walked away.
    My friend and I thought he was senile, old and lonely so we ignored him and took more pictures.

    And suddenly the hippo began to shit. Jesus Christ, it was like.. like… I don’t know how to describe it. It was an explosion! And because we were so close, there were spatters shit all over us (a part of the shit went over the glass fml).

    That day no one wanted to sit next to us on the train back home.
    Really, it was a day to remember!

  11. Christina says:

    The animals are so adorable! I still have yet to go to Japan, probably in a year or two, but Iam still so excited! Why do you tempt me with posts!? LOL and omg at the liz lisa paradise 😮

  12. paulien says:

    Lovely pictures! That polar bear, awwwwww…
    I just saw the video of the proposal of audrey. Don’t know if you posted it but I found it on another website accidental. 🙂 Very cute! You were there! 🙂

  13. Dealy says:

    Omg, I really need to stop being so picky with food *_* All the food looks awesome and yummy, but I know myself . . . I would be afraid to taste it. I need to change that. And as always you look awesome and I enjoy watching your pictures.

    Greetings, ♥ http://dealystar.blogspot.com

  14. Explosive diarrhea… now that’s quite unbelievable!!!

  15. Shyr says:

    You take awesome pics, Cheesie!
    I love them. 🙂

  16. Glow says:

    Ah i miss hippo family club, they are so nice~ my host mom kept tellimg me selamat MALANG instead of selamat malam every night i was there. told her the correction before I left lols…sigh…i miss japan…thanks for the pseudo trip^^

  17. KY says:

    you don’t treat all cats the same!

  18. wisteria says:

    nevermind… coz i also tak habis habis wanna read about your tripz… lol

  19. YY says:

    the thingy in the brain on the same photo of asparagus looks life brainzzzz~

  20. Dylla Fadzil says:

    You’re a big fan of zoo. how ke aiiiiiiii 😀 I only want to go to the zoo just because of giraffe hihi

  21. KLK says:

    lololol pic #28 looks like brains in a cup 😛

  22. Rebecca says:

    ^_^ Cute la~

  23. vivi says:

    nice .. enjoy reading it 🙂

  24. Tina says:

    Champouf looks like Lamb Chops in Lamb Chops play a long… With a makeover lol Not sure if you know tht show, probably not so here’s a pic: http://covers.openlibrary.org/b/id/2928347-L.jpg lol

  25. Hyppo just like piggy :cheh:

  26. aweedee says:

    You are so dank pretty torpid 🙂 I love the way you det your pictures what are you using ps filter? Huggles

  27. aweedee says:

    Haha sorry I was writing it trough my phone hahaha i meant “edit and “you are so damn pretty gawd this was the last time im blogging through my phone lmao huggles

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