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New blog layout

August 30, 2009 in Cheesellaneous 0 Cheesed

Soon. I’m still working on it, i’m hoping to launch it on 9th Sept 09, which is like, really auspicious. But not only that, it is also my 5 years blogniversary!!! 😀 I have removed both Cheeseroll and Couture, but will combine it in one and it’s open for all new Cheeseroller! Instead of just […]

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How to fake short hair with long hair

As some of you have spotted, the short hair in my previous post is cheat one. Will come to that later. Went for hair treatment in Kimarie. #1 Stim. #2 And also cut my fringe. #3 Hair feels light and great! I love hair treatments! And I really really love how they blow my hair!!! […]

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New hair.

Next up: Tutorial on how to get this hair.

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Are you really going?

August 24, 2009 in Commercial Break 42 Cheesed

If you want to, you can, because i’m telling you exactly where and when and how you are gonna go.^^ Because i will be going, in the most voted outfit! On the 24-25th of September, 2009, the whole world will be celebrating for this one person named Arthur. It’s ARTHUR’S DAY! The global toast will […]

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Extremely no mood

August 23, 2009 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 190 Cheesed

to do anything at all. Just lie in bed and stay home all day. By the way, what is your biggest phobia? I think everyone is afraid of something ridiculous. Ching is afraid of grainy things (sand, rice) and a friend’s friend (i forgot who already) is afraid of rubber bands (apparently it’s helluva trouble […]

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Flawless dolly face!

Japanese magazines are my bible now (fav are Pinky, Popteen and Alice). And one thing ALL the models have in common is this impeccable, dolly face. I know they prolly spend like 25 hours putting on make up but their skin look so porcelain-like and natural! Jealous! Autumn is coming and today i will attempt […]

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