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Eat Tokyo Winter 2013. Part 1. Maybe.

Autumn Part 2 and Part 1, and Summer Part 3  Part 2 and Part 1, Spring is here. Not taking any responsibility for your appetite after these posts. Start.   So we are back in Japan after what felt like centuries!!! My pregnancy nausea was so bad that i was secretly worried that the whole world will crumble […]

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Gotenba & Hakone

On our first anniversary, the danna took two days off so we could have a little retreat away from all the chaos in the city. Tokyo is crowded beyond belief during year end and a toilet visit in departmental store may take up to 20 minutes depending on the queue. We took a 2 hour […]

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1 year anniversary and… announcement!

December 24, 2013 in Senti-Emmental 184 Cheesed

The other day i was trying to think of what i did last Christmas eve (together with the danna? work? party? ), and i couldn’t seem to recall. And then i realized it was my wedding day. :X It seemed like years ago! Our wedding was in a small church in Nagasaki last Christmas eve. […]

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Tokyo Winter 2013

I’m back to Japan!! I have no idea why but each year i come back it gets even colder. This December is so cold  i cannot wear anything less than 2 layers of Uniqlo heat tech, a sweater and the thickest down in the closet. At the rate the climate is fucking us up like […]

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Baby Foot

December 16, 2013 in Commercial Break 35 Cheesed

This is one of the most intimate blog posts i’ve ever written. In a way. Cuz you all always say i don’t show the danna’s picture right? Right. Today i’m going to show the pictures of the sole of his foot. Up close. Hey that’s quite a privilege ok! I don’t think many people in […]

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Number76 BANGSAR 2

December 11, 2013 in Happenings 8 Cheesed

Yay! Number76 branch at Telawi Square is so popular that now they have just opened a second branch in Bangsar! To avoid confusion they have now named the first branch in Telawi Square “Number76 Bangsar 1”, and the new one at Jalan Telawi (next to the post office) as “number76 Bangsar 2”. You all are […]

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