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Flower Sensation Fan

November 30, 2013 in Commercial Break 9 Cheesed

I am of course a big fan of pink, but i never thought i could have a pink fan! (Pardon the pun )   Intoducing Khind Flower Sensation Fan.   So i got myself two of them out of the 3 models below! Mine is the table fan 14″ and living fan 14″. Khind Flower Sensation […]

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Eat Tokyo Autumn (everything else)

Tokyo food post continues 😀 Uoriki Fish Restaurant This is my fav fish shop in Shibuya! In the afternoon they serve grilled fish set meal, and night time is sashimi set! You pick the set meal tags you want from the wall, and bring it upstairs with you! And it is craaaazy value for money! […]

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Froggy green

November 25, 2013 in Commercial Break 12 Cheesed

Aud and i are both Hello Kitty fan (although i’m the more closet one), so when McD launched their Kitty collection obviously we wanted to go get it. But we assumed that most of the places would have sold out by now so we drove to the furthest mall we could think of to get […]

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Coordinate Nov’13

November 23, 2013 in Useless fashion 20 Cheesed

Here’s Nov’s coordinate collection! I posted all these pictures on Instagram and obviously a lot of “fashion expert” (who very casually claim that they are “trend-setters” on the first line of their Insta profile. I didn’t know looking like a rusty leopard-print truck is the new trend. Bravo, trend setters.) gave me a lot of […]

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Tep Wireless: more update.

November 21, 2013 in Cheese-offs 25 Cheesed

I thought that was the end, right? At least it was the end for me after i got my refund. But for them apparently it wasn’t. Yesterday i received a call from a stranger number i don’t at all recognize, and it was from UK. The person who called is one of the partners/founders of […]

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Love Tokyo Fashion 2 by ISETAN

November 20, 2013 in Cheesellaneous 11 Cheesed

Remember Love Tokyo Fashion Pop Up Store by ISETAN last year? It’s been a year! It was really fun!   This year, LOVE TOKYO FASHION 2 continues!   Japan buying trip. It was only me alone because Aud couldn’t travel due to her pregnancy. Ate and shopped on behalf of her! Also, this time ISETAN […]

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