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Invisalign Part II

January 30, 2012 in Cheesellaneous 36 Cheesed

Hello guys! Here’s me who nao has straighter teeth doing a quick update on my invisalign progress. You can read my first entry here. And you will love this post because there’s shitty teenage pictures of me with bad teeth and braces. Takes a lot of courage to post it here! Like i said, i […]

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Brazilian IPL

January 29, 2012 in Useless fashion 33 Cheesed

Guess what’s my blogging topic today? That’s right. It’s my vajayjay again. Or your vajayjay! Yay! Honestly, apart from hair, eyebrow and eyelash, i don’t think i know any girl who fancies body hair. On their own body. If they have chest hair fetish on guys or whatever i dunno la. But body hair is […]

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Kyoto 2012

After exactly 3 years i was in Kyoto again!! #1 Some of the the night shots of Kyoto streets. #2 #3 Us shopping at Shijo (四条)after Yasaka shrine visit and returning our kimono. #4 Two of us wearing black like obake wtf. Kyoto is like Aud’s turf (while Osaka is mine) so i let her […]

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January 27, 2012 in Commercial Break Enter your password to view comments.

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Kimono @Yasaka Shrine

My fav part of our Kansai trip!! #1 Woke up early to travel from Osaka to Kyoto! Today is Kimono day!! #2 It was super cold we breathed mist. Silly thought we could show you guys how cold it was in picture. Now we just look like retarded frogs. Awesome. #3 #UFOD Grey knitted top […]

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Since everyone is in a CNY mood (read: lazy and bored), here’s something better than no update. The trailer of LOVE JAPAN, which is a new online program filmed with Bailin production during our trip to Kansai. Totally stumbled with  my speech and had to do so many takes cuz people kept passing by (filmed […]

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