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Wardrobe Sales

Open for bidding now. Go to Cheesie’s Wardrobe.

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800 dresses!

to sell! Ok i just recounted, i’d like to amend the figure slightly. I think 15 is about right. Anyway, the thing is, knowing TK and going to Japan changed my fashion style all in a sudden. And forever. I used to be obsessed about dresses. I wore nothing but dresses. But now, i’m just […]

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New hair color!

I tahaned my previous cut very long d. Really really hated the black roots. Last week finally i had enough, and i went to Kimarie and had my first hair maintenance in 5 months. Seriously, i need to do this more regularly. I have always wanted to color my hair ash color, but there’s no […]

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The White Date

July 25, 2009 in Commercial Break 47 Cheesed

I’m a big fan of white. White is just very romantic. That’s why the Japanese have White Day (pronounce Howaito dē) on March 14th. I like white because it’s dreamy and it feels clean. And i like clean. (well under certain circumstances i like it dirty, but not in this case la). I don’t like bed sheet that’s any […]

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Scottish Highland and Loch Ness

July 23, 2009 in UK 107 Cheesed

Tons of beautiful pictures from Scotland. But this was the most torturing day for us. We joined a day tour by to the highlands, Glencoe and Lochness. We paid about £42 each which i think is great if you are lazy to drive. But the entire journey was just quite the beh tahan. #1 The scenery […]

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i dunno what to blog.

July 21, 2009 in Cheesellaneous 87 Cheesed

Like, really. i sat here for hours and nothing really fits. i don’t really wanna blog something i don’t feel sincere about. Give me some time ok. Or you can tell me what you’d like me to write. Give me a topic and maybe i’ll be inspired. . . . Update Sien mode. Reading blogs […]

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