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January Coordinate

January 26, 2013 in Useless fashion 25 Cheesed

Hello! Just realized i haven’t had much fashion picture to post after coming back to KL. Instagram also almost dead -_-. I have plenty of picture of horribly cooked dinner though you can see it from Twitter. Here some fashion pictures taken recently! Mild color bleach for dark hair   For ash grey + silver […]

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My first Chanel!

January 23, 2013 in Commercial Break 18 Cheesed

If you read me long enough you’d know that i’ve never ever owned a branded bag (the most expensive bag i’ve ever bought myself was a Samantha Thavasa on discount, then i sold it promptly because i felt so guilty wtf), partly because i am more of a street-style person and less a high-end lover, […]

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DHC Collagen Launch!

January 21, 2013 in Commercial Break 18 Cheesed

After a month of talking about DHC Collagen Beauty 7000, it’s finally launched! This is the DHC store in Shibuya where i get my bulk supply of collagen drinks from! (also some other DHC products.) In Japan they also sell it by bottle in convenient stores, so it’s super easy , you can just grab […]

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Welcome, Malaysia.

This is a post in response to my previous “Japan, Thank you.” blog post. Sort of.   TBS Japan contacted me some time in August to be in their TV program about traveling. At first i was really suspicious about it because the email sounded super vague and dodgy. And then during the meeting they […]

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Tokyo December (noms and cute things)

Haro brainwash time! So many different types of Ichigo! Super huge and shiny! My nail against giant ichigo A lot of people ask if this is fake. It’s real dude. Most flawless strawbie everrr And i super love winter because it’s strawbie season! Which also means limited edition everything strawberry!!!   1. Ichigo tart 2. […]

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tokyo december (people and places)

*activates brain wash machine* Just some pictures i took during my December trip to Tokyo!   Picnic date with RinRin ay Yoyogi ♡ Magic Hour was about 4PM, where everything glitters under the last sunlight, super pretty. RinRin and i YAY pose i missed autumn in Japan this year so it was nice to at […]

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