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In Bali

May 30, 2009 in Indonesia 32 Cheesed

Looks like the whole world is in Bali now. Internet is omfg slow. Hate. I’m not using my MY number. Roaming is freaking ex. So anything contact me at +6281999950169 k. Thanks! Update soon. I will tryyyyyyyy to update my twitterk.

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Ze Adventure (Part 2)

May 29, 2009 in China / Just Punny 37 Cheesed

(lazy to type long title) SO!!! As i was telling you, Henrietta Ze Hunter was trapped by the evil crane-like Vulture. So erm… Ok la actually, this part 2 is cheat one. I was just too tired to continue typing. And it was late, you know, sleepiness washed over me like ze wave… whooosh. Anyway […]

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Tarako Pasta

May 27, 2009 in Bon Cheesepetit 47 Cheesed

I think hor, i should add a recipe category, because i have been cooking quite a lot. You know like how some food blogs have these “How to Cook (whatever)” category to teach you how to cook whatever.  I still can’t decided if i am hardworking or lazy. Because cooking is such a fuss, and walking […]

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Ze Adventure of a Hunter in Shanghaizoo

May 25, 2009 in China / Just Punny 64 Cheesed

Today i want to tell you an extremely long story. After successfully hunting down some criminals and solving a major crime case in Zuzumbu Village (that involved the most notorious Dook Mafia), Henrietta the Hunter now has another case on her hands. If you still remember her that is. Ze brainy blonde French lass who can pop […]

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Best Dish Award

These are the award winning dishes from Lao Beijing Restaurant, Shanghai, by   Most Comfortable Dish Award This is our favorite Ku Low Yok. Apparently it gets better treatment in Shanghai and lives a more comfortable life.   Most Fashionable Dish Award Apparently that’s the latest trend of the Yankees. Mangos, Strawberries and Cherries […]

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Best Restaurant in Shanghai

May 22, 2009 in Bon Cheesepetit 38 Cheesed

Oli blogged about this before. But i’m just gonna pretend he didn’t and go on telling you how amazing this restaurant is. I begged him to bring me there. Must dress nicely. Now this is a special blog entry. I am not here to tell you how great the food is (it was great), but its […]

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