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Challenge Accepted

March 30, 2011 in Commercial Break 30 Cheesed

I’m an extremely indoor person, i’m so dormant i should have been a vegetable polar bear. :X And i dislike exercise so much that the only sports i’m REMOTELY interested in is Wii Bowling. #cheesiepun Also i have quite serious height phobia that i cannot even play Super Mario Galaxy because i will literally hyperventilate […]

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Raspberry hair

Raspberry is prolly my fav fruit on earth. I love it so much i’d even blow it wtf. (geddit????) #1 Then KY asked me on twitter why is my hair raspberry color, is it because my curls are not quite STRAWED?  To which i replied, CURRANTLY it is not that bad in real life, but […]

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Aki’s face

Ok this is a half-ass make up post. Man what’s with me and my half-ass and not-even-quarter-ass blog posts. If it gets any lesser than that i will have to spell ass as s instead. (HAHAHAH GEDDIT?) Looks like a lot of you love the make up in my previous W♥C post! Most of the comments […]

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Diary of a foundation powder.

March 25, 2011 in Commercial Break 57 Cheesed

Oharro, i am Cheesie’s new foundation powder. My full name is Lancome Maqui Miracle compact powder. Cheesie brought me home a week ago because she heard that i’m the first foundation that lasts as long as 12 hours. Also because basically i’m just famous and popular la. She likes famous things. 9:31AM This is her, […]

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Self whoring

March 24, 2011 in Cheesellaneous 26 Cheesed

Ok today i did something very shameless. I asked on twitter who can create a Facebook page for me. I sort of have this annoying ego thing that stops me from creating a Facebook page for myself because it’s like very buay paiseh la. Especially when back then it was called “Facebook Fan Page”. It’s […]

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Daisuki na Nihon.

Haih. Cancelled my trip to Japan. It’s more like for the sake of not worrying people who care about me since there are so many rumors and warnings, like not to eat Japanese food for the next 10 years if not your baby will become a mutant octopus or something like that. Ok i exaggerated. But […]

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