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Reminder to House Bunny

September 30, 2008 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 84 Cheesed

Haro. This is a reminder for those who are promised two tickets to House Bunny tonight to appear gorgeously, 9pm at Cathay Cineplex, Cineleisure. If you can’t find me, look for Robb ok. Can you please drop me a comment to let me know if you would be going tomorrow? Because if you can’t make […]

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The I Cannot Tahan List

September 28, 2008 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 81 Cheesed

1. i cannot tahan people who let the tap run when they are brushing their teeth. 2. i cannot tahan cheap ice cream and chocolate. i think my stomach is not engineered to digest lousy food. 3. i cannot tahan people who blow cigarette smoke into your face. In fact, i cannot tahan smokers. 4. […]

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Boo. Hate mail.

September 26, 2008 in Cheesellaneous 20 Cheesed

When i saw it i was like, so excited. Like, finally i got a hate mail. (Omg Cheesie i hate you because you are so ugly you make me wanna throw up but where did you get that gorgeous dress from? Oh God now i hate myself) But. Oh well.   Nah nah nah! Give […]

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How to look like a eurasian

September 22, 2008 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 47 Cheesed

Without plastic surgery. And lying. And getting caught for lying.   Ahhh, you know, the whole fascination with mixed white blood nowadays. I told the surgeon i wanted Kristin Kreuk’s eyes, Penelope Cruz’s nose and Alexis Bledel’s lips. And this is me. Now. Well, sorta. I am so gorgeous. And a Eurasian.   The surgeon’s […]

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Confession of a (n occasional) shopaholic

September 21, 2008 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 76 Cheesed

It doesn’t happen all the time. But when it happens, it happens reeeeally crazy. I could have bought one (1, satu, ichi) dress from Warehouse. But i bought like, 10 items (that is equivalent to one [1, satu, ichi] dress from Warehouse. Ok. One, satin, dress from Warehouse) from Times Sqaure with Ichigo.   Lala […]

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September 19, 2008 in Photoshoot 56 Cheesed

I dunno. Pun optional. lol. 2nd set with Joe. Indoor. Very very dreamy. #0 (newly added photo. Wtf. I forgot this is Joe’s favorite.) #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8   *wakes up* *yawn*   P/S: The Cheeseroll is selling like hotlinks (ok very bad pun). I set up an extra column called […]

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