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i changed my mind

I like Japan again. But I don’t think anyone can recognize me when i go back to Malaysia. Everything is so yummy here. Hmmm. Nom nom nom nom. In fact i shall avoid posting any picture of myself of late. I really prefer winter, because once i put on that thick furry coat no one […]

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It’s official.

I don’t like Japan anymore. Because Japan got mosquito one. I mean, Japan has got so many things. Sushi, bullet train, manga, sakura, Capsule, pachinko, 7-storey adult shop, and hentai old men in porn theatres and all other weird things in the world. But who would have thought that they have something so insignificant and […]

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I dunno. Does this happen to you?

Read from bottom-up one. By the way. If you haven’t, follow me on Twitter HERE!

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Osaka next.

June 25, 2009 in Senti-Emmental 45 Cheesed

Japan visa approved. Flying in 2 days to Osaka. Honestly, i am really quite fateless with Japan. It is like somehow God (ok i will unuse the word God here—hate to use this word, with the exception of the times i’m taking it in vain, of course) some strange forces make it so hard for […]

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June 24, 2009 in Commercial Break 65 Cheesed

*Rebecca Bloomwood mode on. Again.* I am gonna miss Harrod’s sales because i’m back in Malaysia!!! Went to Selfridges and was crazy. People queue 30 minutes just to get in a tiny Miu Miu shop (Miu Miu and Gucci seem to be the most popular in London. Why ah?). But the stuff are cheap!!! Oh […]

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Leaving in less than 10 hours!

June 23, 2009 in UK 67 Cheesed

i had to upgrade my luggage to 25KG. Paid RM85 for it. Blooody hell. Shopaholic advice: you can upgrade your luggage size online. Don’t do it at the airport. They charge £ one. At least twice the price. Busy downloading Capsule’s song. I have 114 now in my collection. Also downloaded MEG, Perfume and Suzuki Ami. […]

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