Thank you for all your comments! I have replied all! 😀

Actually my favorite posts in this blog are all the anniversary blog posts, because all your comments reminded me of why i started this and how much i enjoyed blogging in the first place. Sometimes when i feel too shitty to write i tend to forget why people read this blog. But thank you, for reminding me and adding oil to fuel this blog! Now i also add oil myself la! 😀

Allow me to quote Japanese humans again wtf.

They did this, immediately after Tokyo was announced the successful bid to host Olympics 2020. To thank everyone in the world who gave support.

I feel appreciated even though none of them knew i exist. My Tokyo 2020 nails were all worth it lol.


It is never only your own effort alone. Always remember other people, always be grateful, always give thank you. The Japanese spirit.


I have whatever i have today, is also because of all 18 of you who are reading this. (Okay maybe a little more than 18.)

I cannot duplicate myself few thousand times to form a human message, but i can also make a big, bold move at least:




Anyway i asked in previous post what some of your fav posts are in this blog, i and found a few popular ones. I went back and read them myself, and it was very nostalgic!

I’d link them up here so you can read again if you want! 🙂


1. Yuriko’s Cooking (2009)

day2yuriko by you.

A blog post about my lovely lovely host mom in Nagano. This post has also the highest favorite votes for some reason for a few years!!!

It is also a meaningful post to me because i discover the love of my life with Yuriko. It is called Mentaiko. And also i found out 4 years ago, i hated natto. Nao i love it just slightly less than Mentaiko. Funny how tastes change.


2. Henrietta The Hunter I (2009)

shanghaizoo54 by you.

Very very very long post. Read only when your boss is out for a really long meeting. Read on your off day.


3.  Eating a live squid eye (2012)



4. Daily Argument with a British Bitch (2010)

I sort of stopped being friends with her now. I found a better friend who scolds me less. Her name is Waze.


5. We ate Angel Brain (2011)


Bringing the world “heavenly” to a real level.


6. Daisuki Na Nihon (2011)

10 days after the horrible earthquake.


7. Tabemono (2012)

This is just one of the many food posts many people seem to like!


So that’s 7 posts some of you may like.

And the winner goes to…..





Jeng jeng jeng jeng


Because i wrote them wtf.


Ok that’s all. Now allow this blog some commercial time!


[sponsored by Nestlé]

Speaking of Olympics, it seems like a hot topic because we Malaysians also have something on! Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) gathered to launch the MILO “Fuel for Champions” . It was my first time to visit a national sports stadium!

Was quite magnificent!

This MILO “Fuel for Champions” campaign is more than just a one-time sponsorship, it aims to empower and energise young sport talents to strive for success in the early stages of their lives as well as to inspire parents to encourage their children to participate in sports from young. So maybe given 7 years of training from now, our own very Malaysian athletes can probably bring home several gold medals!!!

But first they will have to compete at the 27th SEA Games in Myanmar. And MILO is playing the integral role in Malaysia’s sporting arena by nurturing and developing the nation’s young talent.


It’s a sporty day for us!

Of course not without the ever yummy Milo truck Milo!

Milo’s website: http://www.milo.com.my. They actually have some Milo recipes too if you’re interested!