10 months

April 11, 2015 in Baby

Junya turns 10 months today!

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Honestly i almost forgot about it! The picture was also taken right before i wrote this blog post haha. Contrary to the 8th month, this past month has been full of new surprises! There are more cognitive developments rather than motor skill advancements, almost everyday i find him understand something new, which is really amazing! Here’s what happened in the past month:


For Baby

1. New milestones

Before this, my baby is just a baby in his babiest sense. He eats, poops, sleeps, and occasionally throws his spoon over his shoulders. But this month, i realized that Junya actually understands some of the things i said, and i mostly discovered them accidentally.

He understands the question “Where is…“.

I always bring him to our photo wall in the house and show him his and Champon’s Instaprints. One day i randomly asked him “Where’s Champon’s picture?” and he looked right at them.

He also understands that “Champon’s picture” is different from “Champon“. When i ask “Where’s Champon?” he would look to find the Shiba Inu (most often under the bed lolol). Other questions he could answer by looking at said object in question are “Where’s the ceiling fan?” “Where’s Yakult (the plushies)?” “Where are the lights?“, but when i asked “Where’s Papa?” he just looked at me blankly HAHAHAHA.

Other things he could do now:

1. Point at things
2. A bye-bye wave back that looks like he’s trying to dribble a basketball lol
3. Dance to music. Actually dance to anything .___. He even dances when he’s nursing -_-. I would lay him down in my arms but he would struggle to half stand up and just bounces up and down. WHILE NURSING. -___- Imagine the awkwardness -____-
4. Pinch people. REAL HARD. Actually this one started when he was 8 months old but now it’s so painful i had to tell him off sternly. And then he laughs -___-


2. Getting along

Sato san with JunJun.

The good news is that now papa can carry him for more than 3 seconds without him screaming murder! Other than family members, he is also quite okay with strangers now, muuuuuch to my relief. I was so worried about his clinginess so i started bringing him to play with the neighbour’s kids almost everyday and now he seemed much much better 😀


3. First swim

At a real pool 😀

It’s confirmed!! We would be bringing JunJun to Hawaii this coming June so the papa has started training his son to be a pro surfer at the age of 9 months XD. And today he was pointing a pouring shower head right into his son’s face -______-, and then said, “Good, Junya, strong boy!” -_-


4. First trip to Singapore!

Also the second trip overseas!

Junya received a picture of Meredith Tan the day she was born, so he requested his parents, ie me and the danna to bring 礼金 to Singapore to 提亲. And we did.

Junya and his future wife.

NO LA HAHAH. Meredith please hor you still have to compete with Junya’s destiny lover Anna from Japan. Please tell your parents Qiu and Josh ok. You better learn how to make kyaraben when you turn 2 ok lolol.

Family trip in Singapore!

He had lots of fun!! Thank you Singapore!


5. First play class!

We were invited to try out play classes at Brillkids so i brought him there for his first ever class! Looks like he totally enjoyed it. He was beaming at his teachers during the whole baby gym session XD. Yesterday we just went for our second class and we’ll see how it goes! Will do a blog post on it when we have attended more classes!



 6. Antics

Nowadays there are so many funny things he does unexpectedly that really made us LOL.

Firstly his favorite hobby now is to fake coughs. He would strain himself and let out a cough so forceful and jialat just to get our attention. But when we are not amused he whines -____-.

And then sometimes he laughs at the most random things. Most of the time they are things that Champon does. Like once we blew bubbles for him and Champon hopped around trying to nom all the bubbles. he was giggling like it was the greatest comedy lol. He laughs also when Champon’s under the bed sticking his head out. Or when we scold Champon wtf. Omg so young already schadenfreude.

But anyway it made us realize that it was a really good decision to have a pet in the house. I got Champon when i was pregnant and everyone thought i went nuts or something. But it was worth it. At least next time i have someone else to clean up the poops in the park wahhaha.

And sometimes he pretends to be Champon.


6. Self-feeding

I started to let him self-feed at about 7 months, but most of the food ended up in Champon’s stomach -_-. Then i stopped because it was just not worth it. I quit BLW. But recently he started to understand (only sometimes) that the food he grabs is supposed to go into his mouth, not the floor (although he loves giving it to Champon, who is waiting for his accidental rewards patiently under the dining table). When he is hungry, he could eat a whole plate of mini onigiri by himself while i could eat my own food. So it really saves a lot of time!


7. Weight gain

However. The milk feeding isn’t going as well as i liked it.

(This picture he has pink cheeks very cute hor? Actually is he slammed his face into a chair -__-)

I have weaned him off the day and only nurse him at night (because that’s the only thing that could calm him down during night wakings. See point below later). I assume he is nursing well (you can never tell how much they are drinking, right?), but for formula, he won’t take anything more than 120ml. I have seen the guideline on the formula sheet and it says babies his age are supposed to drink 200ml each time T____T. And his weight is forever stuck around 7.5KG. T___T.

I’m feeding him extra yogurt, avocado and increasing meat intake to fatten him up to no avail T___T. I guess i shouldn’t worry too much but you know la… Moms!!! If you guys have any advise please comment!


7. Sleeping through the night…. not. .___.

Junya turns 10 months old today, but he has never ever slept through the night in his life before. Ever. Sleeping through the night sounds so much like a fairy tale to me that when some mommy friends tell me that their babies sleep through the night since 2 months old, in my heart i think, you liar. Hahahah.

Since last month things got worse. Some say it is due to teething, but during the first couple of hours of his night sleep, he generally wakes up 2-3 times, sitting up, screaming -___-. And then a few more times middle of the night when we are all sleeping together.

Nothing can calm him except boobs. Nothing. As weird as it sounds, even by touching it, he calms down. So it happens like this: after i put him to sleep, i go to my study room to do some work, leaving the door open and keep watchful ears. Champon is my baby monitor (lolol at least he’s worth something). Before i could hear anything, he could already sense the tiniest voice/noise, and would turn to stare at me alertly. And i would dash in with max speed (he sleeps on our bed and there’s a chance he would climb and fall off even though we barricade him with pillows and stuff) and lift my shirt then lie down next to him and let him find me. Every single time. Countless times a night.

At first it didn’t bother me much because i got so used to it, and all i did was lift my shirt -_-. But then recently it has been happening more often and he’s inconsolable without boobs and i started to worry what if i am not around at night? How could he calm down? Things are gonna get real weird if he turns 5 and has to touch my boobs to calm down @.@

I read up a little and it sounded to me like night terror. Where a baby/kid wakes up suddenly, screaming, push you away if you try to console.

So two days ago both the danna and i decided to try the CIO (cry it out) method. I have never believed in it, mostly because i didn’t think i was capable of leaving my baby cry till he drifts back to sleep because he has no more energy to cry anymore. But i too cringe at the thought of a school-age boy who demands verbally for his mama’s boobies @.@

So the first night, he cried for 30 minutes. The second day 30 minutes, and woke up again to play by himself then falls back asleep O.o. Last night it was only 2-3 minutes. I hope tonight would be a cry-free night. *prays*




 For Mama

1.  Sleeping through the night…. not. .___.

So as long as he does not sleep through the night, it means that i too, won’t.

And every single morning i wake up feeling like an amputee because this happens:

I. can’t. feel. my. arms.


2. Mommy’s choice

The horror begins when you realize that every single thing you do and every single path you choose directly affects your child’s life, and that you have to brace yourself to face whatever consequences that come your way as a result of actions you took.

Keep to a schedule or go with the flow? When to wean? What time is bed time? Ipad or no ipad? And later on there are even bigger things to decide like, which school to go to? And all the small things like, which sun block to use? What temperature to set the bath? When to start eating mango??

That’s some pretty heavy responsibilities right there.

The other day i added raw Yamaimo (Japanese sticky yam which he has eaten before in Okonomiyaki i made earlier) into his food, and after the meal he started fussing a lot and rubbed his face frantically and wore a fearful expression i’ve never seen before. I panicked so much i almost cried.

What happened, JunJun? Tell mama what happened?? Itchy?? Painful??” i demanded. But he only looked at me, terrified. Helpless.

I thought he had an allergy. What do i do??? Is there any anti-allergy pills for baby??? I flipped him around checking his cheeks, neck, face for rashes, and briefly considered rushing to the hospital. But luckily he was fine after drinking some water. Turned out that it’s quite common that raw yamaimo causes itchiness around the mouth even in adults.

But if he really developed an allergy because of a dumb mistake i made (to not have look it up on Google before adding every damn ingredient), i would have to hate myself for that for the rest of my life. Just like when i took a chicken to the knee.

And i guess that’s what it takes to be a mom. It’s not just about making healthy, yummy food for your baby, spending time with him and making him happy. It’s also about being able to come to terms with living with certain guilt and regrets in life, and to forgive yourself and move on.

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  1. Hilda says:

    Hiii my girl is about the same age as Junya just a few days diff. When she turned 6 months her weight kinda stay stagnant fr 3 mths! Always hovering around 6.5kg. I was worried sick la esp all the other kids all younger than her but way bigger & heavier. Felt like i was doing a lousy job. So i read up and start adding fats into her diet like butter, cheese, coconut oil, olive oil and voila she gain 1kg in 1 mth + . Not sure if its the diet or what but i guess sometimes we are a lil paranoid when they are not growing as fast as they can be. I keep telling myself to let them grow at their own pace & as long as they are happy & healthy thats all that matters

    • cheesie says:

      Same! I panicked a bit when i realized babies younger than him are about the same or much bigger than him! Then i thought maybe my milk quality has become not as good, or something was missing in his diet, or giving him not enough etc. T_T

  2. Shao says:

    hi Cheesie, my girl is 1 month younger than ur Junya, n since she was 2 months old, she has been only drink 4 oz of milk every session, be it breastmilk or formula (i started to wean her off at 7months old) n everytime i try to add more to her feeding, she would gag or worse vomit out extra milk -.-‘ so yeah 4 oz is her max.

    Me n husband too tried the cry it out method n trust me, ur fairy tale might be reality soon, my girl took ard three days to not fall asleep on my boobs, n then next proceed to not fall asleep using pacifier, to being able to sleep thru the night (10pm-8am) the whole thing took us ard 3 weeks. Hehe 加油!

  3. Sue Ann says:

    Happy 10 months, Junya! Omg I literally lol-ed at the part where his papa pointed the shower head to him hahahaha why he like that!

    • cheesie says:

      Haha maybe i said it in a very dramatic manner la lol. It’s more like “he let the shower gently rain on his son’s face” liddis XD

  4. Sue Ann says:

    Gah comment cut off. Also lol-ed at the pretending-to-be-Champon part!! Growing up so fast

  5. Emily says:

    hey Cheesie, your post is exactly how I feel daily. The responsibility and guilt from every single thing. I also always get pissed that why the daddy don’t share the same sentiment, they can be so cool and relax about it. I guess thats the role of a mother. But we have got to learn to be not so hard to ourselves.

    Regarding the sleep through the night issue. I would like to share my experience. I fully breastfeed till my daughter is 14 mths old. Never top up with formula. Working full time but never miss a pump session. Carrying my milk back everyday. Paranoid even if a drop of milk spill. I am very very pro-breast feeding and will flip at any negative feedback about it.

    But I did a big mistake. Something very important yet I overlook. I have caused my girl to have tooth decay and even a chipped tooth at such early age. As I am working full time and she was bottle feed by my helper at day time. She refused to take the milk from bottle if she is awake. And my helper saw that i latch her whole night long, at any time she likes at night, latch on demand. She came up with a solution of feeding her using bottle when she is in deep sleep. Baby may be confused it was me cos she’s asleep so she drinks. I never check that this way is actually very harmful to her teeth. Cos bottle feeding will cause milk pooling. Unlike human nipple, milk will not leak if no suction by baby.

    After much self blaming, crying, finding solution. Our paedodontist asked me to wean her off at night. It was a month of nightmare for all of us. Me holding back and hiding sleeping in another room while helper and daddy soothe her. It took us a month to wean. To avoid her being confused, I wean her off totally. So she won’t wonder why day time can latch and night time cannot. Also stop bottle feed her when she sleep.

    Well… After she was weaned off the breast. She sleeps through the night. Today she is 18 mths and still sleeping through. I was a strong believer that breastfeeding is not a cause that baby cannot sleep through. But my experience tell me otherwise. She was a horrible sleeper, she can latchb whole night and wake 3/4 times a night. If not becos of tooth decay I will never wean her myself. I had planned to let her self wean. Just sharing 🙂

    • cheesie says:

      Hey Emily, thank you so much for sharing this. The danna read it up online too and he found out that night feeds may cause tooth decay, which was actually one of the main reasons we decided to try CIO. I can imagine the betrayal when you find of things you believed so strongly in turned out to not work for you. T___T Thanks for the tips too! It really helped!

  6. Anna says:

    why do you always cover your husband’s face ? Are you ashamed of him because his old/ugly ? I seen most of your popular blogger friends exposing their husband’s face . Qiu’s husband is shy/ do not like his picture taken too but she post’s picture of him ….

    • cheesie says:

      Hi anna, i have deleted your other comment because yes you DO mean harm. How can calling someone’s husband “old/ugly” be harmless? And to answer your question, it is called “privacy”, which you clearly practice it yourself so i think you should at least have the courtesy to be reasonable.

      Like you said, if you yourself refuse to risk being stalked out of hatred, why should other people?

  7. Ginger says:

    Hi real Anna,
    Some people like to have privacy, even if he is married to a blogger. Chill & peace.

  8. Loretta says:

    Hi Cheesie!

    Being a mum is surely not easy! My baby is going to be 8 months old in a few days so I’ve always found your blog useful in telling me what’s in store for mEven SOON…..

    About crying it out, the name itself is scary enough to send guilty pangs but it is really not that bad in my experience! They will learn to self soothe and go back to sleep. My baby does That by sucking his fingers and whenever we see that on the monitor, it’s like “YES, THE FINGERS ARE IN!. And sounds like Junya is getting there!! Sleep deprivation is not funny so from one mum to another, I pray you get five continuous hours tonight.

    With weight gain, I find it’s different from one baby to another. As long as he’s happy and active, I think that’s good enough 🙂 he sure is feeding himself well and Love looking at him go on instagram!

    Mums have enough things to worry about so let’s not let unimportant things take up precious time and worry-quota.

    • cheesie says:

      It’s nice to have friends who have just slightly older kids so that you would be pre-warned of what’s gonna happen next right? 😀 Initially i refused to do CIO because the other school of thought says that it’s best if the parents show that they are always there so that the child feels secure and learn that he could trust the parents. But turned out it took a big toll on us. He doesn’t take the pacifier so in a way it’s a bit more difficult (he doesn’t suck fingers anymore now) but in another way it’s good because we don’t have to wean off the pacifier too 😀

      • Loretta says:

        Yes, haha so in a way, thanks for all the warnings!

        I didn’t do full on CIO too cause I just wasn’t comfortable doing it. I was the crazy mum baby monitor in one hand and Google on the other hand at 2 am. If he looks very upset or its been too long, I will go and soothe him. But if he’s just sooking, then I’ll give some time to learn to soothe himself. Either way, trust your instincts!

        Every baby comes with their own sets of challenges! If they are not so cute, I might have gone mental already. So all the best!

        • cheesie says:

          That does sound crazy lol. So yea i guess all moms are a bunch of crazies in their own ways! Which one can only relate when she becomes a mother herself! XD

  9. Tenshichn says:

    To forgive yourself and move on. So true that it’s one of the hardest thing to do when it comes to your kids… But you look like you’re doing really well taking care of Junya ^^ Kampate!


  10. Ny says:

    Recently my jp boyfriend proposed to me, and it scares me to no end. I could not imagine my future in japan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good place to be, much more than here but i guess being western educated, it’s just hard to imagine how i would fit in long term in that place. So i read ur blog to get a sense. I think i might be too strong headed to fit into the role of a traditional jp wife and mom. Im afraid to discover that i just dont got that caring motherly instinct. I feel like a strange person to not want that.

    • Liz says:

      Omg I totally know how you feel. I’ve been dating a Japanese guy for 4 years now and I’m terrified of moving to Japan next year after my graduation. I have zero confidence of accepting and blending into the Japanese culture with my strong headed personality. D:

    • cheesie says:

      Before i got pregnant that was exactly what i thought too! I didn’t even like kids to begin with. And everyone thought i was the mom who would shove a baby into a microwave :X. But i guess when you really becomes a mother you will realize that you have change before you even know it!

  11. angie says:

    Ho Cheese! My son is a month younger than baby Junya..and yes! His weight actually remained the same since 2-3 months ago..although I know as long as he is active,eating well etc its OK but still!! Worry…Hehe..moms never stop worrying..and he wakes up so ever often at night to latch too,every 2 hours Max!! Sob

  12. Tera says:

    Hello Cheesie and JunJun! I love seeing his progress. His personality is finally coming out aye!

    I resorted to CIO too and felt guilty about it. I did it cause I need to feel normal again from having interrupted sleep every two hours since Sophie was born. I also find that she is always overtly tired due to the night waking. She also has the habit to sleep either on top of me or while one of us was rocking her. We can’t even put her down in the cot without her crying. We have to ninja around her to put her to sleep. This happens not only during the night time, even during her naps. Stressful time indeed.

    AND I tried sleep training, CIO or not for at least 5 times before finally committed to it. We always chickened out when her crying became unbearable. BUT I read that sleep training fail because parents pulled out last minute. I told myself I’m not letting her crying going to waste and that decision changed our lives.

    I adopted the method from this site, http://www.parenting.com/article/sleep-training
    I like it that I didn’t have to leave her side. Just no picking up. First day, for a nap, she cried 45 mins, second nap was 7 mins. Between the 9 days, some she will cry for a period of time but most of the time she can handle sleeping in the cot without being picked up. By day 7 day we can leave her in her cot and the room without her crying. Her night waking problem was cause she didn’t know how to soothe herself back to sleep. Once she learnt how to sleep on her own, she slept through, well most nights. Imagine our relief. My milk was leaking badly the first time she slept through.

    These days she still wakes up sometimes but most days she sleeps from 830pm – 6am. If she wakes we will listen to her cry. If its bad and longer than few mins daddy will pick her up. She wants bbs if I go in but I think she got weaned off now. But one thing I have accepted is, they will still wake up lah…but that’s ok because some nights are different.

    I too constantly worry about making the wrong decisions for our baby!! My friend told me that as long as I think like that it means I am doing ok.

    OMG! I got carried away!! Sorreh! its your blog not mine. Lol!

    I hope your sleep training goes well! Fingers toes crossed for you!

    Btw, I love how you censor danna’s face. It’s so funneh!!

    • cheesie says:

      Thanks for writing such a long comment!!!! It really helped!!! And guess what?? This morning he only cried once at 6:58AM! 😀 😀 😀 I guess it all paid off! And i really really love how you say “don’t let her crying go to waste”. I never saw it that way. So… thank you!

  13. joy says:

    I think you have gotten prettier. pouty lips in one of the photos 🙂

  14. yuene says:

    Hey Cheesie!

    I enjoyed reading this post loads! And hey, don’t worry too much about making the wrong decisions–babies/children are a lot more resilient than we give them credit for! For one, I think it was a great choice to keep a pet while raising a baby–first, it teaches the child how to relate to a fellow living thing, and next, it also helps with reducing allergen sensitivity (then again, I do subscribe somewhat to the ‘controlled dose immunotherapy’ school of thought).

    Anyway, Junya looks healthy, and happy, and that’s what matters most. Great job, mama!

    • cheesie says:

      Thanks Yuene! Yea that’s what i thought too 🙂 I am glad i made the decision! Initially it was to keep the first child company , and no better way to teach him responsibility at a young age (until he gets his first sibling XD).

  15. Mamaheong says:

    Hihi Cheesie,

    You’re doing a great job! For weight gain, I fed my boy loads of fish! Like more fish then porridge, at least 4 times per week, coz the doctor said to eat more protein. It worked for me! Hope it works for junya too! ^_^

    I tried the cry it out method, but really very heartpain to hear him cry, made me cry as well =( And my boy was super clingy after that… Perhaps if this don’t work, you can try to pat pat him while saying its ok…


  16. Szu Mei says:

    Hi Cheesie! Was wondering do you do CIO for naps too? I’m worried too about tooth decay as my boy has been waking few times at night for several months. 🙁 I haven’t try CIO at night as I stay with my in laws. So it’s kinda troublesome that if I let him cry in the middle of the night,it will wake them and I’m sure they wouldn’t like me to try it out.

    • cheesie says:

      Can you try talking to in laws and see if they understand? >.<
      As for naps, usually when he cries he would wake up and won't go back to sleep, so that's fine an we let him play till he's tired again for the next nap 🙂

  17. Natasha says:

    Hey, we did a sleep program with SleepChampBaby,
    Sarah their sleep consultant is really nurturing and understanding. We kinda did something like crying it out method, but it’s more off letting them express themselves whilst
    We listen to them cry. They may cry for hours at first, but after they feel like they’ve fully expressed themselves and that we have been there for them, then they will eventually be secured enough to fall asleep in their own. My baby was breast fed until she was two, did not sleep through the night for that two years until Sarah stepped in. You can look for her on FB or Google. Letting them
    Cry it out with no support may be traumatizing for them in long run. So maybe give the cry in arms method 🙂

  18. Lilian says:

    Cheesie, you should download this app called the wonder weeks. It shows when your baby is going through a leap and what happens in that leap and so forth. Keeps me sane! My son is born just one day after Junya, can totally understand what you’ve been going through!

    • cheesie says:

      I have it!!! It was really accurate when he was younger, but now it seems off a little, but yes it still helps put things into perspective 🙂

  19. Ling says:

    Junya is just way too cute.

  20. Emi says:

    I’m so happy that your trip to Hawaii is confirmed for this summer! I hope that you will all have a good time here and that the trip won’t be too difficult. If you ever have some free time while you’re on Oahu, it would be so incredible to meet you :O.

  21. Wen says:

    Hello there, I am a mum of 2 and have been a reader for many years. Dont worry about his weight, as long as you keep him on a balanced diet. You are doing fine, you and your hubby are conscientious parents, and if you need help you go and get iit. Have you spoken to his doctor about his weight? It’s likely that he is just Asian sized, and if you and hubby are average to small size, your baby will follow your genetic patterns,the doc that sees him would be tracking his weight on the charts and if baby is growing but within the same weight percentile that is a sign of constant growth. As long as he is growling and meeting his milestones ( ie the cognitive and physical milestones you have noted recently) then, he is doing fine. Most babies have a plateau in weight, then a growth spurt, then a plateau. When he is one, you will find weight gain is very slow. Also, remember that he is crawling a lot now, so weight gain is also slower as he is physically active.

    Regarding allergies, speak to his doctor or your family doctor about preparing for and managing allergies, I keep pediatric antihistamines at home and carry a bottle with me when we travel as my kids have dairy and nut allergies, but our family history has cousins etc with allergies, so I was prepared to look out for them when my kids came along. Look at your hubby and your family history and talk to doctor about it. If they are not present then good, chances are he may not have any, since your have been giving him solids for many months and he has not reacted to anything. Read up on severe allergic reactions, if you notice him having swelling lips, swelling tongue and having difficulty breathing due to a food reaction or a reaction to an insect bite, call an ambulance! Those are signs of life threatening reactions. Itchy skin is still ok as long as they do not progress beyond that to swelling lips, tongue etc which will cut off their air way.

    Sorry. So cheong hei. But thought I would share my mummy knowledge re: allergies, since you were wondering and no one else weighed in on it. THe anti histamine I keep at home are children’s claratyne and children’s Zyrtec.
    Also reassurance you are doing great and it’s normal to worry about their weight. Try not to compare with others, they come from different genetic pool, and they are on different growth pathways. We live in australia and if we compare our kids with the giant Aussie babies, then we are then midgets! Take care, and you can contact me if you have any questions, if you like.

    Also, good job on het he sleep training. It’s hard but you deserve sleep too, to be the best mum you can be. Ppl have their own opinions on sleep training but I think, a happy and well rested mum is the best mum! After all we also have to consider that in this modern age we have great need to focus and concentrate in our day tasks, and we need uninterrupted sleep to perform best at driving, caring for the kids, working, etc. after all poor concentration can lead to poor judgement call and my end up with life threatening consequences eg, driving.

    Okay. I stop now. All the best. You are doing great, mummy and daddy.


    • cheesie says:

      Hi Wen, thank you so so much for sharing and taking so much time to comment! In Japan allergies are a big deal because it is really common (then again it could be because they have higher awareness on that) so the danna is being extra careful.

      And you are right, as long as they are hitting all the milestones i guess don’t have to worry too much. Then again they say to worry is a mom’s job. XD

      Thanks again, it’s really encouraging to receive comments like these!

  22. alice says:

    Hi Cheesie, I’m now in the same situation as you, baby (6 mth old) waking up several times a night, and only nursing can get him back to sleep. I may try the CIO method given your success with it. May i ask, does he have to be nursed to sleep in the day and at night? If so, how did you wean him off the day nursing? thanks!

    • cheesie says:

      Day time i started replacing one feeding session with formula, then slowly all day feedings. night time i still nurse him to sleep! 🙂

  23. Farah says:

    Hi Cheesie, first time commenting here. My baby boy is a month younger than Junya and he’d wake up few times at night crying, only to be consoled with boobs too. It started when he was 3 months old if I remembered correctly. Reading your post makes me wanna try that Ferber method too so I started googling about it. And I saw this article;


    And now I’m having second thoughts. I’m gonna do more research on this and read up more journals but I’d just like to know your say on this. Ultimately, every mom wants the best for their kids so I very much value every mom’s opinion and judgment. Starting with you! LOL.

    Have a nice day!

    • cheesie says:

      Thanks for your comment! :))

      I’m ok with comforting Junya in anyway except with boobs. Because it really had become a bad habit, he isn’t hungry, he just want to comfort suck -____-. So i will pat him, rock him, hold him, sing songs, anything. But no boobs. He will cry for a while la. So i don’t think he will feel insecure in this case.

  24. Maddie says:

    hi Cheesieee… my boy is only a month different from Junya (being older). Lately I have realized I need more sleep and I can’t continue waking up putting up soother or feed my bub, and waking up the next day walking like a zombie. Few occasions I almost doze in car and almost hit. Dang. It should not be this way!

    Early this month, we bought an e-book called The Sleep Sense Program hoping it will help guiding me/ us to have bub sleep throughout with less/ NO fuss. I can say bub has successfully wean off the soother, but not night feeding yet. At times I will let him whine/ cry for minutes (max 15mins) to see if he is able to get back to sleep on his own. Sometimes he is able to, but unfortunately not every time so times like these I will have to give him a bottle. Not sure if he is really hungry or what. He is 9mo now, by right should be drinking the ml the age advises (6oz-9oz) but he is only 3oz or 4oz at day time and 5oz max at night time. His weight is normal (9kg) I suppose, so I too not sure what went wrong. Hoping and praying each night he and I can sleep well (throughout the night)!

    *May I ask if the Pigeon bottle (yellow cap or white cap) will release ‘air’ when baby sucking? I’m using the yellow cap 240ml one but it will have the sound of air being release and i wonder if yours will too? Thanks.

  25. kiky says:

    hi, may i know what brand do use for baby carry ? and where to get it ? thank you 🙂
    please do more baby food blog , my baby just step in 6months im gonna use your recipe all XD

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